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Solaris Paradox
Solaris Paradox the second member of brainscratch as he states his channel contains random short humor videos and the occasional gaming vid. I tend to go long periods of time without posting any new videos to my channel, though; I'm a lot more active on Brain Scratch Commentaries than I am here. As usual he is the plothole incarnate and will attempt to try and logic his way out of things in basic terms see his brainscratch wiki. Solaris is the jackass of the group, being the second founder of the channel. The idea of commentating was originally pitched to him by Ryan, after which he later invited Johnny. Usually goes on various rants and talking about subjects unrelated to the game. Will find something to compare to Sonic the Hedgehog in each and everyone of their playthroughs. Is also known for having technical problems that have affected his presence in the group. He's also not afraid to be self-deprecating, either as he makes fun of the fact that he is unemployed and that his references are too nerdy for the other commentators. His contributions involve:Sonic 1Sonic 06 (Most of it)Sonic CDSonic: Lost WorldsSonic 3 and Knuckles (Knuckles)PortalPortal 2 Co-op (With Ryan)Pokemon Leaf Green

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