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->"'''Kill them all.'''"
->"Hmm, are you sure?"
->"Well, I'm convinced."
--> -- '''The Medic''', when equipped with the [[TwoFaced Second Opinion]], ''VideoGame/{{Team Fortress 2}}''

It seems that in fiction [[SplitPersonality split personalities]] can talk to each other, manifesting as HearingVoices. Sometimes the various personalities will talk to each other inside the character's head, sometimes one of them (by implication the "real" or "dominant" one) will talk out loud, and sometimes they'll ''all'' talk out loud, being distinguished by cinematography, facial expression or vocal differences. Needless to say, this isn't an accurate depiction of multiple personality disorder -- see SplitPersonality for a more in-depth explanation.

Even entirely sane (or ''[[CloudCuckoolander mostly]]'' sane) people can be prone to this trope, if the other voices represent simple conflicting desires like "brain versus heart", "[[IdSuperegoAndEgo id versus superego]]", or GoodAngelBadAngel.

Not to be confused with TalkingToHimself, which is about characters sharing a voice actor. Compare HoldingBothSidesOfTheConversation, where one person is ''pretending'' to be two different people (at the same time, in conversation) in order to maintain some charade. This is a specific form of ShiftingVoiceOfMadness, where the "voices" are in conversation with each other.

Very important: ''do not'' confuse ThinkingOutLoud with this. Thinking Out Loud is not a symptom of mental illness in most cases[[note]](and is actually a ''recommended coping mechanism'' for ADD/ADHD, some learning disabilities, recovering from a stimulant drug addiction, or similar attention or concentration deficit issues).[[/note]]

In RealLife, multiple-personality selves do talk to each other (including talking out loud, discreetly) or can learn to do so. This communication is actually a good sign and is encouraged by doctors.


[[folder: Anime and Manga]]
* [[BadassNormal Agito]], [[BadassAdorable Akito]] and [[spoiler: Lind]] of ''Manga/AirGear'' all inhabit the same body and talk to each other occasionally.
* The song "Morning Dreamer" from ''Anime/AngelBeats'' is about Yui (the one singing the song) not wanting to get up in the morning, but having to, and asking someone to heat the bath, buy a new guitar string to replace a broken one, etc. The song ends with Yui saying "Anyway, who have I been talking to when I live alone?"
* In ''Anime/BirdyTheMighty'', Birdy and Tsutomu often talk to each other, and characters around them tend to think that they've gone crazy and are talking to themselves, but entirely retain their own personalities. In the manga this is even taken so far as Tsutomu not understanding Birdy's superior's speaking, while Birdy herself can.
* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'': Shinigami can communicate with their Zanpakutou spirits within their Inner Worlds. The spirits can also manifest outside the Shinigami, sometimes visible to only the Shinigami and sometimes visible to everyone. The Zanpakutou are reflections of the Shinigami's soul and represent their true selves. Some shinigami have more than one spirit, although that's rare. Ichigo has two spirits because he has power from multiple origins. [[spoiler:The Inner Hollow represents his Shinigami and Hollow power while Old Man Zangetsu represents his Quincy power.]]
* ''Manga/{{Change 123}}'': Motoko has three other personalities that are master martial artists. When they emerge, they are fully aware of the two others, but Motoko herself is unable to communicate with them. This frequently causes problems when she 'wakes up' and has no idea of her current situation.
* Viro in ''Manga/ElementalGelade'' is a spy with the bad fortune to fall for her target. Even worse, he's already an OfficialCouple with Ren. Just when things look like they can't get any worse, she gets the order to kill him. Faced with killing her new friends or a lifetime of unrequited love as a [[MixedAncestry Sting Raid]], she gets into an argument with hallucinations of herself as a Sting Raid (complete with a [[EvilIsSexy hot outfit]]) and as a human.
* In ''Anime/{{Mobile Suit Gundam 00}}'', Allelujah's personalities talk and yell at each other during times of stress. The more violent one has a tendency to torment the calmer personality if he can't seize control or thinks it would be funner to watch the calmer one squirm. It is implied that the violent personality was somehow artificially implanted.
* Subverted in ''LightNovel/KaraNoKyoukai'': a key part of the plot revolves around Shiki's split personality ([[spoiler:and the consequences of its death]]), but Tohko correctly notes that what she has cannot be called split personalities, as they're far too independent and separate from each other (see quote).
-->'''Shiki:''' There's nothing funny about having a dual personality.\\
'''Tohko:''' No, no. You know, you two don't have anything as pleasing to look at as dissociative identity disorder. Existing simultaneously, each having their own unique will, and on top of that your actions are coordinated. That sort of complex personality shouldn't be called a "dissociated identity," but rather a "united independent personality."
* In ''Manga/SgtFrog'', Momoka and "the Other Momoka" do this sometimes. We later learn her mother Ouka has a similar situation.
* Zetsu from ''Franchise/{{Naruto}}'' also has a easygoing, carefree side, and a very calculating side, both evil. In the dub, they [[TheOtherDarrin originally]] even had their own individual voice actor. [[spoiler:[[LiteralSplitPersonality And can even split apart.]]]]
** Naruto and his shadow clones talk to one another as if they actually have the same personality but different identities. It's never clearly explained exactly what a shadow clone is, other than the solid version of a clone technique.[[note]]Supposedly, they are chakra constructs meant to imitate their creator in a way shadows imitate our movement.[[/note]]
* In ''Franchise/OnePiece'', during the Thriller Bark arc, Usopp has a conversation with his alter ego Sogeking.
* Yaya gets this with Nana in ''Manga/{{Othello}}'' after she is aware of her split personality.
* A woman in ''Anime/ParanoiaAgent'' receives messages on her answering machine from her other personality. Later, as her grasp on reality [[FreakOut becomes weaker]], she gets actual phone calls, and hallucinates a physical fight.
* In ''Anime/PrincessTutu'', after [[spoiler: Mytho's heart is poisoned by the Raven's blood, he often asks "what the other him inside of him wants," and protests its actions.]]
* Moka in ''Manga/RosarioToVampire'' occasionally communicates with her inner self via her PowerLimiter.
* Ren and Run from ''Manga/ToLoveRu'': occasionally one of them will demand that the other "Turn into me!" so the one making the demand can put moves on the object of his or her affection. This demand is typically refused with the words "Go back to sleep!"
* Everyone with a Yami side in ''Anime/YuGiOh'' and ''[[Anime/YuGiOhGX GX]]'': Yugi and Atem, Malik and Yami Malik, Fubuki and Darkness, Saiou and the Light of Ruin... Of course, in most cases these are actually separate characters, who inhabit the bodies of the regular ones.
** A rather odd example happened in a two part episode in ''GX'' where Mizuchi confronted Judai and Edo in a virtual world. To face them in a team duel, she used the virtual technology to divide herself into two different avatars, who were able to talk to each other despite technically being the same person.
* Sensui from ''Manga/YuYuHakusho'' has arguments with himself on who gets to fight Urameshi.
* ''Manga/DeathNote'': Only people who have touched a Death Note can see and hear the book's shinigami, making it look to other people like they're talking to themselves.
* In one episode of ''Anime/YuGiOhGX'', [[BigBad Saiou's]] sister Mizuchi traps Judai and Edo in a virtual reality arena and challenges them. In order to face them two-on-two, she uses the virtual technology to somehow divide herself into two Mizuchis. Despite the fact that they are, for all practical purposes, the same person, they are able to converse with each other this way throughout the whole duel.
* SplitPersonalities Shirou and Shiho from ''Manga/MyMonsterSecret'' can talk inside their mind, but they can also take control of separate body parts, and talk to each other from the parts they control. The fact that there are voices coming out from places without mouths is never addressed.
* In ''Manga/TokyoGhoul'', one of the major symptoms of Kaneki's SanitySlippage is having conversations with an imaginary Rize. She readily informs him that she's merely a part of his subconscious, given a form that lets him distance himself from those darker impulses and thoughts. In the sequel, Sasaki experiences the same hallucinated conversations with [[spoiler: a Kakuja-form Kaneki]] and later, the two make peace and begin readily carrying on conversations with each other. Whether it's a genuine case of SplitPersonality or not is unclear.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* ''Franchise/{{Batman}}'''s ComicBook/TwoFace.
** Also, the Ventriloquist and Scarface. The Ventriloquist firmly believes that the puppet Mr. Scarface is alive, but he's the one controlling and voicing him the entire time. This actually makes the character very tragic, as the Ventriloquist himself is a mild-mannered and reasonably nice person bound into an abusive relationship with himself.
** Or Scarface might actually BE alive and a vessel of the evils over 300 hanged men committed. Or something. [[DependingOnTheWriter It varies]]. though with the original Ventriloquist now dead and a [[DistaffCounterpart female replacement]] having shown up, it's somewhat more credible, although she's visibly as crazy as the original. Scarface's explanation is simply that he was looking for a more comfortable place to sit.
* Franchise/TheIncredibleHulk: Bruce Banner and his many personalities have done this, but generally only the ones not "active" at the time. At one point it was lampshaded that it was just a metaphor for his inner struggle and he was just imagining it.
* In ''ComicBook/JeanGrey'' #7, the titular teen heroine holds a conversation with her ghostly adult self. Ghost Jean notes with irony her younger self doesn't want to appear she's talking to herself as she's actually literally talking to herself.
-->'''Ghost Jean:''' And I don't understand why you're wearing headphones right now.[...]\\
'''Teen Jean:''' Because it makes it seem... like I'm not a crazy person. Talking to herself.[...]\\
'''Ghost Jean:''' Heh. There's the irony, right? You '''are''' talking to yourself.
* ComicBook/TheBadger, protagonist of Mike Baron's super-hero spoof of the same name, had several extra personalities that would sometimes communicate with each other.
* SelfDemonstrating/{{Deadpool}} does that in a way that BreaksTheFourthWall: he has entire discussions with his own thought boxes. Of which he has two distinct sets: the first set was originally the standard yellow narration boxes often seen in comics, except that he interacts with them. Some time in the 2000's, a second set appeared, white boxes written in Courier, as though it was being written on a typewriter. Thus far, the two voices haven't developed separate personalities, and bear a suspicious resemblance to [[Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000 Crow and Tom Servo]]. This being Deadpool, he is aware that the reader can see them.
** It was revealed in a Deadpool annual that the white caption boxes were, in fact, the old supervillain Madcap, who also was insane and had a complete healing factor. Apparently, they were both blasted to ash and their ashes co-mingled, so when Deadpool reformed Madcap was trapped inside his head. [[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext This being a Deadpool comic, that is the extent of the explanation we get.]]
** The video game gives them the personalities of "serious" and "child", though even the serious one is completely bonkers.
* Triplicate Girl/Triad from the ''ComicBook/LegionOfSuperHeroes'' does this very often when her three bodies are separate, the three of them talking amongst themselves and even arguing at times. This is especially true for her Post-''ComicBook/{{Zero|Hour}} [[CrisisCrossover Hour]]'' reboot version.(While her powers are common for the inhabitants of her planet, this sort of behavior is not; they consider it a form of insanity, although her grandmother insisted it was natural.)
* Since their rebirth as a child ''Comicbook/{{Loki}}'' has this. [[spoiler:In ''Comicbook/JourneyIntoMystery'' Kid!Loki's pet magpie, and evil advisor, Ikol existed only in his head and was the remnant of his old self's consciousness. In ''Comicbook/YoungAvengers'' and later ''Comicbook/LokiAgentOfAsgard'' their BodySnatcher old/next self has the Kid around, who acts as conscience.]]

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* ''Fanfic/ACrownOfStars'': Asuka does this a lot, especially after [[spoiler:she and Shinji got together.]] Her self-loathing constantly berates her, calling her an useless and worthless whore that does not deserve Shinji and worse things. After a while, in chapter 59 she seemed finally to defeat her inward darkness after a long inner argument.
* ''Fanfic/AdviceAndTrust'': The morning after getting together, Asuka's side that is full of doubts, insecurities and self-hatred questioned how long Shinji would stay with her before realizing she was useless and pitiful and abandoning her how everyone did. She replied that he promised he likes her and will stay with her.
* ''Manga/{{Evangelion 303}}'': [[{{Tsundere}} Asuka]]'s inner turmoil and conversations are shown like two Asukas talking to each other. Usually her common sense is lecturing her -constantly on display- emotional side. It can be seen in chapters 4, 12 and 14. [[http://grummancat.deviantart.com/art/Cross-Examination-375620563 Here is an example]].
* ''Fanfic/OnceMoreWithFeeling'': Invoked when Shinji talks to the [[EldritchAbomination Lilith's ghost]]. She tells him that she's sort of a memory in his mind, and Shinji thinks "Oh, great, now I'm talking to myself".
-->"I'm not really here" she said quickly with a slight smile as the observation passed through his mind. "And no, you are not loosing your grip on reality" she assured him.\\
"After everything that's happened, I am not so sure" he replied somewhat sarcastically.\\
"Understandable" she nodded. "If it helps, think of me… as an echo of the events, a shadow without form, nothing more then a memory in your mind".\\
"Well uh… you're a rather… talkative memory" he replied, then stopped. Oh God, am I talking to myself now he asked in despair…
* ''Fanfic/{{Luminosity}}'''s Elspeth has this as a manifestation of her witch power. [[spoiler:And can make more if need be.]]
* Cruise Control in ''WebAnimation/TurnaboutStorm'', although ''[[NoIndoorVoice yelling]]'' [[LargeHam to himself]] would be far more accurate. [[spoiler:At least when he's ObfuscatingStupidity]].
* [[LiteralSplitPersonality Good Cop/Bad Cop]] does this in ''Fanfic/APieceOfRebellion''. While the currently non-dominiant personality can communciate with the other through their thoughts, this seems to only go one way. That or the other's just used to responding vocally.
* ''Fanfic/ScarTissue'': Shinji and Asuka developed two versions of it after Third Impact:
** Shinji's guilt and extreme self-loathing and self-contempt became so strong that Shinji developed a split personality, a nightmarish version of himself that loved torturing him and mind-raping him night after night, reminding him all his wrongs and sins over and over and over again. He listened to its voice almost every time he closed his eyes and sometimes it almost drove him mad. In chapter 14 [[spoiler:Shinji finally manages to defeat it and make peace with himself and his enormous guilt.]]
** In contrast, Asuka’s common sense and compassion manifested like a voice that pleaded her stopping to hurt Shinji and help him, or blamed her for his pain.
* In ''FanFic/HarryPotterAndTheMethodsOfRationality'', Harry creates lots of internal voices to debate various courses of action in his head. He creates one representing each Hogwarts House along with a few more standard ones like the Inner Critic. Amusingly, at one point in the story most of the voices decide to mercilessly make fun of him when they think he's putting too much thought into something.
* In Part 1 of ''FanFic/CaveStoryVersusIMMeen'', Jack, naturally being YMMV/TheWoobie and all, [[GoMadFromTheRevelation completely loses his mind]] after watching Sue and Toroko fuck each other seemingly to death and then being wrongfully thrown in jail afterwards. Naturally, this leads to a very [[WidgetSeries bizarre]], [[RoomFullOfCrazy insane]] and [[LargeHam intensely melodramatic]] case of Main/TalkingToThemself as he paints the floor with cornbread, ketchup, mustard, and ''[[GrossOutShow his own nose mucus, vomit and toe jam.]]''
--> '''Jack:''' [[WesternAnimation/EarthwormJim I'm just Toroko but I'm gonna barf too, and the MUSTARD, MUSTARD BARF MUSTARD BARF!!! BEHOLD the GOOEY SLOP of our SORROW! IT IS...SLOBBER...DAMMERÜNG!]] ''[[ChewingTheScenery THE TWILIGHT OF THE CONDIMENTS...WEEP FOR THEM, WEEP FOR THEIR SORROW-HO-HOHO-HOHH!]]'' ''[[CaptainObvious Yes, Jack, my delicate psyche has come horribly unglued!]]''
* ''FanFic/LathboraViran'' has Solas speaking to an inner voice, sometimes called "the Wolf".
* In ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer''/''ComicBook/{{Supergirl}}'' crossover ''Fanfic/TheVampireOfSteel'', Buffy is running from several guards after blowing her cover. She chides herself... and then chides herself for wasting time on chiding herself.
-->Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid stupid.\\
Shut up, mind. Do your job. Find me a way out of this.

* ''Film/FightClub'' has [[spoiler: the nameless protagonist talking to his SplitPersonality Tyler]]
* Half the dialogue of ''Film/DieHard'' is [=McClane=] talking to himself - though some of that is him ThinkingOutLoud, and he's alone throughout most of the action.
* Norman Osborn/the Green Goblin from ''Franchise/SpiderMan'' did it on occasion; [[Film/SpiderMan1 the first movie]] contains such a scene, made all the more memorable by Willem Dafoe's excellent performance, talking to his Green Goblin personality in his mirror.
* Gollum/Smeagol in ''Film/TheLordOfTheRings'' and ''Film/TheHobbitAnUnexpectedJourney''. [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] in the latter:
-->'''Smeagol:''' We knows safe paths for Hobbitses. Safe paths in the dark.\\
'''Gollum:''' Shut up!\\
'''Bilbo:''' I didn't say anything.\\
'''Gollum:''' I wasn't talking to ''you.''
* In ''Film/MrBrooks'', the main character Earl Brooks is a serial killer who habitually converses with his "Mr. Hyde"-style alter ego Marshal. They argue over the merits of committing suicide, and even laugh at each other's jokes. They appear to have a healthier personal relationship than some brothers, rather than as adversaries.
* Melinda Sordino in the film adaptation of ''Literature/{{Speak}}''. This only occurs in one scene and it's not so much between multiple personalities as between herself and her conscience.
* Alan in ''Film/RidingTheBullet''.
* In ''Film/TheLeagueOfExtraordinaryGentlemen'', the two personalities of Dr. Jekyll communicate to each other in mirrors.
* No dialogue, but in [[WesternAnimation/PixarShorts Pixar's short film]] ''Geri's Game'', an old man plays chess with himself. He plays white as a cautious, easily-intimidated [[spoiler: but victorious through cheating]] player and black as a gleefully aggressive one. He doesn't seem to be mentally ill, just fooling around by staying in-character ''very'' well ... so much so that, when the white player [[spoiler: fakes a heart attack]], the black player ''believes it''.
* The different personalities of the Ripper in ''Film/MySoulToTake'' appear to be able to do this.
* In ''Film/BreakingTheWaves'', Bess has some kind of SplitPersonality; she talks to God, and then [[http://youtu.be/KgtP2kXtCQA?t=2m10s she answers herself in "God's" voice.]]
* In ''Film/XMenDaysOfFuturePast'', [[spoiler: Future!Charles and Past!Charles are able to have a heartfelt conversation, with the former ultimately reviving the latter's broken resolve.]]
* In ''Film/TheMuppetMovie'', Kermit laments on the mess he's got himself into, his inner self, manifesting as another Kermit, speaks to him to give him a pep talk reminding him of the dream he and his friends all share.

* In Creator/LoisMcMasterBujold's ''Literature/MirrorDance'', when Mark develops split personalities, they not only talk but actively choose which personality will be in control at a given time.
* In ''Discworld/TheTruth'', Altogether Andrews of the Literature/{{Discworld}} beggars has eight personalities (none of them, oddly enough, named Andrews). Each one gets a vote when the crew is deciding something. [[ParanoiaFuel Except for]] [[HeWhoMustNotBeSeen Burke.]] [[TakeOurWordForIt Nobody wants to]] [[NoodleIncident see Burke again.]]
** And Agnes Nitt can't have a single thought without Perdita arguing with it.
* One memorable sequence in ''Literature/TheLordOfTheRings'' features Gollum arguing with himself -- a concept transferred rather successfully to the movies.
** Just when Sam and Frodo reach Mount Doom, what is Sam Gamgee doing? Arguing with himself about the futility of their quest... [[ShadowArchetype just like the very hated and despised Gollum]].
* In the ''Series/DoctorWho'' ExpandedUniverse novels, the different incarnations of the Doctor have been known to pop up and argue with each other.
* Edgar of ''Literature/EdgarAndEllen'' doesn't have a split personality, but he starts doing this in ''Split Ends'' to keep himself company.
* In ''Beyond the Barrier'' by Creator/DamonKnight [[spoiler:a creature that has spent many years hiding inside, and as, a human can no longer shake that side of himself. He is challenged to do what the human would do and not what he wants to do]]
* [[Literature/TheDresdenFiles Harry Dresden's]] subconscious doesn't think much of him, and makes his opinion clear on several occasions. Luckily for Harry, the two can only commune when he's unconscious.
* In Creator/MichaelFlynn's ''[[Literature/SpiralArm Up Jim River]]'', Donovan. His multiple personalities were induced deliberately, but the manner was bungled -- also, perhaps, deliberately.
* Ransom briefly develops this in ''Literature/OutOfTheSilentPlanet'', with his body seeing his rational mind as a second person who helps him find a place to sleep.
* In ''Literature/GalaxyOfFear'' Tash speaks to a ghost who is InvisibleToNormals - no one else can see, hear, or otherwise perceive him. The Big Bad watches her try to elicit his help and assumes she's talking to herself.
* Variation in the ''Literature/NewJediOrder''. Tahiri and her [[ScaryDogmaticAliens Yuuzhan Vong]] alter-ego Riina have several conversations inside Tahiri's mindscape, but never talk to each other out lout- Tahiri is shown to black out whenever Riina takes control of their body, making this sort of interaction impossible (Riina, for her part, states that she is [[AndIMustScream aware, but impotent]] while Tahiri is in the driver's seat).
* A ''big'' part of Geoph Essex's ''Jackrabbit Messiah'': at least half of Jack's dialogue is in his conversation with [[{{Hallucinations}} God]], the fussy [[HearingVoices voice in his head]] (Jack is schizophrenic). Their relationship is full of [[LikeAnOldMarriedCouple snarky insults]] (mostly on God's part), but when push comes to shove, both would admit that they're [[HeterosexualLifePartners each other's best friend]].
-->'''Jack:''' How come I don't have any friends?
-->'''God:''' Maybe because, outside of your uncle, you never have more than one conversation with a single person.
--> ...
-->'''Jack:''' I have a lot of conversations with ''you''.
-->'''God:''' If you're going to count ''imaginary'' friends, you're going to run out of fingers.
* [[Literature/HarryPotter Harry Potter]] does this himself on occasion. A prominent example is when he starts falling for Ginny and is afraid that [[MySisterIsOffLimits Ron will object]].
* ''Requiem for an Assassin'' (aka ''The Killer Ascendant'') by Barry Eisler. While smoking dope in a coffee bar in Rotterdam, HitmanWithAHeart Literature/JohnRain has a conversation with 'The Iceman', the cold-blooded killer part of his personality, who derides his belief that he can retire from his life as a ProfessionalKiller.
* In ''Literature/TheWorldShuffler'', at one point, O'Leary is "sick, freezing, starving, hung-over, and dyspeptic", not to mention lost and frustrated, and he begins talking to himself. And answering himself. He acknowledges--to himself--that it's a sign of insanity, but responds "Poof, what's a little touch of schizophrenia, among all my other ailments?"

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* In ''Series/{{Smallville}}'', the good Alexander and the evil ComicBook/LexLuthor does this and even get into a fight.
* In the final episodes of season 5 of ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' the arguments between Glory and [[spoiler: Ben]], though in this case they are distinct characters with different actors who just happen to be sharing a body. They've been turning into one another back and forth for years, but only in that instance are they able to interact this way because the mystical barriers keeping them separate were breaking down. Their personalities also started bleeding into one another just before they are able to interact.
* Alpha from ''Series/{{Dollhouse}}'' regularly engages in arguments between the various imprinted personalities within his mind.
** More justified than most, because he's not a normal case, but rather somebody with multiple artificial personalities. As such all of them are constantly "on." Also, he actually does have a few personalities with schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder, but it doesn't seem that the personalities with actual mental disorders can talk to themselves.
* Niki/Jessica from ''Series/{{Heroes}}''.
** In Volume Four, [[spoiler:Sylar]] starts to have conversations with his dead mother. And since he has VoluntaryShapeshifting, he assumes her form for her side of the conversation, too.
* Liz in ''Series/ThirtyRock'' gets a case of AcquiredSituationalNarcissism after getting her own talk show, leading to a confrontation between "Performer Liz" and "Backstage Liz".
* Happens occasionally in ''Series/KamenRiderDenO'' as a consequence of four spirit creatures SharingABody with the main character.
** And also in ''Series/KamenRiderDouble'', where the titular hero is made by having the consciousness of one person join with the body of another; this is represented by having Double's eyes flash on the side representing the person who's talking.
* In an episode of ''Series/LieToMe'', a girl with multiple personalities is able to share information, between one personality that witnessed a murder, and another that is capable of communicating with the team.
* ''Series/{{Jekyll}}'': After being drugged, Jackman is more than a little surprised when Hyde is able to contact him.
-->"How could you be phoning me?"
-->"Jesus! I'm not phoning you. I'm in your head."
* ''Series/TheTwilightZone'' episode "Nervious Man in a Four Dollar Room", and ''The New Twilight Zone'' episode "Shatterday" starring Bruce Willis... and Bruce Willis.
* ''Series/RutlandWeekendTelevision'' had the fictional talk show 'Schizophrenia', in which the host regularly talked to himself regarding if it was his turn to present the guest or the other personality's turn.
* Michelle did this in the final episode of ''Series/FullHouse'' after she lost her memory and she ended up to talking to her inner self.
* ''Series/CriminalMinds''. The season 2 episodes "The Big Game" and "Revelations" dealt with a man named Tobias Hankel (James Van Der Beek) who was abused by his psychotic father after his mother left for another man, telling him that everything he did was a sin and abused him by claiming he's doing "God's work". He ended up killing his father but he remained as a split personality of his, and when he murdered people he called himself "Raphael" which is one of the archangels. Sometimes he would argue with himself as his father and switch between the three personalities at random: as himself he was friendly and helpful, as Charles his father he was abusive and gave lectures, and as Raphael he would murder someone or force his hostages to choose which victims would live or die.
* The ''Series/{{Andromeda}}'' Ascendant and her [[SpaceshipGirl avatar]] Rommie occasionally talk to each other. As do her holographic and monitor selfs.
--> ''Hunt: "You know, talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity."''
--> ''Andromeda/Rommie (simultaneously): "Only for wetware."''
* A third-season episode of ''Series/BabylonFive'' has Doctor Franklin get stabbed while stopping someone from being killed in [[TheCityNarrows Down Below]], and being left for dead. As he calls for help, he is answered... by a hallucination of himself, in all his DoctorJerk glory. What ensues is a withering TheReasonYouSuckSpeech, with Hallucination!Franklin telling Bleeding!Franklin that he is a failure, that he always runs away from his problems rather than face them, that if he had another chance, that he'd screw it all up anyways. This turns into a RousingSpeech after Franklin refuses to give up, even if it ''does'' mean failing more, as his hallucination drives him to drag himself, bleeding, to a populated part of the station to seek help.
* The Tok'ra of ''Series/StargateSG1'' can do this, since they are a variation on PuppeteerParasite that forms a symbiotic relationship with their host instead of controlling it. "Seth" features an instance of Jacob Carter's symbiote Selmak telling Samantha Carter that Jacob has some unfinished business with his son Mark (Sam's brother), and that Mark not visiting Jacob while he was dying hurt him greatly. Jacob contradicts Selmak almost immediately.
* In Season 7, episode 13 of ''Series/{{Doctor Who}}'' the Doctor seemingly talks to himself when [[spoiler:the Cybermen attempt to take over his mind.]] He even plays a game of chess with himself while in this state.
* ''Series/WonderWoman'': In "The Girl from Ilandia", [[BigBad Bleaker]] "possesses an IQ so high he talks only to himself", according to IRAC.

* The protagonist of "Unwell" by Music/MatchboxTwenty is in denial over his mental illness. One of the things he does is talk to himself in public.

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* Sami Callihan, sort of. He hears voices, but rather than answer, it seems he tries to drown them out, not that this ever stops him from doing what they want, he and his voices seem to ultimately have the same goals.
* On [[Wrestling/WWERaw Monday Night Raw]] Wrestling/{{R|onKillings}}-Truth called Wrestling/TripleH crazy for talking to himself, even though Truth was talking to people no one could see seconds beforehand.
* The difference between Will White [[SplitPersonality and]] Bill Black, Black talks to himself, loudly.

* ''Overtones'' by Alice Gerstenberg.
* The musical ''Theatre/JekyllAndHyde'' has "Jekyll" and "Hyde" do this. And, of course, they're both played by the same actor, who has to go through quite a bit of effort to make it feel like a dialogue between two different people.
* Theatre/{{Medea}} debates with herself out loud about whether or not [[spoiler:to murder her children]]. She doesn't actually have multiple personalities but the scene bears striking similarities to many of these.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Equipping [[https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Second_Opinion The Second Opinion]] on the Medic in ''VideoGame/{{Team Fortress 2}}'' will cause this.
-->"'''Do you ever think that you might be going mad?'''"
-->"Oh, all zhe time. I don't zhink it's anyzhing to worry about."
* Fred/Napoleon Bonaparte from ''VideoGame/{{Psychonauts}}'', the latter being more a manifestation of Fred's crippling insecurities and low self-esteem. Fred's completely aware that Napoleon is a figment of his imagination; he just can't make him go away. [[spoiler: And he should know all about insanity, he used to be the orderly.]]
* In ''VideoGame/VampireTheMasqueradeBloodlines'' [[spoiler: Therese and Jeanette Voerman]] have protracted and extremely noisy arguments - most of which are held behind closed doors.
** At one of the main climaxes in Santa Monica you can find [[spoiler: her as half Therese and half Jeanette. With a gun to "their" head. You have to talk them down so they can coexist (which is extremely difficult this early in the game) or influence the "death" of one of them, only leaving the other.]]
* [[spoiler:Vayne Aurelius and his SuperpoweredEvilSide]] at the end of ''VideoGame/ManaKhemiaAlchemistsOfAlrevis''.
* Pat (Tsukasa) in ''VideoGame/MegaManStarForce'' has split personality disorder, and his hateful emotions manifest as a dark alter ego called Rey (Hikaru). When merged with Gemini, Pat and Rey become Gemini Spark White and Gemini Spark Black, respectively. (In the second game, he's able to wave change even though he's banished Rey from inside of him.)
* Charon, a Ghoul companion the player can recruit in ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 3}}'', is not canonically stated to have multiple personalities, but his back story is traumatic enough to allow for it and he does talk to himself as if more than one person is involved. He can be heard to say, "Over here!" and "Keep firing!" to himself when in conflict with enemies, and when sneaking or waiting for the player, he mutters indecipherably.
* The main character in ''VideoGame/DeadlyPremonition'', Francis York Morgan, is continuously talking to the invisible "Zach", who appears to be an alternate personality and who may or may not be [[NoFourthWall the player]] as well.
* [[FunnySchizophrenia Best Friend Tabitha]] in ''VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas''. It's heavily implied that this is the case on her radio show, where she claims to be doing an interview with "Rhonda", only to say mournfully to herself later, "I still miss you, Rhonda, after all these years." Raul also refers to Rhonda as "Tabitha" briefly before hastily correcting himself.
* Two-Face briefly goes through this in the first level of ''VideoGame/BatmanArkhamCity'' as his two sides argue over whether to dunk Catwoman in a vat of acid, or put her on trial with a JokerJury first, ''then'' [[MortonsFork dunk her]].
* Xel'lotath, the [[EldritchAbomination Ancient of Madness]] in ''VideoGame/EternalDarkness'', speaks in two voices: one imperious and rational, the other whispering and paranoid. When talking to [[TheDragon Pious]] the second voice starts doubting his loyalty, and she has a short conversation with herself as she decides whether to drive him insane, kill him, [[InThatOrder or first one, then the other.]]
* In ''VideoGame/DarkFall: Lost Souls'', [[spoiler: it's a case of ''Texting'' To Themself, as it turns out that "Echo" is the Inspector's own nagging conscience.]]

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* ''VisualNovel/UminekoWhenTheyCry'':
** This turns out to be the case with [[spoiler:Shannon, Kanon and Beatrice]], who are all personas of [[spoiler:Sayo Yasuda]], and whose discussions symbolize the conflicts that exist [[spoiler:in Sayo's heart]]. This is done so seamlessly that you most likely won't notice it until much later in the story, and when you [[RewatchBonus reread the series]] with this trope in mind every conversation between them changes completely.
** Eva also does this with her imagined younger self, who later becomes EVA-Beatrice.

[[folder: WebComics]]
* First off, there's been one occasion in ''Webcomic/AnsemRetort'' where Aerith's split personalities have addressed each other. And then there's the time Axel and Zexion hijack a plane and try to negotiate with the governor...Zexion. Who talks to his chief advisor... Axel.
* Cerene of ''Webcomic/{{Suppression}}'' does this in just about every scene where there's [[MesACrowd more than one of her]]. Probably doesn't help that she's naturally kind of a chatterbox and tends to argue with and snark at herself. This trope is ''especially'' prominent when she uses [[ColorCodedForYourConvenience Mind Prism]]: Red Cerene and Grey Cerene tend to butt heads, and nobody seems to like Blue Cerene.
* Tina of ''Webcomic/WapsiSquare'' does this a bit. She even [[http://wapsisquare.com/comic/you-ordered-anchovies/ argues about]] pizza toppings.
* John and Poor Trotmann of ''Webcomic/TheWordWeary'' have entire issues devoted to their one-man conversations, even going so far as to refer to themselves in the second person.
* ''Webcomic/{{Inner Dialogue}}'': The entire webcomic revolves around this.
* ''Webcomic/{{Jix}}'' and Remula and Lamerix and the Ambis do this a lot.
* Dan Shive author of ''Webcomic/ElGoonishShive'' sketched [[http://www.egscomics.com/sketchbook/?date=2012-05-01 this]] after [[https://twitter.com/#!/dantheshive/status/197173301389438977 arguing with himself]] on Twitter.
* In ''WebComic/{{Life}}'', Felicia/Natalie converse with each other on several occasions, [[http://www.cha0sden.com/Life.php?comic=137 occasionally to their/her discomfiture.]]
* Haley in ''WebComic/TheOrderOfTheStick'' loses her ability to speak coherently, and the longer she is unable to communicate with others, the more she holds internal conversations with aspects of herself, especially her hypercritical teenaged self.
* Anna and Susan do this in ''WebComic/{{Sire}}'' when they want to discuss private matters, such as Emilie [[spoiler: being descended from InspectorJavert]] or [[spoiler: how none of the other characters know that they were the ones that murdered Paul.]]
* How Hyde and Jekyll converse in ''Webcomic/TheGlassScientists'', at least when Hyde's in charge. It's unknown yet whether the same is true when Jekyll's in control.
* Trollian memos in ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'' have a [[TimeyWimeyBall transtimeline function]], enabling the characters to talk to each other in real time while still being hours or days away from each other, sometimes resulting in this trope when a character starts arguing with their future or past self. Best exemplified by a conversation in which one character has an argument with themselves ten minutes into the future.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Jen Delaney of ''Literature/TheJenkinsverse'' originally starts talking to herself to stave off loneliness during four months alone on an alien world. Over time, "Old Jen" - the embodiment of her timid nobody former self - becomes a fully-fledge mental voice with her own opinions, who carries on conversations with "New Jen".
* In ''Roleplay/SurvivalOfTheFittest'', Kaleigh Jones, Nessy Guthrie, and arguably Cillian Crowe go through this. Oddly, Kaleigh seemed to be able to decide which of her personalities was in control at any given time. A lot of V6's Benjamin Lichter dialogue is also him talking to a voice in his head, though it's left ambiguous whether or not it's actually another personality or just a side of himself he can't bare to admit he has.
* The Literature/WhateleyUniverse has Generator (Jade Sinclair). [[JustifiedTrope Justified]] in the fact that Jade's main power is in splitting off telekinetic manifestations of her soul/spirit - which makes it a lot easier for her to do that than it would for most people. Also either [[JustifiedTrope justified]] or subverted in that each manifestation ''does'' have the same memories and experiences as Jade when they first split off from her - it's only time that changes this. [[spoiler: Too long away from each other tends to lead to Jade passing out when they reunite, due to SensoryOverload while her brain assimilates the memories.]]
* Each page on Wiki/TVTropes (except for discussion and Troper Tales) is supposed to look like it was written by the same person and therefore, tropers are not supposed to refer to themselves individually (by saying "I" or "This troper") or have arguments on trope pages. However, some tropers do this anyway, making such pages look like they were written by someone with a SplitPersonality who is TalkingToThemself.
* In {{Literature/StarHarborNights}} [[spoiler:Perfect]] does this with a stuff rabbit.
* In ''[[Roleplay/AsteroidQuest Polokoa Quest]]'', this is the first indication that Rokolo is less stable than she claims to be. In a subversion, it's not a symptom of wholesale insanity, but rather the side-effects of her MadScientist experiments and her BizarreAlienBiology. It's still not a good sign, of course.
-->'''Rokolo (from Polokoa's perspective):''' Fuck, ‘[[HearingVoices they]]’ don’t even really exist! It’s just parts of my mind being a bit delusional. That’s a- ''Shut UP [[spoiler:Polo]] you’re an aerospace engineer you don’t know SHIT about neurobiology OR psychiatry!!''
* In ''Literature/{{Twig}}'', Sylvester starts hallucinating projections of the other Lambs which offer him tactical advice and companionship, including Evette, [[ImaginaryFriend who was never actually a person.]]

[[folder:Web Video]]
* Karim Debbache does it constantly in ''WebVideo/{{Crossed}}'', with his "other self" often intervening to make naive remarks or ask stupid questions.
-->'''Karim:''' You want to know how shitty TheNineties were? I grew up in the nineties, and now I'm on the Internet, talking to myself.
* ''WebVideo/{{Animerica}}'': [[spoiler:Kiyone did this very often with his "evil" side until it reached the point where he could no longer hold it back and the [[SplitPersonalityTakeover evil side became dominant]]. The second time they talk, he manages to successfully defeat him due to ThePowerofFriendship and ThePowerofLove combined.]]
* In the Season 3 finale of ''WebVideo/TheGuild'', [[spoiler:Cyd has a conversation with her avatar Codex in her imagination]]. Later in the episode, it's strongly implied that she's developing a genuine SplitPersonality.
* Fan-made Twilight parody ''Theatre/TwilightTheMusical'' uses this comically. [[FriendlyNeighborhoodVampire Edward Cullen]] must argue his evil reflection about whether or not he should eat Bella.
** Further HilarityEnsues in later episodes, when his schizo conversations grow to include more characters: a doll and cardboard stand-up of Robert Pattinson.
* ''WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged'' has Piccolo do this after fusing with Nail, who remains a voice in Piccolo's head. Nail claims he'll fade away into Piccolo's subconscious eventually, but he shows no signs of this. This just gets worse with the addition of Kami.
* In ''WebAnimation/FiftyPercentOff'', instead of having internal monologues, [[CloudCuckoolander Haru]] has a whole collective of Harus in his mind who like to argue, play board games, sing the ''WesternAnimation/{{Ducktales}}'' theme song, put on wrestling matches, murder each other...
* Technically occurs in ''Machinima/RedVsBlue'' when the Alpha AI, aka [[spoiler:Church]], converses with Delta, Omega, Gamma, or any of the other AI fragments [[LiteralSplitPersonality who broke off from him.]] Later Epsilon, which represents the Alpha's memory, is able to create facsimiles of the other fragments to help him with tasks, or just to chat with.
* In ''WebVideo/SwordArtOnlineAbridged'', Kirito and Asuna spend Episode 10 getting into mental screaming matches with their respective inner voices after Kirito, to fill the awkward moment after sex, blurts out a [[FourthDateMarriage marriage proposal]], and Asuna is so surprised that she accepts.
-->'''Kirito's Left Brain:''' YOU FOOL! YOU'VE DOOMED US ALL!!\\
'''Kirito's Right Brain:''' H-hey, uh, she seems pretty happy about it! Maybe she knows something we don't?!\\
'''[[NotSoDifferent Asuna's Left Brain:]]''' BITCH, WHY THE FUCK DID YOU SAY "YES?!"\\
'''Asuna's Right Brain:''' ''I DON'T KNOOOOOOWWW!!''

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' features Mr. Garrison engaged in constant dialogue with his puppet, Mr. Hat. Made even stranger by the fact that Mr. Hat would sometimes do things without Garrison's knowledge. Weirdly, Garrison understands that Mr. Twig is inanimate and only pretends to talk to him, while he sees Mr. Hat as a sentient being.
* ''WesternAnimation/SpiderManTheAnimatedSeries'' features Norman Osborn/the Green Goblin doing this, complete with use of mirrors. This version of Osborn is the closest the guy has ever come to being a decent man and parent, but his Goblin persona was as demented as usual.
* Blitzwing of ''WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated'' is an odd case that ''isn't'' a good/evil split, but rather calm/angry/manic. All three are evil, but they tend to argue over the correct course of action. Oddly, this doesn't make him any less effective. Blitzwing's arguments with himself are actually reasonably rare, as his personalities usually have the same objective. Clashes between his Icy and Hothead personas are usually solved by Random. Though fans often like to make use of this fact: [[http://transformers-mosaic.deviantart.com/art/Mixed-Messages-134614475 here]]
* There's also the five-faced Alpha Q in ''WesternAnimation/TransformersEnergon''. Years of isolation inside Unicron drove him into insanity just to have someone to talk to. [[spoiler: He does seem to have one core, real personality with a childlike voice. It isn't represented by a face but only manifests itself when he's got his jaws shut.]]
* Coldstone in ''WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}}'' has three souls, which not only converse, but fight for dominance.
* Mr. Fix from ''WesternAnimation/AroundTheWorldInEightyDays'' would do this often throughout the series. Ex: "Have you got a plan, Mr. Fix?" "Have I got a plan, Mr. Fix? Have I got a plan?"
* Twilight Sparkle in ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' does this during a psychotic breakdown in "[[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS2E3LessonZero Lesson Zero]]". As a homage to ''TheLordOfTheRings'', it's done via reflective puddle, with her face representing one side of the argument and the face in the reflection representing the other.
** Minor example in "[[Recap/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS2E12BabyCakes Baby Cakes]]" when Pinkie converses with herself during her comedy act.
-->'''Pinkie at drums:''' [[ToughRoom Woo, tough crowd.]]\\
'''Pinkie on stage:''' Tell me about it.
* Barry Dylan, in ''WesternAnimation/{{Archer}}'' talks to himself frequently, referring to himself as "Barry" and "Other Barry."
* Foop in ''WesternAnimation/FairlyOddParents'' suffers from this.
* In the second season of ''WesternAnimation/YoungJustice'', this is how Blue Beetle's arguments with his sentient [[ClothesMakeTheSuperman armor]] plays out, causing his teammates to think of him as a little bit... "special".
* This is taken UpToEleven with the appropriately named villain Billy Numerous on ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans''. He has the ability to create ''hundreds'' of duplicates of himself, and the duplicates talk to each other ''a lot'', referring to each other as "Billy" as they do so.
* ''WesternAnimation/SamuraiJack'' Season 5 shows that after the 50 year timeskip, Aku now conjures up a psychiatrist clone of himself to vent his frustrations to. Its much more helpful than Jack's subconscious trying to goad him into {{Seppuku}}.
* Nurp-Naut from ''WesternAnimation/{{Mixels}}'', being made of both Nurp (an infant) and Naut (an elder), have a tendency to argue with each other and treat each other as separate entities, with others doing the same.

--> Man to TheShrink: "Doctor, you've got to help me! I talk to myself!"
--> Shrink: "That's not that bad. Sometimes, even I do that."
--> Man: "Yes, doctor - but I'm ''such a bore''!"

[[folder:Real Life]]
* In ''Literature/WhenRabbitHowls'', more or less an autobiography of Truddi Chase, who has dissociative identity disorder, the author's various personalities have internal conversations with each other.
* Some writers describe having their characters talk to them and/or each other inside their heads.