Super Demo World The Legend Continues

This is a hack to demonstrate how well Lunar Magic can edit Super Mario World.

Super Demo World: The Legend Continues is the first full-length ROM hack of Super Mario World and one of the longest. Created by the creator of the popular Level Editor Lunar Magic, FuSoYa (who also made a simpler predecessor called Demo World a few years before) and his brother Zero-G, it contains pretty much all the features it was possible to have in a Super Mario World hack at the time. Containing 120 exits, it is known for its relatively high difficulty and the large amount of puzzles involved, which often require deep knowledge of the game's physics. It's also known for its ultra-secret ninth world, Big Boo's World.

The Excuse Plot is as follows: Mario's breakfast eggs were stolen by Bowser and he [Mario] has to get them back before they hatch. What seems simple at first, however, starts to get a little deeper in World 4's Vacant Ghost House...


  • All The Worlds Are A Stage: Star World is like this; every world receives a level based on it here, accessed from the respective world. Additionally, it contains the Backdoor Star World, which provides a shortcut to Bowser's Castle, the Secret Star World, which leads to Star World's Bonus Stage, and the entrance to Big Boo's World. Big Boo's World's first level is also called "Big Boo's Star Road" and has the same mechanics as the Star World levels.
  • Big Bad: Bowser. He stole Mario's breakfast eggs!
    • Big Bad Duumvirate: However, The Big Boo is the Big Bad of his own world, and Bowser helped him get there.
  • Bonus Stage: One is accessible via secret exits in every world. They all contain capes and fire flowers, and most contain Yoshi as well. They also all have a unique "gray box" item that you can bring to other levels. Big Boo's Secret contains them all.
  • Boss Arena Idiocy: The Big Boo doesn't have to include three throw blocks (the exact amount needed to defeat him) in his boss room, but he does.
  • Briar Patching: In Big Boo's Star Road, the Big Boo informs Mario that using the key and keyhole will lead to him. If you fall for it (although due to the Star World mechanics and map structure, it's obviously a trap), you will be locked out of Big Boo's World forever.
  • Cranium Ride: You can ride on Mega Moles, just as in the original. In fact, one level in Crystal Cavern consists entirely of this.
  • Creator Cameo: In the level "...?", which is the entrance to Big Boo's World, sprites representing FuSoYa and Zero-G are seen arguing.
  • Demoted to Extra: Yoshi in general is a lot less common than he was originally, being mostly restricted to the Bonus Stages. In fact, Red Yoshi is the only colored Yoshi to appear in a regular level, and only once.
  • Disc One Final Dungeon: Bowser's Castle could be considered this. Although it seems like The Very Definitely Final Dungeon, you have to visit it before Big Boo's World, which contains the real final dungeon.
  • Dummied Out: In addition to actual custom blocks, such as breakable bricks and icy turn blocks, some of the new features are actually things left out of the original game. These include the flying key, upright Piranha Plants, and the clouds from Desert World 4 (although reskinned), possibly among others.
  • Easter Egg: The gray box item in Water Secret is a message block. You can bring it to any level to read the messages there. Most of them are just random trivia, but some give hints on secret exits and the like.
  • Excuse Plot: Although it gets a little more complex once the Boos get thrown into the mix...
  • Gimmick Level: Ice World Igloo, where it's so cold that Mario's fireballs turn to ice. Basically, this means you can freeze coins and Munchers into safe and solid platforms.
  • Guide Dang It: In the original game, the feature of silver P-Switches to turn Munchers into coins was never used. Despite that, you need to understand said feature to complete several levels, not all of which are even secrets.
  • Hard Levels, Easy Bosses: The castles, as with all levels, are all new and very difficult, but the bosses are identical to the original. Justified, since custom bosses weren't possible at the time of release.
    • Subverted in Big Boo's Tower, however, since The Big Boo is made much more difficult than he was in the original. It's still easy in comparison to the level, though, and you get a Check Point before the fight.
  • Infinite 1-Ups: As mentioned above, if you use a key... creatively in Pipe World 1, you can cause a certain block to spawn infinite lives.
  • Infinity+1 Sword: A special Power-Up in Big Boo's Secret, almost certainly the last location visited, upgrades Mario's fireballs to the equivalent of Yoshi's fire ability.
  • Lock and Key Puzzle: This hack is what made this trope so popular in Super Mario World hacks in general. Many levels and secret exits require you to move several P-Switches, keys, and springboards throughout the level in a specific order. Desert Pyramid and Desert World 2's secret exit both require this extensively.
  • Lost Forever: The Star World levels' normal exits, and therefore the paths they unlock, are lost if the secret exit is reached first. Entirely on purpose, since the secret exit turns the level into a warp (which means it's impossible to escape without getting one of the secret exits).
  • Magical Mystery Doors: The regular exit for Vacant Ghost House. It's the door you entered through; the others are useless.
  • Marathon Level: Misty Star World and especially Big Boo's Tower. It's 100 incredibly difficult floors of vertical platforming.
  • Needle in a Stack of Needles: Big Boo World 3's secret exit involves finding a key in gigantic stacks of P-Switches and throw blocks disguised as keys. Turn Layer 1 off on your emulator and all that's left are P-Switches and the real key.
  • Nintendo Hard: Much more difficult in general than the original game. A few levels, such as the castle for world four, verge on Platform Hell.
  • Nostalgia Level: Misty Isle 4 has the exact same level design as the first level of Super Mario Bros. 3. You can even use the white block to access the secret exit. Two levels from SMB 3's Pipe Maze are also copied later.
  • Offscreen Start Bonus: Mario reaches Sky World 3's secret exit by flying behind the starting point.
    • Also, you have to get a key straight above the starting point as part of Desert World 2's complex secret exit.
  • Post-End Game Content: Big Boo's World is effectively this, since you must access the secret exit of Bowser's Castle, ostensibly the last level, to reach it.
  • Save the Princess: However, it's so incidental to the plot that the game doesn't bring it up at all until you clear the seventh castle.
  • Skeleton Key: One of the gray box items available at Big Boo's Secret is a flying key. You can bring it to any level to access secret exits that might've been missed otherwise.
  • The Very Definitely Final Dungeon: Bowser's Castle, of course. But really, Big Boo's Tower. It could be called a Bonus Dungeon, though.
  • Trolling Creator: The secret messages in most of the Crystal Cavern levels (which you can read with the Message Block you get from Water Secret) and an extremely secret location hidden deep in Big Boo's Secret seem to hint at some sort of compatibility between Lunar Magic and Super Mario World's Updated Re-release, Super Mario Advance 2. As of Lunar Magic 2.11, a full 10 years after the release of this hack, there's nothing but a simple, third-party, level importer.
  • Video Game Settings: The worlds' themes are based on those of Super Mario Bros. 3, for the most part:
  • Warp Whistle: As in the original, the Star World works like this. However, the Lost Forever mechanic described above makes this much more difficult.