->''"The very best character actors are made of equal parts discipline and madness, and the fact that our faces are more familiar than our names is not our curse, but our blessing. The character actor's goal, after all, is not to earn the adulation of the public; it is to give lives to a hundred nameless spirits who make us laugh or cry, who are both familiar and new, who show us that their journey is our journey, and who, like everyone in the audience, never get to kiss Renée Zellweger."''
-->--Stephen Tobolowsky

Stephen Harold Tobolowsky is an incredibly prolific character actor and the undisputed patron saint of HeyItsThatGuy, having appeared in over 200 movies and TV episodes. In fact, once in a hotel room he flipped through channels to find himself on every channel at various ages.

Stephen is perhaps best known for playing Ned Ryerson in the Creator/BillMurray classic Film/GroundhogDay. Although a versatile actor, he has a tendency to play jerks, incompetent villains, annoying suits or other ObstructiveBureaucrat types. A case of MeanCharacterNiceActor, in reality Stephen is a witty and affable fellow with a self-deprecating sense of humour.

He's also a highly gifted storyteller, and has a storytelling {{Podcast}} called ''[[http://www.slashfilm.com/category/features/slashfilmcast/the-tobolowsky-files/ The Tobolowsky Files]]'' where he regales us with tales of life, love and the entertainment industry. These podcasts detail his emotional journeys through every aspect of Hollywood, while also recounting his personal relationships with friends, girlfriends, family and faith. They are often hilarious, heartwarming and tearjerking. You have been warned.
* HeyItsThatGuy
* MeanCharacterNiceActor

!!Film Roles
* 1984 Film/ThePhiladelphiaExperiment as Barney
* 1987 Film/{{Spaceballs}} as Captain of the Guard
* 1988 Film/MississippiBurning as Clayton Townley
* 1989 Film/GreatBallsOfFire as Jud Phillips
* 1990 Film/BirdOnAWire as Joe Weyburn
* 1991 Film/ThelmaAndLouise as Max
* 1992 Film/BasicInstinct as Dr. Lamott
* 1992 Film/SingleWhiteFemale as Mitchell Myerson
* 1993 Film/GroundhogDay as Ned! Ryyyyyyerson!
* 1997 Film/MrMagoo as Agent Chuck Stupak
* 2000 Film/{{Memento}} as Sammy Jankis
* 2002 Film/TheCountryBears as Norbert Barrington
* 2002 Film/{{Adaptation}} as Ranger Steve Neely
* 2003 Film/FreakyFriday as Mr. Bates
* 2004 Film/{{Garfield}} as Happy Chapman
* 2005 WesternAnimation/{{Robots}} as Bigmouth Executive / Forge
* 2007 Film/WildHogs as Charley
* 2009 Film/TheTimeTravellersWife as Dr. Kendrick
* 2010 Film/{{Buried}} as Alan Davenport
* 2012 WesternAnimation/TheLorax as Uncle Ubb
* 2013 WesternAnimation/ToyStoryOfTerror as Ron the Manager
* 2014 WesternAnimation/MrPeabodyAndSherman as Principal Purdy
!!Television Roles
* 2003-2005 Series/CSIMiami as Assistant State Attorney Don Haffman
* 2005-2006 Series/{{Deadwood}} as Hugo Jarry
* 2007 Series/JohnFromCincinnati as Mark Lewinsky
* 2007-2008 Series/{{Heroes}} as Bob Bishop
* 2011 Series/{{Community}} as Professor Peter Sheffield
* 2009-2011 Series/{{Glee}} as Sandy Ryerson
* 2012 Series/TheMindyProject as Marc Shulman
* 2012-2013 Series/{{Justified}} as FBI Agent Jerry Barkley
* 2011-2014 Series/{{Californication}} as Stu Beggs
!!Videogame Roles
* 2014 [[Videogame/BatmanArkhamOrigins Batman: Arkham Origins - Cold Cold Heart]] as Ferris Boyle / Mobsters / Joker Thugs