Supermarket Skit

Outdated commercial format in which two shoppers — friends or at least acquaintances — collide in a store; as a side effect of their collision one begins professionally extolling the virtues of a product they are purchasing to the other, who has never tried or even heard of it before. At the end of the encounter, the second shopper has resolved to purchase the product as well.

Sometimes an intermediate segment (often animated) with a narrator is inserted, going into more detail than would be believable in a casual supermarket encounter, before returning to the two friends and the inevitable result.

If more than two shoppers are involved, you usually end up in a Pitch Mob.

Was once one of the primary styles of commercial used for household goods, but its use fell off after the late 1960s and early 1970s, and it has only rarely been spotted since then. Parody commercials sometimes recreate it, but it's not been used straight in decades.

Compare Two Chicks in a Kitchen.


  • A version of this for Calgon is currently doing the rounds in the UK, with one woman telling her friend as they go round the supermarket how her last washing-machine packed up because of limescale. Lipsynch suggests it's not originally an English-language advert though.