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->''"I've got it bad, got it bad, got it bad, I'm Hot For Teacher."''
-->-- '''Music/VanHalen'''

It is a pretty good bet that just about any show that features adults and teens interacting in an academic environment will eventually explore a romantic relationship between a teacher and a student. The basis for this type of relationship -- if it's ''actually'' a romance and not just a SextraCredit arrangement -- can either be the adoration and respect toward the teacher/mentor figure or the teacher's protective and caring instincts, or both. The illicit, forbidden, and most often scandalous nature of these relationships can be mined for angst, and generally doesn't cause real life issues because the actors themselves are generally all above the age of consent thanks to DawsonCasting. But even if the student is eighteen or in college, [[TeachersOutOfSchool this sort of extracurricular activity]] would still be a ''massive'' breach of professional ethics in most of the world and in some jurisdictions is considered illegal, regardless of age, in some circumstances (some teachers have been charged for relationships with high school students, even if the relationship didn't begin until after the student turned 18 and the teacher her/himself was only a few years older). Even if it was not illegal, the scandal that would erupt from this socially unacceptable affair would be so devastating it would basically cost a teacher or professor his or her job forever.

There are usually different levels of moral endorsement of the relationship, [[DoubleStandard depending on the genders of the participants]]. Relationships between male teachers and male students are condemned the most harshly. When a male teacher and a female student are together it results in the teacher being viewed as a [[AllMenArePerverts pervert]] and sometimes the student being [[SlutShaming slut shamed]]. When it's the other way around, a female teacher with a male or even a female student is taken far less seriously. An even more outrageous double standard is that emphasis is often placed on how ''attractive'' said female teacher is -- the more attractive said teacher, the more acceptable the relationship is. That said, the trope in fiction probably ''will'' involve a HotTeacher, if only for {{fanservice}} purposes.

An author might attempt to make this relationship less {{squick}}y by having the student fulfill the WiseBeyondTheirYears trope or by keeping things to CourtlyLove only.

The relationship may be initiated by a FilleFatale. A subtrope of UnequalPairing. Compare MrsRobinson. See LikesOlderMen, LikesOlderWomen, and StacysMom for young people lusting after older people in general, PrecociousCrush for a more innocent variant, AgeGapRomance for when there's a significant age difference between them, and MentorShip. There's a version specific to magic users called MerlinAndNimue, which takes its cue from the [[KingArthur Arthurian Mythos]] where Merlin formed such a pair with several women. TeacherParentRomance occurs when a teacher falls for their student's parent.

This group of tropes is among TheOldestOnesInTheBook. Although generally frowned upon in RealLife today, it's had varying levels of acceptance throughout history. It was most famously acceptable in AncientGreece, where it took the form of LoverAndBeloved.


!!!Hot for Teacher


[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* As the page pic would suggest, this is pretty much the entire basis of ''Anime/PleaseTeacher.'' The rub is that Kei is legally 18 (due to spending 2 years in a coma) so he actually legally marries Mizuho in order to prevent her from getting in trouble after the two of them are caught in a compromising situation.
* [[KendoTeamCaptain Kirino Chiba]] and her kendo instructor Toraji Ishida are strongly implied to have a 'thing' in ''Manga/BambooBlade''.
%%* In the ''Manga/BlueDrop'' anime there is Mari's infatuation with her chemistry teacher, Yuuko.
%%* Kitagawa of ''Manga/DokiDokiSchoolHours'' has a huge crush on Mika-sensei.
* ''Manga/FushigiYuugi's'' Eikoden OAV has Taka Sukinami/Tamahome working as the basketball coach of Miaka and Yui's old school; one of the girls on the team, Mayo Sakaki, falls for him.
* ''Manga/GreatTeacherOnizuka'':
** This was actually Onizuka's original motive for becoming a teacher- he briefly dated a schoolgirl who, after she dumped him, went back to her ex-boyfriend, who was her teacher. So Onizuka resolved to become a teacher himself in order to chase skirt.
** This was [[spoiler: Miyabi's backstory]]. She had a crush on her teacher. When she found out he was engaged, she [[spoiler: pretended he had raped her and ruined his reputation as she spread the rumor over the school.]] However, this would backfire on her as [[spoiler: one of her classmates would be expelled for assaulting said teacher and the teacher quit rather than explain his innocence.]]
** Also in the manga [[spoiler:Urumi Kanzaki]] develops a crush on Onizuka and it gets even stronger [[spoiler: after he saves her when she tried to commit suicide.]]
** Happens to Damna Ryuji in ''Shonan Jun'ai Gumi''. They dated and eventually got married, but she leaves him because she doesn't want to rob him of his teenage years.
* ''Manga/GunslingerGirl'':
** Maria Machiavelli discusses this trope when she hints that Triela is in love with her instructor/handler Hillshire. Triela replies that [[AllLoveIsUnrequited even if she was in love with him]], it's [[AnchoredShip not that kind of relationship]].
--->'''Hilshire:''' Say, what did she mean by "Talk about love"?\\
'''Triela:''' I think she's got the wrong idea about us.\\
'''Hilshire:''' We don't have to talk about love. We're ''[[LikeBrotherAndSister fratello]]''.
** Henrietta and Elsa are younger than Triela and in love with their handlers. [[spoiler: Elsa ends up shooting Lauro in a murder/suicide because she realizes he'll never love her, and Henrietta and Jose fulfill a SuicidePact after Henrietta accidentally shoots Jose during a flashback to her rape.]]
** Petrushka is around three/four years older than Triela and loves her handler. [[spoiler: They get a few years together before Petrushka dies from leukemia.]]
** The main reason this trope isn't explored is because the 'love' is [[MoreThanMindControl actually a by-product of their brainwashing]].
* Mentioned in a {{flashback}} in ''Manga/HanamaruKindergarten''. Anzu's mother got pregnant by her art teacher, married him, and dropped out of school. GenerationXerox takes effect, as Anzu has the same idea for Tsuchida, her kindergarten teacher. Sakura, Anzu's mother, ''approves'' of this. It's played off as a tremendous PrecociousCrush, which is common with little girls and guy teachers in real life. It's never really stated whether Anzu's mom realizes this and counts the relationship as harmless (to encourage Anzu to develop feelings of love and friendship), or if she's actually serious about approving their [[{{Squick}} marriage before she even turns 6]].
* ''Manga/HayateTheCombatButler'' had one when one of the Haukou students confessed to Makimura.
* In ''Manga/HellTeacherNube'', although Kyoko's definite love interest is Hiroshi, she still harbors an unrequited crush on the titular teacher coming from the time [[RescueRomance he saved her from an almost fatal demonic possession]].
* ''Manga/HirunakaNoRyuusei'''s main plot is about high school freshman Suzume developing a crush on Shishio, her homeroom teacher.
* ''Anime/JunkersComeHere'' has a variety of this. Twelve-year-old Hiromi has a typical PrecociousCrush on her twenty-something stay-in tutor Keisuke.
* The main story of {{Seinen}} manga, ''Kanojo wa Sore Wo Gaman Dekinai'', the main characters are a shy and depressed male high school student who constantly wears a dog suit and a [[ManicPixieDreamGirl quirky female ]] university teaching assistant that falls in love with his smell. It progresses from there...
* When the ChildhoodFriends from ''Manga/KimiToBoku'' were in preschool, Kaname had a crush on their teacher.
* ''Manga/KinKyoriRennai'' involves Umi's love with her English teacher, who she gets private tutoring from.
* A quite important subplot in Creator/SetonaMizushiro's ''Manga/KurobaraAlice''. The local HotTeacher Azusa Kikukawa and her student Kouya are secretly dating... [[spoiler: and then, when Kouya is seriously injured in an accident, Azusa makes a DealWithTheDevil (or more exactly, with [[OurVampiresareDifferent a bunch of rather sui-generis vampires]]) to save him: they'll save Kouya's life, and in return Azusa will give her soul to them to place it in the body of a girl named Agniezka, now named ''Alice''. Too bad "Alice" finds Kouya later, and sees in horror that he actually crossed the DespairEventHorizon and become a borderline EmptyShell.]]
* In ''Manga/MaisonIkkoku'', Godai Yuusaku is pursued by a student from his love interest Otonashi Kyoko's ''alma mater'', Yagami Ibuki, after he did a stint as a substitute teacher there. Kyoko herself married a student-teacher at the school.
* ''Anime/MazingerZ'': In the manga storyline Boss was infatuated with his teacher. However his crush was unrequited and it went nowhere.
* In ''Manga/MermaidMelodyPichiPichiPitch'', Hanon has a gigantic infatuation with her music teacher, who she refers to as Tarou-chan.
* The ''Franchise/{{Negima}}'' metaseries does it differently, in that the teacher is actually younger than the students... but it's deliberately set up to ''look'' like a HaremSeries without actually being one. The entire idea is {{lampshade|Hanging}}d and {{deconstruct|ion}}ed on multiple occasions. Negi constantly worries about maintaining a normal student-teacher relationship. This gets worse after the GenreShift, where they become his comrades. He has to add their safety to his worries
* [[AllThereInTheManual According to the guidebook]], Hanabusa of ''Manga/NabariNoOu'' was Tobari's teacher in his senior year of high school.
* ''[[Anime/{{Patlabor}} Patlabor: The Movie 2]]'': This was committed by [[spoiler: Shinobu]], ''[[ByTheBookCop of all people]]'', when it's revealed she once had an affair with her old instructor, while she was a cadet at the Tsuge Institute. More to the point, [[AgeGapRomance he was old enough to be her father]][[note]]Shinobu was 19 at the time, while Tsuge was in his early 30's[[/note]] and was a married man. At the film's conclusion, [[spoiler: she turns herself in with him, because she still had feelings for him.]]
* A running gag in ''Manga/ThePrinceOfTennis'' anime series is Reiji Shinjou's obsessive loyalty to his coach, the [[MsFanservice busty and gorgeous]] Aoi Hanamura, which borders on a StalkerWithACrush level. In the ''Atobe kara no Okurimono'' mini-movie, Reiji is constantly spouting ''... Sensei!!" at her while looking betrayed during a scene that parodies dating shows. Hanamura-sensei herself practically ogles and {{fangirl}}s her own pupils when in really high spirits, both in the Jyousei and the Senbatsu arcs.
* Played for dark laughs in ''Manga/SayonaraZetsubouSensei''. The plot revolves around a suicidal teacher who accidentally wins the hearts of nearly all of his students, some more extremely devoted than others. Itoshiki himself rarely returns any of the feelings of his [[HaremGenre Harem]] [[spoiler:...until the end. What happened is that he had loved the First Girl, Fuura Kafuka, long ago and saw her die. Kafuka's organs had gone to the twelve girls ([[GayOption and one guy]]) in the class he teaches. Kafuka's able to possess them that way, and eventually, in his eyes, Itoshiki marries Kafuka. To outsiders, though, it looks like he [[MarryThemAll married them all.]]]]
* [[spoiler:Reina]] from ''Literature/SoundEuphonium'' mentions having a crush on her music teacher Taki, who she's known for years. This is given more focus in season 2. Taki doesn't take notice of Reina's crush on him.
* A Hentai/Romance manga called "Teacher and Student" by artist Fuuga revolves around the budding relationship between a student and his teacher when an eviction causes them to move in together. Interestingly, there's a good deal of focus on their own concerns about the relationship, as opposed to being worried about what others will think. [[spoiler: Subverted in that by the end, she's resigned and is no longer his teacher.]]
** Many of the titles in the "Fuugaverse" are based around the same group of students/teachers, so this topic comes up a couple of times in various forms through his works.
* The story ''The First Goodbye'' from the hentai collection ''Virgin Night'' is a {{deconstructed|Trope}} edition. It's made pretty clear that Saki is TheVamp, and poor Kou is riddled with uncertainty about what this relationship is really made of. [[spoiler:Then he gets a notice of Saki's wedding at the end]]
* Makoto and Takatsuki from ''Manga/WanderingSon'' both have crushes on the same teacher in middle school, though neither know of the others crush. Maho, the protagonists older sister, is implied to have fallen for the same teacher when she was a freshman. There's also a background character who has a habit of flirting with one of the teachers.
* In ''Manga/MyMonsterSecret'', Sakurada (one of [[ThoseTwoGuys Those Three Guys]]) admits that he's got a crush on their teacher Akari, but doesn't feel he can confess until [[BestHerToBedHer he can defeat her]] (they're both former [[JapaneseDelinquent delinquents]], and Akari's responsible for Sakurada's mellowing out). All of Sakurada's friends become [[ShipperOnDeck Shippers On Deck]], not just because he's the nicest guy you could ever meet but because Akari's been [[ChristmasCake freaking out about being single]] for a while and they want her to be happy. [[spoiler:Sakurada finally confesses in chapter 142, making this upgrade to a mutual version. It's still downplayed a bit as she explicitly points out the impropriety of a teacher dating a student and even though she returns his feelings they won't actually ''be'' a couple until he graduates.]]
* In ''Manga/TokyoGhoul'', Akira Mado reveals that her parents were such a couple. [[UglyGuyHotWife Kureo met Kasuka]] when she was one of his instructors at the Academy, and eventually married her after several failed proposals.
* ''Ichigo no Gakkou'' plays it for drama and deconstructs the concept. Teacher Ichigo Oomiya and student Kurumi start a relationship in high school, and the latter ends pregnant. The two end up keeping the child and do love each other genuinely, but it's not without consequences; Ichigo gets fired, Kurumi's friend initially feels betrayed because the latter knew the former had a crush on Ichigo, both of the couple's parents had a hard time adjusting, and they raise the question of keeping the child and dropping Kurumi out of school, or aborting the child and letting Kurumi continue schooling. She's even shown to be wistful of the school life she could have had, even though she does love her family as is now.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* The ''Comicbook/XMen'' have a few of these:
** ComicBook/EmmaFrost's {{backstory}} miniseries has a teenage Emma developing a crush on her art teacher -- and when her mind-reading powers set in, she learns that he's attracted to her as well. Emma's MagnificentBastard of a father gets the teacher fired (and forbids him from ever seeing Emma again). They later meet again when Emma ends up attending a college where he is teaching. There the teacher, Emma, her telepathic roommate, and Emma's new best friend get involved in a love rectangle where the roommate telepathically manipulates the best friend into accusing the teacher of sexual advances in order to remove the two people standing between her and Emma. In response to this revelation, Emma mind wipes her roommate, then uses her own psychic power to hijack her best friend's mind and make everyone think she's a lying, crazy stalker. Afterwords, Emma confesses to the teacher what she did in order to protect him, in the name of being honest with the man she loves in hopes that he would not hold it against her in the event he wanted to begin a relationship with her at last. Unfortunately, finding out that Emma was a mutant AND had used her psychic powers to get her best friend labelled insane causes him to reject Emma, turning her into the cold-blooded villain she would become.
** In ''ComicBook/NewMutants'', Josh Foley had a fling with Rahne Sinclair while she was in the process of becoming a teacher at the Xavier Institute. It ended pretty badly - Foley's healing powers accidentally re-activated Rahne's lycanthropic abilities, and she accidentally maimed him (he got better, of course, being a healer.) Despite this accident, and despite Rahne becoming a teacher at the school, they still kept the affair going for a while afterwards, but then Wither found out and let everyone else know, resulting in Rahne deciding to resign.
* Subverted in a classic ''Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}'' ''[[Comicbook/{{Supergirl 1972}} issue]]''. Linda Danvers -the eponymous heroine- saves her Professor Allan Forsyte from drowning. Several of her classmates find her as she is doing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and think they are making out.
* Multiple stories in ''ComicBook/CherryComics'' feature Cherry or one of her friends having sex with a teacher.
* In ''ComicBook/GoldDigger'', Gina's [[ActionMom mother]] reminisces with a friend about their martial arts teacher. One night, the friend was about to sneak into her teacher's quarters to bare her soul (among other things) to him, only to find that several of his other students had the exact same idea. Naturally, a fight broke out.
* In ''ComicBook/LePetitSpirou'' all the male students (and some of the teachers), especially Spirou, are in love with Miss Claudia.
* When [[ComicBook/{{Nightwing}} Dick Grayson]] became an agent for Sypral in the comic series ''Grayson'', his 'cover' involved working as a gym teacher at a boarding school for female assassins. A lot of the teenage students are outright [[MrFanservice lusting over him]], and his boss altering his cover to make him seem gay does not change their attraction in the slightest: The next time they're shown, they're discussing the respective qualities of his left and right butt cheek.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* In the {{Series/Sherlock}} fanfic ''Fanfic/BakerSchoolBlitz'', [[spoiler: Jim Moriarty's erotomania has him fixated on his biology teacher and acapella group advisor, Mr. Lestrade, in a sexual-romantic way. Lestrade has made it clear to Jim - and just about every other student in the acapella group - that he doesn't want to do anything like that with Jim, ever.]]
* ''Fanfic/ChildOfTheStorm'' subverts this, with Sean Cassidy and his assistant, Warren Worthington III, as the subject of much lusting by the Hogwarts student body, including Hermione Granger, but nothing more.
** Played straight, however, when [[Literature/TheDresdenFiles Harry Dresden]] becomes [[Comicbook/XMen Wanda Maximoff's]] apprentice and boyfriend.
* In ''Fanfic/ChildrenOfTime'', fifteen-year-old [[WesternAnimation/SherlockHolmesInTheTwentySecondCentury Beth Lestrade]] crushes on her fencing instructor, and later lampshades the trope by saying that was unusual for her and was typical instead of the "other girls." Of course, her teacher turns out to be Literature/SherlockHolmes, her hero and longtime book crush. With the help of time travel on the part of [[Series/DoctorWho the Doctor]] (the reason Holmes was in the late 21st century in the first place), Beth is seventeen the next time the two meet. [[spoiler:They do get married when she is eighteen.]]
* ''Fanfic/HigherLearning'': Zigzagged with Asuka and Kaoru:
** Asuka thought their new teacher, Kaoru, was pretty hot, but her feelings were nothing but a short-lived crush, vanished when she and Shinji got together.
** However, when Shinji [[spoiler:got swallowed by Leliel,]] she turned to Kaoru to vent her worry and grief. He held her while she cried and reassured her everything would be fine. Impulsively and unthinkingly she kissed him. Then she realized what she had just done, freaked out and ran away. Later Kaoru apologised and offered to quit his job to show his repentance, but Asuka replied it was not his fault and both agreed to not talk about it ever again.
** HOWEVER, Shinji overheard their conversation and thought something had happened between them. He became distressed and spent several days on the verge of a break-down until he finally confronted her about it. She went pretty mad because he had worried about nothing and thought she had cheated on him.
** HOWEVER, several months later Shinji and Kaoru talk [[spoiler:during Instrumentality and Kaoru reveals that in order to get ready to try to change the future he had to see inside Shinji's soul and relive all his memories, including Shinji's love towards Asuka. It was so intense that for a while Kaoru pretended he was Shinji and Asuka his wife.]] However he got over it [[spoiler:when he travelled to the past.]]
* Despite having originally called him an "asshat", original character Aiko Uzumaki ends up developing this for Kakashi in ''{{FanFic/Vapors}}''. It is not played for laughs, causing her considerable personal distress and embarrassment, no matter how sweet or amusing her superiors think it is. Not only does Jiraiya end up shipping them, despite Kakashi's discomfort, but a [[TimeyWimeyBall time travel incident]] leaves [[PapaWolf Minato Namikaze]] with the impression that 30+ Kakashi is sleeping with his fifteen year old daughter.
* ''[[FanFic/RainbowDoubleDashsLunaverse To Cherilee With Love]]'' revolves around this trope. To start off with, Sweetie Belle has a crush of Cherilee. She asks Dinky for advice on this, and Dinky in turn asks her mom for help. Unfortunately, Ditzy misunderstands Dinky's explanation and thinks that ''Dinky'' has a crush on Trixie (who's been tutoring Dinky in magic). When informed of this, Trixie promptly asks Lyra for help dealing with the issue, but Lyra misunderstands and thinks that Trixie is confessing to a crush on ''her'' teacher--Princess Luna! And she shares this mistake with Luna. HilarityEnsues.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* The plot of ''Film/{{Rushmore}}'' centers around a love triangle involving a student and his teacher, though it is largely unrequited.
* In the Canadian indie film ''Film/WholeNewThing'', a young teenager who's been home schooled all his life by parents with somewhat lax notions about appropriateness and boundaries develops a crush on his gay male teacher. Averted in that the boy tries to push the issue and the teacher uncompromisingly shuts him down. Predictably, despite this, the film generated an outcry when it came to mainstream attention.
* This student-has-crush-on-teacher version can also be found in the movie ''Film/MyGirl''. [[spoiler:Unfortunately, said teacher is also engaged, and his fiancee is moving in with him the day Veda (the student) tells him how she feels--which happens to be the [[BreakTheCutie same day of her best friend's funeral, which is being held in the parlor of HER house (her father is the town undertaker and she lives in the funeral home).]] She doesn't take the rejection well.]]
* Performed in ''Film/ValentinesDay'' by Edison with Julia. She gently redirects his attention to another girl closer to his age. She is after all an ''elementary'' school teacher.
* One of the earliest examples (and one of the possible [[TropeMaker Trope Makers]]) was 1931's ''[[Film/MadchenInUniform Mädchen in Uniform]]''. Fourteen-year-old Manuela, along with a lot of other girls at her strict boarding school, falls head-over-heels for the young female Scripture teacher. The teacher explains that she can't play favourites, but she does seem to have some reciprocal attraction to Manuela. [[spoiler: Major problems result when Manuela accidentally gets drunk and proclaims her affections in front of the headmistress.]]
* ''Film/DaydreamNation'' is a newer film that centers around a bored teenager that falls for her teacher. Maybe because she moved to a painfully small town which she hates. There, she observes her fellow high school students get wasted on drugs out of boredom, and people obsess over a serial killer who has yet to be caught. She also becomes involved with someone her age, and the rest of the film explores the insecurities that everyone, young and old, experiences in life.
* In ''Film/MrHollandsOpus'', one of Mr. Holland's students falls for him and tries to persuade him to run way to New York with her.
* In ''Film/{{Juno}}'', it's mentioned in passing that Juno's best friend Leah has a crush on one of her teachers.
* In ''Film/ANightInHeaven'' a love affair develops between a community-college professor and her failing student.
* The first segment of ''Film/TrilogyOfTerror'' revolves around an unhealthy obsession of a student with his female teacher.
* One of the subplots in ''Summer School'' is student Pam's attraction to her teacher, Mr Shoop.
* In ''Film/RaidersOfTheLostArk'', one of Indy's students blinks at him, and has "LOVE YOU" written on her eyelids. Several other girls are shown dreamily staring at him.
* In ''Film/NotesOnAScandal'', it's revealed that the relationship between Sheba Hart and her 20-years older husband began as this--during an argument over her affair with ''her'' underage student.
* ''Student Seduction'' has a male student on female teacher example. Since the teacher established a familiar relationship with her class and her student, the student could easily blame her for his behavior. He almost got away with AttemptedRape thanks to this.
* A movie similar to this, ''The Perfect Teacher'', has a female student be hot for a male teacher. The only difference is that the teacher has a {{Yandere}} student.
* In ''Film/{{Jack|1996}}'', the title 10-year-old character (played by Creator/RobinWilliams) develops a crush on his teacher (played by Music/JenniferLopez), partly because she's nice to him, and largely because she's an adult and thus looks more appropriate for the age he appears to be (40).
* In ''Film/HunkyDory'', Davy misguidedly pursues the affections of his drama teacher Vivienne after being rejected by a longtime unrequited love. She kisses him, but the film mostly leaves the two in a state of UnresolvedSexualTension.
* Maverick falls in love with Charlie in ''Film/TopGun''.
* In ''Film/{{Tamara}}'', Tamara has an unrequited crush on her HoTTeacher, and she attempts to use magic to win him over. This binds her soul to his and causes to come BackFromTheDead and wreak havoc following a DeadlyPrank.
* In ''Literature/UpTheDownStaricase'' one of the students has a crush on her English teacher. When she writes him a love letter it ends very badly. [[spoiler:He doesn't care to discuss the content and instead corrects her ''grammar''. His reaction upsets her so much that she jumps out of a school, though she survives]].

* In ''Literature/BridgeToTerabithia'', the male lead has a crush on his teacher (Creator/ZooeyDeschanel in TheFilmOfTheBook). This is a plot point because [[spoiler: it's the reason he doesn't invite his best friend along on their museum tour, which is why his best friend dies that day]].
* In another of Paterson's books, ''Jip: His Story'', the eleven-year-old protagonist has similar feelings for his (female) teacher.
* Of all places, this shows up in ''Literature/InheritanceCycle'', with ''dragons''. Saphira approaches the older male dragon mentoring her (they're apparently the [[LastOfHisKind last of their kind]], BTW), but he isn't interested. Then she gets nasty...
* In ''Literature/WaysideSchool'', Dameon has a crush on Mrs. Jewls. Eventually she reciprocates... but adds that she [[LoveYouAndEverybody loves everyone else]], too.
* In ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles'' novel ''Proven Guilty'', [[spoiler: Molly]] ends up thinking this is what is going to happen when [[spoiler: she becomes Harry's apprentice.]] He rather [[CrowningMomentOfFunny hilariously]] tries to disabuse her of the notion.
** In ''Changes'' [[spoiler:Susan studies Molly's reaction to her and Harry. Later on when Molly leaves, Susan is surprised [[ObliviousToLove Harry is oblivious to Molly's feelings for him.]]]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Susan''': Molly has it bad for you, Harry.]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Harry''': No, she doesn't. We settled that early on. Isn't happening.]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Susan''': Maybe ''you'' settled it, but she didn't. She's in love.]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Harry''': Is not. She goes on dates and stuff.]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Susan''': I said she was in love. Not dead.]]
** [[spoiler:Warden Donald Morgan is revealed to have been deeply in love with his mentor Captain Anastasia Luccio since he was her apprentice in "Turn Coat". Just like with Molly and Harry, the love was [[AllLoveIsUnrequited unrequited]].]]
* In ''The Grumpy Bunny'' series of books by Justine Korman and illustrated by Lucinda [=McQueen=], Hopper the Grumpy Bunny (a teacher), is hot for Lilac, the music teacher.
* In ''Middle Ground'' by Ursula Zilinsky a gay man in his 30s mentions having been in love with his housemaster at school.
* ''Literature/HarryPotterAndTheChamberOfSecrets''. Hermione has an obvious crush on Lockhart, [[{{Foreshadowing}} much to the chagrin of Ron.]] The best that can be said is that she isn't the only one - apparently, ''forty-six'' people send him cards on Valentine's Day. Ron begs Hermione to tell him she wasn't one of them, at which point she becomes very interested in looking for her timetable.
* ''Literature/WarriorCats'': WordOfGod has confirmed that Cinderpelt, while she was Firestar's apprentice, was HotForTeacher. However, Firestar, being... er, [[ChasteHero Firestar]], [[AllLoveIsUnrequited wasn't]] HotForStudent.
* Literature/TrappedOnDraconica: A swamp monster creates an illusion of whatever the target finds most alluring. For Ben it was one of his teachers in tight clothing.
* ''Literature/ABrothersPrice'' has Jerin Whistler, almost sixteen and preparing to be married off, encounter the local teacher, who focused on the girls but had extended her education to him and his brothers by sending Whistler sisters home with worksheets and sometimes coming by their house to teach in person. In the narration he remarks that he used to be desperately in love with her, and he knows his ten year old brother is in love now.
* ''Literature/LightAndDarkTheAwakeningOfTheMageknight'': Chris is a martial arts buff but the real reason he likes the hand-to-hand combat class is because of its teacher.
* ''One Hundred Strokes of the Brush before Bed'' by Melissa P. The [[FilleFatale underaged]] ReallyGetsAround protagonist seduces a tutor she's hired to teach her mathematics. He can't help comparing himself to [[Literature/{{Lolita}} Professor Humbert]].
* In the short story ''[[Literature/{{Paradox}} A Distant Sun]]'' historical bioethics teacher Kellen Grove finds his student Margeaux falling for him. He tries not to reciprocate, not only because she's his student but also because he [[spoiler: has a genetic disorder that makes his bodily fluids toxic. She kisses him, ingests some blood from a split lip, and has a stroke the next day.]]
* Brian in ''Literature/NeedfulThings'' is crushing hard on speech teacher Sally, who's engaged. He does keep it in the realm of daydreams and never discusses that crush with other characters.
* Both Haruta and Chika of ''Literature/{{Haruchika}}'' have feelings for the music teacher, Kusakabe, though they've agreed on a truce in regards to catching his attention until they perform at Fumon Hall.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/{{Room 222}}'': An early episode of this high school drama, "Seventeen Going on Twenty-Eight," saw a 17-year-old girl try to get romantic with main protagonist Pete Dixon. He later realizes she's a student at Walt Whitman High School (where the series is set) and – immediately telling the principal about his predicament – works with administrators to get the girl to realize he will never be available to her.
* Ezria, generally considered the fan-favorite ship of ''Series/PrettyLittleLiars'' is made of Ezra Fitz, better known as Mr. Fitz, and his student Aria. This is even weirder because Aria's poor, oblivious mother works at the school too. Ezra eventually quits and goes to teach at- wait for it- her father's school. Additionally, Aria's father cheated on her mother with one of his students. The mother is aware of both of these student/teacher relationships... and has done essentially nothing.
** This carries over into the show's Indian knockoff, ''[V] Best Friends Forever?'', to the point where even the actors [[YouLookFamiliar look like their PLL counterparts]]. This version of Aria doesn't have a cheating father, but comes from a very traditional Indian family.
* Willow on ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' apparently had something of a crush on Giles. She never acted on it, mostly because she had much larger crushes on Xander and Oz.
** The episode "Teacher's Pet" showed Xander (and a few others) having a crush on his substitute teacher, Miss French [[spoiler: who turns out to be a big, praying mantis creature who likes eating virgins.]] This was only the start of his near-legendary FatalAttractor streak.
* In ''Series/DegrassiJuniorHigh'', Caitlin worries that she's a lesbian because she has a crush on a female teacher.
* In ''Series/DawsonsCreek'', Pacey ends up having a relationship with his teacher, Tamara Jacobs.
* In an episode of ''Series/SavedByTheBell'', all the girls (including those in the main cast) get crushes on the substitute teacher, Tony Crane. This is strictly one sided, though -- Tony doesn't return any of the girls' affections.
* In the first two seasons of ''Series/FisicaOQuimica'' young teacher Irene had a romantic affair with young student Isaac, which was explored realistically, but they started to gravitate back towards each other before [[spoiler: he died from a brain hemorrhage]].
* In ''Series/HoneyIShrunkTheKids'', Amy fantasizes about her history teacher who is too old for her. She then uses a time machine to go back to 1976 so he would be the appropriate age.
* In ''Series/LawAndOrderSpecialVictimsUnit'', a case featured a young high school teacher being raped by one of her students. The kicker? Said teacher was played by Creator/MelissaJoanHart, and the student was played by [[Series/VeronicaMars Cassidy Casablanca]].
* In the ''Series/NoahsArc'' movie, [[spoiler:Brandon has a crush on his teacher Chance, who consistently ignores his advances....until Chance is having problems in his own relationship. Chance gives in for one night, but things return to the Status Quo afterwards]].
* ''Series/{{Glee}}'':
** When [[TeachersPet Rachel Berry]] gets a crush on Mr Schuester, he reacts with horror, remembering the dreadful outcome of the ''last'' student to have a crush on him. The old student then comes into play, giving Rachel advice about why she's crushing on Mr Schue, leading to a nice moment when Mr Schue tells Rachel that one day she'll find a man who values her for herself.
** Another three-episode arc in the third season of ''Glee'' deals with Puck's crush on Shelby Corcoran. He plays the Van Halen song "Hot For Teacher" for her (among other things). Gets Squicky when you consider she's Rachel's mom (Puck and Rachel dated briefly in the first season) and she adopted baby Beth (his [[TeenPregnancy daughter]] by Quinn). Things reach ridicolus squick levels when the two hook up.
** The show also features an affair between Rachel's college boyfriend, Brody, and their Dance instructor, Cassandra July. It's implied that this is part of the reason she keeps him as her T.A.
* An episode of ''Series/{{Teachers}}'' had the rare variant of a gay pupil having a crush on one of the teachers.
* In ''Series/ArrestedDevelopment'' George Michael develops a crush on his [[Creator/HeatherGraham ethics teacher]]. His tentative attempts to explain this to his father lead him to believe his son is trying to get them together, and he ends up dating her.
* Briefly touched in ''Series/ColdCase''; in one episode, a student had a crush on his idealistic teacher, who helped set his life on the right path. However, when he grew up and became a teacher himself, he understood why there was a line that teachers and students could not cross.
* Invoked by Stephen Colbert during the Wisconsin Teacher's Union Strike. Hi, Stephen!
* Both Bud and Kelly on ''Series/MarriedWithChildren'' had relationships with teachers.
* Ruby Buckton on ''Series/HomeAndAway'', first having a short-lived crush on her English teacher Miles, then two years later falling in love with her music teacher and songwriting partner Liam. The latter did not end well.
* In ''Series/WaterlooRoad'', student Jonah Kirby starts a sexual relationship with Francesca Montoya, his Spanish teacher.
* In ''Series/TheWonderYears'', Kevin Arnold has a crush on Miss White, who later gets married. Kevin finds her name change to Mrs. Heimer and subsequent pregnancy rather jarring, as they clash with his idealized vision of Miss White.
* Throughout ''Series/TheParkers'', Nikki Parker, who is attending junior college with her daughter, has the hots for Professor Oglevee. The professor always hated her and avoids her whenever she chases him until by the end of the series, their relationship becomes mutual.
* In ''Series/ThirdRockFromTheSun'', Tommy has a crush on a teacher who rejects his advances. He arranges to sit next to her at a football game. When everyone else stands up to cheer, there is a loud slapping sound, and the fans sit down to reveal Tommy holding his cheek looking hurt while his teacher stares straight ahead looking shocked.
* A less squicky example occurs with Lena and Dwayne in ''Series/ADifferentWorld'', since they are both adults. Lena develops a crush on Dwayne when he starts tutoring her in Calculus (he is also her teacher for the class) and she is crushed when he doesn't reciprocate. Lena later reveals, in a very heartwarming scene with Whitley, Dwayne's girlfriend, that she felt very alone at college she had never been away from her family and friends before so she latched on to the first person who tried to befriend her.
* In one ''Series/WhiteCollar'' episode, Neal finds himself posing as a substitute English teacher at an elite private school. [[PrettyBoy Naturally]], a good deal of the female students spend the class period [[http://www.usanetwork.com/sites/usanetwork/files/styles/episode_wide/public/wc_epguide_e312_UpperWestSideStory.jpg?itok=BXWND6Ar gazing at him]], as mentioned by Neal's handler Peter. The daughter of the Suspect of the Week falls especially hard for him, and invites Neal over for a tutoring session. Seeing his chance to search the suspect's house, Neal agrees. When the suspect finally meets him, we get this exchange:
-->'''Woods:''' ''You're'' the teacher? My daughter didn't describe you as being so...\\
'''Neal:''' So bookish?\\
'''Woods:''' So ''symmetrical.''
* PlayedForLaughs in ''Series/{{Friends}}'' when Ross finds out that his male student is in love with him. Subverted when he finds said student is straight and was just playing him in order to get a better grade. In the same episode, Rachel reminisces about how she used to have a crush on a teacher. When asked how she got over him, she replies with: "I didn't. I got ''under'' him."
* It was implied in ''Series/HouseOfAnubis'' that Amber had a crush on Jason Winkler, especially by the way she was looking at him in the premier. It's a different case from him and Patricia down below, as he never really showed signs of liking her back beyond just being a nice and caring teacher.

* Music/{{Vocaloid}}s Kaai Yuki and Hiyama Kiyoteru have the song "Sensei to Seito no Rabu Geemu" (english title:A Teacher and a Student's Love Game) fits the bill, although mutual attraction also seems to be hinted at.
* Busted's song "What I Go to School For" was based on a crush their bassist had on a teacher in real life. It's been covered (also {{Disneyfi|cation}}ed by Music/TheJonasBrothers which made it about a Freshman crushing on a Senior.)
* Blood on the Dance Floor's "Innocent High" is an extremely sexual example of this.
* The Music/VanHalen song "Hot for Teacher" is one of the alternate {{Trope Namer}}s. Music/DavidLeeRoth claims he boned more than one of his teachers in real life as well.
* "Teacher I Need You" by Music/EltonJohn.
* The music video for Boyzone's "Key to My Life" has the band as schoolboys, with one of them, played by Stephan Gatley, having a crush on their teacher.
* "Mr. Watson" from Music/{{Kesha}} is about crushing on (IntercourseWithYou and lusting for) a teacher.
* The first verse of "Passin' Me By" by Music/ThePharcyde involves Bootie Brown singing about how he used to have a crush on one of his teachers and made a point to always attend her classes.
* The music video for "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsbivRpEiS4 Traumst Du]]" by Oomph shows the male students in this particular class deliberately doing things wrong so that they can be punished by their teacher, who's a BastardGirlfriend. Apparently, they like it when she canes their backsides...[[spoiler:and so does the school janitor, who's watching the whole thing via hidden cameras [[{{Squick}} so he can masturbate over her]].]]
* In the video for Music/{{Aerosmith}}'s "Livin' on the Edge", several male kids show interest in their sexy teacher. The end of the video reveals that the teacher is actually [[AttractiveBentGender a guy in drag]].
* A lesser-known example: "High School Confidential" by Rough Trade.
* The hit "[[https://youtu.be/FlB1bMYA0bM Forelska i lærern]]" (literally, "In love with the teacher") by the Norwegian band "The Kids" (not to be confused with the Belgian band of the same name). It's about the singer whom sings about his UnrequitedLove for a girl some seats in front of him. She's aparently in love with the teacher and not him. The music video tones this down by implying he's WrongGenreSavvy and she's actually in love with him and not the teacher. The song is often sung in elementary schools.
* "Teacher's Pet" by Doris Day.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ji4IQR9Zbwo "Love me Cheerilee"]] by ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' {{Filk}}ers Wooden Toaster and Music/TheLivingTombstone is about the narrator being in love with the ''My Little Pony'' character Cheerilee.
* "When I Kissed The Teacher" by Music/{{ABBA}} tells a story of a student who has a crush on her teacher and one day cannot restrain herself and kisses him.
* "I Have a Crush on My Teacher" by Creator/KateMicucci is ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin.
* The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aWtrEFfS4E music video]] for Alesso's progressive house hit "Cool" features this.

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* ''ComicStrip/{{Peanuts}}'' gives is [[AdorablyPrecociousChild Linus]] and Miss Othmar, who, like all adults, [[TheGhost remains unseen]]. He doesn't worship her, but he ''is'' rather fond of the ground she walks on. Unfortunately, she has a boyfriend whom she eventually marries.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''VideoGame/Persona3'', one of the "social links" the protagonist has to develop is a friendship with another student, a boy named Kenji Tomochika, who claims to be involved with, and then engaged to, his female homeroom teacher. [[spoiler: It turns out the relationship was all in Kenji's head, with the teacher being all but unaware of his fantasy, and horrified when she discovers how the boy thinks of her.]] The weird thing is that in order to improve your friendship with Kenji (which has positive effects on your game status), the protagonist has to encourage the his romantic aspirations even if you realize that it's a very, very bad idea.
* In ''VideoGame/ProfessorLaytonAndTheUnwoundFuture'', one of Professor Layton's students has a very obvious crush on him. Also hinted in ''[[Anime/ProfessorLaytonAndTheEternalDiva Eternal Diva]]'' that his former student Janice also has a crush. [[spoiler: Or is it just Melina talking?]]
* ''Choices'' and its sequels, ''Decisions'', ''Options'' and ''Consequences'' are about a lesbian high school student with a crush on her math teacher.
* [[AllThereInTheManual The Crosspedia]] in ''VideoGame/ProjectXZone'' implies that Mii has a bit of a crush on Kogoro. However, no such crush is mentioned anywhere in the game itself and Kogoro plays the BigBrotherMentor role to Mii throughout most of the game.
* It's mildly implied in-game, and later confirmed in her character bio, that Carmen is hot for Esau in ''VideoGame/{{Lunarosse}}''. It's never addressed if he returns her feelings.
* In ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfHeroesTrailsOfColdSteel'', it's possible for [[TheHero Rean]] to date [[BadassTeacher Sara]] if the player so chooses though it doesn't carry over by ''Cold Steel III'' (though Sara does give Rean a kiss on the cheek but at this point, she's no longer a teacher at Thors while Rean is a teacher of the branch school). Meanwhile, Musse has the hots for said teacher Rean, who firmly denies what she's doing and makes sure she gets the memo. Still doesn't stop her from trying regardless.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* Because the protagonist of ''VisualNovel/{{Canvas 2}}'' is a teacher, you're of course going to have several of these. Five, in fact. There are more students with a crush on Hiroki, but they're not heroines.
* In ''VisualNovel/KatawaShoujo'', Lilly had feelings for her English tutor in the past, and turned down her many [[LoveConfession love confessions]] to save herself for him, but knew that she could never have him, and never confessed. Hisao thinks of such relationships as "taboos born of such things as purity and youth," and is glad Lilly never acted on it.
* In ''VisualNovel/KindredSpiritsOnTheRoof'', Kiri is in love with her teacher Tsukuyo. Tsukuyo at first tells Kiri that what she's feeling is really RomanticTwoGirlFriendship, [[spoiler:but she eventually reciprocates Kiri's feelings and the two become a couple]].

[[folder:Web Animation]]
* LovableSexManiac Fumiko from ''WebAnimation/SenpaiClub'' is in love with Teacher-sensei. She said that at her middle school none of the teachers were attractive and that made her sad. In comparison, Teacher-sensei is a very attractive woman.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* In ''Webcomic/RedString'', Sayuri Morita develops a crush on Igarashi-sensei when he's the only one who listens to her, is nice to her, etc. She attempts to kiss him when he's asleep in his office but chickens out, and then goes for it when they're singing karaoke together. He rebuffs her since, unfortunately for her, he's too professional to ever pursue such a relationship . . . and he's gay.
* In a [[http://www.scarygoround.com/?date=20101013 guest-strip]] for ''Webcomic/BadMachinery'', Mildred has a dream about her teacher, Ryan Beckwith.
* In ''Webcomic/WorldOfFizz'', [[http://fergoandenrique.comicgenesis.com/d/20110502.html Alex for Ms. O'Hare]] Even the story title is called this.
* In ''Webcomic/YouSuck'', Anna often has fantasies of Professor Leatherby, her sociology teacher.
* ''Webcomic/AngelMoxie'': Riley's crush on Mr. Kyokasho.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* This is discussed in some of WebVideo/SkyWilliams' LetsPlays of ''League.'' After Mr. Deer (one of Sky's friends) starts training for his teaching certificate, Sky keeps asking him about scenarios where a student comes on to him. Mr. Deer, obviously, takes the questioning completely seriously.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* In the Pilot for ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDad'', Francine admits she had a crush on her teacher that quickly developed to a StalkerWithACrush. To the point she locked herself in his closet and started cutting herself. She managed to pin this entire incident on said teacher, which caused him to be divorced from his wife, fired from his job, sent to prison, where he ultimately ended up killing himself.
* ''WesternAnimation/AsToldByGinger'' has Ginger trying to ask her teacher out on a date. During an inter-school quiz. ''Which is being televised.''
* ''WesternAnimation/BraceFace'' had an episode with one of the characters having a crush on a substitute teacher. Rather noticeably it's one of the few kid's shows where someone points out that a teacher-student relationship would be ''illegal.''
* In ''WesternAnimation/{{Cybersix}}'', the protagonist is pined after by one of her female students. Of course, seeing as the protagonist is a WholesomeCrossdresser and the student doesn't know, this [[PlayedForLaughs makes for funny]].
* In the ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' episode ''Fast Times at Buddy Cianci High'', Chris Griffin has a crush on his substitute teacher, Mrs Lockhart. [[spoiler: She ends up trying to use said crush on her to manipulate him into murdering her husband and with the promise she would elope with him. Chris doesn't.]]
* ''WesternAnimation/HeyArnold'' had an episode where he had a crush on his substitute teacher. He accidentally overheard her talking to another teacher about her fiancé, also named Arnold, and of course [[HilarityEnsues hilarity ensued]].
* ''WesternAnimation/JohnnyBravo'' episode "Welcome Back, Bravo": Johnny is sent back to fourth grade. Naturally, the first thing he does is hit on the teacher (she responds with, "I don't date my students").
* ''WesternAnimation/MoralOrel'': Doughy develops a crush on his teacher Miss Sculptham because she calls him "son" (which his parents don't). He keeps buying her gifts (saved up from his parents giving him money to go away and then from the creepy ice cream who's infatuated with ''him'') until he realizes she's taking advantage of him.
* In ''WesternAnimation/{{Recess}}'' Mikey ends up getting a crush on his music teacher. Unfortunately he also walks in on her saying yes to a marriage proposal.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' has Lisa's crush on substitute teacher Mr. Bergstrom. Overall, he more fills a need for a mentor figure/role model for Lisa, but she does mention his "Semitic good looks" as one of the reasons she likes him.
* ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' episode "Tom's Rhinoplasty": the boys have a crush on the substitute teacher, Ms. Ellen. But even besides the obvious age problem, she turns out to be a lesbian. [[spoiler:Unfortunately, nobody told Wendy that]].
* The ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'' don't actually go to school, but Raven meets an exotic, charming and kind warlock who teaches her all kinds of new magic, and she rapidly falls for him. Given the stuff she and her friends typically deal with, it's not that important to Raven that he's curse-trapped into a book and technically at least [[MayflyDecemberRomance a few centuries older]] than her fifteen-or-so years of age. [[spoiler: He also turns out to also be an ancient [[MailerDaemon Dread Dragon]]. And when Raven releases him from his curse, he tries to roast her. She puts the dragon back in the book, but is left heartbroken by the entire affair.]]
* ''WesternAnimation/YoungJustice'':
** HandsomeLech Kid Flash flirted with ComicBook/BlackCanary in an episode during their first training session. And then she knocked him down. But it's cool, that's her job and it only bruised his ego.
** It's heavily implied that Superboy also has a thing for Black Canary, though he's more [[CovertPervert covert]] about it. One episode shows him basically having a roleplay session with his shapeshifting girlfriend.

!!!Hot for Student

[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* Referenced in ''Manga/HaouAiren''. When Di Long tries to rape Kurumi, she protests and calls him "sensei." He realizes that she still thinks of him as her P.E. teacher, and concludes that this makes it even better, because "it'll be like doing something really naughty."
* It's implied that Komoe-sensei of ''LightNovel/ACertainMagicalIndex'' has a crush on Touma.
* In ''Anime/HareGuu Deluxe'' when Hare tries to cheer up his scary [[MoodSwinger Mood swinging]] substitute teacher after her attempted relationship with his regular teacher fails, she turns her attention to him to Hare's horror.
* In ''Anime/ChouKuseNiNarisou'', Nagisa is chased by a [[YaoiGuys homosexual male]] teacher who [[{{Crossdresser}} mistakes her for a boy]].
* ''Anime/RevolutionaryGirlUtena'', in which it's a deliberate psychological ploy by the BigBad to manipulate the TragicHero. Very {{Squick}}y.
* ''Manga/{{Mahoromatic}}'' uses this trope to a disturbing extent, especially in the first series, with a (perhaps) twenty-five-year-old teacher lusting after the middle-school-aged male lead; fortunately, this somewhat overused source of comedy is not as prevalent in the second series. The AfterTheEnd finale shows the two meeting up some 8-10 years later. She comments how he's lost his looks, then walks off with a pair of preteen male students.
* There is a squicky one-way instance in ''Manga/AzumangaDaioh'', in which Kimura becomes obsessed with Kaorin ([[SchoolgirlLesbians of all girls]]), declaring that they will always be together. Kimura himself is pretty squicky, since he apparently became a teacher ''just to ogle teenage girls''. It's later revealed he has an incredibly hot and incredibly nice wife.
* ''Anime/PrincessTutu'' features a teacher (Neko-sensei) who threatens his delinquent female students (often the main character) with having to marry him. This is taken as a severe threat by everyone but the rare students who actually like him, whom he is deathly afraid of and avoids or turns down (the subversion). His actions are based on a Japanese myth, but it plays like a commentary on this trope.
** ... wasn't Neko-sensei a [[InterspeciesRomance cat]]?
*** [[Memes/{{Anime}} A cat is fine, too.]]
* Yukari-sensei in ''LightNovel/NogizakaHarukaNoHimitsu'' is constantly throwing herself at her students and generally acting inappropriately... and the students want none of it.
* In the ''Manga/BlueDrop'' {{Manga}}, some of the all female race Arume run various girls' schools that double as their lesbian harems.
* In ''Manga/FutabaKunChange'', Sabuyama-sensei has a completely one-side crush on the male Futaba and is disgusted when a female student with the same name as his beloved (actually the same person) joins the class.
* In ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion'', this is part of [[TheStoic Professor Kozo Fuyutsuki's]] backstory, with him caring greatly for his student Yui Ikari, who married his ''other'' student Gendou. His onesided love for her remain secret for a long time, [[spoiler: but when Fuyutsuki is turned into LCL during ''End of Evangelion'' it is ''Yui's'' face that he sees [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/fuyutsuki_dies_EoE.jpg as he's about to die]]. ]].
* BoysLove example: Atsushi from ''Manga/KusattaKyoushinoHouteishiki'' (''Equation of the Perverted Teacher'') has been infatuated with Masami aka Ma-chan, his neighbor and caretaker, for years. He transfers to his new highschool and finds Ma-chan... or so he thinks, as the guy he thinks it's Ma-chan is actually Ma-chan's older brother, Masayoshi, who works as the school nurse and basketball coach.
* In the ''LightNovel/FullMetalPanic'' manga, the CampGay substitute teacher for Sōsuke's high school's men's swim team is shown to have the hots for Sōsuke. [[EvenTheGuysWantHim Not that anyone can blame him]]. He is shown blushing and drooling over Sōsuke's body, and is very obviously jealous and shocked when he interprets Kaname's "I work well with Sōsuke because we have a bond" as being that they've done it.
* In ''Manga/{{Gokusen}}'', EvilTeacher Miura, however, falls for Shin. Busty teacher Fujiyama makes much of her lust for her hot students but we never actually see her do anything.
* ''LetsNupuNupu'' features amongst other randomness, a hot school nurse who [[WoundedGazelleGambit acts like the grade school kid is the one who is molesting her]] when its blatantly obvious she's the full blown paedophile.
* In ''{{LightNovel/Durarara}}'', Prof. Nasujima has a rather obvious thing for his student Anri. In his case, however, it's more of an indication that he's a giant creep than a case of forbidden love (especially since it's implied that Anri is hardly his first in this regard).
** It's shown that his first relationship with a student was mutually consensual, but seriously unhealthy, and he was the one to quit it since the girl was even a bigger creep than he, and he was seriously afraid for his safety. He really should have learned his lesson that time, considering Anri's big secret.
* Naruko Yokoshima, the only teacher ever seen in ''Manga/SeitokaiYakuindomo'', is a ChristmasCake HardDrinkingPartyGirl who's way too excited about former [[OneGenderSchool all-girl Ousai]] becoming co-ed. Her main victim is Takatoshi Tsuda, TheOneGuy, of whom she has high hopes [[LikesOlderWomen liking older women]]. She has nearly taken advantage of him when she locked him up together with her in a room.
* In ''{{Manga/Loveless}}'', Soubi's teacher Ritsu gives him "lessons" (involving a whip) on how to take pain and [[spoiler:goes on to take the boy's virginity.]] It's [[RapeAsBackstory not portrayed positively.]]
* In ''Manga/DearS'', Mitsuka-sensei is pretty much hot for AnythingThatMoves, meaning that ALL of her students have to deal with her teaching sexually-explicit foreign language lessons (that she wrote herself) while she's wearing nothing but skimpy lingerie. Even the male students find this [[FetishRetardant more annoying than anything else.]]
* ''Anime/ImGonnaBeAnAngel'': It may look like a one-sided crush (and sexual harassment) on Raphael's part, but the truth is Mikael is as hot for his teacher as his teacher is for him. (Mikael has just huge problems with self denial.)
* One of the ''Anime/PandoraHearts'' OVA's has the implication of this between [[HoYay Gil and Oz,]] complete with a CrashIntoHello followed by a LuminescentBlush and BishieSparkle. Whether Oz reciprocates or [[GuileHero merely enjoys messing with Gilbert]] is open to interpretation.
* ''Shoujo Sect: Innocent Lovers'': [[IllGirl Ms. Hayato]] (age 27) tried to hide her feelings for her student, [[TheProtagonist Momoko]] (age 16), since such relations would be improper. But after inviting Momoko to what was meant to be an innocent evening out to eat, she finally seizes the opportunity and takes her to a love hotel. Though initially surprised by it, Momoko consents and they spend the night making love to each other ([[http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1024675 SFW]]). Word of their relationship spread around campus, the following days, as several of Momoko's classmates had seen them leaving the hotel together. Thus, creating a scandal. However, it wasn't allowed to continue as Hayato's [[SoapOperaDisease ailing health]] takes a sudden turn for the worse, which forced her to resign so she could be taken to a medical ward outside of Tokyo for treatment.
* In ''Manga/AkatsukiNoAria'', 16-years-old Aria's piano teacher Shiroyuki is one of the many men who hold feelings for her. He's aware that she doesn't romantically love him, however, ''and'' he's also married to a very delicate IllGirl, so he angsts quite a bit about all of this. [[spoiler: And he dies later.]]
* In Anime/YondemasuYoAzazelsan, [[OccultDetective Akutabe]] is heavily implied to be a ''little'' too attached to [[BrainyBrunette Sakuma]], who is both his [[TheApprentice apprentice]] and [[SexySecretary secretary]]. [[LovableSexManiac Azazel]] and [[EverythingsBetterWithPenguins Beelzebub]] also suspect his relationship with Sakuma might not be purely profesional on his side. Of course, this is played for laughs, and she's is oblivious to it.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* ''Comicbook/XMen'':
** One of ComicBook/ProfessorX's deepest secrets was that he was in love with ComicBook/JeanGrey as a student. His SuperpoweredEvilSide, ComicBook/{{Onslaught}}, was all too happy to share this with her, much to Jean's horror.
** ''ComicBook/UltimateXMen''[='=]s version of Xavier is worse, having had relations with both Mystique and Emma Frost, who were his students at the time. Much like mainstream Xavier, he too had romantic feelings for Jean as well.
* ''ComicBook/SpiderMan'' - Professor Miles Warren was infatuated with his student [[ILetGwenStacyDie Gwen Stacy]], but refused to admit it, convincing himself that he saw her as the daughter he never had. Her death led to him becoming a supervillain and the story that would, decades later, be revived as ComicBook/TheCloneSaga, thus proving that teachers falling for students can never lead to anything good.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* In ''Fanfic/NoHoper'' to [[Manga/DeathNote Light's]] discomfort [[Literature/TheHouseOfNight Neferet]] tries to jump him [[spoiler: when she thinks that [[GrandTheftMe he's has been possessed by her lover]] [[BigBad Kalona]].]]
* In ''Fanfic/CaveStoryVersusIMMeen'', it is slightly implied that Curly may or may not have a bit of a crush on the Main/BadassAdorable Main/AscendedExtra main protagonist [[RidiculouslyCuteCritter Jack]].

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* ''Film/BlackSwan'': The art director is a little hands on with his instruction.
* One of the professors in ''Film/GoodWillHunting'' makes repeated passes at his much younger female students, though he's always politely turned down.
* ''De man die zijn haar kort liet knippen'' (''The Man Who Had His Hair Cut Short''). A teacher at girls' high school, middle-aged and married with a small daughter of his own, is madly in unrequited love with one of his teenage pupils and is heartbroken when she graduates. [[spoiler: It's implied that years later the memory of his love is one of the things that drive him possibly crazy.]]
* ''Le souffle au cœur'' (''Murmur of the Heart''). Laurent, 14 and a half, is in confession when his priest and teacher makes a pass at him. Laurent asks to go back to class. The priest, annoyed, gives him an excessive penance: thirty Hail Marys. The priest seems to have a reputation for making passes at the boys. However, during the private lessons he later gives a convalescent Laurent nothing much, if anything, happens.
* In Lindsay Anderson's ''Film/{{if}}...'', a middle-aged chaplain and mathematics teacher at a boys' boarding school seems to take an interest in Jute, a pretty new boy in his class, probably 13 years old. The chaplain is skewered by Anderson's satire, as are most of the adults in the film.
* In ''Film/TwentyFifthHour'', Philip Seymour Hoffman's character is hot for one of his students, played by Anna Paquin. He does end up kissing her in a club, but she's pretty confused by it and he regrets it afterwards.
* In ''Film/PrettyPersuasion'' Kimberly is very aware that Mr. Anderson is attracted to her and deliberately teases him. She then goes as far as to blame him of sexual harassment.
* ''Film/DontThinkTwice'': Although it's a mutual attraction, it's heavily implied that the student Miles brings home from one of his improv classes at the beginning of the movie is not the first. Later in the movie we get this gem:
---> '''Miles:''' Fuck you, Lindsay.
---> '''Lindsay:''' You wouldn't, 'cause I'm not 22 and I'm not your student.

* According to WordOfGod, [[BlackHoleSue Bella's]] science teacher in the first book of ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'' was [[SoBeautifulItsACurse attracted to her.]]
* In Michael Lowenthal's ''Avoidance'', 28-year-old Jeremy works as assistant director of a boys' summer camp where there is a strong emphasis on men mentoring boys. Jeremy agonises over his sudden attraction to 14-year-old Max, one of his charges. [[spoiler: Turns out that Jeremy's own former mentor Ruff and the camp director Charlie both have similar predilections, but unlike Jeremy have used the mentor role to force themselves on boys or coerce them into sex. . Things are complicated by Jeremy's recollection that when he was 14, he desired the 50-something Ruff.]] There's a backstory in which, a few years ago, Jeremy had a friendship with a 13-year-old boy to whom he seems to have been subconsciously attracted.
* Henry de Montherlant's ''Les Garçons'' has a priest in his 30s deep in unrequited love with a 14-year-old pupil at the boys' school where he works. The priest's attractions and emotions are directed at boys of of 12-15.
* Roger Peyrefitte's ''Les amitiés particulières'' (''Special Friendships'') is also set in a Jesuit school. One of the teacher-priests seems to fancy 14-year-olds Georges and Lucien, suggesting that they switch pyjamas and the like. Eventually [[spoiler: he is caught entertaining one of the boys in his study at night and kicked out of the school.]] Another of the priest-teachers loves 12-year-old Alexandre and has him sit on his lap.
* In Michael Campbell's ''Lord Dismiss Us'', 24-year-old Ashley returns as a teacher to the secondary school he attended as a boy, and where he had a homosexual love affair that left a deep impression on him. He falls in love with 18-year-old Carleton, one of his students. Carleton is in love with another boy at the school and having a relationship with him that repeats much of what went on in Ashley's schoolboy love affair. He has no idea about Ashley's affections and is initially shocked and repulsed when he finds out, but softens his opinion later. Some other men among the teachers at the school are also attracted to the boys and have little coteries. Amusingly, the chaplain has a taste for rather unwashed lads, whom he has to tea in his study. He keeps art of naked boys around, but never actually lays a finger on the real boys; their proximity is enough.
* In Ursula Zilinsky's ''Middle Ground'', the protagonist mentions in passing that at his boys' boarding school there was a swimming coach who carried on with the boys.
* In Alexander Chee's ''Edinburgh'', a 12-year-old boy joins the Pine State Boys' Choir as a first soprano. Turns out that the choir director sexually mistreats the boys, going so far as to drug them in order to do so.
* In Matthew Stadler's ''Allan Stein'', a teacher is falsely accused of sleeping with a 15-year-old boy pupil of his and kicked out of his job, so he goes ahead and seduces the boy.
* In ''The Coming Storm'', a 25-year-old teacher has an affair with a 15-year-old pupil. Both are male.
* The ''Literature/DragonridersOfPern'' series has a relationship between Robinton and his apprentice Menolly. After [[spoiler:Robinton's heart attack]] he admits to himself that his feelings aren't completely platonic and that there are moments he feels jealous of her relationship with Sebell. This makes him support their love even more.
* Deconstructed and depicted much more unsympathetically almost to the point of caricature in ''[[http://jezebel.com/alissa-nutting-talks-female-sexual-predators-and-her-no-685196144 Tampa]]'' by Alissa Nutting. The main character, Celeste, is a sociopathic 26-year-old who took up teaching solely because of her obsession for 14-year-old boys and deliberately seduces one. [[spoiler: In the end, she's divorced and working as a hotel janitor, banned from areas with schools, and has to declare that she's a sexual predator after being released from prison. However, she's learned nothing from her experience and as she starts plotting out loopholes to regain her former life and predatory behavior.]]
* In ''Literature/AreYouThereGodItsMeMargaret'' 11-year old Margaret mentions several times that her male teacher stares at Laura, a HugeSchoolgirl who [[YoungerThanTheyLook can pass for an adult]].

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer''
** The seventh-season episode "Him," in which a magic jacket casts love spells on half the female cast, making Buffy, Willow, Anya, and Buffy's little sister Dawn chase after the high school football hero, R.J.. Anya is hundreds of years older than the guy, but it's Buffy who follows this trope: she's a counselor at the school now, and before she tries to ''kill the principal'' for her beloved, she gets him up on a desk with naughty things in mind... in time for her lovesick little sister to walk in and catch them (and for Xander to scold Buffy).
** WordOfGod states that Professor Maggie Walsh had feelings for Riley. Seeing as he views her more as a mother figure - and she's completely deranged - this is exceedingly creepy. It's even creepier when you remember that she [[spoiler: was experimenting on Riley too.]] It was extra super creepy that she watched Buffy and Riley have sex from a video camera installed in his room, then decided to have Buffy killed off. Call that lady [[{{Squick}} Queen Squick]].
* In ''Series/VeronicaMars'', Veronica defends one of her favorite teachers against a claim of this. She goes through the girl's diary, and checks the dates, and so gets him off. [[spoiler: She then finds out that it was all true, and that the girl who said she was his lover was really a friend of the actual girl, and she did get pregnant and so wasn't in school. Veronica then got him fired.]]
* In Series 3 of ''Series/{{Skins}}'', [[spoiler: Kieran makes an unsuccessful move on Naomi, his student.]]
* Although never outright stated, the very fact that the [[BewareTheNiceOnes supposedly sweet]], [[TheIngenue seemingly wholesome]] Selena Coombs of ''Series/AmericanGothic1995'' is in fact a FemmeFatale, HotLibrarian, and EvilTeacher all rolled into one makes speculation about this trope inevitable.\\
One lost episode, however, does offer an aversion of this. In "The Potato Boy", Ms. Coombs invites Caleb to her house, all alone, for 'special tutoring' ...but once there, [[spoiler:she ends up confessing her [[{{Backstory}} tragic past]], crying in Caleb's lap, and taking comfort from him in a purely platonic, if unexpected way, almost doing a HeelFaceTurn because of it.]] Actually a very touching, surprising bit of CharacterDevelopment. (Which was then [[KudzuPlot promptly forgotten about]] [[{{Snapback}} for the rest of the series]].)
* ''Series/LawAndOrderSpecialVictimsUnit'':
** There was the one where a principal was raping one of her students and it is found out that a brain tumor is making her act like this.
** There also was an episode involving this teenage guy and his hot older teacher. The guys congratulate him, but the SVU team wags their fingers no and try to separate them. It was sort of heartbreaking actually, considering the arm-twisting they did to her so she'd stay away from him.
** Another episode had a teacher admitting to having sex with one of his students, but claimed it was consensual while said student accused him of raping her. They never quite tell us if it was a case of Hot For Student or a mutual attraction, and ended it just before the verdict is read. This was intentional to show how ambiguous these cases are when it's only he said/she said (The episode went out of its way to include evidence for both sides and gave both of them moments that made them untrustworthy). They later held an on-line poll to see how people would have ruled if they had been on the jury: Not Guilty was the winner.
** There was also an episode of the original ''Series/LawAndOrder'' that had a male High School teacher getting arrested for having relations with one of his students. He's put through the normal wringer until it's revealed that the "student" was actually in her 20's and faking being a teenager due to an inability to face growing up.
* In ''Series/{{Caprica}}'', one of Clarice's her husbands asks her if the reason she invited Lacy to dinner was to make her another wife. It isn't; however it's hinted that the reason he asked this is because she's done this before.
* Canadian teen sitcom ''Series/MrYoung'' has an unusual version of this. Title character Adam Young, the new science teacher at Finnegan High School, has a huge crush on one of his fifteen year old students named Echo. However, since Mr. Young is a child prodigy who graduated University at age fourteen before returning to his home town to teach, he's actually the same age as Echo.
* In the British soap opera, ''Series/{{Hollyoaks}}'', secondary school teacher, Becca Dean falls in love and embarks on an affair with a teenage student, Justin Burton. Many years later the show repeated the storyline with Jen Gilmore and her student Tilly Evans.
* Parodied in the ''Series/MadTV'' sketch "Pretty White Kids With Problems", of the Hot for Student variety with the [[EveryoneLooksSexierIfFrench French teacher]].
* In ''Series/MalcolmInTheMiddle'', Malcolm is convinced that Ms. Miller is coming on to him and is appropriately disturbed by it, although it is clear to the viewer that she mostly just has no sense of personal space and is obsessed with being "emotionally available" for her students. Malcolm and his brothers later exploit her "crush" on him to get out of trouble with their parents.
* ''Series/{{Dollhouse}}''. In "Belle Chose" a client who is a college professor pays for Echo to be imprinted with the personality of a BookDumb college student who [[SextraCredit seduces him to improve her grade]], presumably as a safe way of playing out a long-held fantasy. [[spoiler:Things are going well until Echo's personality is accidentally swapped with that of a SerialKiller and the prof gets stabbed in the neck with a pencil.]]
* In ''Series/TheBigBangTheory'' the episode "The Hook-Up Reverberation", has a scene where Penny casually admits her high school PE coach turned out to have a close personal interest in her, which amounted to an unwise teacher-pupil crush. She took the young Penny to see a [[{{Lampshading}} Melissa Etheridge]] gig, and Penny [[SexForServices played along with the idea]] to ensure she got A-grades. Penny does not disclose how far she had to go to get those A's but casually says "it all worked out just fine".
* One episode of ''Series/BoyMeetsWorld'' has a CoolTeacher in the form of Creator/FredSavage (Corey's RealLife older brother) - who winds up trying to sleep with Topanga, prompting Corey to assault him.


* The song itself doesn't contain any hint of this, but the ''video'' for Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" casts her as a teacher at a boy's prep school, who has... interesting dreams about her students. Brilliantly parodied [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lj-x9ygQEGA here]].
* "My Name Is" by Music/{{Eminem}}: "My English teacher wanted to have sex in junior high / the only problem was, my English teacher was a guy / I smacked him in his face with an eraser / chased him with a stapler / and stapled his nuts to a stack of papers".
** Later the lyrics were censored to: "My English teacher wanted to flunk me in junior high / thanks a lot, next semester I'll be 35 / I smacked him in his face with an eraser / chased him with a stapler / and told him to change the grade on the paper". The following lines made it into the album release, though (only changed for the radio version).
* Referenced in the first verse of "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" by [[Music/{{ACDC}} AC/DC]]: "You're having trouble with your high school head / He's giving you the blues / You wanna graduate, but not in his bed? / Here's what you gotta do..."

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* ''WebComic/EerieCuties'': Mr. Purvis has got it bad for [[AloofDarkhairedGirl Layla]] [[DudeMagnet Delacroix]], even though she's only 16. Which hasn't gone unnoticed by his fellow teacher, Prof. Twiggit, who rightly [[http://www.eeriecuties.com/strips-ec/chaperones doesn't approve of it.]] Though [[spoiler: [[SuperpoweredEvilSide Doom Pantied]]]] Chloe used Purvis' infatuation with Layla to her advantage, by disguising herself as Layla so he'd bend the rules for her. [[http://www.eeriecuties.com/strips-ec/whatever_you_say_layla It worked.]]

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''[[Franchise/ShinMegamiTenseiPersona Persona]]'':
** In ''VideoGame/{{Persona 3}}'', one social link is with someone playing an online game, who turns out to be a teacher with a crush on one of her students. [[spoiler: It turns out to be the protagonist's teacher, who has a crush on him; if you max the relationship out, then she eventually finds out that she was talking to you all along, panics when the realization hits her and awkwardly asks you out on a date before quickly taking it back.]] It never goes any further than this...
** ''VideoGame/{{Persona 4}}'' features homeroom teacher Noriko Kashiwagi, a ChristmasCake with so little self-esteem that she organizes a high-school beauty pageant with the sole intention of entering it herself and crushing the other contestants. Later on, while the guys are staying over at Yukiko's hotel, then accidentally stumble upon Kashiwagi and [[{{Gonk}} Hanako]] crying over their loss, who upon seeing the boys immediately throw themselves at them. Cue screams of horror from everyone save for Teddie, who's ready to go.
** In ''VideoGame/{{Persona 5}}'', a highly {{squick}}y variant is featured in the gym teacher Suguru Kamoshida, who sexually harasses his students and lusts after Ann Takamaki. He represents {{Lust}} of the SevenDeadlySins, and it's your job to steal his heart and purge the evil within so that he answers for his crimes.
* Unusual for an HGame, in ''X-Change 2'' you not only don't get to see ''any'' nekkid pics of the hot teacher, but you end up getting sex forced upon you by the new ''male'' professor who does this thing a lot.
* There's a rather [[{{Squick}} squicky]] example in ''VisualNovel/AtlachNacha''. Iguchi-sensei is the swim coach for GenkiGirl Watanabe Tsugumi. He also happens to stalk her and attempts to rape her. Things don't end well when the main [[GiantSpider character]] shows up...
* Quistis in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVIII'' infamously makes advances on her student Squall during the first part of the game. Though their age ranges are compatible (she's eighteen, he's seventeen) Squall still points out that it's incredibly unprofessional of her. [[spoiler:Later she realizes that her feelings for Squall were not romantic at all, causing her much embarrassment]].
* In ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'', Stalvan Mistmantle has one-sided feelings for his female student. The age gap is never quantified, but he claims that he's only a few years older than she is, while she refers to him as an old man. His feelings are not reciprocated and are portrayed as an obsession that [[LoveMakesYouEvil turns him evil]] and leads him to [[IfICantHaveYou kill her]] [[MurderTheHypotenuse and her lover]].
* ''Shamelessly Slutty School Teacher'' is about a high school history teacher and her attempts to seduce a rather dim male student.
* In ''VideoGame/YandereSimulator'', the substitute teacher Mida Rana regularly seduces male students. Her sights set on Senpai next, which means Yandere-chan needs to get rid of her by any means necessary.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* In the ''WesternAnimation/{{Daria}}'' episode "Lucky Strike", one of the substitute teachers clearly has a weird attraction to [[AsianAirhead Tiffany]], though she (and apparently everyone in her class) is too dense to realize it. He spends the whole class talking about the novel he's trying to write (which happens to be about an older man and a "budding woman-child") and has Tiffany act out parts of the book; apparently he even stroked her hair. When [[MamaBear Helen]] gets word she complains to [[ObstructiveBureaucrat Ms. Li]], who gets [[TheSnarkKnight Daria]] to teach the class instead.
-->'''Ms. Li:''' If someone asked me to teach a class, I'd be honored. Besides, we wouldn't be in this fix if it weren't for your mother.
-->'''Daria:''' Yeah. Hire one pedophile and she gets all bent out of shape.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/DextersLaboratory'' episode "Dexter Detention", Miss Wimple seems a little bit ''too'' affectionate towards Dexter. She faints when errs even so slightly.
* In ''WesternAnimation/RickAndMorty'', Mr. Goldenfold harbors an attraction to Morty's sister Summer that is so deeply repressed that it only manifests in a dream within a dream.
* One episode of ''WesternAnimation/ArchiesWeirdMysteries'' played this for laughs when Mrs. Grundy, turned back into a teenager by exposure to space rock chemicals, develops a crush on Reggie. Reggie ends up freaking out about the whole thing. When he finally does start coming around to the idea, that's when Dillon manages to reverse the effect, much to both their surprise.

!!!Mutual Attraction

[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* ''Manga/MarmaladeBoy'' plays this trope straight with the relationship between Miki's best friend Meiko Akizuki and her teacher Shinichi Namura, though they met and started their ''before'' he was her teacher. Also one of the few times a match up like this is portrayed in a sympathetic manner, specially due to [[StarCrossedLovers the crap they go through]]. [[spoiler: And they ''do'' get HappilyMarried by the end of the series -- the last episode of the anime series features their wedding party.]]
* ''Manga/CardcaptorSakura'':
** The manga features a fourth grade teacher giving his student an engagement ring -- and portraying the relationship as wholesome and innocent. It was {{bowlerized}} in the anime, with the girl simply having a PrecociousCrush on the teacher and him being ObliviousToLove.
** Sakura's own ''parents'' fit in since her father Fujitaka married Nadeshiko, who was a student in the school he teached at, and married her when she was sixteen. It was only his first year as a teacher, and since Nadeshiko was in high school, they weren't too far apart.
** Touya's relationship with teacher Kaho Mizuki is an aversion, as they only confessed to loving each other after Kaho's term as student teacher had ended.
** In the dubbed version of the first {{OVA}}, Clow Reed had a relationship with a student of his, until she turned to TheDarkSide, and he sealed her away in an alternate dimension. (In the original, he didn't actually have a relationship with her, and she was more TheRival than anything else.)
* The central relationship in ''Manga/SukiALikeStory'', also by Creator/{{CLAMP}}, is teacher-student as well.
* In ''Manga/{{Chobits}}'', a secondary main character (the protagonist's friend), ends up marrying off their CramSchool teacher saving her from a shaky relationship with her husband. Though in this case he was a 18-19 {{Ronin}} and she was in her mid-twenties and therefore this wasn't as iffy as usual for a CLAMP case of this trope.
* ''Anime/IMyMeStrawberryEggs'' likewise offers the promise of a happy ending several years later after the girl in question has matured a little.
* ''Anime/PleaseTeacher'':
** Pictured above: The ''raison d'etre'' of the anime. With the justification that the main character had a strange medical condition that, at one point, left him in a coma long enough that his body didn't age for three years - leaving him chronologically 18 though mentally (and physically) still 15. This is less of a justification for the age difference (Mizuho's age being undisclosed), and more to enable Kei to marry and live with with Mizuho legally. Ironically, the issue seems less about the age difference and more about her being Kei's teacher, making their romance an awkward situation the two are called upon to conceal as it is a breach of the school's professional propriety.
** In a humorous twist, after Kei confirms his "marriage" to the principal, the principal reveals his own romance with a former student to them, leading both Kei and Mizuho to wonder whether it was entirely legal. Their wondering aloud about the girl's age, however, has the principal coughing at their moral inconsistency, prompting them not to inquire into the matter any further.
** It's implied at the end of the anime that Koishi is also starting to get romantically involved with her teacher Yamada-sensei.
* In the classic anime ''Manga/MaisonIkkoku'' the beautiful widow Otonashi Kyoko née Chigusa successfully married her high school teacher, Otonashi Soichiro.
* ''Manga/AyashiNoCeres'' features a minor plot involving Yuki Urakawa, a girl who's in a relationship with her science teacher. [[spoiler:Though it turns out that he's just using her to test out the drug that awakens the latent powers of the descendants of celestial maidens.]]
* ''Kiss x Sis'': Keita's teacher, [[CloudCuckoolander Ms. Yuuzuki]], initially wanted to put a stop to [[BrotherSisterIncest his incestuous affair with his twin sisters]], but found herself growing fonder of him instead. She even begins to fantasize about him [[spoiler: [[ADateWithRosiePalms while masturbating]]]], which soon becomes a habit for her. Keita also finds himself becoming attracted to her as well and the two eventually start dating in secret, though it isn't long before Ako and Riko become aware of it. Which setup the [[LoveTriangle love triangle]] between them and Ms. Yuuzuki for Keita's affections, until [[spoiler: Yuzuki finally relents in chapter 109]].
* ''LightNovel/TheTestamentOfSisterNewDevil'': Chisato is [[HospitalHottie the school nurse]] and [[TheProtagonist Basara's]] aunt. The attraction between them was one-sided on her end, until she learned of the master/servant contracts[[note]]in order to draw on their power, Basra has to form a contract by sexually arousing each of them, then he must make them submit to him[[WomenPreferStrongMen then make them submit to him]][[/note]] he formed with the girls living with him. So Chisato [[SexualExtortion used it to blackmail him]] into forming a contract with her as well. However, the extortion is {{downplayed}} since Basara soon develops [[LustObject genuine feelings]] [[ParentalIncest for her]] and consents. In the anime adaptation, their relationship only goes as far as intense makeout sessions and foreplay. The affair is far more explicit in the Visual Novels themselves.
* ''Anime/YesPrecure5'' has Coco and Nozomi. Nozomi is a middle school student, and Coco is her teacher. Oh, and he's actually [[InterspeciesRomance a small extradimensional creature resembling a plush tanuki]] (and Nozomi is fully aware of this from the day they met). This romance is portrayed as not being unusual in any way, and nobody ever questions it.
* A high school romance is the main storyline of the Korean comic ''Manhwa/UnbalanceXUnbalance''. It has the younger male student and the older female teacher dynamic. It's more of a WillTheyOrWontThey thing so far, but still. There's also LesYay version of this in the {{manhwa}}.
* ''Boys Empire'': In chapter 7, Makoto finds out that his best friend, Ikki, has secretly been banging [[{{Meganekko}} Ms. Akiko]], who's the SchoolNurse. Ikki even talks her into letting Makoto and Hitomi use one of the beds in her office so they can [[CoitusInterruptus finish what they started]] earlier that morning - while he and Ms. Akiko [[CoitusEnsues get it on, themselves.]]
* In ''Manga/FruitsBasket'', Tohru's mother Kyoko ended up marrying Katsuya, her student teacher from middle school - although they at least waited until Kyoko had graduated middle school and Katsuya had left that position before beginning a romantic relationship.
* ''Anime/SerialExperimentsLain'': In one of the later episodes, [[spoiler: Alice]] is shown masturbating while fantasizing about her teacher. By the final episode, she's older and [[spoiler: married to him]].
* One of the cruelest versions of this trope is showcased in ''Manga/{{Bokurano}}''. [[spoiler: Chizuru and Hatagai-sensei's relationship was [[BreakTheCutie so horrible]] that she broke down and ended up becoming a full-fledged {{Yandere}}]]
* Kouko and Yoshino from ''VisualNovel/{{Clannad}}'', though they only started to seriously pursue a relationship long after Yoshino graduated.
* In ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann -- Gurren Academy'', a manga AlternateUniverse of ''Gurren Lagann'', Dayakka and Kiyoh serve as this.
* Sensei and Ninomiya-kun, the ShowWithinAShow of ''Manga/MinamiKe''. A major example of StylisticSuck as well, with the 'relationship' mainly involving [[SayMyName the principal characters shouting each other's names]] [[ClicheStorm while in utterly cliched soap opera settings.]]
* In ''Manga/{{Gokusen}}'', delinquent {{bishonen}} student Shin falls hard for nerdy yakuza-heir teacher Kumiko [[spoiler: not to mention ends up with her in the end, though it's after he graduates]].
* In ''Manga/FasterThanAKiss'', 16-year-old Kaji Fumino and her teacher, 24-year-old Ojiro Kazuma actually ''get married'' pre-book. It's explained that Fumino and her four year old brother are orphans, and are tired of being passed around to relatives. Her and her teacher end up in a quick spat where she challenges him and says, "Then, can you marry me and take care of us?!" He takes her seriously and they end up married. As the book progresses, they both grow to seriously fall in love with each other.
* ''Manga/RanmaOneHalf'': [[AccidentalPervert Ranma]] and [[HotTeacher Hinako]] are accused of having this type of relationship a lot. At one point, the entire school thought he has molested her on multiple occasions. (It probably doesn't help that they saw him grope her breast and say, "Let me touch you!") And later on, they are caught in bed with him on top of her. [[NotWhatItLooksLike Seriously though, it's not what it looks like.]] Ukyō lampshades this trope at one point.
-->'''Akane:''' What's there to worry about? She's his teacher, right?\\
'''Ukyō:''' You're so naive. This sweet yet dangerous elixir of forbidden love between teacher and student soon becomes a drug so powerful neither of them can live without it.\\
'''Akane:''' N- Nonsense.
* One arc of ''Manga/TheWorldGodOnlyKnows'' features a HotBlooded student teacher as the girl Keima has to woo over. She actually becomes interested in him ''before'' becoming Keima's next target, as she wants to break through his troubling personality and gaming hobby to reform him as a student. The difficulty he encounters is changing her interest into this trope.
* As the title suggests, this is the basis of the plot for ''Manga/MyWifeIsAHighSchoolGirl''. Student Asami and teacher Kyosuke marry and have to keep their relationship a secret to outsiders. HilarityEnsues in one episode when a woman who was told they were siblings spies on them and ends up getting an [[BrotherSisterIncest even worse idea]]. Also, Asami's father's response to the marriage is to make them sign a JailBaitWait contract until she finishes school.
* [[PlayingWithATrope Played with]] in ''Manga/NoBra'' where Mizutani-sensei has started throwing herself at Masato not because she has feelings for him or actually wants him, but because she doesn't want to get kicked out of the apartment (she's been [[PrettyFreeloaders freeloading]] there under the pretense of keeping an eye on Masato and Yuki) and knows Masato has trouble saying no to a girl if she's getting physical with him.
* In ''Teacher's Pet'', Misuzu-sensei ends up having sex with her fifteen-year-old student, Masahiro. Who is also the younger brother of her co-worker and boyfriend. Oops.
* In ''Manga/WolfGuyWolfenCrest'':
** HotTeacher Akiko Aoshika slowly develops feelings for Inugami Akira, the Badass Werewolf who enters her life. This would be entirely normal except for the fact that she's already divorced and he's fifteen. As a {{Seinen}} piece, this is actually played for drama and Aoshika finds the source of her defensiveness of the boy just as disturbing to her as it would be to child services. [[FanService Not that it'll stop her in the end]], most likely. [[spoiler:Inugami eventually makes her his MoralityChain and comes to return her feelings, though the AnguishedDeclarationOfLove doesn't come until Haguro Dou, the son of the local yakuza boss and a monster of the first order who is {{Yandere}} for Inugami in a big way, gets his hands on her and puts her through one of the most horrifying gang-rape sequences of recent manga with the help of his men. The result is the biggest RoaringRampageOfRescue in the series]].
** Another case comes from the BackStory: [[spoiler: Inugami's own parents. Tetsuya Inugami was an uni professor in the USA and he married his pupil Lois, who also was a werewolf.]]
* This is the plot of ''[[Manga/JunsuiAdolescence Pure Water Adolescence]]'', except it's with the ''school nurse''.
* ''Manga/HayateTheCombatButler'' we get a hint that something could have happened between Yukiji and her foster father had Hinagiku and her's parents hadn't abandoned them. He used to be her teacher and is said to still favor her.
* In ''Manga/TheGentlemensAlliance'', Ushio and the school doctor Senri end up together.
* ''Anime/ImGonnaBeAnAngel'' has Raphael and Mikael - believe it or not, it's not as squicky as it sounds, although they are also angels, which may make it sound even worse. And it's pretty much consensual on both parties (Mikael may have problems admitting it, though)
* In ''Anime/SpeedGrapher'', 33-years-old IntrepidReporter Tatsumi Saiga starts as a mentor figure to 15-year-old Kagura Tennouzou, and teaches her about the outside world since up until few she was a ''very'' sheltered {{Ojou}} who knew nothing about anything outside her house, her school... and a certain "club" where she was horribly abused and Saiga rescued her from. And the saddest/worst/best/whatever thing is that, considering the horrifying CrapsackWorld they live in, this is actually the ''best'' relationship they have in their whole lives. [[spoiler: And it's ultimately what ''saves'' her life.]]
* The ''LightNovel/{{Baccano}}'' light novels suggest that the mother of Huey's children is his former alchemy teacher, Renee.
* ''Manga/TwentyYearOldGirlXThirtyYearOldMaiden'' is a GirlsLove manga about a TeacherStudentRomance, although the student in question is in college which decreases the {{Squick}} factor.
* ''Manga/BlackBird'' has a relationship between the main character, Misao, and her teacher, Kyo.
* In ''Manhwa/CielTheLastAutumnStory'', one begins to develop between the main character, Yvienne, and her teacher, Krohiten.
* In the manga, ''Manga/AliceAcademy'' shows [[spoiler: Mikan Sakura's parents, Izumi and Yuka]] are an example of this. [[spoiler: Izumi]] was a teacher at the academy from the time [[spoiler: Yuka]] was in elementary school. The attraction was eventually mutual, and was particularly ''developed'' when she was in high school.
* ''Manga/YuruYuri'' throws some pretty blatant [[LesYay hints]] that [[StudentCouncilPresident Rise]] [[TheQuietOne Matsumoto]] and [[MadScientist Nishigaki-Sensei]] have...something going on between the two of them.
* Subverted in ''Manhua/HalfPrince''. [[spoiler: Gui refuses to start a relationship with Lan once he finds out that she is actually Prince. He waits until the day she gradutes and proposes to her]].
* Many a hentai Doujinshi has this as a plot. A noteworthy example is the mini series done by the Doujin Artist Jun. The first chapter involves a [[JapaneseDelinquents Delinquent schoolgirl]] giving the male teacher a really hard time. And as it's a porn doujin it winds up them having sex. The second chapter is them having sex behind the entire school back and the teacher is worried that someone will find out while the student says they're safe. [[GilliganCut It then cuts to the classroom]] with the student wondering where they are and another saying the two of them are on a date.
* ''Anime/TheGardenOfWords''. A high school student skipping classes comes across a mysterious older woman sheltering under a gazebo in the park. The two of them keep meeting their throughout the rainy season and grow attracted to each other (though it's not consummated in any way). Then the student finds out she was a teacher at his school who had to leave after a student fell for her [[WomanScorned and the student's angry girlfriend]] started spreading rumors they were having a relationship out of revenge. This revelation nearly ends the relationship. In the end the two decide they have helped each other but they need to go their separate ways, though it's implied the student will seek her out once he becomes older.
* ''Anime/QueensBlade'': Irma once had a relationship with her former instructor and ex-lover, Echidna. A flashback showed they used to sleep with each other, during Irma's training days; making them two of the few canonically lesbian characters in the series.
* ''Manga/DomesticnaKanojo'': Natsuo is in love with his high school teacher Hina. And it's strongly hinted that she has feelings for him too. What makes it even more complicated is the fact that they become step-siblings when their parents marry each other. [[spoiler: They do eventually start dating each other.]]
* In ''Manga/TokyoGhoul'', it's eventually revealed that Akira Mado was the result of such a relationship. Her mother was an instructor at the Academy, and ended up married to one of her students. That's right, [[UglyGuyHotWife Kureo Mado]] was the younger half of the couple.
* ''[[https://myanimelist.net/anime/25143/Kono_Danshi_Sekika_ni_Nayandemasu?q=kono%20danshi This Boy Suffers From Crystallization]]''. It starts off one-sided, with high school student Ayumi Tamari having a crush on his geology teacher, Kouya Onihara, who bluntly turns him down. At the climax, Kouya reveals that he loves Ayumi too, but [[JailBaitWait refuses to pursue a relationship until after he graduates]].
* Subverted in ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima''. Negi revealed at the end of the series that he had a crush on one of his students (it wasn't until sequel series ''Manga/UQHolder'' that the identity of the girl -[[spoiler:Chisame]]- was revealed). She initially turned down his confession, but would go on to marry him about ten years after graduation.
* Kazuki Yamato of ''Manga/SenseiLockOn'' has crushed on Kyouko Kadokura since the day she became his teacher... in fourth grade. He swore when he grew up he'd make her his bride. Kyouko didn't think much of this, seeing only a PrecociousCrush. Fast forward ten years, Yamato is twenty and in university, Kyouko is thirty-three, and he proposes to her. They settle as boyfriend and girlfriend and much of the series' events is Kyouko fretting about the age gap, particularly since she tends to enter "teacher mode" when interacting with him, while simultaneously being charmed by his sincerity.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* In ''New X-Men: Academy X'', [[TheMedic Josh Foley]] aka [[HealingHands "Elixir"]] has a secret relationship with Rahne "Wolfsbane" Sinclair, who is one of the youngest teachers at the Institute (being only 19, to Josh's 16). What was really disturbing about it was that Josh had a not-secret girlfriend his own age ([[NaiveEverygirl Laurie Collins]] aka [[TheIngenue "Wallflower"]]) ''[[YourCheatingHeart at the same time.]]''
* Alison Bechdel's autobiographical graphic novel ''ComicBook/FunHome'' centered around her closeted gay father, a high school English teacher who over the years had affairs with his students and at one point underwent a trial for buying beer for one of them. She noted that though the offense was for buying alcohol for minors, the real offense "dare not speak its name." As Bechdel is a lesbian herself, she at one point wonders how she would have fared if she came of age in the repressive 50s like her father did... "Would I have had the guts to be one of those Eisenhower-era butches? Or would I have married and sought succor from my high school students?"
* The title character of ''Skim'' gets into a lesbian relationship with her art teacher, but as far as we know, it never gets past the kissing. The teacher is deeply troubled by it and gets herself transferred to another school.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* Very heavily implied in ComicBook/XMen fanfic ''FanFic/MutatisMutandis'', between teacher Wolverine and teenage student Northstar. It's on several instances and first indicated when Northstar and his friends are greeting the new student. Later, the new student notices Wolverine wathcing Northstar as he works out.
* There are many fics in the ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' fandom detailing a romance between Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia. Two of the best are ''Fanfic/{{Eternal}}'' and ''Fanfic/{{Composure}}''.
* [[http://archiveofourown.org/series/10135 Consonance and Dissonance]], is about a relationship between [[Series/{{Glee}} Kurt and Blaine]], while [[AlternateUniverseFic Blaine is Kurt's college professor]]. The age difference between them is only about four years, but since they're teacher and student they have to keep their [[SecretRelationship relationship secret]] until Kurt is finished with the classes that Blaine teaches.
* Not a mutual example, but examples of each direction appear in ''FanFic/{{Hivefled}}''. Equius is unaware his teacher is making [[FoeYay caliginous]] advances to him, and Eridan's attempt to seduce his teacher went unnoticed. [[PoorCommunicationKills They both assumed that this was what was happening with Gamzee and his teacher.]] [[RapeAsDrama They were wrong.]]
* Common in quite a bit of [[Franchise/HarryPotter Dumbledore/[=McGonagall=]]] fic, usually set during her seventh year (when she's seventeen and thus an adult by wizarding standards).
* In ''[[Fanfic/TheDearSweetieBelleContinuity Phases of the Moon]]'', Princess Luna's last relationship before becoming Nightmare Moon was with her first apprentice, Nevermore. [[DoomedByCanon It did not]] [[ClingyJealousGirl end well.]]
* Any Harry Potter WIKTT (When I Kissed The Teacher) fic. They revolve around Hermione and Severus.
* In the ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'' fics of Creator/AAPessimal, Assassins' School teacher Miss Alice Band has a relationship of this sort with her student Jocasta Wiggs. Although severely tempted, Alice controlled herself and only initiated the relationship when Jocasta had graduated, and was therefore an adult and professional equal. Jocasta did signal her willingness when she was still a pupil, though. Which caused her teacher some angst.
* Played with in the ''Series/Merlin2008''/''Series/LostGirl'' crossover fic ''Fanfic/LostInCamelot'', as Merlin is persuaded by Morgana to teach her more about magic (even if he hides the fact that he possesses magic himself), which leads to the two becoming closer [[spoiler:(much to Merlin's discomfort, as he is already in a relationship with Bo, until Bo's friend Kenzi suggest they resolve the dilemma by becoming a triad)]].

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* There's a coach/player version in ''Film/BendItLikeBeckham'', though Jess could already play football well enough to get her a spot on the team.
* In ''Film/{{Cracks}}'', a group of girls at a boarding school all seem to be crushing on their teacher (played by Creator/EvaGreen). It gets creepy, though, when the teacher shows affection for the new girl - who is clearly NOT interested.
* The primary villain of ''Film/TheDevilsBackbone'' is said to have been having an affair with his school principal since he was barely a teenager. His current girlfriend is the object of a far more wholesome crush from one of the current students.
* Creator/AlexanderPayne's ''Film/{{Election}}'' has the relationship between overachiever Tracy Flick and her teacher Dave Novotny.
* The Australian movie ''The Heartbreak Kid'' (1993) (''not'' related to any of the American movies called ''Film/TheHeartbreakKid'') revolves around a male student and a female teacher falling for each other while setting up a high school soccer team. Unlike many examples, the two are fairly close in age and both over the (Australian) age of consent (he's 18 and in the final years of high school, she's 22 and fresh out of university), which tends to alleviate the {{Squick}} factor inherent in this trope somewhat, if not necessarily the ethical concerns.
* College student [[Creator/JulietteLewis Rain]] and her professor [[Creator/WoodyAllen Gabe]] share a mutual attraction in ''Film/HusbandsAndWives'' - age difference aside, they seem quite compatible, but he ends up [[spoiler: turning her down after a kiss, for fear of a karmic punishment of sorts.]]
* ''Lust och fägring stor'' (''Film/AllThingsFair''). Affair between a 15-year-old male pupil and his 37-year-old female teacher. It ends badly.
* 15-year-old Trish "the Dish" in ''Film/{{Mallrats}}'' is sleeping with dozens of men, including some teachers, as part of a research project.
* Used in ''Film/MeanGirls'', where the high school coach is revealed to have been having affairs with several attractive Asian students. Cue huge catfight when the different girls find this out.
* Technically it's a sports coach rather than a teacher, but the relationship between Neil and his coach in ''Film/MysteriousSkin'' has strong elements of this. Neil looks back on the experience positively at first, but eventually realizes he was used, and the coach himself is a DepravedHomosexual who doesn't seem to care one way another about consent. (Please note that Neil, at the time, isn't even capable of consenting, seeing as he is ''eight years old.'')
* In ''Film/NeverBeenKissed'', Drew Barrymore's character's teacher gets a thing for her... good thing she's actually an undercover newspaper reporter in her late 20's. When the teacher finds out, he's equal parts confused, angry, and relieved.
* ''Film/NotesOnAScandal'', starring Judi Dench, has this in all directions. The protagonist's new friend, a married woman with two kids of her own, fall for a delinquent. Things go badly. Interestingly, when said woman was herself a young student (though slightly less young) she became involved with her older professor, who then became her husband. Even the relationship with the protagonist, if not quite teacher/student, is younger/mentor.
* In ''Film/ThePelicanBrief'', the main character is dating one of her law professors. We're apparently supposed to forgive this gross violation of ethics because she's a brilliant student and doesn't need an unfair advantage to get an A.
* ''Il sapore del grano'' (''The Flavour of Corn''). Lorenzo, a university student doing a year's teaching, develops a romantic friendship with twelve-year-old Duilio, one of the boys in his class. The LoverandBeloved dynamic is both invoked and subverted. Duilio teaches Lorenzo to drive a tractor and identify trees and offers him the simple affection which Lorenzo, who lacks a family and whose sexual relationships with women are emotionally unsatisfying, needs. When Lorenzo's girlfriend, seeing a postcard from Duilio, asks if he's one of Lorenzo's pupils, Lorenzo says, "No, he's the one who taught me everything I know."
* The ''Film/StarTrek'' film has Spock and Uhura's relationship as this. It's elaborated on in the IDW comics that their actual relationship did not take place until after the semester was over and she was no longer his TA.
* Dakin has a thing for his teacher Irwin in "Theatre/TheHistoryBoys" [[spoiler: which culminates in a planned rendezvous, that ultimately doesn't happen because Irwin is injured in a motorcycle crash, rendering him paralysed from the waist down.]].
** [[spoiler: The paralysis issue]] is strictly in the stage play, not the film, where no explicit explanation is given, other than Irwin clearly being uncomfortable with pursuing a relationship with Dakin.
* ''Film/ABeautifulMind'' has John Nash and his wife Alicia.
* A flashback in ''Film/WhatsNewPussycat'' shows chronic womanizer Michael (Peter O'Toole) had a crush on his teacher, which was more of a full-on affair. Squick level is either toned down or heightened as O'Toole plays himself as a youth, in schoolboy uniform.
-->'''Teacher:''' Oh, Michael, this can't work. I'm 34 and you're 12!\\
'''Michael:''' Don't be negative!
* In ''Film/ThatsMyBoy'', starring Creator/AdamSandler, the lead character had an affair with his 'female teacher, which resulted in a son. The main character is in ''middle school'' at the time, and the incident isn't so much played for laughs as it is [[DoubleStandardRapeFemaleOnMale a victorious wish-fulfillment fantasy]].
* The romance in ''Film/TheNuttyProfessor'' is between the title character, who is a college professor, and a graduate student.
* ''Film/PrettyMaidsAllInARow'' is less "teacher-student romance" and more "teachers and students screwing each other because it's TheSeventies and everything is OK." Sexy new teacher Betty Smith becomes a MrsRobinson for Ponce, the sexually frustrated young hero.

* The book (and film) ''Notes on a Scandal'' involves a teacher having an affair with a 15-year-old pupil. Since the age of consent is 16 in the UK, she gets arrested and sent to prison for ten months. And even if he were sixteen, it's still illegal. Adults in a position of trust, such as teachers, aren't allowed to have relationships with any of their students while they're still in school/sixth form. However, at university level it becomes ''slightly'' more acceptable in that you won't get arrested.
* The Chinese wuxia novel ''Literature/TheReturnOfTheCondorHeroes'' has Yang Guo, a young rogue martial arts student, falling in love with his master, Xiao Long Nu. The issue, however, was less of age than it was of position; in those times, it was traditional for students to revere and respect their masters in the same way one would a parent. Society's inability to accept their relationship plays a very important part in their romance.
* A similar mentor/apprentice relationship (this time with spies/thieves) develops between the main characters during the first two books of the ''Literature/{{Nightrunner}}'' series. To his credit, Seregil, the mentor, tries very hard to keep his growing feelings for the still teenage Alec a secret from everyone, especially Alec, precisely because it would be unethical to pursue a relationship with a youth who is used to obeying him, and whom he officially adopted as his ward. (Though their friends - even friends with kids the same age as Alec - try to encourage the relationship, because they live in a medieval-ish fantasy culture where marrying at 15 or 16 is considered normal, and Alec is old enough to have no problem getting into a brothel.) In the end, Seregil finally does give in, after having been thoroughly put through the ringer emotionally, and with Alec clearly and insistently coming on to him. The situation is further complicated by the facts that Alec's exact age / stage of physical development is uncertain[[note]] He's supposedly 17 by the time they become a couple, but he's not sure quite when he was born, and while he's quite mature for a teenager, his physical development might be somewhat delayed dure to [[spoiler: his half-elven heritage]]. It doesn't help that the author writes Alec as a very late bloomer who apparently didn't have any sexual thoughts / urges before age 16. There's a reason a lot of fans prefer to read him as demi-sexual or religiously repressed rather than conclude that he's [[{{Squick}} just entered much-delayed puberty]].[[/note]]; the fact that Seregil was forced to psychologically grow up ''much'' more quickly than normal [[spoiler: for his [[OurElvesAreDifferent species]]]] and despite his apparent maturity and 20-something looks wouldn't yet be considered "of age" to marry in his country of birth; and the backstory that Seregil himself had been seduced by a young man when he was less grown-up than Alec is at this point - a relationship which Seregil has come to regret deeply, if not exactly for the child molestation aspect.[[note]]He hates the guy for "robbing him of innocence too early", but it's meant in a metaphorical sense, since that relationship led to his first killing (in self defense) and it first taught him how to hate someone for betraying him. Seregil seems to be in deep denial about the fact that he was too young for any physical romance, even though the perpetrator himself at one point ina later book mentions that Seregil's family could have had him executed for the 'seduction' alone.[[/note]]
* In ''Cat's Eye'' by Margaret Atwood, the main character Elaine [[spoiler:has an affair with her art teacher, Josef.]]
* Barry Lyga's novel ''Boy Toy'' subverts this trope as the main plot. The main character seduced an attractive female teacher at a very young age and has to deal with the legal, social, and psychological consequences when everyone in town finds out. It's revealed to be even more twisted at the end, when [[spoiler: said teacher tells him she intentionally seduced him, and intended to from the moment she first saw him. For the five years following that, the main character was convinced that ''he'' seduced ''her'', and that all the resulting consequences were entirely his fault.]] Nevermind the fact that the teacher had already made moves on high-school students in the past...
* In ''Love Lessons'' by Jacqueline Wilson, the main character attends High School after being homeschooled all her life where she falls in love with her art teacher and begins to babysit for him. Creepily enough, the teacher reciprocates.
** To make it slightly less creepy, he was very disapproving of how she was behaving, and was quite torn-up and confused about the fact that he loved her as well - he'd just had a child with his wife and he didn't want to ruin his marriage. When the two of them are discovered, they both lie about what happened so that he wouldn't lose his job (they claim that the crush was one-sided and that he was trying to let her down gently) and it's implied that they break up.
** In ''Literature/TheGirlsSeries'' by the same author, Ellie's father is an art teacher (to adults) and both of his wives were initially his students.
* This trope is all over ''Claudine at School''; it's a wonder the oversexed staff get any work done. Claudine originally falls for teaching assistant Aimee, who gets snatched by the scary new Headmistress Mademoiselle Sergent. Sergent tells Claudine she was attracted to her to begin with. The singing master Monsieur Rabastens fancies Claudine; she plays up to him when there's nothing better to do ... No wonder the school's described as a 'filthy den of tittle-tattle'.
* In ''Literature/WarriorCats'', when Fernpaw's mentor was exiled and she needed a new mentor, Dustpelt, who had feelings for her (and was already mentoring her twin, Ashpaw), asked if he could be her new mentor. She was thrilled at the idea, but Dustpelt's request was denied because he wouldn't be tough enough on her, hindering her training. This doesn't stop them from becoming mates, however.
* In ''Literature/ThePrimeOfMissJeanBrodie'', the title character actually grooms one of "her" students (Rose) for an affair with the school's art teacher (Mr Lloyd). It is ultimately another student (Sandy) who takes this teacher for her lover.
* The ''Franchise/StarWarsExpandedUniverse'' is full of them, albeit all between adults. First we've got the Traya/Exile subtext. Then we've got Bane/Zannah. Moving away from TheDarkSide, Luke is a master to both Jem and Mara.
* In Creator/TamoraPierce's ''Literature/TheImmortals'' quartet, part of the series of books set in the medieval-esque country of [[Literature/TortallUniverse Tortall]], 16-year-old Daine hooks up with her 30-year-old teacher Numair. Admittedly, Numair had a TON of hang-ups about their age difference, and by that point Daine reads more like 20 than 16. Strangely, and Pierce even points this out when questioned about this relationship, it is actually in fact very age appropriate for the time setting. Girls were often considered of marrying age once their periods started, as it was a sign they could give birth, and often ''would'' marry even younger - and with larger age gaps - than what Daine and Numair ended with.
* J.M. Coetzee's ''Disgrace'', with the affair ending rather badly.
* Aria and Ezra in the ''Literature/PrettyLittleLiars'' books.
** Her dad and his student Meredith.
* In Iris Murdoch's ''The Bell'', 26-year-old teacher Michael has a brief, intense, chaste love affair with Nick, a 15-year-old pupil of his. [[spoiler: The fallout from this pretty much spoils Michael's life.]]
* Heavily implied in Isabelle Holland's ''The Man Without a Face''. 14-year-old Chuck persuades 47-year-old Justin [=McLeod=] to tutor him over the summer so he can pass the entrance exam to boarding school. Needing a father figure, Chuck becomes attracted to Justin, and Justin probably reciprocates, but Justin tries to keep things within strict bounds. It's hinted that when Justin was a teacher at the same boys' boarding school Chuck wants to go to, he may have had some sort of a relationship with a boy Chuck's age, who was killed in a car crash when Justin was drunk driving. Justin ended up in prison over this and feels deeply guilty about it -- both things for reasons not entirely spelt out.
* In Mark Behr's ''Embrace'', the 13-year-old protagonist has two simultaneous homosexual love affairs: one with his best friend, a boy the same age, the other with his 30-something choirmaster.
* In Fritz Peters's ''Finistère'', published in 1951, one of the first mainstream novels with homosexual themes, a 15-year-old boy at boarding school has a love affair with a male teacher in his late 20s.
* In Creator/JonathanFranzen's ''Literature/TheCorrections'', Chip is an English professor who has an affair with his student Melissa. It does not end well, and he gets fired and his life gets spectacularly ruined.
* Creator/LoisMcMasterBujold's ''Literature/TheCurseOfChalion'' has a romance between the 35-year-old protagonist and his 19-year-old student.
* Rose and Dimitri in ''Literature/VampireAcademy''. He takes the high road and insists they can't pursue the attraction, but that obviously doesn't work. He thinks her mom finding out is scarier than facing strigoi.
* Matilda initially seems to want this in ''Literature/TheMonk'', claiming to have dressed as a man and entered the monastery to be close to Ambrosio, and even later when she starts seeking his love in return. He gives in to his growing attraction and starts a relationship with her. She seems to get bored of him about as fast as he gets bored of her, though.
* ''Literature/SongAtDawn'': Dragonetz spends lots of time alone [[HandsOnApproach regulating his student's breathing]] and practicing love songs....Yet he's initially against the relationship. After a spontaneous kiss, she invites him to her bedroom and he finds himself there.
* ''The Ice Cream Girls'' by Dorothy Koomson is based around two women trying to resolve how their ex-lover died: a man who was having affairs with both of them when they were fifteen and one of them was his student. His "relationship" with the girl is presented as abuse and "grooming" her for statutory rape but since she believed she was in love with him, the trope applies.
* In ''Literature/YouthInSexualEcstasy'', this happened to the protagonist's mother, who tells him about her past in which she lost her virginity at 15 to one of her teachers, later she found out that he was married and abandoned her, it was her life's secret.
* One of Literature/HannahSwensen's old shames is being romantically involved with one of her university professors. Several years later after they broke it off, he returns and reveals that he's with her youngest sister. She does not respond well to the news.
* Percy Parker and Professor Alexei Rychman in Literature/TheStrangelyBeautifulSeries were star-crossed lovers in another lifetime. Naturally this leads to a romance during the events of the books.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* In ''Renegadepress.com'''s "The Power Of Love", when popular teacher, 32-year-old Mrs. Tropek begins a relationship with her 17-year-old student, Keith, it doesn’t take long for gossip to spread like wildfire.
* Used many times in ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer''.
** Wesley and Cordelia had a mutual attraction throughout the latter half of season three; in fact, he actually thought ''she'' was a teacher when they first met, in a possible nod to the DawsonCasting. Only a partial example, since Wesley was a mentor to Buffy, not her (and not a very good one), though he was presumably employed by the school in some capacity to justify him hanging out in the library.
** In the first-season episode "Teacher's Pet," a new hot-babe teacher seduces boys (including Xander) and invites them to her home. Of course, she turns out to be a giant man-eating mantis who preys on virgins. Hooray for metaphors.
** A tragic example in season two's "I Only Have Eyes for You"--back in the 50's, one of the school's female teachers had an affair with a male student. She realized it was wrong and tried to break it off, only for the distraught student to kill her, [[DrivenToSuicide followed by himself]]. The plot involves their ghosts, who keep possessing random couples and almost making them act out the murder-suicide.
** At first Buffy's relationship with Riley ''should'' fit, or at least border on, this trope -- in real life, some universities consider it ''very'' dodgy for a freshman to date ''any'' graduate student, let alone the TA of a class you're in.
* ''Series/AllyMcBeal'' defended a teacher who slept with her student in a RippedFromTheHeadlines case.
* In the fourth season of ''Series/DegrassiTheNextGeneration'', Paige has an affair with the hunky student-teacher Matt. Their relationship is portrayed as a completely normal and decent thing to do, except that school rules unfairly ban it. As Paige points out to him, he's only three years older than her. A girl who hates Paige discovers her secret and taunts her, but when the relationship is exposed, ''no kid in the entire school cares'', even though Paige has plenty of enemies. Matt gets fired, and the two of them think this is a good thing since now they can be together in public. Then he suddenly moves away, in a scene that ends with Paige's classic line: "You're dumping me and giving me drugs?!"
** Darcy is struggling after being a victim of an attack, she tells Snake (Mr. Simpson) her secret. He's the only person she wants to let in and becomes desperately attached to him. And flirty. "I think I can do better."
** Season 13 has Tristan hooking up with his English teacher Mr. Yates, though Maya ends the relationship by telling principal Simpson about it.
* ''Degrassi'' faux-spinoff ''Series/TheBestYears'' has a subplot about Noah, a geeky college freshman, getting involved with the teacher of his film-studies class, and about her husband, who turns out to be the teacher of his business class, eventually finding out.
* In a subplot from the Creator/Channel4 series ''Series/{{Teachers}}'', one of the female teachers gets romantically involved with a sixth-form student she mistook for a teacher. All her fellow staff (aside from the one vindictive secretary and the head who would care) know about their relationship (which continues long after she finds out his age) and don't care about it.
* Chris successfully seduces his Psychology teacher Angie in ''Series/{{Skins}}''.
* Played for laughs (male student/female teacher) in an episode of ''Series/{{Blossom}}''. When Blossom is standing for student president, her campaign team discovers her opponent had a relationship with one of his teachers. The ridiculously seductive teacher (with her face pixellated) is interviewed, and claims she hadn't realised he was a student. The interviewer points out she gave him an A, to which she replies "He earned it". Blossom's campaign team, meanwhile, work very hard at presenting it as entirely the student's fault.
* This trope was a major plot point in ''Series/SavedByTheBellTheCollegeYears'', in which Kelly dated her professor. She even dropped his class in order to avoid the awkwardness. Zack was not amused, and gave Lasky a hell of a [[WhatTheHellHero chewing-out]] at one point.
* ''Series/DeadLikeMe'' had George's father dating a student of his, but it's not ''as'' bad as other examples, as this is a relationship in college, not high school (or [[{{Squick}} elementary school]]). Note that this relationship did break up a marriage, and didn't last very long anyway. Serves them right.
* In the ''Series/RumpoleOfTheBailey'' episode "Rumpole and the Course of True Love", the case Rumpole is defending is a young high school teacher who slept with his student. Privately none of the lawyers seem to care very much, least of all the prosecuting attorney. She reasons that the girl was almost 16 anyway and "probably asked for it."
* On ''Series/{{Swingtown}},'' Laurie Miller is ferociously pursuing her hot teacher Mr. Stephens. He discourages her affection and when they do get together, they avert the trope since he's not her teacher any more..
* ''Series/DawsonsCreek'' had Pacey and his English teacher have an affair. Most of the adults involved took it seriously, while Pacey's friends, though somewhat disbelieving, didn't see anything wrong with it. Considering that they were teenagers and their friend seemed happy, that's fairly realistic no matter what the genders involved.
* ''Series/LawAndOrderCriminalIntent'' did a fairly obvious by-the-numbers RippedFromTheHeadlines episode based on the Letourneau case, even casting an actress (Anne Dudek) who kinda looks like her.
* This featured in ''Series/{{Neighbours}}'' with Rachael meeting and getting the number of a cute twentysomething who turns out to be her new teacher. Initially he gets mad (he thought she was in University) and tries not to encourage her, but she persists and they date in secret for a bit, then the writers obviously got bored and had him get busted, allowing for a long court case, shortish prison stay, then another attempt at a relationship (he isn't teaching anymore of course), until the overwhemlingly negative attitudes of everyone around them prompt him to move away.
* Happened in ''Series/{{Soap}}'' with Billy and his teacher. [[ContrivedCoincidence She just happens to leave her job at the school right as he turns eighteen]], but the relationship ''still'' doesn't last. Oh, and ''he'''s the one who breaks it off [[spoiler:(which causes her to become a {{Yandere}})]].
* ''Series/GrangeHill''.
** There was one back in about 1998/99 or so, where two lower-sixth form students went clubbing, and one of them, Evelyn, gets flirting with a university student, whose number she gets and they go on a couple of dates. Then he turns up as a new trainee teacher for her A-Level classes....things get awkward, they agree to break off the relationship right away, but news about how they first met spreads around school anyway and he is forced to resign (not just from the position, but from his teacher training course and the teaching profession as a whole. Eventually, Evelyn discovers that while they were dating (they had slept together on one, maybe two occasions during that period) she had gotten pregnant by him; they move away and set up home together, and it's implied they got married at some point too.
** The other occurrence of this trope in ''Series/GrangeHill'' was from the 1987 series (remember kids, ''JustSayNo''), where 5th year girl Faye falls for her teacher, and manages to seduce him into a brief romance. This one doesn't get very heavy, though they are seen together on a couple of occasions outside of school, but he eventually realises it can't end well and so, well, ends it. Faye was so distracted that she fails half her classes and has to resit them the following year while also taking her A-Levels, just to catch up, and almost gets distracted again when she spots her ex-bf (now ex-teacher too, having resigned), out on a date with a woman closer to his age.
* There was an episode of ''Series/NipTuck'' about this, though the teacher and student were married. The student wanted to get surgery so he would look older so people would stop looking at them. He got some hair plugs. Then he walked in on his wife having sex with his younger brother, presumably because he still looked like a teenager.
* In ''Series/CuteyHoneyTheLive'', we have PsychoLesbian Mayumi Karasugawa, who often seduces her female students.
* ''Series/{{Friends}}''
** Ross and Elizabeth's relationship, though she fancied him as well... They only started dating after she was no longer in his class.
** Rachel once described a teacher she had a crush on and whom she eventually slept with.
** Phoebe's brother Frank ''marries'' his teacher (in her 40s) less than a year after finishing school.
** Ross also made out with the fifty year old librarian when he was in high school.
* ''Series/{{Regenesis}}: After showing a strangely familiar relationship between Mayko and her boss David for the first couple of seasons (she's frequently criticizing and disobeying him, more so even than his other friends/colleagues; and she stays at his bedside when he's in a coma), it's finally revealed that they used to be lovers in the past - while he was a professor and she was his student. [[spoiler: They even had a baby, though Mayko gave the kid up for adoption without ever telling David she was pregnant.]] And apparently, Mayko was not the only student with whom David had an affair. It's treated as not much of an ethical problem by the show, probably because someone of David's scientific skill level would most likely have taught graduate or Phd. students.
* ''Series/{{Bones}}'':
** Brennan had a relationship with her teacher in college. He defended it by saying she was a very advanced student. Zack seemed rather interested in the idea, commenting "I'm an advanced student" rather indignantly.
** Brennan while wondering about why the victim was into younger men casually asked her intern whether he would date a woman much older than him. The intern reacted with shock and thought she was flirting with him.
* ''Series/StrangersWithCandy'' has an episode in which Tammi Littlenut, normally the OnlySaneOne, is revealed to be in a relationship with her biology teacher. (During one class, he spells out "I <3 U" on her desk with an eye, a heart, and a bit of intestine.)
* ''Series/That70sShow'':
** The series has an episode in which Fez wants his English teacher to be his prom date. Early on at the prom, he asks her to dance and she declines. At the end on the episode, they are seen dancing. He asks Eric for the key to the hotel room that he & Donna didn't use. The teacher says she is not going to a motel with him, and he replies, "Yes, and you also said you would not dance with me." This teacher also happened to be Creator/GreyDeLisle.
** Among [[ReallyGetsAround many other men]], town slut Laurie (Eric's sister), dates her college professor for a while, and even brings him over for dinner. It doesn't end well - and even causes a (very short) ParentalFavoritism switch.
** In one episode the kids' math teacher hooks up with BrainlessBeauty Kelso, which everyone finds out about when he shows up with her as his date to Thanksgiving dinner. Reactions range from vaguely creeped out to outright disgusted. She defends herself by saying, "Hey, he's eighteen, I barely make minimum wage. I deserve a little something nice." These examples all show a sort of in-universe ValuesDissonance since in the seventies this matter was seen as uncommon but not raising to the level of horror as it does now.
* In an early episode of ''Series/TheSopranos'', a girl on Meadow's soccer team attempts suicide by slitting her wrists. Turns out she was having an affair with the coach, who was leaving to coach on a college team.
* Played for laughs on ''Series/{{Reno 911}}'' when a teacher, played by Music/CarmenElectra is casually handcuffed by Junior and Wiegel with the student being a stereotypical nerd. To clear the confusion, of doing ''him,'' as in a nerd and not a cuter boy, the teacher explains he's a BiggusDickus KidAnova with matching stamina, proving this when Wiegel is caught making out with him, [[BlatantLies claiming he came onto her when it was the other way around]] and for good measure, [[RefugeinAudacity Junior took a cell phone pic and sent it to]] [[CampGay Dangle.]]
* In ''Series/{{NUMB3RS}}'', we have the villainous duo of Crystal Hoyle and Buck Winters. And on the side of good and true, we have Charlie and Amita, though they don't get together until after she finishes her PHD and becomes a professor. There is also less of an age gap than most as Charlie was a ChildProdigy in mathematics and finished rather early.
* Ben and Ms. Young on the short-lived ''Series/LifeAsWeKnowIt''.
* In the UK ''Series/QueerAsFolk'' Stuart narrates to camera how he lost his virginity to his (male) PE teacher. When he was ''eleven''.
* In Season Four of ''Series/OneTreeHill'', Brooke Davis enters into relationship with Nick Chavez, whom she met online, who later turns up as her new English teacher at Tree Hill High. They continue dating, in secret until it is revealed that he has cheated on her.
* On ''Series/TheXFiles'', we find that Scully has done this ''twice''--once with a professor in medical school and an instructor in the FBI Academy. The professor in medical school had a strong impact on the plot; in "all things" it's revealed that Scully was unaware that Daniel (her professor) was still married. Scully, shocked and ashamed, broke off the relationship and joined the FBI. Over 10 years later (during "all things"), they meet again. Daniel is under the impression that Scully is still in love with him, and invites her to run away with him. It ends with Scully realizing that doesn't regret the way her life turned out and [[spoiler: marks the episode in which she and Mulder begin a sexual relationship.]]
* In the ''Series/ThirtyRock'' episode "Queen of Jordan", Susan Sarandon plays Frank's former teacher, who was in a relationship with him when he was 14. Surprisingly(considering the DoubleStandard), based on Frank's apparent age and the fact that the teacher was only recently released from prison, it appears that she served a significantly longer sentence than is typically associated with female-teacher/male-student cases.
* Steven and Selina on ''Series/HomeAndAway'', and later Lucas and Naomi. In the latter case, the two had met and hooked up before she knew she'd be teaching in Summer Bay.
* ''Series/GossipGirl'':
** Dan has an affair with his young teacher, Miss Carr when he was in his senior year at high school. For about 2 episodes.
** Season 4, Serena and Colin.
** Season 4, Serena and Ben. Who already had something quasi-romantic going on when she was [[JailBait sixteen]].
* Implied in ''Series/TheLWord'' that Tim had a relationship with one of the girls from the swim team he coaches after he and Jenny break up. Somewhat less shocking, since it's a college team and Tim is at most in his mid-20's
* In ''Series/WaterlooRoad'', there was Jonah and his Spanish Teacher, who were in a secret relationship for months. She ended up pregnant with his child. In the end of the series, they got found out, but managed to run away to get married before the police caught them.
* ''Series/{{Community}}'':
** The show has a rare example where the student, Jeff, is actually older than the teacher, Prof. Slater. She initially refuses to date him while he's taking her class, but they get together in the next semester. Then they break up, there's a rather bizarre love triangle with another student, and Slater disappears after confessing her love for Jeff at a crowded dance in an attempt to one-up Britta.
** A halfway one PlayedForLaughs when Jeff becomes a teacher in season 5. He's initially an ApatheticTeacher who refuses to actually teach anything, so Annie starts taking his class in an attempt to make him take the job seriously. He doesn't, so she ends up teaching the class and treating him like a recalcitrant student. It doesn't get any farther than basic ShipTease before he starts to take the job seriously and she drops the class.
* ''Series/TheFastShow'' featured the character of Janine, a DumbBlonde teenage single mother. In one sketch she refused to disclose who the father of her baby was, because [[IllNeverTellYouWhatImTellingYou "it's not fair to grass on your headmaster."]]
* ''Series/LittleBritain'' had Edward and Samantha Grant, a teacher and his former student who were now married, although it's never revealed whether they had begun their relationship while Samantha was still at school.
* On ''Series/{{Degrassi}}'' Sav and his teacher kiss.
* ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'':
** Ted briefly dates a woman who is a graduate student at the college where he is teaching architecture. College rules actually prohibit professor-student relationships. Ted finds this ridiculous in their case since he is only a few years older than her and she is an economics student and never will interact with him academically. The relationship does not last long enough for this to matter.
** We found out that the Mother was also in that economics class, though Ted would not date her until much later.
* Michael and Nikita on ''Series/{{Nikita}}'' pre-Series, although flashbacks occur. Michael was Nikita's instructor during her time at Division. They fall in love with each other although their relationship doesn't progress until the start of the current series 3 years after Nikita escaped from Division and Michael is the one hunting her.
* On ''Series/TheWalkingDead'', Shane brags to Rick about sleeping with their 30 year old female PE teacher when he was in high school.
* In an early episode of ''Series/TerminatorTheSarahConnorChronicles'', a girl at the high school that Cameron and John are attending under assumed identities is exposed as having carried on a relationship with one of her teachers, and kills herself when this is made public.
* Puck and Shelby of ''Series/{{Glee}}''. Because Shelby is kind of reluctant and thinks it's a really bad idea (which it is!), and because Puck's motives are kind of unclear. Shelby is the adoptive mother of his daughter, Beth, and he's expressed multiple times how much he cares about Beth and that he wants to be in her life. So, does he want to be with Shelby because of Shelby herself, or because he wants to be a family with her and Beth?
* Darker than normal example in the ''Series/CriminalMinds'' episode ''I Love You Tommy Brown'', a woman and ManipulativeBitch- who turns out to be an ex-con, jailed for her relationship with one of her underage students, the titular Tommy Brown- goes on a killing spree hunting for the baby, a son named Johnny, that resulted from that relationship, executing the various foster parents who cared for the child on trial bases (forcing one to strip to humiliate them, then [[NoKillLikeOverkill shooting them repeatedly because they were praying]], then after finding her infant boy (shooting and leaving the woman who had him for dead) goes to the home of the student and convinces him to run away with her- he chooses to stay even after he hears her shoot his teenage classmate / neighbour (who had a crush on him), but turns on her when the team informs him that she had already had another teacher-student romance before him and had actually been writing to ''him'' while she was in jail. The name of this first student? Johnny. She named the child she had with the second student after the first. Notable in that this episode takes care to avert ''both'' DoubleStandardRapeFemaleOnFemale and DoubleStandardRapeFemaleOnMale.
* ''Series/{{Smallville}}'' has Lana and Jason in Season 4. Made somewhat less squicky by the fact that the two had already been dating for a while when he gets the job, and the fact that he was a football coach and had little to no involvement in the context of school.
* ''Series/BattlestarGalactica2003'': Zack Adama and his flight instructor Lt. Kara "Starbuck" Thrace were deeply in love with each other, to the point of being engaged. Unfortunately, Kara's reluctance to crush her fiance's dreams caused her to give him a passing grade on his final flight test when he actually failed it. This led to him crashing while on patrol.
* The BBC miniseries ''Series/TrueLove'' has a lesbian variant, with the young teacher and her student mutually falling for each other after sharing a mutual appreciation for art.
* The fifth series of ''Series/BigLove'' has a StoryArc where Nikki's daughter Cara Lynn and her maths tutor Greg fall for each other. It does not end well- the couple are forced apart by Nikki, who implies to Cara Lynn that she wasn't the first student he'd been with (though it's ambiguous as to whether Nikki's telling the truth or lying to suit her own purposes) and then attempts to send her off to boarding school to avoid any further incidents.
* While it's more implied than anything, there is Patricia and Jason Winkler on ''Series/HouseOfAnubis''. There have been strong hints that they did have some feelings for each other when he was the only one to support her when she thought Joy had been kidnapped, and Patricia seemed very happy whenever he was around and seemed more disappointed than angry when he betrayed her. Even after Jason's FaceHeelTurn, he still seemed to care about her. He hasn't been on the show since season 1 but this pairing is still wildly popular.
* On ''Series/GilmoreGirls'', Paris dates Professor Fleming (who is old enough to be her ''grandfather'') when she is a freshman at Yale. He has a reputation of dating first year students and changing them quite regularly, but his relationship with Paris lasts for about a year. And it doesn't end due to a breakup -- he takes her to England with him over the summer and dies on the trip, and Paris has to exasperatedly inform Rory that, no, Fleming did ''not'' go OutWithABang. ("No, Rory, the downfall of this great man was not my vagina!") After he dies, we meet Fleming's daughter -- who's ''older'' than Paris! Rory is understandably grossed out by all of this, partially because she's friends with Paris and Fleming is friends with Rory's grandfather. ''Awkward''.
* On ''Series/{{Seinfeld}}'' Jerry is dating a woman whose boss turns out to be his old rival in high school Duncan Meyer. Duncan hates Jerry because he was a legend as the "fastest kid in school" after winning a track race in the ninth grade. Jerry won due to a head start that nobody but George saw. Only Duncan suspected he cheated. Jerry gets George to pretend he hasn't seen him since high school to convince his girlfriend and Duncan that he saw Jerry win the race fairly. When George "runs in" to them at the diner he says he remembers that race well since he claims it was the same day he lost his virginity to Miss Stafford the "voluptuous" homeroom teacher: "I was in detention and she came up behind me while I was erasing the blackboard..." Jerry then stops him and gets him back to talking about the race.
* Season 2 of ''Series/BronBroen'' features a lesbian relationship between schoolgirl Laura and teacher Beate. [[spoiler:It costs Beate her job, and she ends up poisoned by a toxin intended for Laura.]]
* Fiona Brake and Dennis Doyle in ''Series/NightAndDay''. Troublingly, there appear to be no consequences whatsoever for Fiona’s career, despite the fact that by the end of the series it's the show's worst-kept secret.
* ''Series/InspectorGeorgeGently'': In "Gently Upside Down", Gently investigates the murder of a 17 year old schoolgirl and discovers that she was having an affair with one of her teachers (who happens to be the father of one of her best friends). It turns out the teacher has a history of this.
* ''Series/NewTricks'': An affair between a teacher and a student plays a role in "The Queen's Speech". The student was looking for the teacher when she got killed. The teacher never told anyone about the affair to avoid trouble, and this may have hampered the original investigation.
* In the finale of Season 1 of ''Series/BatesMotel" Norman ends up in the home of his beautiful teacher Mrs Watson. He's shown running away from her home and she is shown on the floor with her throat cut. Norman himself can't remember what happened but it is strongly implied he slept with then killed her. Even more so when the police discover an unknown semen sample in her body. In the 10th episode of Season 2 Norman has a flashback that confirms he did indeed sleep with then murder her.
* ''Series/{{Vera}}'': A seemingly reciprocal (although short-lived) teacher/student features in "Muddy Waters". Years later, the student discovered that the teacher's child was actually his son and tried to connect with the boy. Although Vera and her team investigate this angle, it ultimately turned out to have nothing to do with his murder.
* In ''Series/CrazyExGirlfriend'', Valencia casually admits to having done "hand stuff" with her teacher when she was a teenager, and apparently thinks that hand stuff doesn't "count" and is thus no big deal. Rebecca, however, thinks it ''is'' a big deal, and is understandably disturbed by the fact that Valencia's teacher was willing to have sexual relations with a teenage girl, and repeatedly asks if that teacher ever got fired.
* ''Series/TheAffair'': Juliette, the French literature professor in season 3, has a roughly 20 year-older husband who was her former professor but is now apparently senile. She has sex with her own male college students as well. One of her female protegés also muses about sleeping with Noah, who teaches an American literature class.
* ''{{Series/Bull}}'': In "Teacher's Pet", the plot is focused on the relationship between teenage Jordan and his former English teacher Susan, which causes a lawsuit from his parents against her.
* ''{{Series/Riverdale}}'': Archie has a sexual relationship with Miss Grundy at the start of the series. He believes there's a deeper emotional connection there, but Jughead believes she's using him, and there are hints to the audience that he's right. Notably, the show does ''not'' gloss it over or treat it as okay.
* ''Series/{{ER}}'': Dr. Doug Ross and medical student Harper Tracy sleep together after a rough day. Doug's supervisor (and best friend) Mark is furious when he finds out--this is a major rules violation--despite both of them insisting that the encounter was completely mutual and their was no force or coercion on Doug's part.
** Several seasons later, Noah Wyle was opposed to plans for this between his character John Carter and his medical student Lucy Knight, feeling that such unethical behavior was uncharacteristic of Carter.
** Technically happened between Benton and Corday, as she was his intern at one point. And between Carter himself and an attending he was interning for.
* ''Series/DearWhitePeople'': Troy and Professor Nieka Hobbs.
* ''Series/TheDoctorBlakeMysteries'': An affair between a student and a teacher provides a possible motive for murder in "First Dance". It is ultimately a RedHerring, but it seems likely the teacher will lose her job.

* This trope is the underlying plot of "Don't Stand So Close to Me", by Music/ThePolice. In that song, a schoolgirl develops a crush on a young teacher, who gives her a ride home one rainy afternoon. A scandal erupts when a rumor begins to spread that they slept together, though the song never actually states that they did. The teacher is uncomfortable and embarrassed by the student's crush (and possibly aroused) but there is no evidence that he took advantage of her feelings. The school board seems to assume the worst anyway. It doesn't help that the girl has been ''planning'' to seduce him and is quite obvious about it.
* Lionel Richie's video for "Hello" has a college professor follow his blind student from class to class (somehow being ignored in almost all of them) because he's in love with her. At the end, the student reveals that her own love for him has given her the ability to "see" him well enough to sculpt his face. Even with the strong stalker vibes, the last scene of him holding her hands is kind of sweet.
* The song "Scandalous Scholastics" by Gym Class Heroes is all about a 15-year-old boy pursuing a sexual relationship with his teacher, but with a humorous tone.
* The song "Sossity (You're A Woman)" by Music/JethroTull, about just how psychologically disturbing such an affair could be. The exact age of the boy is unclear, but is implicitly about 12.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mBsD_JNIZI "Just Sixteen"]] by Velvet Revolver.
* Music/{{Venom}} has made a few IntercourseWithYou songs on the subject like "Teacher's Pet".
* The [[MindScrew bizarre implications]] of the "[[http://mvoat.blogspot.com/search/label/Bonnie%20Tyler Total Eclipse Of The Heart]]" video.
* "Don't Let Me Get Me" by Music/{{Pink}} at one point says she had a relationship with her teacher. In the video, it shows said teacher in the front of the class looking suggestively at her.

* Pretty much the whole plot of ''Theatre/ThePhantomOfTheOpera'', where the Phantom falls in love with his voice student Christine.
* One of the main plots of ''Theatre/TheHistoryBoys''. The male students like one of their teachers so much, they let him harmlessly grope them so he can get a cheap thrill. Later, another teacher attempts to start up an actual relationship with one of the boys, but it never actually gets anywhere despite mutual interest. [[spoiler:The second teacher spends much of the film extremely aware of how inappropriate it is, and is only able to give in to the student's flirtations once the year is over.]] The film is more ambiguous about why Dakin and Irwin never get together, but the stage version explicitly states that the relationship doesn't happen is [[spoiler: because Irwin is injured in a motorcycle crash, rendering him paralysed from the waist down.]].
* Leon and Sophia in ''Theatre/{{Fools}}''. Luckily they are the same age and eventually marry.
* In ''Theatre/{{Arcadia}}'', a young man, Septimus, is the private tutor of a teenaged girl named Thomasina and they eventually fall in love. [[spoiler: Thomasina's death the night before her 17th birthday breaks Septimus's heart and turns him into a half-mad hermit.]]
* ''Butley'' by Simon Gray. Butley, a lecturer in English literature at a London university, finds out that his wife of a year is leaving him for another man. He also finds out that his long term live-in friend/boyfriend is leaving him for another man. Said friend/boyfriend, now a colleague of Butley's, used to be his student and it's implied that that's when their relationship began.
* In Shakespeare's ''Theatre/TheTamingOfTheShrew'', Bianca falls for her tutor Lucentio, who took the job in the hope that she would.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* In ''VideoGame/Persona5'', the Temperance [[RelationshipValues confidant]] is Sadayo Kawakami, the Protagonist's homeroom teacher. On the side she moonlights as a [[PlatonicProstitution call-in maid]], with the protagonist becoming her main client. Though slightly suggestive, most of the activities she does are practical in nature, such as cooking and cleaning (she does this dressed as a [[{{Meido}} maid]], though, so it's not entirely innocent). At the end of her plotline, however, she and the protagonist can enter into a romantic relationship; though the concept of a teacher-student romance has been teased in ''[[Franchise/ShinMegamiTenseiPersona Persona]]'' before, this is the first time it's been possible to actually follow through on it.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Detention}}'', there's a case of Counselor/Student romance. [[spoiler: It was with protagonist Fang Ray Shin and Mr. Chang, the school counselor who helped her deal with her horrid home life. It ended badly, but not for the normal reasons- Ray thought that teacher Ms. Yin was in a relationship with Mr. Chang (they weren't; Ms. Yin was warning him that Ray could get in trouble for associating with him, since he was involved in the forbidden book club), so she ratted Ms. Yin's forbidden book club to the authorities to get her out of the way. This did not work out the way she expected- Ms. Yin was forced to flee the country, sure, but the club members were imprisoned and [[AllForNothing Mr. Chang was executed]]. Rey was DrivenToSuicide from guilt, which leads to the main game where she's trapped in a purgatory resembling a demonic copy of her school.]]
* ''VideoGame/FireEmblem'':
** In ''[[VideoGame/FireEmblemElibe Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade]]'', if you get an A support between Roy and Cecilia, they marry at the end of the game.
** In ''VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening'', the ActionGirl Sully can marry her SexyMentor Frederick [[spoiler: and have a child with him (the GlacierWaif Kjelle)]]. While both of them can have other love interests, their mentor relationship was quite the key point of their supports.
* In ''VideoGame/GrimGrimoire'', Opalnaria, the Necromancy teacher, is extremely distrustful of any student/teacher relationships because her former teacher was assassinated by her student lover. Opalnaria herself teaches Hiram, and the guy eventually declares his love for her, shocking the hell out of Opalnaria. She even tries to say how the relationship wouldn't work because she is actually [[OlderThanTheyLook about 100 years old]], but by the end of the game one of the teachers informs the main character that Opalnaria [[spoiler:cast a spell on herself to make herself look like a schoolgirl so that she could be with Hiram]].
* ''VideoGame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublicIITheSithLords'':
** The game can go there with [[PlayerCharacter Female Exile]] and the Jedi Disciple. [[spoiler: Disciple was supposed to be Exile's ''padawan'' before she left for the Mandalorian Wars. However, her leaving meant he never was chosen, and he was washed out of the Order - becoming a Republic soldier instead]]. Ten years later, HeIsAllGrownUp, and still has a cross of hero-worship and HotForTeacher when it comes to the Exile...
** If you play a male character, there are hints that Atris was infatuated with the Exile. Especially apparent when she force lightnings the Handmaiden in a fit of jealous rage.
** The same could be said of almost every implied romance in [=KotOR2=], as some party members can eventually become Jedi students of the Exile. And since those characters will only become Jedi if you increase their affection towards you, almost any opposite gender teacher/student pairing bears a degree of potential for romance. And that's not even mentioning the somewhat unwholesome attitude Kreia has toward you at times, or the implied relationship between Kreia and Sion...
* In a school assignment in ''VideoGame/ManaKhemiaAlchemistsOfAlrevis'', TheHero asks his homeroom teacher Professor Zeppel what sort of food the [[HospitalHottie school nurse]], also a teacher herself, would like (making food that the latter teacher liked ''is the assignment''). Zeppel, [[HelloNurse with good reason]], comes to the obvious conclusion...
* In ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfHeroesTrailsOfColdSteel'', [[TheHero Rean]] can engage in [[RelationshipValues bonding events]] with his classmates and his homeroom teacher, [[BadassTeacher Sara Valestine]]. Sara is often [[TheTease jokingly flirtatious]] towards him, but starting in the second game Rean can actively pursue her and should he choose her for his final bonding event, she tells him that if he's still interested after he graduates, [[JailBaitWait she'll be waiting for him]]. She'll even tease the class with alluding to the fact that she might have a boyfriend when they attempt to poke fun at her for [[HollywoodDateless never having one]] at the end of the game.
* In ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'', [[WhatWouldXDo due to Shepard being a huge influence in their life]], should they be romanced, this basically defines the relationship between Male Shepard and Tali, as well as that of Female Shepard and Garrus.
* The LesYay between Candy Cane and Miss Spencer in ''VideoGame/RumbleRoses''. Particularly blatant in Miss Spencer's {{Heel}} storyline.
* A really weird and rather murky version of this exists in ''VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiIIINocturne''. Yuko Takao, the teacher in question, is rather beloved by her students, and the Demifiend/Hitoshura in particular is singled out by her as being someone she trusts to be there for her when she really could use your help. Also, though you play a HeroicMime, it's explicitly lampshaded by all the other characters who know her that the two of you have a very good rapport, and on the street prior to the actual start of the game, one fellow high school student points out that its quite obvious the two of you are close. However, even though its made quite clear that the main protagonist does care about her quite a lot (and you do wind up rescuing her), the exact level of the relationship (deep respect for the other all the way to outright love) between the two of you is never clearly defined.
* ''VideoGame/TheSims2: University'', like any Sims game, lets you have sex ("Woo Hoo") with anyone, if you get your relationship with them high enough. This includes university professors, who are Sims that can be invited on dates or to one's home... and incidentally, doing so will increase a Sim's grades.
* In ''VideoGame/StarWarsTheOldRepublic'', all[[labelnote:*]] Ashara was never ''formally'' made the Inquisitor's apprentice, but that's really just a technicality[[/labelnote]] the male Force-using classes have attractive female Padawans (Apprentices in the Sith Warrior's and Inquisitor's cases) who are all attracted to the PlayerCharacter. Nadia and Dark Side!Jaesa are the most obvious about it, Ashara the least, and Kira's somewhere in the middle. The Male Agent can also have this with Raina, as Intelligence assigns her to him as his protégé.
* In ''VideoGame/TalesOfSymphoniaDawnOfTheNewWorld'', you can make an in-game selection which puts Lloyd in a romantic relationship with any female character, including Raine.
** It's just a follow up of ''VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia'', where you could pair up Lloyd with any teammate depending on what choices you made during the game. It affected many cutscenes and could even alter the plot if you picked up [[spoiler: Kratos]]. Of course, Lloyd being [[IdiotHero what he is]], most of the flirting and romantic [[DoubleEntendre double entendres]] were lost to him.
-->'''Raine:''' [Snowflakes] all look like the same cold snow, but in reality, they're very sensitive to the environment around them.\\
'''Lloyd:''' Well yeah, I get that, but...\\
'''Raine:''' In other words, the temperature around me has changed.\\
'''Lloyd:''' Oh! I see. You're saying that there's something that has changed you.\\
'''Raine:''' Hehe, although it would seem that my heat source hasn't realized it at all.\\
'''Lloyd:''' Huh? Huh?
* Happens in a vague sense in ''VideoGame/TalesOfTheAbyss''. After [[spoiler:Luke destroys Akzeriuth]], Tear teaches him to control his hyperresonance, granted, the sessions are informal and Tear isn't a full-fledged teacher; they both fall in love with each other.
* In ''VisualNovel/TokimekiMemorial 2'', the player's teacher, [[CoolBigSis Asou Kasumi]], is available as a love interest. TeacherStudentRomance is more common in the ''Girl's Side'' games; in "1st Love," both homeroom teacher [[SternTeacher Himuro]] [[DefrostingIceQueen Reiichi]] and school principal [[DirtyOldMan Amanohashi Ikkaku]] are available, and in "2nd Kiss," there's [[AbsentMindedProfessor Wakaouji]] [[KindheartedCatLover Takafumi]]. In all cases, the teachers are [[NintendoHard more difficult to win over]] than classmates, in part because they're well aware that a relationship with a student is inappropriate.
* ''VideoGame/TheBannerSaga'': Juno is a member of the Mender Council and Eyyvind's mentor. The two love each other deeply. [[spoiler:As it turns out, Juno was actually executed by the Mender Council because she uses her powers to brainwash people, a capital offence. Eyyvind did... ''something'' to bring her back to life, and whatever it is, it means the Serpent is angry because whatever is keeping Juno alive is slowly killing it.]] Somewhat unconventional example.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* In ''AmorousProfessorCherry'' (trust me, it's ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin), this is both played straight with supporting character Mamiko, who willingly nails students who obviously are hot for her, and slightly subverted by ultranaive Chieri, who isn't originally this way, but will eventually become this trope, depending on the ending. Said ending can then either play it straight/subvert/avert this even then, as the game has many branches that can entirely alter this trope.
* In ''VisualNovel/ClassTripCrush'', the guys' teacher Mr. Shindo is also a potential love interest. Naka has a crush on him as well, although nothing much seems to come of it.
* In the H-Game ''VisualNovel/CrescendoEienDatoOmotteItaAnoKoro'', a considerable subversion occurs. Kaori Shito, the school nurse, is a possible hook-up for your protagonist (a student), but she does not actively try to seduce you. In fact, she actually tries to avoid doing anything remotely offensive on school grounds, and off them she tries very hard not to act on her feelings for you. If you get her good ending, she caves in, but makes the responsible choice to quit her job as a school nurse because she did something against the ethics of her profession. It should be noted you both have feeling for each other, but your character tries his hardest not to act on his either, and her reasons for avoiding you [[spoiler: are because she had a student fall for her once, (he was depressed and she tried to be a mother figure to him, but he fell for her instead) it ended with her turning him down because it wasn't ethical, and he killed himself because he couldn't handle the rejection, and as a result tried very hard to avoid the same situation with you]]. The above said, if you get her good ending, she will even quit an arranged marriage to be with you, and [[spoiler: your fellow female classmates get a CrowningMomentOfAwesome where they help sabotage the arranged marriage meeting, despite their own feelings for you, because they want you to be happy.]]
* The classic eroge Divi-Dead has both Ms. Mayumi [[HelloNurse the nurse]] Aki [[spoiler: Bonus squick, as Aki is your, or more specifically, the spirit residing in your body's, mother]]
* In ''VisualNovel/GakuenHeaven'' one of the romantic options is with a teacher.
* In ''VisualNovel/GrisaiaNoKajitsu'' Chizuru has an obvious crush on the protagonist despite being ten years older, which he mostly ignores except when flattering her so she'll follow whatever weird idea he has. In ''VisualNovel/GrisaiaNoMeikyuu'' and ''VisualNovel/GrisaiaNoRakuen'' she gets a bit more acknowledgment in the bonus H section, though in the ''Meikyuu'' it's just jokes at her expense.
* In the [[InterspeciesRomance pigeon]] DatingSim ''VisualNovel/HatofulBoyfriend'', one of your romance options is your math teacher [[AbsentMindedProfessor Kazuaki]]. He's initially reluctant to get into a relationship with you because [[spoiler:he believes he doesn't have room in his heart to love anyone after the emotional trauma of his brother's death]], but if you successfully romance him, [[spoiler:he [[IWillWaitForYou promises to wait at the school so that you can come to him again]] when you're grown up if you still love him then]].
* In the HGame ''Heart de Roommate'', the hero can start a relationship with his homeroom teacher, Yoshiko. The school ends up finding out about it and they are forced to stay away from each other until the end of the year. The weirdest part? ''Yoshiko got in trouble for being in a relationship with a student before.''
* In ''VisualNovel/MagicalDiary'', the PC can end up forced into marriage with Professor Grabiner. It's a purely pragmatic action taken to keep her from getting killed by putting her into the protection of his family, and as such it's only intended to last for a AYearAndADay, but depending on the player's decisions by the end of the game the two of them can form a more personal connection that is more implied than outright stated as romantic.
* In the DatingSim[=/=]VisualNovel ''VisualNovel/TrueLoveJunaiMonogatari'', one of the ChivalrousPervert male lead's possible girlfriends is his young and beautiful teacher, Yumi Matsumiya. [[spoiler: Curiously, to unock Yumi's path properly you need to help her save ''another'' girl (GoodBadGirl Mayumi) from a NearRapeExperience; the guy who tries to rape her is another teacher - ''Yumi's ex-boyfriend''. ([[BatmanGambit Sorta]])]]
* In ''VisualNovel/NurseLoveAddiction'', one of Asuka's love interests is her teacher Kaede. Kaede is actually the one who takes their relationship further by asking Asuka to be her girlfriend.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* In ''Webcomic/NamirDeiter'', Gabby's cousin assisted a class Tipper took in Spring '06, and she sets them up [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy to get herself over Tipper for good]], despite both this fact and [[SlapSlapKiss her hating him passionately]]. They go to great lengths to keep their relationship secret, but it turns out that since he was only a TA at the time, it wasn't actually against policy, although it's mentioned that he might have gotten in trouble if it had come out before her graduation in '07. They ultimately marry in '09.
* ''Webcomic/DumbingOfAge'' includes a less morally-questionable example as Sal, a college student, hooks up with Jason, her Teacher Assistant, who is presumably similar in age.
** Jason's coworker Penny regularly seduces her male students. This bites her in the ass later when Joe's 'Do-List' is leaked, with enough of a description of Penny that her bosses figure out right away that she slept with him, and fire her. [[spoiler:Her parting shot has her accuse Jason of doing the same thing, not knowing that he did actually sleep with Sal.]]
* In ''Webcomic/LadySpectraAndSparky'', college freshman Paula bonds with middle-aged Prof. Carson over their mutual love of TechnoBabble. She becomes his research assistant, romance blooms, and eventually they marry.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* The series ''VisualNovel/SonoHanabiraNiKuchizukeWo'' has a web novel/side story called ''Seeking a Sweet Bewitching Kiss'' which uses a [[GirlsLove lesbian]] version of this trope with its main pairing. The student is younger than most as she's an elementary [[SchoolgirlLesbians schoolgirl]] although it's made [=EXTREMELY=] clear to a reader that the student is the [[{{Seme}} dominant]] one in the relationship.
* ''Literature/ChaosFighters'' has a few examples: [[spoiler:Kenny with Pheryl]] in ''The Secret Programs'', [[spoiler:Irtial with Thene prior to]] ''Cyberion Strike'' and Enrei with Gareia in ''Chemical Siege''.
* Webskite/TheOnion article "[[http://www.theonion.com/articles/lonely-teacher-outcast-student-begin-somewhat-ende,21153/ Lonely Teacher, Outcast Student Begin Somewhat Endearing Sexual Relationship]]".
* One of the reccuring couples in ''[[http://danbooru.donmai.us/pools/10374 Getsuyobi no Tawawa]]'' is a mutual example, with their first installment set [[JailBaitWait just after the girl graduated from high school]].

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Taken to satiric [[UpToEleven extremes]] in the ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' episode "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy", where the new teacher at school has an affair with a ''kindergartener'', Kyle's baby brother Ike. This episode also satirizes the way [[DoubleStandard reaction to such student-teacher affairs differ depending on the gender of the teacher]], as the police and general public are outraged at the thought of a teacher having sex with a student... until they realize that it's a young, attractive woman having an affair with a male student, at which point they all congratulate Ike ("Nice...").
* The Mummy, Rath from ''WesternAnimation/MummiesAlive'' had a student named Chontra and there was chemistry between the two. At one point he stopped teaching her and she became angry towards him for it, though it was really because Rath felt that there was nothing more he could teach her. Chontra never learned about this last part and was still bitter thousands of years later.
* PlayedWith in an episode of ''WesternAnimation/AKindOfMagic'' from Xilam between the protagonist, Tom, and his teacher, Miss Tinker, mostly thanks a spell than turns Tom in a PrinceCharming.
* In an episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheClevelandShow'', Lester reveals that his morbidly obese wife Kendra was once his guidance counselor, and had "guided" him into dropping out of school and moving in with her. He admits that she was a terrible guidance counselor.


[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* In ''Manga/TonaGura'', Hatsune Arisaka's former teacher Kogorou, also leading to a case of HotForTeacher on Hatsune's part. Younger sister Kazuki's awkward pursuer Yuuji Kagura suspects he also holds these feelings for Kazuki, also a former student. Best evidence is, Yuuji's wrong, although Kogorou is flattered by her attention. Given the age difference between Hatsune and Kogorou, some feel this may make him a bigger pervert than Yuuji.
* In ''Manga/UQHolder'', Touta is implied to have a crush on his teacher/adoptive mother Yukihime (aka Evangeline from ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima''). And due to a TimeyWimeyBall, he was also her first love. Note that neither was in love with the other at the same time (and none of this took place during the time that she was his teacher).


[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* ''Film/TheInvisibleManiac'' played with this a bit. [[VillainProtagonist Kevin Dornwinkle]], who's got some... [[SexIsEvil major sexual hangups due to his atrocious upbringing]] gets the old "[[SextraCredit I'll do anything for an A]]" come-on from one of his more voluptuous blonde remedial students, but basically brushes her off by advising her to study more. The school principal, a gal who evidently ReallyGetsAround, manages to seduce one of his rather lecherous and weak-willed male students, who's also the DesignatedHero with a similar ploy, however. This rather sordid situation culminates with the Principal later attempting to seduce Kevin Dornwinkle as well, who proves to be no pushover despite the rather [[PowerPerversionPotential prurient ways he's previously shown using his invisibility formula]].
-->'''Kevin Dornwinkle''': "Ever since I was in ''[[ExactWords grade school]]'', I've wanted to do this to a principal." [Moves in to kiss her, sliding her blouse down off her shoulders...]
-->[[[spoiler: ...and then stabs her to death with a letter opener.]] That is indeed what a ''lot'' of [[FailedASpotCheck kids in grade school]] would like to do to their teachers and principals.]
* ''Children of a Lesser God'', where the female student also is deaf and has some serious psychological issues.
* ''Notes on a Scandal'' is all about this.
* The main plot of ''July Rhapsody''.
* [[spoiler: The school psychologist and Micah]] get it on in ''Film/EasyA''. He's not the brightest bulb in the tree, though, and is well over the age of consent. Of course, his [[StrawmanReligious wildly conservative parents]] aren't too happy once he gets chlamydia...
* Averted in ''The Eiger Sanction'' when a pretty blonde student implies she'll sleep with RetiredBadass art lecturer Dr Hemlock, who unfortunately for her is played by Creator/ClintEastwood.
-->'''Student:''' If there was anything I could do to get a better grade. I mean, I'd be willing to do anything. ''[Hemlock turns to look at her]'' Anything at all, really.
-->'''Hemlock:''' Are you...busy this evening?
-->'''Student:''' ''[smiles]'' No!
-->'''Hemlock:''' Do you live alone?
-->'''Student:''' Well my roommate's gone for the week...
-->'''Hemlock:''' Good. Then go on home, break out the books and study your little ass off. That's the best way to maintain a "B" average.
-->''[The student walks off in a snit, giving the audience a MaleGaze look at her rear]''
-->'''Hemlock:''' ''[smirks]'' Don't study it all off.
* ''Film/TwentyOneJumpStreet'', Ms. Griggs gets the hots for Jenko the first time he attends her class. Of course, he's actually an undercover cop in his twenties and not a real high school student, so there really isn't any issue. She does a terrible job at hiding it and Jenko is confused by her actions, however [[spoiler:it's revealed during the end credits that they had sex while he was high as a kite and he doesn't remember it.]]
* In ''Film/{{Teachers}}'', one of Alex's students has to get an abortion after she's impregnated by the gym teacher.

* Subverted in ''We Need to Talk about Kevin'', in which the titular character claims his teacher made advances toward him. Though we only hear about the incident through an unreliable narrator, it is likely that nothing of the sort took place, and Kevin is just trying to get the teacher fired for the hell of it.
* ''Doing It'' by Melvin Burgess subverts the hell out of this trope by showing just how psychologically messed up a teacher would have to be to want to have sex with her student and why, in the long run, this sort of relationship would be damaging to the student in question.
* The short story "Hands" revolves around a teacher who's been falsely accused of an affair with a student and run out of town.
* The protagonist of ''Film/{{Election}}'' hates the student who had an affair with his friend and ruined his career [[spoiler: then starts having an affair with her too, but she's already out of school by then]].

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* At least half of the plots on ''Series/BostonPublic'' consisted of this trope, or fake-outs (where it was revealed at the last minute that the relationship was a hoax).
* One episode of ''Series/{{Shark}}'' involves characters theorizing that the motive a boy had for the murder of his father involved a sexual relationship with his art teacher. Stark quotes the public official alluded to a the top of this article. [[spoiler: The theory was inaccurate.]]
* One episode of ''Series/TheGeorgeLopezShow'' addressed the DoubleStandard of this trope.
* Happens with [[GirlOfTheWeek almost distrubing frequency]] in ''Series/TwentyOneJumpStreet''. It helps that Johnny Depp's character was [[OlderThanTheyLook in his mid-twenties]], not actually a student, and in the most JustForFun/{{egregious}} example, met before he was actually assigned to her school.
* Subverted in ''10 Things I Hate About You''; in order to shed her 'good-girl' image, Bianca fakes a rumor about her relationship with an older man, who is later though to be the Geometry teacher, Mr. Ross. Things go too far, of course, and nobody believes that Bianca was lying. [[spoiler: Mr. Ross never heard the rumor, but was revealed to, in fact, have a relationship with ''another'' girl, and sent to prison.]]
* ''Series/{{Medium}}'': Indirectly causes a lot of emotional stress for psychic teen Ariel Dubois: [[spoiler: Her college interviewer's dead husband fathered a child with one of his students, and asks Ariel to erase the file with incriminating photos on his (now his wife's) computer in exchange for a perfect interview with his wife. Ariel does so, but then decides to do the right thing and restore the file. The interviewer returns to tell Ariel that she's going to help the baby financially, but unfortunately for Ariel's future she also thinks that she planted the file after being dumped by her husband. Even the dead husband is stunned despite knowing what would happen.]] The very next episode, Ariel starts losing time ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}''-style, jumping hours, then ''years'' into the future where she's HappilyMarried to a friend from high school and they have an adorable daughter. [[spoiler: She's certain the time-skips have to do with a teacher who was murdered right before the decade-long jump, and right before her mom is about to tell her how the teacher's kid ties into all this, she's thrown ahead another seven years -- where her mother is ''dead'', killed that same night. Desperate for answers, she goes to see the dead teacher's son, who's ''the spitting image of high school sweetheart husband '''who's about to kill her''''' -- and then she wakes up, safe in the present and a few hours before her teacher's murder by her teenage babydaddy (he had a full-ride scholarship and wasn't about to risk it for his desperate ex-lover).]] Needless to say, after all that Ariel really needs a hug.
* ''Series/FranklinAndBash'' has episode dealing with this where the teacher unknowingly had a one-night stand with a student [[YoungerThanTheyLook who seemed older]]. They met at a beach before she started teaching at his school, and took her to a bar so she thought he was over 21. Franklin has to defend her to the school board, and crushes on her a little during the case, leading to Bash invoking the page quote.
* There are indications of such feelings in Grissom and Sara's dialogue on ''Series/{{CSI}}''. They met when he was a lecturer at the college she was attending. But, they did not act on anything to do with those feelings until many years later, likely sparing both a lot of trouble.
* There is an episode of ''Series/{{Yeralash}}'' where a boy prints photos of his female teacher. His father calls him a sycophant. However, right then, the teacher comes and complains the boy doesn't like her. They go into his room to show her wrong... turns out he's been using the photos as [[DartboardOfHate Dartboards of Hate]]. When one of the suction cup arrows intended for a photo sticks of the father's forehead, the mother's only response is "That'll teach you not to say our son's a sycophant".

* Happens in ''The Sparrow'' between student-body president/cheerleading squad captain Jenny [=McGrath=] and biology teacher Mr. Christopher. Jenny goes into Mr. Christopher's room during the Homecoming Dance to confide in him, as she is jealous of Emily Book's popularity after she used [[MindOverMatter her telekinetic powers]] to save Jenny from falling off the Greenview banner that hangs in the gym. Jenny giggles after receiving attention from Mr. Christopher, which reminds him of his dead wife. They slow-dance, which leads them to share a kiss.
* In ''[[Theatre/AnneOfGreenGables Anne of Green Gables]]'', there is definitely something sexual going on between Mr. Phillips and Prissy Andrews. The dynamics of the relationship are never elaborated on, but a TeenPregnancy and a ShotgunWedding are implied as a result.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* The questline starting with The Legend of Stalvan in ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'' introduces you, after the fact, to a one-sided version of this gone [[IfICantHaveYou very, very wrong]].
** Also, the target of it was a girl named Tilloa, an anagram of Literature/{{Lolita}}.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Psychonauts}}'' Milla jokingly calls Raz a "flirt" when he attempts to suck up to her.
* Parodied in 'VideoGame/BrutalLegend''. The [[NaughtyNuns Battle Nuns]] are latex clad demonic nuns who talk like very, very naughty teachers to their demonic servants.
* Freeware game ''VisualNovel/DontTakeItPersonallyBabeItJustAintYourStory'' takes many {{Shoujo}} and VisualNovel tropes and runs with them, and this one is no exception. However, by casting the PlayerCharacter as the [[PerspectiveFlip teacher instead of the student]], it allows the player to determine whether the Trope is [[SubvertedTrope subverted]], [[AvertedTrope averted]], [[DeconstructedTrope deconstructed]], or even ''[[ReconstructedTrope reconstructed]]''. This works because the HotForTeacher student is, otherwise, the most emotionally well-adjusted member of the class.
* Ok, technically speaking she's the SchoolNurse, but in ''VideoGame/YandereSimulator'',the substitute school nurse Muja Kina will be one of the rivals Yandere-chan must stop from winning Senpai's affections. The reason this example is in the 'other' category is because how exactly this scenario goes is unclear as of yet, due to the game still being in alpha builds: while she can pair up with Senpai, it's unknown if she makes a habit of being with students or not (and it's implied she's only about five years older anyway), it's unknown if her matchmaking suitor would be another student or someone more age appropriate, given her gimmick is InnocentInnuendo, she may not even ''realize'' she's hitting on Senpai, and [[WordOfGod YandereDev]] implied that, in a reversal of the other weeks, he may actually have ''Senpai'' hit on ''her'', due to having a nurse fetish.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* This is the backstory to Merlin and Morgan in the contemporary arc of ''Webcomic/ArthurKingOfTimeAndSpace'', as described [[http://www.arthurkingoftimeandspace.com/0097.htm here]]. And when Morgan becomes a teacher at the school herself, Arthur is [[http://www.arthurkingoftimeandspace.com/0371.htm attracted to her]], but it's [[http://www.arthurkingoftimeandspace.com/0213.htm not mutual]]. (Merlin and Morgan may or may not also have had a relationship in the space arc [where she was his apprentice], but that's [[http://www.arthurkingoftimeandspace.com/0026.htm kind of expected]].)
* ''Webcomic/MagickChicks'' gives us a complicated example. Jacqui is attracted to her teacher, Mr. Delatorre, but he doesn't return her affections. He does go out on a date with a new teacher who yelled at Jacqui for hitting on Delatorre...who is actually [[MasterOfIllusion Jacqui in disguise]].

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/{{Birdz}}'', Eddie Storkowitz has the hots for his teacher, Miss Finch. It's entirely one-sided, though.
* ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy''
** In the episode "Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High," Chris crushes on his sexy, scantily clad English teacher, Mrs. Lockhart. When she learns of his feelings from Peter ("Our son would like to... plow you?"), she instructs him to kill her husband so that they can be together. (Of course, she has no intention of "being together" with Chris at all; she just wants her husband dead.) The plot was loosely based on the RealLife case of [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pamela_Smart Pamela Smart.]]
** In one episode where Lois is running for School Council president, she refers to the fact that her opponent opposes background checks for teachers, and questions what kind of person she would hire. Cue cutaway to an algebra teacher slipping a student a note asking her "Do you like me? Yes? No? Maybe?" before grinning lecherously at her.
** Then there was the episode where Peter seceded from the US and Lois had to teach Meg and Chris. Chris tries to pass a note to Meg, Lois sees it...
--->'''Lois:''' Read it out, Chris.\\
'''Chris:''' "I think Mrs. Griffin's hot!"\\
'''Lois:''' Go to your room.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'':
** In "Bart the Lover" Bart finds out that his teacher, Mrs. Krabappel, has a classified ad in the paper. He answers it with a fake name and picture, gets her to really fall for him, then stands her up when they're set to meet, breaking her heart. At this point he realizes that the joke has gone too far and, with his family's help, writes a letter that breaks off the relationship in a kinder way.
** In "That '90s Show" it is revealed that Marge in TheNineties was in love with her professor, Stefane August, at Springfield University. Marge left Homer for Stefane and they started dating until Marge found out he didn't want to get married at all and that he was actually not at all like her.