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Style Savvy
Style Savvy, also known as Nintendo Presents: Style Boutique, or Wagamama Fashion: Girls Mode, depending on one's region, is a Nintendo published and syn Sophia developed fashion simulator for the Nintendo DS.

The game starts you out working as a clerk in a clothing store, working to match the wants and needs of the customers based on the style, color, and type of the clothing. As the game progresses, the player eventually is given their own fashion boutique to run by the owner of the store, and rich Bishōnen, Dominic. From that point, the player has to work to maintain a diverse stock while keeping the customers satisfied, build up store popularity, and eventually take part in fashion shows, where the player is tasked with assembling an ensemble from a limited number of parts to fit a general theme. Furthermore, while the player manages their store, they're also able to customize their own avatars, using the money they earn to purchase cosmetic changes, and receiving a copy of every purchased piece of clothing in their wardrobe. Finally, the player can also run an online boutique and compete with other players in fashion competitions.

It is notable that it contains over 16 brands of a variety of styles, comprising of almost 10,000 items, resulting in a very deep Virtual Paper Doll game. More so, in that the boutique itself can be customized to attract different customers.

In both the US and Japan, Style Savvy received a surprisingly good reception, given the genre's tendency to fall into shovelware, and ranks as one of the best selling Nintendo DS games. It also received a sequel for the Nintendo 3DS, Style Savvy: Trendsetters (also known as Wagamama Fashion: Girls Mode Yokubari Sengen! or Nintendo Presents: New Style Boutique), with added content such as bags or men's fashion.

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