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Standard Disco Equipment
So, the main cast is going to visit a disco, or they just feel like dancing for no good reason? Well, you gotta have a lot of equipment for this dance show to be a success:

  • Blinking colored lights, lots of blinking colored lights
    • Plain lights hung from the roof
    • Floor panels that change color
    • Lights in the room fixture
    • UV lights to make white stuff glow
    • Neon like tubes
    • LED text signs
  • A laser show
  • A disco ball
  • An awesome sound system
  • Pyrotechnics and other effect machines
    • A smoke machine
      • Possibly bubbles, too
    • Confetti cannons
      • Or snow
    • Burning stuff, like woodo-style candles
  • A DJ station, at least a separate table, usually a bit raised, sometimes a full room with panorama view over the dance floor.
    • At least one LP player so that the DJ can do the scratching.
    • A mixing board with loads of sliders and knobs, at least a few dozen of each.
    • Random high-tech equipment
  • A stage, if there is a live band.
  • A central main dance floor where the characters can bust some cool moves
  • A bar
  • Moving platforms

Of course, this is Truth in Television. But odds are high that most of the real Discos didn't have everything that almost every Disco in film and television has. Fictional Discos take the gaudiness of real Discos Up to Eleven so that we know it's a Disco.

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