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->'''Trombley:''' Sergeant, I didn't get to shoot.
->'''Ray:''' That fucking sucks, Trombley. Did your recruiting officer tell you you could just shoot anyone?
->'''Trombley:''' Fuckin' A he did.
-->-- ''Series/GenerationKill''
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The grunt version of InsaneAdmiral (and sometimes ColonelKilgore or GeneralRipper). Often people below the rank of Sergeant are all around [[JerkAss assholes]] who [[RapePillageAndBurn plunder, rape]], and [[ObligatoryWarCrimeScene massacre civilians]], or brutally torture and murder the hero's comrades, making killing them less guilt-causing.

These generally come in four flavors:
# '''The Jingo:''' First, the kind who are swept up in PatrioticFervor or [[MyCountryRightOrWrong similar]] and are doing it because they're [[KnightTemplar convinced their cause gives them the right to be as brutal as they please]] (racism, {{fantastic|Racism}} or otherwise might be involved). [[PayEvilUntoEvil They might think the enemy genuinely are scum who deserve whatever is visited on them]] (or slightly more likely, they will not believe/not care about this but use it as an excuse anyway). May be a SociopathicHero. Very, very fond of DisproportionateRetribution; one of his comrades is worth at least ten of theirs, and it doesn't matter if they're noncombatants or not. If one of his buddies dies, the likelihood that he'll randomly shoot some civilians on the street just to MakeAnExampleOfThem is quite high.
# '''The Psychopath:''' Then there's the second kind, the PsychoForHire who just joined up ''for'' the [[RapePillageAndBurn plunder, rape and massacring of civilians]] and doesn't care whose banner they're doing it under. If he wasn't in the army he'd be a SerialKiller or mass murderer, or (more likely) someone with a deep core of anger who will eventually take out said anger on a convenient target and wind up on the evening news. Some will be more fixated on [[BloodKnight enemy combatants for the thrill of besting them]], but civilians can be amusing too. Others may just hate their lives and the world and use enemy soldiers and civilians as outlets. He's also the most likely to get himself killed; jingos usually have like-minded comrades who will help save their asses, unwilling conscripts are solely motivated by their own survival, and broken soldiers still take pains to stay alive so that they can keep helping their comrades along; as for the psycho, if he doesn't do something suicidally stupid in a moment of anger or bloodlust, his own comrades are likely to kill him because [[TokenEvilTeammate he's a liability]], a ticking time bomb who may wind up [[TeamKiller turning on them]], or [[EveryoneHasStandards just out of disgust]] if his actions are truly beyond the pale.
# '''The Unwilling Conscript:''' The third kind is your regular neighborhood boy who has been [[SlaveMook conscripted into the army]], has absolutely no interest in war, hates it all and has only his own personal survival at stake. Often terrorized and brutalized by his own officers and noncoms. He's nothing but CannonFodder and he knows it -- with nothing to gain from the fighting, the knowledge that he [[WeHaveReserves is expendable]] tips him over the edge into madness. This kind hates everybody, including his own officers, though it's the enemy civillians who will likely bear the brunt of his wrath. Expect that lots of RapePillageAndBurn and {{Fragging}} incidents may occur. They still exist in armies not based on conscription in a modified form, usually as a kid who technically entered voluntarily but is essentially there because it was his only viable option; expect to see the same bitter, desperate viciousness and general disregard for the lives of others. Also the most likely to defect or desert if he gets pissed off enough. In general, he's the second most dangerous, as he often has nothing to lose and will kill anyone who he sees as a threat, and that tendency to defect and/or desert means that he very well may just feed the enemy crucial information and thereby jeopardize the lives of hundreds, if not thousands.
# '''The Broken Soldier:''' Finally there's the fourth kind; he was a NiceGuy at one time, just trying to take care of his buddies and protect his home - but then [[DespairEventHorizon he saw or experienced something that broke him inside]], and now he just wants to [[WellIntentionedExtremist get things done as efficiently as possible]]. This would be the ShellShockedVeteran, and he's a ''lot'' more dangerous than the other three - he's neither stupid, crazy, nor angry, [[CombatPragmatist just 'pragmatic']]. IDidWhatIHadToDo is practically his mantra; if the easiest solution that has the smallest potential body count on his side is also unbelievably brutal and cruel, he'll employ it nonetheless and worry about the horror of what he did after the fact. He's [[TragicVillain fully aware that what he's doing is horrible and unforgivable]], and if it doesn't haunt him and keep him up at night, he's most likely dead to the world and would probably be [[AteHisGun eating his gun]] if he didn't have comrades to see through the war.

If there's a whole bunch of them, expect an InsaneAdmiral, ColonelKilgore, or GeneralRipper in charge.

Occasionally the rest of the soldiers will be relatively sympathetic but one of these will be the TokenEvilTeammate.

Contrast OfficerAndAGentleman and CulturedWarrior. Overlaps with BloodKnight, except a Blood Knight is likely to be more sociable and likes the ''action'' and excitement of the battle more than carnage or committing war crimes. Compare with the more [[HiredGuns mercenary]] PsychoForHire. Compare and contrast ShellShockedVeteran. After leaving the military, this type of character is especially likely to go FromCamouflageToCriminal and turn to a life of crime.

This is TruthInTelevision. Every war, ever, has examples of this show up on all sides. Some have more, some have less, but no one has none. The amount varies widely depending on a whole range of factors, with the most important one usually being whether such behavior is shunned, ignored, or outright encouraged by military higher-ups and politicians (with countless examples of all three options). Scientifically tested [[http://www.cracked.com/article_16239_5-psychological-experiments-that-prove-humanity-doomed.html here, especially the second page]]. Also, relatedly, [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bobo_doll_experiment this article]]. [[RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgment That's all we'll say on the topic.]]


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* They [[LovesTheSoundOfScreaming don't get any more sociopathic]] than [[MadBomber Solf]] [[LovesTheSoundOfScreaming J.]] [[BloodKnight Kimblee]] from ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist''. He's essentially LackOfEmpathy in a uniform (and later, a NiceHat and [[BadassInANiceSuit suit]]). He sees killing as part of his job...and Kimblee loves a job well done. His counterpart in [[Anime/FullMetalAlchemist the 2003 anime version]] [[CharacterExaggeration exaggerates]] this to the point where he's less this trope, and more of a ForTheEvulz PsychoForHire.
** During the Ishval flashbacks we see that many of the Amestrian soldiers, including [[ColonelBadass Roy Mustang]], [[FriendlySniper Riza Hawkeye]], [[OverProtectiveDad Maes Hughes]], [[ReasonableAuthorityFigure Basque Grand]] and even ''[[GentleGiant Major Armstrong]]'' acted like this during the genocide, running the full range of Types 1, 2, 3, and 4. Unlike Kimblee, they're all haunted by their actions, and deeply regret them. In the first anime, [[SerialKiller Barry the Chopper]] argues that [[HumansAreBastards people really do want to kill each other]], but won't do it without permission from the government; hence why people join the army in the first place. Manga!Kimblee makes a similar speech, in which he questions the motivations of Roy and his friends, suggesting that if they were only willing to kill a few people, but not thousands, they shouldn't have joined the army in the first place.
--> "Look your victims in the eye. And never, forget them. They certainly won't forget you."
** In the [[Anime/FullMetalAlchemist 2003 anime version]], we also have [[SmugSnake Lt. Colonel Frank Archer]], a textbook sociopath and Type I who joined the army for the prestige, and out of his belief that WarIsGlorious. He manipulates the emotions of those forced to work with him, turns anime!Kimblee (a MisanthropeSupreme PsychoForHire and MadBomber) loose on Liore, and willingly hunts down anyone the government tells him is a threat. He is later promoted to a command rank, where his raging paranoia ensures his evolution into a GeneralRipper.
** There's also RetiredBadass Giolio Comanche, who seems to have enjoyed his time at the front a little too much going off the SlasherSmile he displays when Order #3066 is issued.
* Along similar lines to Kimblee, Sir Luciano [[BloodKnight Bradley]] of ''Anime/CodeGeass'' is a PsychoForHire type who actually comments that he loves the military as it allows him to kill lots of people and get rewarded for doing so. Bradley even states he doesn't even care about the rewards, he just loves that being in the military lets him kill people. The fact that he's one of [[TheEmpire Britannia's]] highest ranking and strongest soldiers just means he can kill more people.
** And at least a good chunk of the Britannian troops. If a few simple words from your superior is enough to get you to gun down unarmed civilians without a sweat, there might be something wrong with you.
* Zaied, of ''LightNovel/FullMetalPanic'' is the hero's EvilCounterpart and a grown-up ChildSoldier turned [[HiredGuns mercenary]]. He's also a near [[EmptyShell emotionless]] [[LackOfEmpathy sociopath]], who thinks that [[NotAGame winning is all that matters in war]], and willingly [[{{Turncoat}} betrays his comrades]] in order to be on the winning side, later trying to kill his former friend [[TheHero Sousuke]] on TheBigBad's orders. He never once looks back, bats an eye, or seems to think that he might have done anything wrong.
* The Titans of ''Anime/MobileSuitZetaGundam'' were a haven for characters like this. Then again, given that they're led by the likes of GeneralRipper [[ColonelKilgore Bask]] [[InsaneAdmiral Ohm]] and ManipulativeBastard [[BigBad Paptimus]] [[DarkMessiah Scirrocco]] this shouldn't be surprising. [[BloodKnight Yazan]] [[MemeticMolester Gable]] is probably the worst, being a Type II PsychoForHire who joined up solely for the chance to kill AEUG supporters.
** Yazan received an {{expy}} in ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamZZ'''s Rakan Dahkaran, a ruthless Axis-Zeon AcePilot who ignores the rules of war and aims to kill as many of the enemy as possible, regardless of whether they are actually combatants. One iconic scene has him impassively firing on hospital ships and refugee craft as they attempt to flee from a ColonyDrop; he wants to make sure that no one escapes the blast radius.
** ''Anime/MobileSuitGundam00'' features the A-LAWS who are more or less a collective {{Expy}} of the Titans; among their number is another of Yazan's expies, Ali Al-Saachez, a PsychoForHire and CardCarryingVillain who freely admits that he loves warfare, and [[EvilIsNotPacifist wouldn't know what to do with himself if an actual world peace was established]]. He later graduates to ColonelKilgore after being given an officer's rank by BigBad Ribbons Almark, whom he becomes TheDragon to.
** Decil Galette of ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamAGE'' takes the worst qualities of both Yazan and Ali and combines them into a single, nasty [[EnfanteTerrible childsized]] package, treating war as a game and his victims as toys. The timeskip has not improved him, and the disconcerting enthusiasm he shows whenever's he's turned loose on his enemies is if anything more disturbing on a thirty-three year old.
* Two of Noin's former trainees in an episode of ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing'' go this route, sadistically murdering their opponents and laughing over the wreckage. If they weren't members of the army, the'd be [[PsychoForHire Psychos For Hire]].
* Many, many examples in ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED'' and ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEEDDestiny'', from ZAFT troops executing surrendered Earth Forces personnel, to [[FantasticRacism Blue Cosmos]] lunatics who gleefully launch [[NukeEm nuclear weapons]] at ZAFT's home bases in the Plants. The [[{{Tykebomb}} Extended]] are particularly vicious about it, although [[BrainwashedAndCrazy that's not]] [[PsychoSerum entirely their fault]]. The ZAFT veterans who try to ColonyDrop Earth at the start of ''Seed Destiny'' are an especially good example, as is Yzak Joule before his CharacterDevelopment sets in.
** In ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEEDDestiny'''s spinoff, ''Stargazer'', three sociopathic soldiers serve as [[VillainProtagonist the protagonists]]. They are the [[LackOfEmpathy emotionally damaged]] [[TheStoic Sven Cal Bayan]] (who was left this way after TrainingFromHell and believes he's JustFollowingOrders), the sadistic [[DarkActionGirl Myudi Holcroft]], and the hyper-aggressive [[ScaryBlackMan Shams Couza]]. Acting as a strike team for Blue Cosmos, the three of them see a lot of action; [[spoiler:only Sven makes it out alive.]]
* Given that [[Manga/{{Hellsing}} Millenium]] was made up entirely of volunteers from the Waffen-SS, it can be assumed that its soldiers were this ''before'' being made into vampires. [[BloodKnight Afterwards...]]
* Dilandau Albatou and his Dragon Slayers from ''Anime/TheVisionOfEscaflowne'' combine this with {{Tykebomb}}, TeensAreMonsters, and--in Dilandau's case--[[{{Pyromaniac}} Pyromania]] and a side of [[MoralMyopia hypocrisy]]. Dilandau gets to burn and kill whoever he wants to, but god forbid [[MinorInjuryOverreaction anyone so much as touch Dilandau]]. He's pretty much a PsychoForHire who only works for one employer.
* ''Manga/KagerouNostalgia'': The vast majority of the soldiers in [[EvilOverlord General]] [[ZeroPercentApprovalRating Kiyotaka]] [[TheStarscream Kuroda's]] employ fit into this category. Given that they're sent into battle alongside demons, with orders to butcher and kidnap as many civilians as possible, this is more or less a part of the job description.
* Several ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'' villains, although given the nature of the setting comparing them to regular soldiers is iffy. Pre-HeelFaceTurn Gaara is a solid example though, as are all 7 Swordsmen of the Mist.
* ''Manga/BlackLagoon'': In his backstory, the leader of the Special Forces unit Grey Fox killed a gang of these (led by a ColonelKilgore type) to protect Vietnamese civilians.
** Roberta professes that she was the Jingo while she served in the FARC, killing without remorse to protect the ideals of the Revolution.
* The Black Dog Knights from ''Manga/{{Berserk}}'' are an army of the worst rapists, murderers and thieves that Midland has to offer. They're led by [[PsychoForHire Wyald]], a real piece of work of an Apostle who enjoys doing horrible things to people for his own enjoyment.
* ''Manga/DogSoldier'' has Col. Harry, Hiba's former commanding officer.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* In ''ComicBook/{{Watchmen}}'' , the Comedian [[KickTheDog shoots a pregnant woman to death]] while serving in Vietnam [[LackOfEmpathy without a hint of remorse]]. And it was his baby.
** The Comedian then immediately calls out Dr. Manhattan for not doing anything to stop him despite being [[PhysicalGod all-powerful]]. From his perspective, ''Dr. Manhattan'' is a sociopathic soldier. This has spawned MANY fanfics where Dr. Manhattan teleported the baby to X.
* ''Every single soldier'' who appears in ''ComicBook/{{DMZ}}'' is depicted in almost uniform fashion as one of these. It gets fairly ridiculous and ''really'' [[{{Anvilicious}} fucking ham fisted]] after a while. Almost as if being a sociopath is a required trait in order for one to qualify as a soldier.
* Deconstructed in the ''TwoFistedTales'' short story "Kill!", set in the Korean War. On the American side we have Abner, who continuously sharpens his knife and can't wait to gut some Chinese, while in the Chinese camp we meet Li, who obsessively polishes his submachine gun and compares it to a beautiful woman. [[spoiler:In the end, they meet in the field, mortally wound each other and both die unceremoniously]].
* ''Shooting War'' had one of these who was also TheFundamentalist.
* In ''ComicBook/SinCity'', Marv briefly mentions fighting in a war. It's possible that this could be one of the reasons for his mental state.
** Also oddly averted with Wallace. Given Sin City's penchant for violent heroes, Wallace is a former Navy SEAL, yet is one of the nicest characters in the series.
* ''ComicBook/CaptainAtom'' and ''ComicBook/GreenLantern'' villain Major Force was already serving a life sentence in a military prison, before being used as a test subject for a Super Soldier experiment. The end result? Turning a remorseless psychotic murderer into a PersonOfMassDestruction.
* Nuke from ''ComicBook/DaredevilBornAgain'' is a product of an attempt at making another ComicBook/CaptainAmerica. He's a SuperSoldier with heightened reflexes, drug-fuelled rage, and hardened plastic under his skin. He's also totally off his rocker, thinks he's still fighting UsefulNotes/TheVietnamWar, and will slaughter anyone he thinks is threatening "our boys"; his gun keeps a count of his kills.
* In ''ComicBook/{{Route 666}}'', Berkely went to war just to sate his bloodthirst - when the war ended, he became a serial killer instead. He wanted to team up with Cassie just so he could kill with a fairly clean conscience again.
* Suicida, leader of the Gang Green in ''ComicBook/MarshalLaw''. Like most "superheroes" in the setting, including Law himself, he and his fellow gang members are disaffected veterans of the catastrophic South American war known as "the Zone". He was trained to kill in the most brutal fashion imaginable, and resents the idea that his violent nature can somehow be turned on and off like a faucet. He wears a necklace of human ears and just wants to hurt everything he sees. Law doesn't like Suicida, but doesn't blame him for his feelings or his behavior, since ''very'' few Zone veterans are doing much better.
* ''Comicbook/ThePunisher'' is usually interpreted as this to the point where he cannot even smile at the deeds he does (mentioned when he kills Bushwhacker.) He has essentially taken his war to the streets showing no [[Film/TheTerminator pity, remorse or fear]] against gangsters, psychos, killers, rapists, criminals or HiredGuns. Some suggest it was his experience in Vietnam that made him this way, making a DealWithTheDevil, all works show it was losing his family that made him nuts. Whatever the case he is a broken type 1 and 4, to the point where he regrets not having someone to kill, or even having a wife and kids in the first place (though this can be interpreted as if he didn't they wouldn't have been in the park, they wouldn't have been killed and they he wouldn't have turned into the sociopath he is today.)
** We later learn in the mini series ''ComicBook/ThePunisherBorn'', which chronicles Frank Castle's final tour in Vietnam, that Castle's Marine outpost of Valley Forge was ''rife'' with these. The vast majority of the Marines are depicted as either clear-cut psychopaths, amoral conscripts or jingoistic sociopaths-- half of whom are implied to be addicted to heroin-- with a commanding officer who is alcoholic, broken and knows full well that the war is a lost cause. With the young narrator of the story Stevie Goodwin explicitly stated to be an unwilling conscript who wanted nothing to do with the war and whose only desire is to return home safely, but at the same time realizes that sticking with Frank Castle and his platoon is his best bet at getting home in one piece, as Castle is the only competent higher ranking Marine in the whole outpost.
* Markus Jung, aka Siegfried, from ''ComicBook/{{Uber}}'' is a full-on Type 2, with a few smatterings of Type 1. He takes [[PsychopathicManchild a lot of glee]] in slaughtering everything in his path with his new superpowers. Heck, in his backstory, he committed his first murder as a [[EnfanteTerrible little boy]]! The Type 1 stuff comes largely from him being a fully indoctrinated [[ThoseWackyNazis Nazi]] (his first victim from the aforementioned childhood murder was a Jew). Even his comrades [[NobleDemon Siegmund]] and [[VengeanceFeelsEmpty Sieglinde]] are [[EvenEvilHasStandards disgusted with him]].
* Artificial humans in ''ComicBook/{{Copperhead}}'' straddle types 2 and 3. As engineered soldiers they are genetically predisposed to enjoy violence; as rational human beings they're completely aware they're being manipulated to the ends of whoever made them and resentful of their position.
* The ''Franchise/{{Batman}}'' story "The Ugly American" deals with one. He was a initially just a patriotic man who was sent to prison for murdering a protester of UsefulNotes/TheVietnamWar. The government decided to make him a SuperSoldier by amplifying his patriotism and his combat skills but went ''way'' too far and went after ''anyone'' that he thought wasn't "American" in his eyes. He escapes and Batman deals with him, but when the government kills the soldier, he calls them out and vows to reveal everything.

* The Red Room in ''Fanfic/ChildOfTheStorm'' have two shining examples, in the AxCrazy Agent Yelena Belova and the psychotic Arkady Rossovich a.k.a. Omega Red, who apparently 'got off' on killing children. The former will kill at the drop of a hat, just because someone's annoyed her, while the latter kills/drains the life out of people because it's fun.
* The Human Liberation Front in ''FanFic/TheConversionBureauTheOtherSideOfTheSpectrum'' is composed of every type save for 3. There's the Jingoes, who think they can do anything they want to invading ponies, PHL or not, because of their very association with the AdvancingWallOfDoom that's destroying their world. The Psychopaths are continually alluded to, and a lot of them happen [[DrivenToMadness to be broken by the traumas]] that set them on the road to being in the HLF. One such example is Victor Kraber, who left the group after a HeelRealization and has since then been TheAtoner (though he's still got an [[AxCrazy itchy]] [[BloodKnight trigger finger]] when it comes to the enemy forces).
** Many of the heroic characters are of the fourth type themselves. Marcus is a ShellShockedVeteran who is so utterly broken by the horrible things he's seen and had to do throughout the Conversion War, it's a miracle he's as level-headed as he is. Stephan meanwhile [[OnlySaneMan does have it together a bit better than most]] but he too has many of his own problems. TCB!Trixie also carries quite a lot of baggage herself in due part to her fears of BecomingTheMask with regards to the alternate personalities she uses in her spy work becoming fully realized and becoming [[HeWhoFightsMonsters as ruthless as the people she fights against]].
* Sergeant Shining Armor from ''[[http://www.fimfiction.net/story/90939/shell-shock Shell Shock]]'' is a terrifying example of one of these. He doesn't care. He doesn't relent. He doesn't apologize. He just wants blood. He doesn't care who bleeds.
* ''Fanfic/MassEffectHumanRevolution'':
** Captain Edward Grey was broken by his experience in Akuze. Put through a [[Franchise/TheBourneSeries Treadstone]]-style programme to be brought back to combat readiness, while he still wants to do the right thing, he's quick to opt for the callous, vicious KillEmAll option against slavers, xenophobic lynch mobs and other criminal scum.
** This is the justification given in chapter 38 for why Blacklight black ops troops are so easy to defeat, at least for elite superhuman warriors like Adam, Hannibal and Johann - The Alliance Intelligence Agency selects for the jingoistic ultranationalists willing to cross any line to protect humanity's interests, and as it turns out being a talented combatant and being one willing to get his hands dirty are categories that rarely overlap.
* In ''Fanfic/NoGodsOnlyGuns'', the Crimson Lance are staffed almost exclusively with Type [=IIs=], with the rest kept in line by being Type [=IIIs=]. This is easier than it sounds, as HumanityIsInsane in this setting. In fact, being moral and upstanding is considered a detriment in the Lance, as they're essentially the heavily-armed thugs of an amoral MegaCorp, and early on Roland is put in a situation where he and his squad have to make a decision [[SadisticChoice between killing unarmed civilians or being executed on the spot]] in order to [[IfYoureSoEvilEatThisKitten prove their loyalty.]]
* ''Fanfic/NorasLife'': Atlas General Hayden White fits the Type 2 all too well. He's an almost textbook example of TheSociopath and only cares about protecting his own ego and [[{{Sadist}} causing people pain]] ForTheEvulz. His soldiers note that he had been taking women from tribes he was supposed to be protecting and later [[SerialRapist raping]] and [[SerialKiller murdering]] them. Nora's mother was [[AttemptedRape almost a victim of being raped by him]] and she was eventually killed during a Grimm attack that he let in to show the capability of the Atlas military. He is also seen [[BadBoss shooting his own soldiers when they get in his way]]. [[spoiler: When he is in Haven, RNJR and Qrow decide to expose him using Ruby as the bait to lure him into a hotel room to catch him in the act. When a Grimm attack breaks out halfway there, he decides to take Ruby in an alley and [[AttemptedRape attempts to rape her]] there before even thinking to stop the monsters.]]
* Marcus Black was a former Atlas soldier in ''Fanfic/TheBlackHearts''. He was a Type 2 since he only joined to kill people and sate his bloodlust.

* Maggot from ''Film/TheDirtyDozen'' is perhaps one of the better pre-Vietnam examples in film. He's a fundamentalist, misogynistic rapist and killer of women who turns on his own team when he can't control his urges during the mission.
* The military in most of George Romero's ''Film/LivingDeadSeries''. [[WriterOnBoard Just because.]]
* ''Film/FullMetalJacket'' has a scene with a particularly sociopathic door gunner on a helicopter. He's had 157 confirmed kills -- all implied to be civilians -- plus 50 water buffalo.
--> '''Private Joker:''' Any women or children?
--> '''Door Gunner:''' Sometimes.
--> '''Private Joker:''' How can you shoot women and children?
--> '''Door Gunner:''' [[RhetoricalQuestionBlunder Easy,]] you just don't [[LeadTheTarget lead 'em]] so much! [''laughs''] [[WarIsHell Ain't war hell?]] [''laughs some more'']
** The above scene is from Michael Herr's book ''Dispatches'' which describes his experiences as a war correspondent in Vietnam. Herr was a co-screenwriter for ''Film/FullMetalJacket'' and was nominated for an Academy Award for his work.
** Animal Mother (an example of the Psycho for Hire variant) and Crazy Earl ([[TalkingToTheDead who's "befriended" a dead North Vietnamese]]) also qualify.
* Almost the entire Japanese Army in ''Film/CityOfLifeAndDeath''. It's a movie about the Rape of Nanking, so that goes without saying.
* In Creator/TimBurton's ''Film/SleepyHollow'', the Headless Horseman was one of these in life. While the other Hessians were mercenaries, he went to fight in America for the [[BloodKnight love of killing]], and loss of life, head, and will hasn't abated that love.
* The soldiers in ''Film/TwentyEightDaysLater''. Besides the OnlySaneMan, the CO wants nubile women to try and keep the rest of his soldiers under control. Think about that for a minute.
* The main characters of ''Film/InglouriousBasterds'' are a group of American Saboteurs who enter Nazi-Occupied France to unleash hell upon Nazis from the inside, and employ terror tactics. Notable however is Hugo Stiglitz, a German-born AxCrazy [[TheStoic Stoic]] who the Basterds recruited due to his reputation of killing 13 officers in their sleep (or waking them up just before he kills them).
* Sergeant Tony Meserve in ''Film/CasualtiesOfWar''. He kidnaps, rapes, and kills a young village girl, then tries to kill PFC Eriksson with a grenade in the latrine.
* Paul Lazzaro in ''Film/SlaughterhouseFive''. This is clearly defined when he recounts the story of killing a dog by putting some clock parts into a steak that he gives to the dog that bit him. Any time someone makes him angry, he threatens that person with violence, then [[spoiler: in the end of the movie, he kills Billy Pilgrim, just as he said he would.]]
* PBS documentary [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7cZuhqSzzc Genocide:Worse Than War]] seems to go more in depth about the first kind.
* In Creator/SergioLeone's ''Film/TheGoodTheBadAndTheUgly'', [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin The Bad]], Angel Eyes, does a magnificent impression of one of these, infiltrating [[UsefulNotes/AmericanCivilWar Union]] lines as a sergeant. He tortures prisoners for information, and generally runs his prison camp as though it were Auschwitz (despite the protestations of his Lieutenant). His [[TheDragon right hand man]] and TortureTechnician [[DumbMuscle Wallace]] is a straight example, being a Union soldier, and a total thug.
** However, it is averted by the Union soldiers Tuco and Blondie encounter later on, who are led by a likable, humorous fellow who happens to be AFatherToHisMen, [[spoiler:making his sudden death during the ensuing battle a surprisingly tear-jerking moment for a bit character]], and there's also a younger lieutenant who seems to be an ordinary man caught up in a war he does not understand.
** Leone revisits the trope in ''Film/DuckYouSucker'' (aka ''Film/AFistfulOfDynamite'') in the form of the Mexican soldiers serving under [[ANaziByAnyOtherName Colonel Gunther Reza]]. The Mexican army as conceived by Leone seems intent on imprisoning or killing every single person they meet, and their look is modelled on that of the fascist stormtroopers and German soldiers that Leone saw in Italy when he was a child. Reza himself is a terrifying Type II and ImplacableMan to boot, despite [[SilentAntagonist never saying a word]].
* Ewan [=McStarley=], Vinnie Jones' character in ''Film/TheCondemned''-- an SAS operative who became a CondemnedContestant after setting fire to a Rwandan village, executing 17 men, raping 9 women, and torturing various others.
* ''Film/XMenFilmSeries''
** William Stryker. Although a superior officer.
** Victor Creed in ''Film/XMenOriginsWolverine'', considering his attempted rape of a local during Vietnam, as well as the implied killing of civilians while firing from a helicopter during the same war.
* All the PrivateMilitaryContractors in ''Film/{{Avatar}}'', particularly Wainfleet[[note]]who was likely inspired by the character from ''Film/FullMetalJacket''[[/note]], as well as all the pilots other than Trudy, with them all being led by a ColonelKilgore.
* A lot of the soldiers in ''Film/{{Platoon}}'' show some evidence of this, but the undoubtedly and unashamedly sociopathic are Barnes and Bunny, who seem to only really feel satisfied with themselves when engaged in some form of gratuitous violence, killing, rape, destruction, etc.
* In the ''Film/{{Doom}}'' movie, Sarge shows himself to be this, at one point [[spoiler:killing the rookie member of his team for refusing his order to kill a room full of unarmed civilians]]. Small wonder, then, that he [[spoiler:mutates into the protagonist's final adversary after becoming infected]].
* ''Film/LawrenceOfArabia'' grows closer and closer to this trope as the movie goes on, finally culminating in [[spoiler:the massacre at Tafas.]]
* In ''Film/HollowMan2'', the direct-to-video sequel of ''Film/HollowMan'', the antagonist Michael Griffin was one of these even before being injected with the invisibilty serum. His commanding officer kept him from being charged for war crimes committed in Iraq so he could be part of the project. Since the real purpose of the project was to create a perfect assassin to kill off the project head's political enemies, a test subject with little to no morality was just what the project needed. When Griffin becomes even crazier due to the lethal side effects of the serum which only a special chemical booster can alleviate, his former commanding officer learns the hard way that giving a murderous sociopath invisibility powers and a reason to hate you can backfire.
* In the movie version of ''Film/JackReacher'', the gunman, an ex-soldier, who guns down several people in a ParkingGarage is described as being a sociopath who went out of his way to kill civilians in Afghanistan.
-->'''Jack Reacher:''' There's four kinds of people who join the military. There's the people for whom its a family tradition. There's the people who do it out of patriotism. There's the people who simply want a job. And then there's the last kind; the kind who enlist because its a legal opportunity to take a human life.
* Andrew Scott from ''Film/UniversalSoldier''. he was a Sergeant in UsefulNotes/TheVietnamWar, where he goes renegade as he starts butchering civilians and kills his own squad when they try to stop him. He cuts off the ears of his victims and [[CreepySouvenir wears them in a necklace]]. He orders Private Luc Deveraux to kill the two remaining 'traitors', two Vietnamese children, [[WouldHurtAChild doing the job himself]] when Deveraux refuses. Both are reborn years later as memory-wiped {{Super Soldier}}s. As soon as Scott regains his memories he kills his controllers and goes on a blood-filled vendetta across the States to punish Deveraux for disobeying his illegal orders back in Vietnam, graphically killing anyone who gets in his way. At the end he takes Deveraux's elderly parents and his love interest hostage, awarding all of them the death penalty. Despite claims earlier in the film that he thinks he's still fighting the insurgents in Vietnam, Scott later plainly admits that he's fully aware where he is and what he's doing, and his only motive is revenge for Deveraux refusing to partake in his atrocities.
* ''Film/{{Conspiracy}}'': Deconstructed. SS Major Rudolf Lange is the closest you could get to this, as he's leading one of a number of huge death squads through the occupied Soviet Union shooting unarmed civilians en masse and encouraging racist locals to kill Jews in mobs. However, [[ShellShockedVeteran he and his men are becoming increasingly disturbed]] by the sheer level of inhumanity they're supposed to inhabit. Heydrich introduces the gas chambers to make the murders easier to carry out for the perpetrators.
* ''Film/DejaVu'': Carroll is a subversion--he aced every single test to enter the U.S. Army, except the psychological profiling, and thus was not allowed to enter. Still, his combination of skills and honest belief that blowing up a ferry with 300 people (that he also believes were fated to die--they ''were'' on the ferry, after all) in the middle of Mardi Gras is a necessary sacrifice so America goes into a tougher stance on terrorism makes him a perfect example of the 'jingoistic' type of soldier.
* The unnamed Colonel in ''Film/WarForThePlanetOfTheApes''. Apart from slaving a race of sentient beings, crucify some of them and deprive them of food and water, he kills his own son and some of his men... and his men's families, to prevent the spread of a non-lethal virus. His sociopathy is probably motivated by his obsession with the survival of the human race.

* Mentioned in Literature/{{Discworld}}'s ''Discworld/NightWatch'', where ''Sergeant'' Carcer is described as "the sort that joins up for the plundering...the kind you have to end up hanging as an example to the men".
* Troopers Lijah Cuu and Murtan Feygor in the ''Literature/GauntsGhosts'' novels, though the latter tends to be held in check by [[ColonelBadass Colonel-Commissar Gaunt]].
* ''Literature/TheReynardCycle'': TokenEvilTeammate Tybalt leads an entire company of these in ''Defender of the Crown''. Most of them are Jingos and Broken Soldiers (when asked why they are torturing captives, two of them explain that they witnessed their loved ones being slaughtered by the enemy and now it's payback time), but more than a few are outright Psychopaths.
* In ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'', most knights and men-at-arms conform to this trope, particularly those assigned to pillage peasant villages for information and supplies. One character gives a sympathetic monologue that any man conscripted into war can become this way if he survives long enough.
** [[AxeCrazy Gregor Clegane]] is a solid example of Type 2. He only fights under Tywin for a chance to hurt people, and when he's not soldiering he's murdering and raping people for his own amusement. He seems to have been this before he became a solider, as a child he burnt his brother's face when they tried playing with a toy he didn't want anyway, and is rumored to have murdered his father and sister. The men under him, such as the jolly but cruel rapist Chiswyck, the AffablyEvil Raff "the Sweetling", and TortureTechnician "The Tickler" also count. Averted slightly by Shitmouth, a foul-mouthed fellow who treats the prisoners slightly more kindly, giving them extra food if they ask.
* Andrea from ''The Zone'' series of WorldWarIII novels by James Rouch. A stunningly beautiful East German woman with a MysteriousPast and a passionate hatred of communists. She bonds with various soldiers (though never sexually) long enough to absorb their specialist skills, then callously severs the connection to move on to the next teacher. Warning: Keep away from prisoners.
* ''Literature/TheThingsTheyCarried'' has Azar, who, at one point, [[KickTheDog blows up a squad member's puppy]] and mocks everyone. At one point, when he's scared shitless, he claims his {{Jerkass}}ery is a defense against fear, but he's probably lying again to save his ass.
-->"Christ, I'm just a ''boy''."
* Hakeswill in ''Literature/{{Sharpe}}''. Senior officers love him (except the ones with real integrity), everyone who knows what he's really like loathes him.
** Brigadier Guy Loup is an example from the French side. When the Riflemen capture two of his men responsible for a particularly brutal massacre of a Spanish village, Sharpe has them executed on the spot. He has no shortage of volunteers for the firing squad.
* Corporal Lehto in Väinö Linna's ''Literature/TheUnknownSoldier''. He is a complete sociopath, bully and ruthless to both enemy and his own squad. His end is tragic: [[spoiler: he walks into an ambush in night fight, gets shot and wounded on his spine, gets paralyzed and shoots himself because he considers himself now as cripple and bottom of the pecking order. He doesn't give himself any more mercy or respect than to anyone else, and sees suicide as the only logical conclusion.]]
* In Creator/HarryTurtledove's ''The Great War'' trilogy, one of the [[SympatheticPOV PoV]] characters is Gordon [=McSweeny=], a charming Corporal who, being staunchly Protestant, believes himself to the instrument of God's wrath upon the Confederates, and turned down a command post multiple times. This is because he enjoys personally killing them. ''With his FLAMETHROWER.'' He's only slightly nicer to the men under his command; one time not mourning one's death, because he was Greek Orthodox and therefore a heretic, even if he was a nice guy.
** Lieutenant Boris Lavochkin, in ''Settling Accounts'' is even nuttier, burning and slaughtering his way across the Confederacy. You don't feel particularly bad for his victims (they are after all ANaziByAnyOtherName), but he's still very much this trope, as his sergeant, [[SympatheticPOV Chester Martin]] repeatedly lampshades. On the other side, there are the [[StateSec Freedom Party Guards]] who to say the least, aren't very nice. What do you expect from SS expies?
* This is how most of the civilians view soldiers, even regulars but especially the more common mercenaries, at the start of ''Literature/SixteenThirtyTwo''. Fairly often they're right and even when they're wrong the armies still have to "scavenge" like crazy to keep from starving.
* In Creator/TomClancy's ''Literature/RedStormRising'', KGB soldiers tend to be portrayed this way, as specifically distinguished from Red Army troops. This is apparent in a scene during the Iceland occupation where [[LittleHeroBigWar Lt. Edwards]] comes upon a farmhouse whose occupants have been raped and murdered by KGB troops. He rescues the sole surviving daughter in BigDamnHeroes fashion and then proceeds to mete out summary justice to the rapists.
* Taylor in ''Literature/{{Animorphs}}'' is [[TheSociopath sociopathic]] even by [[PuppetMaster Yeerk]] standards. TortureTechnician, ManipulativeBastard, and JerkAss extraordinaire, she just plain enjoys hurting people.
** And on the side of the good guys there's TokenEvilTeammate and BloodKnight Rachel. Unlike Taylor, she's not a sadist, she just likes fighting a bit too much and spends three years slowly JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope.
** Alloran, type 4. He used to be a normal young Andalite, even a prankster- until the Yeerks rose up and slaughtered his comrades. This embittered him to the point of becoming a GeneralRipper, unleashing the quantum virus on the Hork-Bajir homeworld and even after his subsequent disgrace is seen executing hostages and trying to force Elfangor to kill thousands of helpless Yeerks. He is so far gone, that even when everything goes to hell, instead of helping secure the [[TimeMachine Time Matrix]] he spends his days in hiding, morphing and demorphing, watching the Yeerk transport for the chance to finish his slaughter. Ironically he seems broken of this ''again'' after decades of slavery as Visser Three's host.
** Aloth, another Andalite, is revealed to have been convicted of selling organs on the battlefield, a war crime, and is generally cold and ruthless (apart from humorless jokes), even for an assassin.
** Carger from the Hork-Bajir Chronicles, one of the first Yeerks to promote himself to sub-visser is said to be so ruthless and brutal that even a young Esplin (later [[GeneralRipper Visser]] [[InsaneAdmiral Three]]) remarks on it. Possibly subverted as he runs away when ambushed and is never seen again.
* Most of the [[{{Mutant}} once-men]] in Creator/TerryBrooks's ''Literature/TheWordAndTheVoid'' and ''Literature/TheGenesisOfShannara'' are like this.
* Anaster, the First Child of the [[ILoveTheDead Dead Seed]], from the ''Literature/MalazanBookOfTheFallen'' is a crowning example. Introduced in the third book, ''Literature/MemoriesOfIce'', he's an EmptyShell of a DeathSeeker who commits atrocities in the hopes of forcing someone to kill him, and leads an army of cannibals on a rampage accross the continent, butchering everything in his path seemingly for the sake of it.
* Dale in ''Literature/TheThinRedLine'' is a pre-Vietnam example -- a rather slow-witted yet ambitious soldier who seems to take pleasure in doing horrible things to the enemy.
** Another sergeant in the unit (in an internal monologue) reveals that he is nearly psychotic, showing that he sees the enemy, civilians, and his own men as merely things he hasn't killed yet. The end of his chapter is the sentence "I HATE EVERYTHING THAT IS NOT IN ME."
* Redmond Barry a.k.a. Film/BarryLyndon became one of these while fighting in the Seven Years War. It's implied that Barry's hellish treatment in the [[TheSpartanWay Prussian army]] contributed to him being this way and enthusiastically joining in "foraging" (read RapePillageAndBurn). There's a kind of disturbing scene where in a surprisingly gentle tone he describes a foppish and inexperienced opponent whose skull he bashed in with his musket and whose corpse he looted.
* Sergeant Bothari of the Literature/VorkosiganSaga is a more complex version of this. He is a sadistic sociopath, but has enough conscience to realise that random killing is wrong. So he uses military regulations to tell him when it is OK to kill. His commanding officers learn to think very carefully before taking off his leash.
* ''Literature/TheDrownedCities'':
** Most of the [[ChildSoldier soldier boys]] talk like Jingos, act like Conscripts who have been fed slogans from a bygone era without any context, and are all afflicted with shell shock in one way or another.
** Sergeant Ocho is a deeply screwed up and angry Broken Soldier, hiding his PTSD behind a wall of bitterness.
** His commanding officer, [[ColonelKilgore Lieutenant Sayle]] in particular takes this to PsychoForHire levels, being a cold-blooded sadist and icy Psycho who joined the UPF so he could inflict ColdBloodedTorture on civvies and enemy troopers.
** One of Ocho's men, Soa, is also a Psycho, of the AxeCrazy MoodSwinger variety. He has pretensions of being a Jingo, but doesn't even really understand what the words mean.
* In the backstory of Creator/RichardKMorgan's ''[[Literature/BlackMan Thirteen]]'', several nations attempted to genetically and socially engineer Sociopathic Supersoldiers. The projects collectively [[GoneHorriblyRight Went Horribly Right]], creating the protagonist (initially Type III shading into IV) and several of the antagonists (Types II and III).
* In the ''Literature/TakeshiKovacs Series'', also written by Morgan[[note]]and close enough to ''Thirteen'' that many speculate they take place later in the same universe[[/note]], the UN Protectorate's Envoys recruit borderline psychopaths with just the right mix of inhibition and sense of duty. Most end up resorting to crime after they muster out, the titular character usually works as a detective, bodyguard, or mercenary. According to Kovacs they prefer to recruit from more conventional militaries as they cultivate that mindset. Though it's not entirely clear where along the scale he falls given how often he mentions his pre-recruitment adolescence as a gangbanger.
* In ''The Short-Timers'', a Vietnam War era novel by Gustav Hasford, Animal Mother is THE sociopathic Marine, although by the end almost all members of the Lusthog Squad display signs of this - to a lesser degree. In {{The Film Of The Book}}, Film/{{Full Metal Jacket}}, this is somewhat overshadowed by the character of the "door-gunner" who sets altogether [[UpToEleven new levels of sociopathy]].
* In ''Literature/TheNakedAndTheDead'' by Creator/NormanMailer, Sergeant Croft is a type 2 example. General Cummings also qualifies, but he's more a GeneralRipper, given his rank.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/{{Clone}}'': In this BBC series, Colonel Black (Mark Gatiss) is a solid Type Two, there to enjoy all the torture and murder. [[DeadBabyComedy Given the tone of the show]], he gets a great deal of enjoyment.
* ''Series/DoctorWho'': The Sontarans are an entire race of {{Super Soldier}}s who behave this way towards their enemies. The one exception is the CombatMedic that the Doctor encounters in "A Good Man Goes To War" who demonstrates that their sociopathy is learned, rather than ingrained. Most [[ANaziByAnyOtherName Daleks]] fall under this trope as well, committing genocide at the drop of a hat.
** The soldiers who pursue Rouvray and D'Argenson in "The Reign of Terror," are little more than murderous thugs.
* ''Series/GenerationKill'': Lance Corporal Harold Trombley is explicitly stated to be type II as the quote at the top of the page indicates. Also a subversion as while his fellow marines are disgusted by him shooting [[WouldHurtAChild children during an assault]], they are also impressed by the accuracy it required and eventually jokingly nickname him ''Whopper Jr''.
-->"He's a psycho, but at least he's [[SociopathicHero our psycho.]]"
* ''Series/{{JAG}}'': Roscoe Martin, the paraplegic Vietnam veteran in "King of the Fleas" and "The Martin Baker Fan Club", is the broken soldier type who while getting himself in trouble manages to manipulate people around him (including Harm).
* ''Series/{{Lost}}'': Soldier turned mercenary Martin Keamy appears to have always been sadistic and borderline psycho, but the Island ''really'' brings out his sociopathy, resulting in him murdering people left and right for spurious reasons and endangering the lives of his ship's ''entire crew''.
* ''Series/{{NCIS}}'': Has had a few of these by its nature, but Jonas Cobb (the [[SerialKiller Port-To-Port Killer]]) and [[PsychoForHire Jonathan "Casey Stratton" Cole]], both utterly broken Black Ops types, got season-spanning story arcs.
* ''Series/PersonOfInterest'': Detective Carter's backstory has her serving as an Army interrogator in Iraq. She managed to talk a detainee into giving up the location of an insurgent supply cache in exchange for protecting him and his family from said insurgents. Then the soldiers Carter was working with killed him offscreen after [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness he led them to the cache]].
* ''Series/RedDwarf'': Kill Crazy:
-->"Let's go KILL SOMETHING!"
* ''Series/{{Revolution}}'': Just about everyone in the militia is this in one form or another. Miles (before he deserted), Monroe and many others are apparently The Jingoist. Miles, after he deserted, became The Broken Soldier ("[[Recap/RevolutionS1E1Pilot Pilot]]"). Jeremy Baker, from the way he said he thought they were making a better world, is The Jingoist ("[[Recap/RevolutionS1E17TheLongestDay The Longest Day]]"). Strausser is certainly The Psychopath ("[[Recap/RevolutionS1E2ChainedHeat Chained Heat]]", "[[Recap/RevolutionS1E4ThePlagueDogs The Plague Dogs]]", "[[Recap/RevolutionS1E6SexAndDrugs Sex and Drugs]]", "[[Recap/RevolutionS1E8TiesThatBind Ties That Bind]]", "[[Recap/RevolutionS1E9Kashmir Kashmir]]", and "[[Recap/RevolutionS1E10NobodysFaultButMine Nobody's Fault But Mine]]"). Jim Hudson is The Unwilling Conscript ("[[Recap/RevolutionS1E12Ghosts Ghosts]]", "[[Recap/RevolutionS1E18Clue Clue]]"). Major Tom Neville seems to be The Broken Soldier, because he started as nice, but he changed for the worse after he had to make an AssholeVictim out of his neighbour Rob ("[[Recap/RevolutionS1E5SoulTrain Soul Train]]").
* ''Series/{{Smallville}}'':
** [[SmugSnake Rick Flag]] is a sociopathic ex-soldier turned {{Western Terrorist|s}}. He's got a thing for ColdBloodedTorture, bombings, and misplaced PatrioticFervor, giving an amazing impression of a RightWingMilitiaFanatic.
*** He's also got a ComplexityAddiction - he uses a missile to try and kill ''one person''. Think about that for a minute.
** Lieutenant Trotter is also an example. Disciple of GeneralRipper Slade Wilson, she willingly engages in kidnapping, brainwashing, and human experimentation in the supposed interests of protecting the US from metahumans. A KnightTemplar whom even Flag believes needs stopping.
*** Her devotion to both Slade and her belief that metahumans need to be stopped gets to a point where she arrests and interrogates three ''completely normal people'', including subtly implying that if they don't answer her questions, they'll never be seen or heard from again. Keep in mind that the only evidence she has against these three is being on Oliver Queen's payroll (Emil), writing a lot of stories about a superhero (Lois), and being Oliver's ex-girlfriend and current business partner (Tess). She badgers them about where the vigilantes are, despite the fact that ''she has no good reason to think any of them know anything''. While she is never flat-out violent towards those three in particular during the interrogations, her orders to move Tess and Emil to a "secure location" ''heavily'' sounds like they were either going to be executed or moved to a location where she could use [[ColdBloodedTorture less conversational techniques]].
* ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'': Reese from the episode "The Siege of AR-558" is this. He is shown to be wearing a necklace of ketracel-white tubes (a type drug the enemy needs to survive) picked from killed Jem'Hadar and often sharpening a knife also taken from a dead enemy. He is also used to show the [[WarIsHell cruelty of war]] in that he survives while NiceGuy Kellin dies.
* ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'': Maquis crewman Lon Suder kills another crewmember just for looking at him the wrong way. He is Betazoid but tellingly has no empathic or telepathic abilities like others of his race.
* ''Series/TheTwilightZone1959'': A new replacement is ''very'' eager to kill some enemies (Japanese soldiers, in this case), to the disgust of his {{shell shocked veteran}}s (well, they ''have'' been fighting longer than he had). This being ''The Twilight Zone'' he gets his comeuppance when he somehow becomes a Japanese soldier and is forced to obey an EvilCounterpart who repeats [[NotSoDifferent his own bloodthirsty words]] back at him. AllJustADream, maybe, but he gets the message.
* ''Series/UnsereMuetterUnsereVaeter'': Friedhelm is a Type Four.
* ''Series/{{Justified}}'' gives us Colton Rhodes, a Broken Soldier type whose heroin addiction and inability to cope with his Iraq and Afghan war trauma drives him into becoming a ProfessionalKiller.
* ''Series/WKRPInCincinnati'' - Venus tells the about a fellow solider in Vietnam named Weird Larry who would go out an night to "hunt" and would shoot anything. He describes him like a #4, whereas Venus had become unable to shoot. On their way home, he jumped out of the helicopter. This led to Venus deserting after arriving in the States with only 3 weeks left until discharge.

* From the third verse of Music/JohnDenver's ''Stonehaven Sunset'':
--> Stonehaven sunset, the city's on fire. The soldiers just [[SlasherSmile smile]] and say, "[[PsychoForHire this gun's for hire]]". Give into the beast, boy, give into the thrill, [[HumansAreBastards it's just human nature]], to hunt and to kill...
* One of the numerous dysfunctional soldiers mentioned in Music/TomLehrer's song "It Makes a Fellow Proud to Be a Soldier", on ''Music/AnEveningWastedWithTomLehrer'', is Pete. He stabbed a cop in seventh grade, and joined the Army because they'd give him better weapons than he could get on the street. He's described as "real RA material". Although, given his platoon is lead by a Georgian ex-con, he probably is.
* ''The End of the Thirty Years War'' by Jacek Kaczmarski epitomizes this trope in extremely graphic way.
* Music/HuskerDu's "You're a Soldier" matches the exuberance of its titular sociopathic soldier in music/
-->''Patrolling the world with your little boy face''\\
''And a grown up gun that shoots''\\
''You've got a fresh scrubbed teenage outlook on terror''\\
''And a khaki attitude.''
* Angelus Apatrida's "First World of Terror" has a protagonist who is a raging jingo who acts like he thinks that he's fighting for a good cause but really knows that he's a BloodKnight asshole who just wants an excuse to shoot at things and kill people. The chorus is the front that he puts on to contrast the verses, where he betrays his true mentality.
-->''I will give my life for this flag''\\
''Fight for freedom till my last breath''\\
''As if dust in strong wind I disappear''\\
''Remember to be proud of me.''

[[folder: Roleplay]]
* Elite Agent Rotor in Roleplay/DinoAttackRPG. When he's not mercilessly blowing his enemies to kingdom come, we see him threatening to execute his own men and torturing prisoners.
** Ronald E. Army is a somewhat darkly comedic version which combines this with DrillSergeantNasty. Of course nobody really takes him seriously and, considering [[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 his inspiration]] is clearly insane.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* The sample group, "[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Bad Company]]" from the ''TabletopGame/NewWorldOfDarkness'' sourcebook, ''Dogs Of War'', are a bunch of {{Shell Shocked Veteran}}s deployed to Afghanistan, led by [[ColonelKilgore Colonel Kane]]. Having had his heart cut out by a Taliban sorcerer, Kane has thrown the rulebook away in the interest of tracking down the sorcerer... and, incidentally, killing every Afghani who gets in his way. Several other examples are given (especially that one Chechen resistance group), but Bad Company are the standouts. If you're playing a military setting and don't alter your [[KarmaMeter Morality]] accordingly, it's very easy for any Soldier character to fall into this.
** In fact, in an attempt to avert this for military [=PC=]s, the book recommends introducing an alternative Morality system with a focus on "Triggers" - instead of veering towards sociopathy, those who fail degeneration rolls [[ShellShockedVeteran start to pick up tics not unlike those associated with PTSD]].
* Pretty much every [[OurOrcsAreDifferent Ork]], Dark Eldar, and follower of Chaos (especially Slaanesh worshipers) in ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}''. The rest are either [[KnightTemplar Knights Templar]], ScaryDogmaticAliens, the [[HordeOfAlienLocusts Tyranids]], or [[RedshirtArmy the]] Imperial Guard. And those who qualify among the Guard are usually borderline examples of TrainingFromHell ([[DeathWorld Catachan Jungle Fighters]]) or ShellShockedVeteran ([[PuttingOnTheReich Death Korps of Krieg]]).
** The requirements for a Space Marine involve "a near-psychotic killing instinct". Granted, this ''is'' [[WorldHalfEmpty 40K]], so it's not like it's uncommon.
** Even worse is that to the Orks, it's not even sociopathy, it's ''fun'', war being to them a combination of jihad, mass migration and pub crawl.
** The Thunder Warriors, the first SuperSoldier army the Emperor created to take control of Terra, were by and large so AxCrazy that they made the ''Space Marines'' look like models of civility and grace by comparison. The Thunder Warriors were so unstable and unsuited for anything but warfare that the Emperor had them all purged after they had outlived their usefulness.

* The "Kanonen-Song" from ''Theater/TheThreepennyOpera'' has a refrain about soldiers turning people into beefsteak tartare.
** Specifically, people with darker ''or'' lighter skin than the British Army. They're equal opportunity racists.

* In the Xbox/[=PS2=] game ''Shellshock'', there are numerous times where your squad massacres civilians even if you don't take part in it. In the second mission, you go to search a village for weapons and a single Vietcong. Or, after you round up everyone in the village, you can start shooting and the others will join in and gun down all the villagers, accomplishing the same objective. Later on, you also kill wounded amputees in a Vietcong hospital. Plus, one of your squadmates ([[MeaningfulName whose name is literally "Psycho"]]) constantly kills POW's in cutscenes, and helps the South Vietnamese commissar torture people.
* ''VideoGame/SabresOfInfinity'' Cazarosta, his hatred of the Antari, indifference to the horrors of war and his casual disregard of the rules of engagement amount to this.
* Technically ''not'' Military, but the Civil Protection in ''VideoGame/HalfLife2''. Overlaps with PoliceBrutality.
** Also committed by the HECU Marines/Army in the original ''Half-Life''. While, to be fair, they ARE under orders to silence everyone, a few seem to take an unnecessary glee in their task. Somewhat averted in ''Opposing Force'' - the game sets up events so it's extremely hard to get any surviving military member to meet a scientist (and if he does, said scientist is dead), but for the most part, they're more concerned with getting out and saving each other. Black Ops, on the other hand...
--> '''Evil Soldier:''' I killed 12 dumb-ass scientists and not one of them fought back! This sucks!
--> '''Good Soldier:''' I didn't sign on for this shit... Monsters? Sure. But Civilians? Who ordered this operation anyway?
* How a lot of the opposing grunts are portrayed in ''[[VideoGame/SOCOMUSNavySeals SOCOM US Navy Seals]]'' - but the few that you get the drop on in conversations casually talk about what their former base used to be, complaining about their StrawFeminist of a CO, or recruiting civilians onto their side with idealistic logic.
* ''VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening'' gives us Henry:
-->'''Avatar:''' Those deaths were necessary. We had to kill our foes or be killed ourselves. But killing the enemy isn't the same as sacrificing innocents for victory.
-->'''Henry:''' Seems like an arbitrary line to me.
* Pale-faced shocktrooper Jane Turner from ''VideoGame/ValkyriaChronicles'', who specifically joined up with Squad 7 to, as she puts it, "put holes in [[TheEmpire Imps]]." Yeah, she's a little creepy.
* The eponymous player characters in ''{{Mercenaries}}'' have the option of doing this. Then again, there are massive penalties for killing civilians.
* Apparently, the various grunts in ''VideoGame/CallOfDuty 4'', especially the Ultranationalists, who purposefully are bombing whole villages.
** And from ''World at War'', Sgt. Reznov. He ''really'' likes killing Nazis. And also from ''[=WaW=]'', the soldiers from the VideoGame/NaziZombies mode. They're quite involved in their zombie killing.
* Also subverted in ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid'', to the point where one has a moral conflict in killing others. The game ''rewards you'' for using non-lethal.
** On the other hand, Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid is heavily implied in-story to be one. That's not even getting to the FOXHOUND members.
-->'''Solid Snake''': "Unfortunately, killing is something that gets easier the more you do it."
** In the first game, the final boss [[WhatTheHellHero calls you out]] on it. If you take this path in the ''fourth game'', the same sound-bite from ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid'' plays, followed by Snake [[HeelRealization vomiting in disgust]].
*** Something similar happens in ''VideoGame/MetalGearGhostBabel'', although that one does involve the players actions (kind of, although Pyro Bison's overall message is the same, the number of enemies killed changes depending on how many the player actually killed, with two being the absolute lowest due to there being no alternative for Slasher Hawk and Marionette Owl.)
* ''VideoGame/{{Killzone}}''
** Colonel Cobar from ''VideoGame/KillzoneLiberation''. When he was still a private during the formation of the Helghast military, he shot his military instructor for stopping a training operation because another recruit was wounded. His ascension to colonel made it worse: mere days into the invasion of Vekta, he captured, tortured and dismembered three ISA council members in Sedah City.
** Rico from the same series takes it up a step further, [[DesignatedHero and apparently is a good guy]]. His questionable tactics include wielding a heavy machine gun during a hostage situation and not settling for stealth when Helghast can be killed. It gets bad in ''VideoGame/{{Killzone 2}}'' when Templar decides in some strange fashion that he is worthy of not only heading up Alpha, but also getting the charge to capture Visari. [[spoiler:Guess how it ends.]] In the manual for the first game, it's stated he was a Rhino Squad member, who were known for being unnecessarily violent.
* ''Videogame/TeamFortress2'': With all nine playable characters being agents of a PrivateMilitaryContractor, this trope was bound to happen.
** The Soldier is a classic Type I taken to comical levels. According to his backstory, he tried to join the army to kill Nazis and was turned down, so he bought a ticket to Poland and embarked on a "Nazi killing spree" that lasted until 1949.
** Most of the others just really, ''really'' enjoy the work they do, to the point that it's almost like they're aware it's all a game. ''Almost.''
** Lampshaded with the Sniper, who prides himself as a professional assassin, so he's not crazy, per se. His parents think so, however.
--->'''Sniper''': I'm not a ''"crazed gunman"'', Dad, I'm an assassin! Well, the difference being, one is a ''job'' and the other's '''''mental sickness'''''!
** The Pyro takes this further -- even the other mercenaries regard [[AmbiguousGender him/her/it]] as being wildly socipathic. Just about the only intelligible sound he (let's just go with that for posterity) can make is a maniacal laugh as he burns everyone around him to death. His [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUhOnX8qt3I Meet The Pyro]] video revealed him to be ''far'' beyond mere sociopathy, and is actually completely divorced from reality all together.
-->'''Heavy''': I fear no man...but that ''thing''...it scares me.
-->'''Scout''': I ain't talking to you about that freak, alright? He...He's not here, is he? How do I get this fricking thing off ?! ''[[CameraAbuse *knocks down camera*]]''
-->'''Spy''': One shudders to imagine what inhuman thoughts lie behind that mask...what dreams of chronic and sustained cruelty?
-->'''Pyro's Mind''': ''[[spoiler: *A colorful SugarBowl land while Loving Spoonful's "[[https://youtu.be/mDYNuD4CwlI Do You Believe In Magic]]" plays in the background]]''
* The Beast from ''VideoGame/AdvanceWars: Days of Ruin'' might not seem like one, but Caulder addresses him as "Sergeant" at one point before noting that he no longer considers himself military. The implication is that the Beast was ''always'' the hateful, kill-crazy man he became AfterTheEnd, and the only difference is that he no longer has the chain of command to hold him back.
* Pretty much all of the Sith Troopers in ''KnightsOfTheOldRepublic'', but the students at the Sith Academy on Korriban particularly stand out in that they basically spend their time showcasing their sociopathy in the hopes of being noticed by thir superiors. [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy Mandalorians]] also count, including Canderous in your party.
* U.B.C.S. [[SergeantRock Sergeant]] [[FormerRegimePersonnel Nicholai Ginovaef]] of ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil3Nemesis'', an ex-soldier turned [[HiredGuns mercenary]] is this trope to a "T", plotting to murder all of his colleagues so that he can receive their pay. He's also a BadassNormal who somehow manages to survive the game, making your life a living hell the entire time. U.S.S. team leader [[NoNameGiven HUNK]], alias "[[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Mr. Death]]", of ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil2'' is a totally cold-blooded version, who willingly leaves his teammates to die in furtherance of his mission, and doesn't care at all about the civillians his team guns down. He earned said alias because of a reputation for being the SoleSurvivor of a number of missions. Despite apparently being intended as an insult, [[InsultBackfire HUNK sees it as a point of pride]] and seems to think that this makes him immortal or invincible.
** Generally speaking, the Umbrella Security Service (U.S.S.) and Umbrella Bioweapon Countermeasures Service (U.B.C.S.) seem to attract a lot of these guys. Given the nature of the work and the fact that most of them are FormerRegimePersonnel or professional [[HiredGuns mercenaries]], this is unsurprising. The entire business is headed up by ColonelKilgore Sergei Vladimir.
* Vile from the ''VideoGame/MegaManX'' series fits this trope to a T. Because of an irrepairable short-circuit in his brain, he absolutely LOVES destroying Mavericks, and even moreso causing as much collateral damage as he can while retiring Mavericks, which was partially the reason why he ended up being branded a Maverick himself later on (the other being his rebellious attitude towards his superiors).
* An almost uniform trait of Caesar's Legion in ''VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas''. Rape, pillaging, enslaving and burning are standard procedure. Legionares despise weakness and will kill anyone who doesn't serve the Legion - soldiers, civilians, women, children, old people. What we call war crimes, they call tactical maneuvers. Their top field commander slaughters his own troops to keep them in line. Even Caesar himself, who is regarded as a godly figure by his troops and is trying to build a better world, is sadly aware that his Legion has yet to become more than just a horde.
* Blackwatch from ''VideoGame/{{Prototype}}''. The regular Marines in Manhattan view them with disgust, rightfully so; several Web of Intrigue memories show them murdering civilians for the hell of it. And ''laughing''.
* ''Franchise/MassEffect'': Depending on how you play the game, Commander Shepard can be one of these, especially with the Ruthless background in ''VideoGame/MassEffect1''. Deconstructed by the third game, where continuing to play this character type means [[spoiler: you have to deliberately stab several allied characters in the back, most particularly Mordin Solus.]]
* ''VideoGame/MedalOfHonor'' (2010 version): Voodoo is a very self-restrained version. He doesn't kill anyone he shouldn't, but he ''does'' give it serious consideration on more than one occasion. His teammates make sure to [[VitriolicBestBuds tease him for this.]]
* [[spoiler: Captain Martin Walker]] from ''VideoGame/SpecOpsTheLine'' is a type 4. [[spoiler: After the White Phosphorus incident that happens early on in the game, Walker goes from being a sensible soldier to slowly cracking under the pressure and becoming a raving madman with a hero complex. How quickly he does so depends on the player in some instances.]]
* In ''VideoGame/{{Homefront}}'' the Korean soldiers spend the first few minutes at the beginning of the game brutalizing American citizens. A group of them shot a couple in front of their own child, and the Resistance see that the Koreans are killing the prisoners and burying them in mass graves.
* In ''VideoGame/AlphaProtocol'' the [[PrivateMilitaryContractors Veteran Combat Initiative]] exclusively recruits from the dishonorably discharged and "borderline types" who have difficulty returning to civilian life.
* Agent Jack Hunter, also known as [[VideoGame/GoldenEyeRogueAgent Goldeneye]]. He's unique in that he's sadistic and careless--he wastes time hurting his enemies. MI-6 has no use for him, but SPECTRE, on the other hand...
* Niko Bellic from ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoIV'' says he was surrounded by people like this in the Serbian wars but he himself is not one (although a lot of the blood he shed went beyond what was required in the line of duty, [[ShellShockedVeteran which disturbs him]]).
* Subverted with Trevor Phillips of ''Videogame/GrandTheftAutoV'', whose psychopathic nature meant that despite completing his training as a helicopter pilot for the Royal Canadian Air Force, he failed the psychological evaluation which prevented him from actually joining.
* Frank Horrigan from ''Videogame/{{Fallout2}}''. He's easily one of the most psychotic and ruthless characters in the game, and possibly the entire series. He was bad enough in the Pre-War United States, and became much worse after F.E.V. exposure turned him into a Super Mutant and the Enclave made him their top enforcer, outfitting him with the finest life support, PoweredArmor, and firepower.
* ''Videogame/{{Evolve}}'' has Hyde, of the psychopath variety. He joined the military as an alternative to jail time and was promptly assigned to the Chemtroopers, soldiers equipped with flesh and armor melting chemical weapons. While there, he refused to wear the filter mask so he could look into the eyes of the people he killed.
* Cliff Hudson from VideoGame/DeadRising is [[ShellShockedVeteran type 4]], being a psychopath in the game due to having [[TragicVillain a Vietnam flashback triggered by hearing his daughter getting ripped to shreds by zombies]]. He comes back to his senses after Frank West defeats him.
* The Spartan-III Program in ''Franchise/{{Halo}}'' is partly designed to produce this. The recruits were chosen exclusively from orphaned children of Covenant attacks on Outer Colonies, most of which were 4-6 years old, and were raised and trained on the sole promise that they'd one day be able to avenge their families by killing every Covenant warrior. The result was several companies of peerless fighters fully willing to participate in [[LaserGuidedTykebomb suicide attacks to take out entire Covenant worlds]]. Headhunters [[Literature/HaloEvolutions Roland and Jonah]] exemplify the attitude, taking absolute glee in mowing down and mutilating Covenant soldiers while fueled by the memory of their glassed homeworlds.
** [[VideoGame/HaloReach Emile-A239]] is another Spartan-III example whose life is defined by the pleasure he takes killing Covenant. His superiors specifically mention that it's best for everyone that he be fielded solely against Covenant targets; his brutality is ill-suited against human Insurrectionists who could very well garner sympathy from the public if his methods were showcased.
* The [[TheEmpire Combine]] [[GasMaskMooks Overwatch Soldiers]] in ''Videogame/HalfLife2''. Heavily brainwashed and [[OrganicTechnology surgically altered]], they're [[LossOfIdentity treated as tools]] rather than living beings, even being stored unconscious on racks when not in use. Combine Soldiers speak with a rough monotone voice, and only do so to relay relevant tactical information to fellow Soldiers. In the field, they show little-to-no emotion when killing dissidents or reporting squad casualties. The only time any emotion is hinted at is when they're being threatened with [[FateWorseThanDeath off-world reassignment]].
* ''VideoGame/CommandAndConquer'': Most of the in-game unit audio will either have them take a dispassionate attitude towards engaging the enemy or display PatrioticFervor. However, there are a few that just come across as psychopaths who are in it ''for'' the killing, such as [[ILoveNuclearPower the Soviet Desolator units]], Yuri's ColdSniper DarkActionGirl Virus, and half the GLA army.

[[folder:Web Animation]]
* [[{{Expy}} Lieutenants]] [[StreetFighter Charles and Bravado]], from ''WebAnimation/BrokenSaints''.
* A victim in the ''Series/{{Dexter}}: Early Cuts'' webisodes was a sniper during the Gulf War and used his position to kill innocents and cover up his murderous proclivities.
%%* Locus and [[spoiler:Felix]], from ''Machinima/RedVsBlue''.

* Most of the grunts in ''Webcomic/SchlockMercenary'' fit this fairly well, minus the rape. When hiring new recruits, Captain Tagon even commends his senior officer Thurl for "hiring those [violent sociopaths] right up." To further the trope, most of the ones who get promoted beyond Sgt. happen to be a bit more rational in their thinking, with the notable exception of now-Lieutenant [[CloudCuckooLander Shore]] [[BunnyEarsLawyer Pibald]].
** The (Tausenigann) Ob'enn even more so. In fact their entire culture is like this. And they're not the only ones, the robots in Book Three are this, and possibly the Tohdfraug (though Petey's press-ganging scheme redeemed them quite a bit). Also, Kowalski from the UNS, who claims his conscience is vestigial and is in charge of the vilest wetwork the UNS has to do.
* The guy in this Webcomic/KarateBears "distinguishes" himself on the battlefield by [[http://www.karatebears.com/2011/12/distinguished-soldier.html mangling and eating an enemy]]
* In ''Webcomic/OurLittleAdventure'', most of the soldiers of the Souballo Empire are portrayed as the first flavor.
* Most of the cast of ''Webcomic/GoneWithTheBlastwave'' cross this trope with ArmedFarces and ComedicSociopathy. They're by and large a bunch of apathetic, incompetent, manic-depressive bunglers, but they're still soldiers. They run the gamut of the scale--most are somewhere in the III to IV range, but a few are in the II category. There aren't many Type I Sociopathic Soldiers in the cast, mostly because almost no one seems to care who they're fighting for or against.


[[folder:Web Original]]
* Website/ItHeSoftware's [[http://it-he.org/deus.htm walkthrough]] for ''VideoGame/DeusEx'' makes the protagonist into one of these, with "nothing short of a full-blown psychosis".
* Bomber from Literature/WhateleyUniverse is a sophomore in the Grunts, i.e. the [[SuperheroSchool Whateley Academy]] JROTC club. He's also a psychopath.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* In the Franchise/{{Transformers}} mythos, it's harder to list a Decepticon or Predacon who ''[[MySpeciesDothProtestTooMuch doesn't]]'' fit this trope than one who does. Though, seeing as the faction was founded by a sadistic madman and his like-minded followers, it's not hard to see why. Even the occasional Autobot or Maximal fits, though they are usually only [[TokenEvilTeammate tolerated]] if they are especially effective. Even then, they're kept on a short leash.
* ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender''.
** Deconstructed when Katara goes after the soldier who killed her mother, expecting a PsychoForHire. What she gets is a [[DirtyCoward cowardly]] old man, whom she angrily describes as "just empty. There's nothing inside you." The implication is that fear got him to act like a Type III in the field; outside of combat he's not much of a threat--just don't sneak up on him.
** Another implication could of been that either that: the soldier was a MightMakesRight kind of guy, so he whimps out at the sight of more powerful figures (For example: his mother, and Katara). Or that he is a foil who shows that this (being a wimpy, cowardly, WellDoneSonGuy) is what Katara would have been like if her mother was still alive.
** Yet another interpretation, is that he ''was'' a monster, but had some kind of crippling mother issues aside, and that years of retirement living under his mother had ground him down to the point that he wasn't worth killing. Or that he became that way as a result of the [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone things he had done on the battlefield]], becoming a ShellShockedVeteran.
* ''TheSimpsons'' implies that Homer Simpson, had he actually been on a battlefield, would have been of this trope. When he has to be an army recruiter, one of the things he is asking people in a failed attempt at recruiting them is whether they want to kill people. Also, in "You Kent Always Say What You Want," Homer compares his elation to getting his 100th ice cream cone as being similar to gaining his first kill had he been in a war. Mitigated when he was once recruited by the Marines, he isn't smart enough to even hold a rifle, the one they gave him only shoots bubbles.