Spelling Nazi

"A slavish concern for the composition of words is the sign of a bankrupt intellect!"
The Humbug, The Phantom Tollbooth

A Spelling Nazi is a subtype of Grammar Nazi, specializing in spelling. A Spelling Nazi would actively fight the Rouge Angles of Satin. A Spelling Nazi would make sure that "definately" was replaced by "definitely" and not "defiantly." A Spelling Nazi would always spell the names of the characters, settings, attacks, and MacGuffins in its fandom correctly if the correct spellings are known (and if they aren't, then expect those of different ideologies to try to tear one another's throats out over which is more "correct"). And God save us all if a British Spelling Nazi ever meets an American one.

However, all these characteristics also makes them very easy to troll.

Not to be confused with anyone related to Aaron or Tori.