Talent Bomb

"Basically, it's a big party, and everyone's going to be there... and it's the worst party you ever went to."

Off into the great unknown... of whether we'll be able to maintain our careers.

On occasion, there exists a film employing an All-Star Cast, spearheaded by a cadre of renowned dreamers that are carved from and are carvers of Genius. A film that was seemingly set in motion to be birthed into the world by deities of cinema themselves, that is surely destined to become a critic Horcrux and box office hero, to be showered in nominations and to court all the awards, to imprint a mark on history that shall never fade, that will undoubtedly blow your mind into the next millennia, leaving it in eternally astonished shambles...

Whelp, it's a good thing you never took up that gig in clairvoyance, because what plays out on screen before your mortified, forlorn, indignant or even nonplussed eyes is a Grade "A" slab of MST3K material.

Our sympathies; you have just become a victim of the cinecide of a talent bomb. Somewhat similar to Hype Backlash, except that the only reason for the excitement in the first place was because of the names attached.

Spawned from Chad Vader alum Craig "Weird Jimmy" Johnson, the term came into existence in the thirty-third episode of the Video Review Show Welcome To The Basement (for which he serves as co-host), used to describe as best he could Blind Boy Grunt's blinding Masked and Anonymous. The Talent Grenade, a subtrope, was coined by Sloan two episodes thereafter; it follows the basic concept of its parent trope, but differs in that it is everything it should be, yet remains a commercial failure and critical lackluster.

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Ones seen:

  • In The Name Of The King: Somewhat applicable due to the stellar acting talents involved, though, being a Uwe Boll film, its quality doesn't evoke much shock.
  • My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?
  • Help!: Becomes quite clear to the audience that it was renamed to reflect the stars' pleas to their agents.
  • Image provider Armageddon, the arid triteness of which nearly qualifies it as a cinematic adaption of this very wiki.
  • Trope Maker Masked and Anonymous: Shows in full why the only films in regards to anything Dylan-related shouldn't be grounded in fiction; an utter Mind Screw whose languid pace evokes more irascibility than confusion from leading host, Matt Sloan. While Johnson himself is a Dylan Fan Boy, his opinion is that the film was doomed from the start, due to the the writing collaboration of the man famed for his indecipherable poetry and the other for his work on the "sitcom about nothing", christening the fruits of their amalgamated labor as "indecipherable nothingness".