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Spiritual Warfare
Spiritual Warfare was an unlicensed Christian video game released in 1992 by Wisdom Tree, primarily for the NES, though also sold for other systems such as the Game Boy and DOS. In it, the player plays a young Christian whose town has been overrun by demons, causing innocent townsfolk to become corrupted. The gameplay and graphics were amazingly simplistic for its release year, being an 8-bit title in a time when the 16-bit generation was gaining popularity. It used the same engine as Bible Buffet before it, but minus the board game elements of that game.

To complete your goal of converting your town back to the straight and narrow, you must go forth and minister to all the poor, downtrodden sinners using the allegorical Fruits of the Holy Spirit, which are represented in the game by literal pieces of fruit. That you throw at people. So even though you're supposed to be going around proseltyzing to the masses and saving souls, in the game it looks like you're getting people to kneel and pray by blasting them in the face with bananas and pears. Hey, it's still a video game.

Apart from collecting this fruit, the player also collects the Armour of God, in six pieces, to prepare for the final confrontation with the "ultimate source of evil" in the character's town, and other biblical items, such as the Jawbone of Samson and Anointing Oil.

Encyclopedia Obscura has a review of the game handy, and Syd Lexia has a more in-depth review here.

This game provides examples of:

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