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Superpower Classic
Superpower: Classic is a forum-based nationsimulator, or nationsim. To put it simply, it's a forum-based game where you pretend to be running a real-world country in the modern era, ranging from superpowers like the USA and China, to miniature states like the Holy See and Sealand, and everything in between. Despite loads of rules, an emphasis on realism and sometimes a slow pace, it can be quite fun if you're into that sort of thing.

The game as a whole provides examples of:

  • Shown Their Work: The creators of the game got details on all the nations involved, ranging from GDP to population levels.

The current Round (Round 17) provides examples of:

  • Nuclear Weapons Taboo: Averted twice, both because of Israel taking on a very...aggressive foreign policy. The Iranian city of Qom was struck first, then a (in-game) year or two later, the Egyptian city of Port Said and the ISRAELI city of Eilat were hit, the latter to clear out invading Iranians.
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