->''"Toddy, if I have to strap down my bosom for the next 20 years they're going to look like two empty wallets."''
-->--'''Victoria''', ''Film/VictorVictoria''

A popular, often young, female TV star is fairly flat-chested, or at least not very "pronounced", in her most recent or well-known role... but then you see her in an awards show or otherwise live event, and my, has she grown.

This {{trope}} only applies to cases wherein the [[HehHehYouSaidX titular]] mammaries were quite obviously suppressed for the sake of the role (SweetPollyOliver cases included), and so if the actress underwent breast-oriented plastic surgery or a reasonable length of "developing time" had passed between the role and her more recent appearance, it is not an example of this trope (though this trope does give the tabloids plenty of "Did she get a boob job?" fodder).

Often a result of NotAllowedToGrowUp. Compare/contrast BigBraToFill, where the character has a big bust but the actress doesn't. Fits into RealityIsUnrealistic because television and film producers used to dislike showing girls ''in between'' childhood and adulthood (you were supposed to be either a sex symbol or not), though those standards have loosened from how they were in the 1950s.

HiddenBuxom also involves concealing the breasts, but that is more for personal reasons. This trope is about hiding the breasts for a specific task.


* This was famously done to Creator/JudyGarland to make her look younger for the role of Dorothy Gale in ''Film/TheWizardOfOz''.
* Rumors of this being done deliberately in ''Franchise/StarWars'' are false. True, Creator/CarrieFisher's breasts were taped down to prevent {{Gainaxing}} under her costume, but she resorted to that expedient herself after Creator/GeorgeLucas told her that women couldn't wear bras in space! Lucas eventually got the HotterAndSexier he originally wanted with the notorious "metal bikini" slavegirl outfit in ''Film/ReturnOfTheJedi''. Fisher went on to relate the whole sordid affair in her candid (and screamingly funny) memoir ''Wishful Drinking''.
* Averted with ''Film/TheHungerGames''. Creator/JenniferLawrence refused to tape her breasts down to play Katniss because she didn't want to send a message to young girls that they had to be ultra-skinny.
* Creator/ChristinaRicci tied her breasts down when she played Wednesday Addams in the movie version of ''Film/TheAddamsFamily'' and ''Addams Family Values''. Puberty did not miss her. In what was almost assuredly a reference to this fact, her opening scene of ''Now and Then'' has her duct-taping her bra.
* This happened to Creator/EvannaLynch in the [[Literature/HarryPotterAndTheOrderOfThePhoenix fifth]] and [[Literature/HarryPotterAndTheHalfBloodPrince sixth]] ''Film/HarryPotter'' movies. While not overly endowed compared to other young actresses her age, she is noticeably bustier than her [[Creator/KatieLeung other]] [[Creator/EmmaWatson female]] [[Creator/BonnieWright castmates]].
** Creator/EmmaWatson is reported to have resorted to binding herself during some of the later ''Harry Potter'' movies, due to "growing up" faster than her character.
* Happened to child actress Lina Leandersson during the filming of Literature/LetTheRightOneIn - she was a rare [[AvertedTrope averted case]] of DawsonCasting, being a 13-year old playing a 12-year old, but puberty hit her ''hard'' during the latter half of the shoot. She grew outwards so quickly the wardrobe department could barely keep up and the bindings used to keep her both age-appropriate [[spoiler: and ambiguously gendered]] are clearly visible during some of the outdoor shots.
* In ''Literature/TheRailwayChildren'' (1970), Sally Thomsett (Phyllis) had to have her breasts strapped down because she was [[DawsonCasting playing a much younger girl]]. In fact, this was such a big secret at the time that she wasn't allowed to smoke or drink off the set during filming, or for quite a while after that to keep up the pretense.
* A rare adult example: Creator/JulieAndrews did this in ''Film/ThoroughlyModernMillie'' in order to achieve TheRoaringTwenties-appropriate UsefulNotes/{{pettanko}} "flapper" look and {{lampshaded}} it within the {{film}}.
** A second Julie Andrews example is ''Film/VictorVictoria'': Victoria (and consequently Andrews) was forced to bind her breasts in order to disguise herself as the "female impersonator" Victor. Once again it's {{Lampshaded}} when Victoria complains about the discomfort and expresses a fear that she's damaging her figure.
** The exchange in its entirety for your amusement:
--> '''Toddy:''' Now we've had two major obstacles to overcome...\\
'''Victoria:''' ''[sobbing]'' My bosom...\\
'''Toddy:''' First, to convince everyone that you're a man...\\
'''Victoria:''' It's been damned uncomfortable.\\
'''Toddy:''' What has?\\
'''Victoria:''' Strapping down my bosom.\\
'''Toddy:''' Now all you have to do is go out there, and you'll be a star for the next 20 years.\\
'''Victoria:''' Toddy, if I have to strap down my bosom for the next 20 years they're going to look like two empty wallets.
* Tami Erin for her role in "The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking" (1988). It became obvious during a Creator/{{Nickelodeon}} interview promoting the movie, when she wore a tight aerobics leotard without the binding.
* In a rare non-age-related example, Lindsey Lohan's bust was digitally reduced for ''Film/HerbieFullyLoaded''
* Music/SelenaGomez in ''Film/RamonaAndBeezus''. While not too much bigger than the average teen actress her age, then 17-year-old Selena's large bust was a bit too big for the [[DawsonCasting 15-year-old she was playing]] and wore bras that made it look smaller.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* Creator/JennetteMcCurdy from ''Series/ICarly''. In between Season 1 and 2, Nathan Kress and Miranda Cosgrove grew up… and Jennette grew ''[[UnusualEuphemism outward]]''. After that, the show took to wrapping Sam up in layers of 3 or 4 t-shirts, but she kept on growing. A few episodes in season 3, they forgot about this, such as the rabbi scene in ''iSaved Your Life'', and it's pretty obvious what they are doing. [[MaleGaze Tropers who were paying attention]] noticed that during one scene where Sam was jumping on a trampoline things were not bouncing realistically due to the amount of strapping.
* Julianna Rose Mauriello had to have her breasts taped down since puberty on ''Series/LazyTown'' since Stephanie is supposed to be 8 years old (or 9 now, since one year's passing has been acknowledged). She was 17 during the last filming.
** That said, 'Stephanie' (Solla Stirða) was played by actual adult women in all the original Icelandic plays from before the TV show, and one of them was quite busty with no attempt to do anything about it, while Julianna definitely had grown between seasons and doesn't really look any bigger in out-of-character shots from the same era.
* Annette Funicello and the other female [[Series/TheMickeyMouseClub Mouseketeers]], supposedly at Creator/WaltDisney's personal insistence. Funicello's rapid development in particular became fodder for comedians.
* Buffy in later seasons of ''Series/FamilyAffair''. It [[TearJerker did not end well]] for [[Analysis/NotAllowedToGrowUp Anissa Jones]], her actress.
* On ''Series/SmallWonder'', the plastic vest Tiffany Brissette wore to simulate Vicki's access panel had to be periodically refitted over the show's four-year run. In the fourth-season episode "Double Dates", Brissette shows us how uncomfortably tight her wardrobe had become.
* Soleil Moon Frye discussed this in an interview on a Canadian talk show for teens only a couple of months after ''Series/PunkyBrewster'' was cancelled. She suffered from gigantomastia[[labelnote:*]] (early and out-of-control breast development – in Frye's case, by 13 she was at minimum a DDD, which put considerable strain on her otherwise petite 5'1" frame)[[/labelnote]], and had breast reduction surgery before her 16th birthday.
* Jordan Todosey did this in ''Series/{{Degrassi}}'', where she was playing a [[{{Transgender}} trans boy]]; Adam's shown binding (with an Ace bandage) onscreen. Later it's mentioned in-series that Adam gets a chest compression vest.
* In ''Series/GilmoreGirls'', Liza Weil had to play herself down with binding and loose clothing for most of the first four seasons as Paris Geller because of her size and when she started the series, [[DawsonCasting was a 24-year-old playing a convincing 15-year-old sophomore]]; outside of a few scenes and a date prep at the start of season three, she was either dressed in a constricted sweater or a loose blouse. Seasons 4–7 at Yale without the uniform saw her dressing without much need to hide her natural form.
* Referenced in ''Series/{{Frasier}}'' wherein Daphne reveals she was once on a popular television show in England: "Of course, by the end of the series, I was 16, 5 foot 10, and they had me boozies bound up tighter than a mummy."
* From ''Series/GameOfThrones'', Creator/MaisieWilliams. When the series began, Maisie was roughly the same age as her character Arya Stark (11 or 12) and looked it. By season 2, however, [[DawsonCasting puberty had started to kick in big time, though the timeline of the show had barely advanced]]. While it helped that Maisie ''is'' fairly short (5'1"), she quickly became considerably more well developed than Arya most likely would have been, and thus she was almost always costumed in thick, padded shirts or tunics until she got a new, more dress-like outfit in Season 5.
* Done ForScience in an episode of ''Series/MythBusters'', where the myth tested was whether large breasts resulted in bigger tips. Kari did three tests with her [[UnusualEuphemism assets]] in different sizes; one with her breasts their usual size, one with her breasts temporarily "enhanced", and one fitting this trope, where her breasts were taped down to reduce them by two cup sizes. [[labelnote:Conclusion]] There wasn't a real difference in tips between small and normal breasts, but [[BuxomIsBetter larger breasts increased tips by 30-40%]] …from men ''and'' women.[[/labelnote]]
* Creator/ArielWinter in ''Series/ModernFamily'' started out flat-chested (it makes sense; she was 11 when the show started) and eventually grew past Sofia Vergara's famously curvy frame (Vergara, though, is 5'7", while Winter is only 5'1") . Similarly to Soleil Moon Frye, Winter revealed in August 2015 that she'd had a breast reduction in June that took her from 32F to 34D, citing negative media attention as as one of her primary reasons.
* Creator/LeaMichele is naturally curvy, but had to flatten her chest to play Rachel Berry on ''Series/{{Glee}}'', where her character is described as being "Kinda hot if you're not into boobs".
* Creator/JodelleFerland in ''Series/DarkMatter'' is [[DawsonCasting supposed to be]] a teenager, and thus she is always padded down and costumed in baggy, concealing clothing to disguise her large breasts.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* Music/JessicaSimpson began her career in show business as a Christian pop singer. During this stage of her career, she would often tape down her breasts for performances because her promoters felt that an attractive blonde with D-cup boobs wasn't the best image for a gospel singer.
* Along with PetitePride, [[TheFlapper flappers]] of TheRoaringTwenties wore special flattening bras to make them appear younger and more boyish.
* WWE women's wrestler Wrestling/{{Bayley}} wears a more suppressed athletic top than the usual revealing women's wrestling garb, due to her persona being geared towards little kids and being very endowed up top.
* Creator/PattyMaloney once wrote that she had her chest bound whenever she portrayed a little girl.
* When older cast members of the musical version of ''Theatre/{{Annie}}'' would start to develop, many did this in order to avoid being fired from their roles.
* Creator/MaraWilson has written about being humiliated when she began to go through puberty during the filming of ''WesternAnimation/ThomasAndTheMagicRailroad'' and was asked to wear undergarments to hide her developing body. This distressed her enough that it contributed to her decision to [[StarDerailingRole give up film acting]].
* It has become common among female cosplayers to use binders to conceal their chests for cosplaying male characters (or [[SweetPollyOliver Sheik]]). Same goes for quite a few [[{{Transgender}} trans men]] who want to bind. Ace bandages[[note]]Known outside the USA as elastic bandages, compression bandages, pressure stockings, etc[[/note]] are not recommended, as they grow gradually tighter, and can break your ribcage.