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Space Boyfriend
I fight for love... and I can't think of anything else!

Space Boyfriend is half Galactic Cupid, and half noble justice fighter. He can save a world in a day, fix someone's girl troubles with a quick blast of his love rays (and sometimes both at the same time!), but just can't fix his own girl problems. He feels content saving the galaxy forever, though, and maybe, just maybe, there's something real between him and that mysterious Starling...

One day, trouble's afoot. Starling reveals that she's actually on a faraway planet, trapped in an eternal slumber along with the rest of her kind. Space Boyfriend must embark on the biggest fight for love the universe has ever seen if he is to rescue her!

Space Boyfriend is a webtoon-to-be, primarily co-created by Mild-Mannered Benjamin Katon (best known for his work in radio plays) and "Shaon Ketchupface" (best known for getting kicked out of Tree From My Youth within two episodes of joining), along with contributions from many others. The two collaborate on writing and character design, while Katon does the audio work and Shaon does the visuals. Also, they have a theme song! By Toby "Radiation" Fox! You know, this guy!

This show provides examples of:

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