-> '''[[LargeHam "HELLO, RONNIE."]] [[HotBlooded "HELLO, BURGER."]]'''

Evil aliens foolishly invade a WorldOfHam to assassinate the titular, um, sock...

Wait, let's try this again.

In a crazy suburban world, two friends - Ronnie Cordova, a kung-fu master in a [[LoungeLizard maroon leisure suit]] and Burger, a cyborg in what appears to be a prison outfit with a [[PowerFist rocket-powered robotic fist]] have somehow fallen into the task of caring for Sockbaby - a sentient sock. Who is actually the sock incarnation of [[MessianicArchetype Jesus]], destined to die (again) for the sins of the Sock-People. When attempting to go get some lunch, Ronnie and Burger are assaulted by jive-talking demonic aliens...

[[RefugeInAudacity It's as weird as it sounds.]] And it's awesome.

The fourth film in the series (''Sockb4by'') [[HeyItsThatGuy guest stars]] [[PansLabyrinth Doug Jones]] (with a [[HeyItsThatGuy cameo]] by Film/NapoleonDynamite in a wetsuit), gives us some more details of Ronnie's origin, and shatters the law that the fourth movie in a series is always horrible.

Written by DougTenNapel, directed by Doug [=TenNapel=] and [[AgamemnonTiberiusVacuum John Soares]].

!This short film series provides examples of:

* AlienBlood - In ''Sockb4by'', one of the Man-I-Two twins (the Heder brothers) blood is orange, the other's is yellow.
** Also, Doug Jones' blood is black.
** And the first mook (the one that gets his hand caught in the blender) has pink blood.
* AllThereInTheManual - Subverted. While clarification about the Sockbaby universe has been done on Doug [=TenNapel=]'s forums, [[WordOfGod he has stated]] that everything you need to know about the films is right there in the movies. There's still no explaining that first scene, though...
* AppliedPhlebotinum - [[spoiler:Sockbaby brings Ronnie back to life with some sort of pixie dust after his fight with Lord Opticord.]]
* ArtifactTitle - Sockbaby is nowhere to be seen in ''Sockb4by''.
* ArtMajorBiology - Ronnie's mom was white and his dad was black; this, according to Doug [=TenNapel=], is why Ronnie was born a black child but grew up to be a white man.
* ArtShift - Ronnie's [[SuperSerum plasma pill]]-enduced [[KamehameHadoken energy blast]] that explodes one of the greys is shown in an animated sequence.
** Also, Ronnie's lungs in ''Sockb4by''.
* AsHimself - Doug Jones.
* AssKickingPose: Frequently. Ronnie loves to pose.
* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking - Lord Opticord is the toughest opponent.
* BadassBoast: Absolutely all over the place. Lord Optichord has an amazing one.
-->"We don't kill Sock Baby to "win". There is no "win". I kill Sockbaby...to ''break the heart of God''".
* BloodFromTheMouth - Done [[SpecialEffectsFailure hilariously badly]]. (Of course, that was [[{{Camp}} the whole point]].)
* BrickJoke: Burger tells a man who claims to be Ronnie's father that he's lying, "Because Ronnie's father is ''black!"'' Sure enough, we see at the end that Ronnie's real father ''was'' black.
* BringIt - Ronnie Cordova makes a few of these moves.
* TheBrute - A Two-Ton Chum-Chum.
* [[ChekhovsGun Chekhov's Dog Dookie]]
* CarryABigStick - The Chum-Chum again.
* CatchPhrase - The head Grey: "Sham Bam Bamina!"
* CloudCuckoolander - Doug [=TenNapel=], who wrote the thing.
* CoolShades - Ronnie's mirrored aviators.
* CreatorCameo: Doug [=TenNapel=] as Lord Optichord. He is HUGE.
* EmbarrassingFirstName. "My name is Davis." (*snicker*)
* EnemyMime - The greys wear black and white facepaint.
* EverybodyWasKungFuFighting - In ''Sockb4by'', even Ronnie's next door neighbor is one of the mook squad that attacks him.
* EvilSorceror: Lord Optichord apparently uses dark magic to warp reality and summon adversaries for Ronny to battle from the dark place he resides. He also has an arsenal of magical artifacts at his disposal, including a "magic doorknob" that he uses to travel to earth.
* GiantMook: The "Two-ton Chum-Chum" that appears in part 2 and starts seriously kicking Ronnie's ass until Burger brings some sort of demon to life with a paper puppet to eat it.
* GlowingEyesOfDoom - When Ronnie takes the plasma pill.
* GogglesDoNothing - Burger wears a pair of swimming goggles - for no apparent reason.
* HeterosexualLifePartners - Ronnie and Burger
* HeyItsThatGuy - The ComicBook/SilverSurfer and Film/NapoleonDynamite take on AgamemnonTiberiusVacuum!
** [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]]. "But you're Doug Jones! How would an A-lister like you know little old me?"
* KungFoley - In universe, no less! Ronnie's ''posing'' causes random snaps and musical stings to occur. In Sockbaby 2, when one pose results in a [[BuffySpeak hoedownariffic]] musical sting, Burger [[LampshadeHanging tells him to cut it out]].
* LukeIAmYourFather - Doug Jones, to Ronnie.
* OldMaster - [[spoiler:Master Cordova]]
* RuleOfCool- Every. Fight. Scene. Period.
* [[SharpDressedMan Sharp Dressed Mooks]] - The Greys wear matching black and white suits.
* {{Shoutout}} - [[{{Voltron}} "And I'll form the head."]]
* SinsOfOurFathers - [[spoiler:"Your real father killed my real son. So I'm here to return the favor!"]]
* TrashTalk - "Go forth and tell your alien brothers... THAT RONNIE CORDOVA SAYS THEY'RE GAY!"
* UnderwearOfPower - in ''Sockb4by'', the mooks all wear black wetsuits with white briefs on the outside.
* {{Uncancelled}}: The Website/{{Channel101}} audience didn't vote it back, but Tennapel was encouraged to continue.
* VariableLengthChain - Ronnie can use his leisure suit neck chain as a(n apparently electrified) weapon. Lord Opticord turns it against him [[spoiler:after it's used on him - and they both apparently die..]].
* WilhelmScream