Tropes about portals, teleporters, and transporters.
In depth:
* TeleportersAndTransporters

* AlternateSelf (Sometimes caused by a TeleporterAccident... deliberate, or actually accidental.)
* CoolGate (A fixed location teleporter.)
** PortalBook (A magical teleporter sending one into a book.)
** PortalPicture (A magical teleporter sending one into a painting.)
** PortalPool (A magical teleporter made of water.)
** PortalDoor (A door that leads to someplace non-adjacent.)
* ExtradimensionalShortcut (When direct teleportation is not possible)
* FlashStep (SuperSpeed that acts as teleportation)
* {{Hellgate}} (A portal to somewhere awful)
* InconvenientSummons
* MagicMirror (One of its many possible uses is a portal gateway)
* MassTeleportation
* MultistageTeleport (Teleporting short distances over and over to achieve long-distance travel)
* NoFlowPortal (Portals are strangely selective about what goes through.)
* NoWarpingZone
* OffscreenTeleportation
* OneToMillionToOne (A person shattering into pieces or animals or other objects which may go elsewhere before reforming)
* PortalCrossroadWorld (A location with a particularly high concentration of portals)
* PortalNetwork (A series of linked teleporters.)
* RandomTransportation (When the teleportation is random)
* ShadowWalker (A character who teleports via shadows.)
* SubspaceOrHyperspace
* TelephoneTeleport
* TeleportationMisfire (Being sent to the wrong place)
* TeleportationSickness
* TeleporterAccident (Something...''bad''...happens in the process of teleportation.)
** MergingMachine (Two things are merged by the teleporter)
** PortalSlam (Running into a teleporter only to discover that it is no longer there.)
** PortalCut (Teleporting only part of an object.)
** TeleFrag (Death by teleport.)
* TeleportCloak
* TeleportGun
* TeleportInterdiction (Security measures to limit who can teleport and/or where they can go.)
* TeleportSpam
* TelevisionPortal (used mainly for horror purposes)
* ThinkingUpPortals (when you can step through a portal you made up yourself!)
* TimeAndRelativeDimensionsInSpace
* {{Twinmaker}} (A teleporter that makes a clone somewhere else and destroys the original)
* VillainTeleportation
* WarpWhistle
* WarpZone (when there is a specific hub that sends you places)
* WeaponizedTeleportation (using TeleportersAndTransporters to kill or incapacitate, and weapon-like teleportation devices)