Stellar Singers

"People from different Stars come together once every year for a inter-galactic competition to find the best singer in the universe~ you create your OC and compete in 5 rounds based around a song/genre of music! you can either cover a song or draw a picture telling us what you feel about the song! (so this group DOES involve singing! but its optional) the person who makes it trough all 5 rounds will be crowned the Stellar-Singer!"
Official Description

Stellar Singers is one part Singing Competition, one part Art Group, blended finely along with some dashes of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and lots of.... er, less than kid-friendly actions. Hosted on DeviantArt, the group was formed in Late March, but didn't truly take off until September. Currently has nearly 140 members, though who knows who will be eliminated from the Competition phases as time goes on.

.... *moonrapefaceplz*

This Group contains examples of: