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Starlit Heroics
In the time of the ancients, there existed two groups of gods. One ruled Heaven and the other ruled Hell. Today, they are known by the handles of the Lunardream and the Deathmoon Families, having legions of followers. One day, the Deathmoon Family turned and locked themselves as their enemies. Their eternal struggle is one that has shaped the annals of history, with long and bloody wars staining the timeline, causing mass destruction and influencing the futures of thousands. However, this long tale of timeless battles shall soon end, and begin anew as hard-earned peace. This is the time of Starlit Heroics.

Starlit Heroics is Xerizero Re 9010's personal masterpiece, and it includes the adventures of multiple characters and their development along with discovering more of the world around them.

There are many bumps along the way across various. There's one main story so far - the Black Blood Crusades (which revolves around the desperate struggle had by the soldier Lirus and his companions against the Zombie Apocalypse that is brought upon by the eponymous Nachzehrer monsters.) arc and Tale of a Sun and Moon (which revolves around a man who's tangled himself in the thick and dangerous underworld of Divixus due to getting something he wasn't supposed to.)

The creator himself has crafted all 70+ characters, their personalities, along with working them all to be identifiable from each other, the story over a three (and ongoing) year span of cleaning up plots and scenarios, the world where they live in, every little detail, continuous studying of works like it, the terminologies, every single monster, and even a wiki.

There is also a load of references to his long list of inspirations, which can come from either good or crappy things, with the bad stuff being worked into better ideas. There is a fanfiction called Legend Of The Rising Star made by the creator which centers around Vocaloid and various other franchises that has actually helped to contribute ideas to the canon of this series, I.E the Apocalytes being a part of the history and various other little things.

Tropes include:

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