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Meet the cop who can't be stopped.

One step up from the Cowboy Cop who enters Hot Pursuit with no regard for their own safety or anyone else's, here you have the police who have the equipment, the powers, or whatever else that puts them above and beyond the capabilities of the average police officer. This is common to the point where one of the Stock Superhero Day Jobs is police work, though they don't always do both at once.

Often takes the form of a Superhero who works for the police, a Cyborg, or a Humongous Mecha. A particularly Badass Normal can qualify if the criminals they chase are superpowered and they are not.

Overlaps with the Vampire Detective.

Not to be confused with the Jackie Chan movie Super Cop (whose tagline provides the page quote).


Anime and Manga
  • Used in many works by Shirow Masamune:
    • Appleseed's ESWAT units (mecha).
    • Section 9 Public Security in Ghost in the Shell and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Cyborg bodies, advanced weapons, Tachikomas, super hacker skillz, etc. It helps that most of their field operatives are former soldiers.
    • Averted with Patlabor. They could be Supercops, but regulations have them stuck in the station until a crook brings out his own Humongous Mecha. For regular criminals they have to go on foot just like all other cops, and face the same obstacles.
    • Dominion Tank Police probably counts. I mean, these are cops... with TANKS. Really BIG tanks, at that. And unlike the Patlabor dudes, these fellows DO move against any and all crime, with superior firepower through and through. Unfortunately for the city, they're also all Cowboy Cops... can you say 'Collateral Damage'?
  • In Lyrical Nanoha, most named members of the Time-Space Administration Bureau's Enforcer division would fall under this. However, special mention goes to Fate Testarossa-Harlaown, who also happens to be a genetically-engineered Artificial Mage.
  • Codename: Sailor V and its better known spin off Sailor Moon have a strange example in Minako Aino, alias Sailor V and Sailor Venus: Minako has a rather vocal dislike for police officers, yet both the manga and anime continuities show her befriending some officers and acting like a Japanese cop when superheroing (and getting mistaken for a Super Cop by a youma during her early days as Sailor V), with the anime even having her as a Super Cop in London for a while as part of her background and the Codename: Sailor V manga ending with Minako accepting to work for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, meaning she was a Super Cop for the whole run of Sailor Moon without it ever coming up. She still dislikes your average Japanese cop.
  • The title character of Birdy the Mighty.

Comic Books

  • One word: Robocop.
  • Police Academy borders on this when the Ragtag Bunch of Misfits turn into Bunny Ears Lawyers. The animated series, definitely.
  • Of course there's the movie Super Cop, in which the cop was trying to get killed in the line of duty before he retired in a few days.
    • ...that brings a whole new meaning to Retirony.
  • And Jackie Chan's Police Story series, where he (mostly) became this by necessity.
  • The Super Fuzz movie, pictured above, with Terence Hill in the lead role.
  • Nick Angel from Hot Fuzz is all but called this at certain points of the movie. The idea is deconstructed: Nick is a Super Cop, but he's also a somewhat dour rule-obsessed nosey loner.

  • The Night Watch from Discworld may fit in this trope. Living in a fantasy world, they've got trolls, dwarves, golems, zombies, vampires and werewolves in their ranks; and Carrot Ironfoundersson. Of course, criminals can also belong to any of those supernatural species, which makes The Watch even more impressive because their superpowered members don't necessarily have an edge because of their superpowers.
  • In the X-Wing Series, Corran Horn discovers that his father, who was part of the Corellian Security Force all his life and got Corran into it too, was the son and the student of a Jedi Knight. Both of them did rely a bit on their Force-Sensitivity. I, Jedi also notes that Corellian Jedi, including Corran's grandfather, tended to work closely with the Corellian Security Force on the tougher cases.
  • The Aurors (and also the poor forgotten Hit Wizards) of Harry Potter including Aurors Harry Potter and Ron Weasley.. Mad-Eye Moody was a legend amongst them.

Live-Action TV


Western Animation

Video Games
  • ESWAT Cyber Police, a 1989 scrolling shooter arcade game. Once your character achieves chief rank he gets a cyber suit with turbothrusters and armor.
  • An underappreciated PS1 classic is Future Cop: LAPD, where you play a heavily armed Transforming Mecha fighting all kinds of criminals. (and I mean ALL kinds)
  • City of Heroes features Blue Steel, Memetic Badass and the only major superhero who works directly for the police force. There are also cops in Power Armour, cops with Psychic Powers and the Awakened division of alien symbiote-infused cops. There's also nothing stopping player character concepts from being cops.
  • You play one in Crackdown. Morality optional.
  • Konoko. Helps that she was secretly bred to be a One Woman Army capable of handling anything the Syndicate could field.
  • A rare glitch in GTA: Vice City would sometimes render a single random Police Officer invincible, there were also rumors that he could arrest you anywhere, including magically teleporting from the ground onto your helicopter and playing the arrest animation.
  • Mortal Kombat has Kurtis Stryker. Just a regular guy but packs some ordnance to make up for it. Fights otherworldly monsters so he's going a bit above the line of duty.
  • Chun-Li of Street Fighter is an Interpol agent, always hot on the trail of M. Bison.
  • Lei Wulong of Tekken, which makes sense since he is an Expy of Jackie Chan.
  • Project X Zone puts Chun-Li together with Rikiya Busujima from Zombie Revenge and Bruno Delinger from Die Hard Arcade/Dynamite Cop.

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