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Suburban Senshi
Suburban Senshi is a fan-created Massive Multiplayer Crossover centered in the Sailor Moon universe. Started in 2002 by Doctor Xadium, the site centers around a present day versions of the now mostly retired Sailor Senshi, set in a universe where almost any fictional series can exist. The story is told though chat logs between characters, stories written by Xadium, an RP chat room, and stories created by users in said chatroom (Though the chat room and related stories are mostly Extended Universe and not always mentioned in the "chat logs"

Main "Verse" Series (Earth 1337)

Extended Universe (Chatbox, Earth 1337A)

Suburban Senshi provides examples of:

  • A God Am I: Hazel Ninegate has more and more begun to take on this viewpoint over the years. Partially justified due to her status as a Time Lord, though not enough to justify her actions.
    • Subverted partially in the case of Anthony Suthers. While he had a low opinion of human actions, he never saw himself truly as a god. He saved that status for others…
    • Simon Kerrick.
  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: Prometheus became this. Subverted partially in that it was only trying to protect Amanda Sharlan, who had been uploaded into its system in an effort to keep her alive after she had been killed by Anthony Suthers. Tony, however, was more than willing to have it destroyed since it had turned away from its original design.
  • Alien Among Us: A major part of the current version of the Sub Sen roleplay. So much so, in fact, that Tokyo apparently has its own Alien District.
    • One of the central ideas behind the Lupa, a race which originated outside of the chat role play. They have been around for a long time. A looong time.
  • All There in the Manual : The site’s Wiki often offers information that isn’t spelled out in the actual role play. This includes the backgrounds of characters, what they were doing before they came to the house/hotel and sometimes what they have done when they aren’t in the RP. Also recaps what they have done in RP
  • Artifactof Doom: Simon tends to carry one around without talking about it. A few characters also own Death Notes.
  • Artificial Human: Sailor Haley, AKA Aoi. She was created by Sailor Neggerra from a Manikien and a Sailor Crystal then dumped at the hotel.
  • Author Avatar: Doctor Xadium.
  • Badass Normal: Amanda Sharlan and her son Jameson. While they sometimes do tend to get hurt more than the others, they often are just as willing to stand up to fight alongside their more superpowered friends.
    • Ying Girl during her depowered phases
  • Badass Family: Several include The Xadiums, The Vessalius and The Shins.
    • The Hotel itself has become this in recent years, with numerous characters finding out they’re related through blood, forgotten relatives and marriages.
    • Tangled Family Tree: Due to the above, this has somewhat become the case, though this isn’t necessarily bad.
  • Barred from the Afterlife: Simon was so horrified of the damnation that awaited him for his deeds, he was *thrilled* to learn that those who use the Death Note "cannot go to heaven or hell."
  • Big Damn Heroes: Available 7 days a week!
  • Becoming the Mask: Why Eliza began to exist. She originally was simply a constructed identity of Necromancer Simon Kerrick as a way to experience the world as another person. As time went on, however, the Eliza portion began to gain more and more of a distinct personality. Eventually she somehow became a separate entity from Simon altogether. That hasn’t stopped her, however, from still experiencing some issues with the question of who she actually is.
    • Matsumi Kaze nearly became this as Enigmus. However, she was luckily pulled back from the brink.
  • Boobs of Steel: Makoto Kino, Minako Aino and Matsumi Kaze
  • Brainwashedand Crazy: Happens now and then. Amanda is likely only the most recent example.
  • Crapsack World: Apperently Anthony Suthers came from a world like this, and he was willing todo anything necessary in order to change the paths he believed would cause Earth 1337-A to become one.
  • Crossover Ship: Hotaru/Sailor Saturn and L
  • Cryptic Conversation: Given the number of time travelers, this is a given. There's been a recent surge in characters from the future that have some connections to the house, but what is unrevealed, and they often adress each other in ways that are just vague enough to confuse those who aren't talking with the characters' players behind the scenes.
  • Contagious A.I.: How Sailor Anzu managed to nearly destroy the world. She got a hold of one of the Aes Remotes and learned how to convert her biological virus powers to computer virus based. She then transferred herself to her own computer equipment and waited for the heroes to scan it in order to infect their machinery and in turn all of Tokyo.
  • Continuity Snarl: Averted. Even with the hundreds of different continuities running around the place, the role play somehow manages to make it work without utterly collapsing into a mess.
  • Enemy Mine: During Simon Kerrick's ruthless bid to attain lichdom, another lich known as The Necromantress accompanied the heroes to deal with Simon, but he pointed out that having her along was probably a horrible idea. Simon was even willing to release some hostages in order to persuade the heroes to "and simplify things," as he was terrified The Necromantress might cause some complication that might undermine his own attempt at immortality.
    • She already had.
  • Everything's Better with Penguins: The Prinnies dood. The chat room has 3 main groups of Prinnies. The Haz-Mat Prinnies, Shin's Prinnies, and Etna's Prinnies (the only ones canon to their original series)
  • Face-Heel Turn: Sailor Moon, Sailor Pluto.
  • Gender Bender: Haruka/Sailor Uranus, thanks to Sailor Moon.
    • A major part of Matsumi Kaze's backstory is this, though much more complex...
  • Genius Loci: Aescapulus (Aes for short) is this. He is the AI for a gigantic bronze sphere, 4000 KM in diameter. It’s debatable if he counts as either a planet or spaceship or both.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: The Magistra (AKA Riyana Razal), Noriko Xadium, Sakura Xadium Aino and Eilean, among others.
    • The 400 babies project created a lot of these. A LOT.
  • Hero of Another Story: Matsuo Shin is a glaring example. Most of the characters are heroes of their own stories, but most of the stories have already happened by the time they show up in canon.
  • Identical Grandson: Harriet S. Weinberg, Granddaughter of Sagitta Weinberg. (Though this is mostly due to Xadium just using images of Sagaitta to represent Harriet)
  • Informed Ability: Sailor Negerra is apparently able to warp reality to her whims but is never seen to do so in any great amounts. Partially subverted in that this is more or less due to certain restrictions in place on the site and not due to player intention.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Subverted. Some might think Jedite to be this. No. No He Isn’t.
  • Lethal Chef: Michiru. Also in the chatbox, Flonne.
  • Massive Multiplayer Crossover
  • Master Computer: Prometheus was built to be this by Anthony Suthers, with it being connected everywhere in the world with the hope that it would bring peace to the world. It quickly became apparent that whatever peace it might bring would not be pleasant…
  • Mixand Match Weapon: The Magistra's Gunblade. Also hinges on Empathic Weapon, as the weapons of a Time Sage are tied to their own powers and picky over who can pick them up unless their owner allows it.
  • Mook: Available in in unending supply and flavor from countless continuities. Very high turnover rate.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Even after having done horrible things to other members of The Hotel, Hazel Ninegate finally passed the Horizon when she created an alchemy circle on the planet Viridan III, converting nearly the entire populace into a philosopher’s stone which she claimed she used to break through the time lock around Gallifrey and destroy the daleks. She actully hid it away for later use. The Magistra even points this out as the moment that she went too far.
    • While Anthony Suthers was disliked by most of the members of The Hotel, his murder of Amanda Sharlan and his immediate and dispassionate response of stating that he needed to find a replacement child cemented his role as a villain.
  • My Grandson Myself: Gemini Sunrise uses this to preform on stage after traveling into to the present, claiming she's the famous Gemini's granddaughter.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: If only Yumiko, Magistra and Solarchos hadn’t scanned Sailor Anzu’s computer equipment, they wouldn’t have had their own machinery infected by her computer virus form and wouldn’t have gotten the Hotel’s Time Lord technology infected as well.
    • If Gemini had taken Davis more as a serious threat, she would have been able to prevent Ying from dying a horribly painful death.
    • They should really have watched Anthony Suthers more carefully, as they could have saved Amanda Sharlan the first time.
    • Thanks to Matsumi becoming overconfident, she not only put her entire theater in danger from a zombie hoard, but managed to lose one of her friends, letting him become a brainwashed slave in the process.
    • Minor example: During a fight against a group of invading Rutans, Aes attempted to trap a group of them in a cage, but was prevented from doing so by an attack by Meladina, thus saving the enemies.
    • Ignis making a deal with The Black Guardian to revive a dead alternate version of Doctor Xadium…only to bring back to life instead an evil Time Lord known as The Corruptor
      • If Ignis hadn’t revived The Corruptor, then the Subsennerss wouldn’t have needed to defeat him which wouldn’t have brought Hazel Ninegate to the Hotel and well…the people of Viridan III would be much more happier right now.
    • The very existence of the Hotel at times can be called this, as it seems to attract all manner of evil to Tokyo.
  • The Nth Doctor: Given that several time lords, including Xadium, Sakura, Thrash and Meladina live in The Hotel, this is pretty much a given.
    • Averted somewhat with Doctor Xadium. He’s regenerated several times but always controls the change to keep him looking the same.
      • Also averted the younger Time Lords, like The Magistra, who have yet to regenerate.
    • Paisley Peinforte is a very odd and complex case of this: She is a human who was created by Sakura April at the World Tree in order to replace the deceased Noriko Xadium, who had already been reborn once before as another time lord hybrid named Arx Sylvanran but who had died and been reborn separately, by putting together bits and pieces of separate time lines together. So she is basically a recreated replacement of a dead time lord who had been reborn once already but had died and is now a human.
  • No Fourth Wall: Used as a character trait for the Disgaea based characters. They're explicitly aware they're in a chatroom, and occasion, bemoan the limits of the media and complain about the plot, or even more rarely refer to scripts. Rarely other characters will join them in this for comedic effect but it's mostly limited to them, and 90% of the time everyone else just assumes they're nuts.
  • Noodle Incident: A Meta example. The players will often refer to people that have been banned from the site but will refuse to speak of WHY said people were banned to avoid dredging up bad memories and starting arguments.
  • Nothing Up My Sleeve: Eitak Razal wears a long flowing dress with overly large sleeves for a reason: They're enchanted and she can reach in her sleeve and pull out all sorts of objects. This is actully rarely brought up directly, even when utilized; If handed something she needs to hold onto, she'll shove it in a sleeve without much comment as if it were pocket. Overlaps with Hammer Space
  • Original Generation: Quite a few original universes have been added to the Multiverse by players. The noteable examples are the Lupa and Time Sage characters.
  • Our Werewolves Are Different: The Lupa are not in fact werewolves but rather highly intelligent alien beings who migrated to Earth centuries ago. However, they are able to shift to a wolf like form and do involuntary shift during full moons. They can also change non Lupa into their own kind.
    • An actual werewolf appears in the form of Vandal Lillithson....sort of. His father was a werewolf, his mother was a succubus, making him half natural born werewolf, half incubus. His player has stated that he's a "Natural born" werewolf and his wolf traits are genetic (As shown by him having a tail at all times). Even if he were to bite you under a full moon you wouldn't get infected. That's not to say lycantheropy doesn't exist, he just doesn't have it.
  • Pluto Is Expendable: Played straight after Pluto's IAU demotion, causing Setsuna to lose her Senshi powers and turn emo and slightly insane. The chat room even filtered out "Pluto" to it's numerical designation. Once Sailor Moon returned post Face-Heel Turn, she gave Setsuna back her powers and removed the filter.
    • While the filter remains removed, Pluto has once again been depowered.
  • Reality Warper: Usagi, Chibi-Usa. In the chatroom, Sailor Neggerra.
  • Remote Body: Aes uses robotic versions of these in order to interact with other people in the Hotel, given that he is actually a massive artificial super planetoid.
  • Rule of Cool: This along with Rule of Funny is what the site pretty much runs on.
  • Ripple-Effect-Proof Memory: Various characters have this to various degrees, but The Magistra deserves special mention. As a crossbreed of two different Time Active races (Time Lord and a variant of human with innate time abilities) her memory has been shown to be ripple-effect proof even though others were wiped. She was even able to remember the physical incarnation of a Dhe Ehm basically hitting a Reset Button (Though this may be tied to her family's ties to DMs in the past).
  • Sailor Earth: It's a Sailor Moon based fan-fic. This is to be expected. Quite a large number of object's within our Solar System have been claimed by players already, and a few originals not based on any real planet (Sailor Bandersnatch, Sailor Quinox, Sailor Neggerra for example) pop up as well. Non-Sailor Moon Examples include Doctor Xadium and Thrash, original Time Lords.
  • Self Insert: A few characters are based on their players (And a at least one is a Gender Flipped version). Most are written well enough that you wouldn't notice
  • The Dragon: Lots of the heavyweight antagonists come equipped with them. Flavors range from all-powerful robots to devoted followers to actual dragons.
  • Totalitarian Utilitarian: Anthony Suthers was this, along with shades of Knight Templar, who was fanatical in pursuit of order, and did not exactly obsess over the "needs of the few." This included those of his adopted daughter Amanda Sharlan.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Amanda Sharlan calls Enigmus/Matsumi Kaze out this way after her plan to blown up Team Rocket’s HQ is revealed.
  • Weirdness Magnet: The Ten’ou House (now Hotel) is pretty much this nowadays.
    • Though technically in the Sub Sen Universe, Japan itself is this.
  • The Wiki Rule: It has it's own wiki, which is useful for keeping track of the current canon status of different elements originating in the various series.
  • The Woman Wearing the Queenly Mask: Eitak Razal. At home she's depicted as a strong, caring Queen despite her young age and the world's eyes are on her at all times forceing her public personaly to be diffrent then her real one. She's really brash, loud, ready to jump into a fight at any time as well as a bit of an otaku.
    • A bit played with in that the box's normal local allows her to drop the mask. It's referenced however that this in full effect back on her reality and she comes to this one on her free time in order to be a normal woman with no responsibilities. It's also been established that she utterly hates this being in effect.
  • Undead Tax Exemption: Averted and played straight: A number of characters don't legally exist (including a (formerly) undead elf) due to being Aliens, genetic experiments, etc. When this would be an issue, a number of other characters are more then happy to forge documents for them. Due to the cast being able to get all the necessities at the hotel free of charge, this only becomes an issue if they seek employment or schooling.
  • Utopia Justifies the Means: This was Anthony Suthers' modus operandi, as well as a few other rather unreasonable people over the years. Tony went so far as to attempt to kidnap and indoctrinate an isolated community to consider the other characters as deities and obey them unquestioningly.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Hazel Ninegate began as an arrogant if at times sociopathic character, using her Nonary Games as a sadistic way to “test” humanity, she still showed some small signs of slight respect for mankind’s “potential”, if still seeing them beneath her. After the marriage of Doctor Xadium and Gemini Sunrise, she almost completely lost her cool, resulting in the death of Seiya Kou/Sailor Star Fighter, the destruction of several planetary systems and the near genocide of the people of Viridan III. Time will tell if she goes completely Ax-Crazy.
    • She did. BIG time.
  • You Cannot Grasp the True Form: Vainamoinen most of the time is seen an Ambiguous Gender humanlike form, though he/she has commented more than once that it isn’t what he/she actually looks like. Only one person has seen Vainamoinen’s true self and the moment she did, she started to scream her head off for quite a long time.
  • You Can't Fight Fate: Eliza
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