[[caption-width-right:230: Have fun trying to look down that scope.]]

->''"Your handgun can shoot accurately enough to pierce someone's nipple from across town."''
-->-- '''[[WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation Yahtzee]]''', in his review of ''VideoGame/SaintsRow2''

In the wonderful world of video games, you can take out a target at a thousand yards using your pistol when your sniper rifle runs out of ammo. Sometimes it's possible to pre-aim with a sniper scope, switch weapons to a pistol, and deal out the same damage.

In many cases, this is due to accuracy being determined by recoil, along with no realistic damage/bullet drop. Rather than have the bullets deviate from the cross-hair, the weapon always shoots where it is aimed, but each shot causes your aim to shift. Therefore, carefully lining up the first shot always results in a hit, even if the subsequent shots go wide. Weapons with low damage but high firing rates, such as machine guns, will therefore be hard to aim accurately, while slower firing and more powerful single shot weapons, such as pistols, will be more effective at range so long as you take the time to line up each shot. It's often possible to get the same effect from an automatic if it has the option to switch to single-shot mode (or sometimes it will have the exact same accuracy, which makes even less sense). This is likely a way to work around the limitations of HitScan. The extreme version of this is PunchPackingPistol, where the pistol is not only as accurate as a sniper rifle at long range, it's as strong as one too.

In RealLife, accurately shooting a handgun, regardless which type of scope is used, is [[DontTryThisAtHome incredibly difficult]] and takes a lot of training to master, much more compared to a rifle or carbine, and getting any kind of grouping on short notice beyond seven yards without several seconds of aiming typically involves a lot of luck. See also ImprobableAimingSkills.


[[folder:First Person Shooter]]
* ''VideoGame/Wolfenstein3D'' is the UrExample. The pistol has the same accuracy and damage falloff as the other weapons, using the same ammunition. As in Doom, the automatic weapons are still a straight upgrade due to MoreDakka. The enemies subtly avoid this trope, as the [[EliteMooks SS troops]] using submachineguns have more accurate shots than the guards or officers, packing pistols.
* ''VideoGame/{{Doom}}'' is the TropeMaker. If you pause for about a second in between each pistol or chaingun shot, it will have perfect accuracy. Of course, in an era where [[BoomHeadshot headshots]] didn't exist, this was rarely a viable tactic for killing anything but zombies and imps.
* ''VideoGame/CallOfDuty: World at War''. It is often possible to shoot and kill the sniper who hits you from halfway across a very large map while lying down in Second Chance position, unable to move and equipped only with a pistol.
** They are rather shameless about this trope in this game - there's an achievement in the first Soviet mission of the campaign for finding a pistol somewhere in the level and taking out high-value target with it, when you'd normally be doing it with the scoped SniperRifle you started out with. Note too that pistols are not dropped by enemies in this level - there is a single one of them, in one specific spot of the map, for literally no reason whatsoever other than because the devs knew someone would be crazy enough to try it [[SelfImposedChallenge even if there wasn't an achievement]].
* ''Call of Duty 4: VideoGame/ModernWarfare'', same thing. If you're out of ammo and one kill short of a chopper, pull out your pistol and snipe. Of course, it's not really as hard-hitting as an actual sniper rifle.
** The sequels are no different. Of course, the generally smaller maps made it a ''bit'' more justifiable. A bit.
* Taken to its logical conclusion in ''VideoGame/CallOfDutyBlackOps'', where in multiplayer you have the option of attaching a scope to the revolver. Said revolver, along with most of the revolvers from ''World at War'' onwards and the Desert Eagle from the ''Modern Warfare'' games, will kill a player in a single shot regardless of the range to the target or where you hit them, with perfect accuracy, if you're playing on a hardcore server/playlist. So, you can nail a kill from across the entire map with a revolver by hitting someone who just spawned at full health in the foot.
** Second Chance + Hardcore game modes = long range death laser.
* The {{Nintendo 64}} adaptation of ''Film/TheWorldIsNotEnough'' gives you a [[RevolversAreJustBetter Colt Anaconda]] which is equipped with a scope. Since it's the [[HandCannon most powerful pistol]] in the game, it fits this well as accurately-aimed shots can be one-shot kills.
* ''VideoGame/HalfLife'': Both pistols in [[VideoGame/HalfLife1 the original]]. In ''VideoGame/HalfLife2'', not necessarily the first pistol (for lack of accuracy), but as soon as you get the [[HandCannon Magnum]] [[RevolversAreJustBetter revolver]]...
** In ''Half-Life 2: Deathmatch'', a revolver can be used on a sniping map. Also, a zoom script can be a game-winning combination - the revolver has power on par with the crossbow, which has a scope (as opposed to every other weapon forcing the player to use the HEV suit's zoom, which prevents them from firing), and the revolver is hitscan whereas the crossbow fires a PainfullySlowProjectile affected by gravity, and as such is pretty much useless for that purpose.
* The pistols in ''VideoGame/DeusEx'' are very accurate if you put enough skill points into using them, but their damage is lower than other weapons.
** Plus you could fit a scope and laser sight on it. Master-skill-level pistolwork is cheaper (thus earlier) to reach than master-level riflery, but the damage (and range) limits will hurt later in the game.
** Due to a bug, if you attach only a laser sight but no scope to your pistol, it will be 100% accurate at any range as long as you're standing still. Combine this with the fact that the game's starter pistol does 1-hit kill headshots and you've got a GameBreaker.
*** The Shifter Mod fixes this, making the laser account for your character's hand sway. This means you have to be able to actually see the laser dot on your target to be accurate, and eliminates the 150-yard precision accurate kills that were achievable prior to this.
** In the sequel ''VideoGame/DeusExInvisibleWar'', the pistol has rather low damage, but is still extremely accurate even when fired rapidly. One of its unique variants replaces its standard flashlight with a scope.
** The pistol in ''[[VideoGame/DeusExHumanRevolution Human Revolution]]'' can become this with the right weapon mods and cybernetic augmentations. A laser pointer means you can see exactly where your shots will land even while moving and a fully upgraded Aim Stabilizer aug will keep your reticule/laser pointer from swaying around; combined together they give perfect accuracy at any range you can see your laser dot at. The pistol's unique mod is armor-piercing rounds. Since enemies gain little health over the course of the game, instead gaining better armor (which the mod lets the pistol ignore), even most late-game enemies will die instantly from a bullet to the head.
** The upgrade to the Revolver makes the bullets [[MadeOfExplodium explode]]. Better on mechs, but much louder.
* Any game by Rare, the developers of ''VideoGame/GoldenEye1997''. ''VideoGame/PerfectDark'' even gave you a scoped pistol for some levels; you could zoom in and use them just as you would a sniper rifle. In the prequel, the player's default pistol is always scoped, though they're at least not ''completely'' crazy about it as it's sequentially outclassed by a later SMG and then assault rifle that do everything it does better.
* In ''Franchise/{{Halo}}'', several variants of the [=M6=]-type pistol are scoped, including the ones featured below:
** The [=M6D=] from ''VideoGame/HaloCombatEvolved'' was infamous for being overpowered (in-universe, it fires ''explosive'' rounds), which resulted in it being replaced by the much weaker (and scopeless) [=M6C=] in ''VideoGame/{{Halo 2}}''. That said, the original [=M6D=] is still fondly remembered by many fans, to the point where it was eventually brought back as a power weapon in ''VideoGame/Halo5Guardians''[='s=] "Warzone" multiplayer mode.
** ''VideoGame/Halo3ODST''[='s=] version of the [=M6C=] (which, unlike ''Halo 2''[='s=], ''has'' a scope) is one of the most reliable weapons in the game (often showing up as a player's weapon of choice in "Firefight") due to its incredible accuracy and high rate of fire, despite its lack of power against shielded opponents.
** Both the [=M6G=] (specifically ''VideoGame/HaloReach''[='s=] version) and the [=M6H=] (''VideoGame/{{Halo 4}}'' and ''VideoGame/Halo5Guardians'') are basically just weaker (but still powerful) versions of the [=M6D=], complete with explosive rounds.
** ''VideoGame/Halo5Guardians''[='s=] "Warzone" also has the "Whispered Truth", a [=M6H=] variant which fires three-round bursts and can kill a fully-shielded Spartan in only two headshots.
** While you can ''technically'' use the strategy of lining up the shot with the sniper rifle before nailing a headshot with the pistol, all versions of the pistol takes several rounds to down shielded opponents. It's also worth noting the pistols all deal far less damage if they're ''not'' aimed at the opponent's head.
* Since ''VideoGame/{{Marathon}}'' predates the advent of a SniperRifle in [[FirstPersonShooter FPSes]], the pistol[[GunsAkimbo (s)]] happens to be the best sniping weapon, possibly bar ''Infinity'''s ammo-guzzling flechette SMG.
** Since the game lacks both crosshairs and on-gun sights, the pistol's low recoil and slow rate of fire make it the easiest weapon to reliably aim over long distances, once you've got it centered on a target.
* KAEDE Smith's long-barreled semi-auto with a scope in ''VideoGame/{{Killer7}}''. Some characters lampshade this and the supernatural nature of the Smiths may somewhat justify it, as she's apparently the only person in the whole world who can shoot like that (and yet she still fumbles with the magazine every time she has to reload).
* In ''VideoGame/{{Battlefield}} 2'', the pistols are one of the more accurate weapons in the game. In fact, snipers can quite easily use their rifle to score a damaging but non-lethal hit, and then follow with a burst of pistol fire to finish off a target... ''at 150 yards''.
** It's even worse in ''Battlefield 1942'', where good players could kill snipers with nothing but a pistol, before the sniper managed to work the bolt on their rifle. The first ''VideoGame/BattlefieldBadCompany'' sees a lot of this too, as recon kits are the only ones to include pistols.
* ''The Operative: VideoGame/NoOneLivesForever'' gives us a silenced pistol which is easily the best weapon of the game (except on certain occasions): silenced, high rate of fire, ammo found everywhere, headshots are an instant kill, and it has the accuracy of a sniper rifle.
* ''VideoGame/CommandAndConquerRenegade'' had a rather effective silenced pistol in single-player as well, though you needed bigger guns (or explosives) to deal vehicles and buildings. In multiplayer on the other hand, the pistol is a last resort weapon given to all classes with a woefully limited effective range.
* ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' also has pistols that are surprisingly effective at long ranges, especially the Spy's Revolver, which has less shots per magazine than the others, but deals way more damage. For classes like the Scout and Engineer, the Pistol is the weapon of choice to exploit a badly placed sentry gun's limited range. For all classes crits can suddenly make the pistol a lethal long range weapon.
** While not a pistol per se, the Pyro's Flaregun has an an incredible range if used correctly (at least for the Pyro, considering the fact that he's meant for short range combat) as does the Medic's Syringe Gun.
** The Spy's Ambassador is pretty much made for this, trading fire speed and damage for perfect accuracy and being the only non-Sniper weapon that gets {{Critical Hit}}s on headshots (which negates the damage falloff from firing at a distance).
** An update changed the bullet firing algorithm so that the first bullet fired with any hitscan weapon (if you hadn't fired for 1.25 seconds) is always perfectly accurate and at least one pellet from a shotgun will go straight down the crosshair. Which means you can technically snipe with a shotgun, though you'll only get 3 damage or so, because only one pellet will connect, and almost every weapon has falloff that reduces damage by as much as half.
* A nearly ubiquitous GameMod for online ''VideoGame/MedalOfHonor: Allied Assault'' is the addition of a silenced Hi-Standard to every player's loadout, which can kill in a single shot from across the map. Averted with the [=M1911A1=], which has dismal accuracy at more than a few meters.
** A useful trick is to aim for an enemy with the sniper scope, then switch to the pistol and shoot. This trick is also common in [[VideoGame/ReturnToCastleWolfenstein Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory]].
* In ''Medal of Honor: Rising Sun'', there was a British silenced pistol called the Welrod. Though lacking a scope, the bullet would hit exactly where the gun was pointed (albeit with a slight delay between the time you fired & the time the bullet hit the target) & would kill in one hit. However, the gun only carried one round per magazine. In real life, the maximum effective range of the Welrod was only 23 meters (75 feet) & it could hold six or eight rounds per magazine depending on the model, but it was manually cycled.
* ''VideoGame/SeriousSam'' did not bother discriminating between weapon accuracies for most of the scopeless guns, so you could snipe with the minigun as well as with the [[RevolversAreJustBetter Schofields]] as long as an enemy was colouring the crosshairs. Of course, the sniper rifle's scope gives it an advantage, while the flamethrower's short reach hampers it.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Killzone}}'', the character Luger has an automatic pistol equipped with a zoom lens, whose [[SecondaryFire secondary function]] is to shoot extremely precise individual bullets for which [[BoomHeadshot headshots are instant kills]]. That's the ''idea'', at least; in practice, it seems that no matter how still you are when you aim, they always seem to go way off target at the most inopportune moments.
* In the ''Franchise/JamesBond'' video games ''VideoGame/{{Nightfire}}'', and ''VideoGame/AgentUnderFire'', the basic starting pistol can be used to effectively snipe at any visible targets by a player with good accuracy. It can also typically kill any basic enemy with a single shot to a vital area, and is far more accurate then almost any non-sniping weapon. It was even covered in a Playstation Underground Cool Move.
* All weapons in ''VideoGame/{{Turok}}: Evolution'' have an alternate fire that you get from an upgrade to that weapon. The standard Sleg Pistol can get a long barrel, scope and stock that swing into place or off to the side of the weapon at the push of a button, converting it into a battle rifle with a scope (concept art for it in both forms even outright calls it the "Sniper Pistol"). The Sleg troops use the pistol in its rifle format as their basic grunt weapon ''and'' sniper rifle throughout the game.
* The pistols in ''VideoGame/SoldierOfFortune''. Even the 9mm can take down enemies from fairly long range. Averted, of course, with the second game.
* The pistols in ''VideoGame/Left4Dead'' has surprisingly good accuracy even at a somewhat longer range, plus the BottomlessMagazines can pretty much let you fire like crazy at will. The only thing stopping it from being a GameBreaker is its low power since the pistols were designed to be used as emergency weapons if you were low on ammo for your main gun. The game subverts the trope when you are incapacitated and the accuracy for the pistols are decreased.
** ''VideoGame/Left4Dead2'' ups the ante by introducing the magnum pistol, which is a one shot kill on common infected and headshot-accurate when fired from a crouch. It's actually powerful enough to be used by many as their primary weapon, since (being a pistol) you can still use it while downed and it has infinite ammo, but it's functionally like the shotgun at any range, killing anything short of a Witch in one or two bullets. Unlike the normal pistols, it preserves the accuracy when downed. You could literally snipe a Smoker several yards away while incapacitated[[note]]especially notable when people discovered a (now fixed) bug where players could get the accuracy bonus from crouching while incapped[[/note]].
* Repeater pistols in ''VideoGame/{{Borderlands}}'' tend to be rather inaccurate if they're not Swatters or made by Hyperion (if it's both, you got a bona fide sniper pistol more accurate than the absolute majority of two-handed guns, including snipers). The Revolvers, on the other hand, can act as very useful mid-range snipers in a pinch... and as we all know, RevolversAreJustBetter. The Hunter, the class optimized for sniping, is also the pistol expert. It even gets brought up in Mordecai's back story, when he won a sniping competition... with a revolver. He was disqualified for suspected cheating, which sounds reasonable... except he didn't cheat. [[ImprobableAimingSkills He's just that good]].
* ''VideoGame/{{Borderlands 2}}'' has the Hyperion pistols. After a few shots to stabilize the gun, it'll have almost pixel-perfect accuracy for the rest of the mag as long as you keep firing, especially if it's named Leverage or Vision. If it also has the Hyperion scope (the most powerful zoom of all), constantly popping [[AttackItsWeakPoint critical hits]] halfway across the map is a done deal. Pistols from other brands can qualify if they have the Hyperion barrel and the shouder stock accessory.
* Lampshaded in the VideoGame/GarrysMod game mode ''VideoGame/TroubleInTerroristTown'', an Honorable Mention Achievement being called "It's Like a Tiny Rifle", given to a player who killed many other players with the Desert Eagle. Incidentally, "tiny rifle" [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desert_Eagle#Design_details is a fairly accurate description]] of a Desert Eagle in terms of operation, if not accuracy.
* In ''Franchise/StarWars: VideoGame/{{Dark Forces|Saga}}'', your starting pistol is very accurate and auto aims at long distances. This continues into the later games, where the starting blaster pistol is perfectly accurate, but deals less damage per shot than the [[ImperialStormtrooperMarksmanshipAcademy hilariously-inaccurate stormtrooper rifle]].
* The Automag in ''VideoGame/{{Unreal|I}}'', on top of being a HitScan weapon, has pixel-perfect accuracy in primary fire mode (the GangstaStyle SecondaryFire, [[ATeamFiring on the other hand]]...). Its successor, the Enforcer, isn't as absurdly accurate, but it's still very dependable as a mid-to-long range weapon.
* ''VideoGame/TheConduit'' and [[VideoGame/{{Conduit2}} its sequel]] both feature the [=HVS45=], a powerful scoped pistol that was practically made for sniping. Even the more basic USP is highly accurate.
* The Settler Pistol in ''Videogame/{{Rage}}'' is effective against all types of enemies, at any range, once it has been upgraded with a monocular sight and Big Mama bullets.
* ''VideoGame/MechWarrior Living Legends'' has the handheld Autocannon/2 for [[PoweredArmor Battlearmor]]. It's a bullet hose with a range of about three feet when fired [[MoreDakka fully automatic]]. When fired semi-automatic, it's the single most accurate ballistic weapon in the entire game. The only thing preventing battlearmor from sniping each other from across the ''huge'' maps is need to lead shots and the lack of a high-powered zoom on the weapon.
* ''Videogame/PlanetSide 2'''s NS-44 Commissioner HandCannon is extremely accurate when crouched and does almost as much damage as a sniper rifle (albeit with high damage drop off), allowing it to be used to finish off targets from long range. Low-power reflex sights can be affixed to it easier to use instead of using the horrible standard iron sights. The excessive recoil can still make follow-up shots difficult, however. The derivative [=NS-44L=] Blackhand is a Commissioner with a longer barrel, integrated 4x scope and with higher-velocity bullets, albeit with only four versus the Commissioner's six.

* ''VideoGame/{{Elona}}'' [[http://www.kongregate.com/games/noanoa/elona-shooter Shooter's]] Revolver-Sniper is a slower-shooting but more accurate Revolver.
* ''VideoGame/{{Notrium}}'' has a literal, hard-to-make, Sniper Pistol being the strongest weapon in the game.

[[folder:Role Playing Game]]
* ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 3}}'' has the Scoped .44 Magnum and its unique variant, the Blackhawk.
** To a lesser degree, the functional range on the 10mm Handguns and Chinese Pistols are rather frighteningly similar to those of the unnamed Hunting Rifles and Sniper Rifles, especially in VATS mode.
** Earlier titles have the .223 Pistol and Gauss Pistols for long-range mayhem. Their range is nearly as good as a rifle's and they do very good damage. However, the range mechanics of the game make them less accurate than a rifle. Until you got your Small Guns skill up to about 200, anyway. The true die-hard pistol fanatic would probably take the One-Hander trait, which greatly improves accuracy.
** VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas has the Hunting Revolver, which is similar to the Scoped .44 Magnum, except slightly more powerful. The [[AceCustom Ranger Sequoia]] version is potentially several times ''more'' accurate, but doesn't get a scope. There's also scope mods for some of the pistols. The game also features "That Gun", the same old .223 Pistol returning from the classic games, which is once again not only more accurate but also more powerful than rifles firing the same rounds; combined with the fact that 5.56mm ammo gets the most variations for different situations (armor-piercing, hollowpoints, and the like), That Gun is probably the most versatile weapon in the game.
*** Note that practically all of the pistols in both games are actually quite inaccurate compared to rifles of the same tier, averting the trope somewhat.
*** Energy pistols play with this trope: almost all of them that don't shoot plasma are incredibly accurate, with the basic Laser Pistol tied in max accuracy with the most accurate conventional handgun and the [[TooAwesomeToUse Alien Blaster]] being the only perfectly accurate gun in the game. However, they are fairly hard to aim because most of them [[SightedGunsAreLowTech lack sights]] or have very poor ones, and the accuracy in VATS matches this--unless you take the chem Steady, then this trope fully comes into play.
* There's one in ''VideoGame/HellgateLondon'' with Rail Pistol, a railgun pistol which is designed for Hunter classes who like to shoot enemies from far away while GunsAkimbo.
* Using [[BulletTime Chain Shot]] in ''VideoGame/AlphaProtocol'' allows you to hit (and most often take out) any human enemy you can see and aim at. The pistol is also generally the only weapon you will ''ever'' need, not only due to Chain Shot but also the ability to crit enemies ''and'' make non-lethal takedowns at a distance.
* ''Franchise/MassEffect'':
** In ''VideoGame/MassEffect1'', the pistol was really the only weapon you'd ever need due to absurdly good accuracy compared to every other weapon (except for possibly a fully-upgraded sniper rifle), especially when you activate the Marksmanship Skill.
*** The pistol in this game is more like a freaking machine gun than a sniper rifle.
*** Also justified in that the weapons of mass effect apparently have on-board computers that calculate firing solutions, so aiming the sight and firing will presumably work with any weapon at any distance.
** ''VideoGame/MassEffect2's'' "Firepower Pack" DLC adds the M-5 Phalanx, a heavy pistol with a laser sight. All pistols technically fit the description given the lack of long range fights in the game, but the Phalanx always hits exactly where the sight falls.
** ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'' takes it a step further by adding pistol scopes, which when added to the [[HandCannon M-77 Paladin or M-358 Talon]] produce weapons at least as powerful as actual sniper rifles. The Paladin and the Carnifex are also among the most accurate non-scoped weapons in the game, allowing for extreme-range kills even without the scope. If you're playing as a biotic-based class and have good pistol marksmanship, you can leave the sniper rifle slot empty, lightening your loadout and a decreasing your power cooldown time.
*** The multiplayer portion of ''Mass Effect 3'' takes this to a new level (guns have different stats in single vs multi player). The multiplayer version of the M-77 Paladin has stats that are almost identical to the N7 Valiant, an equal-tier (both are in the highest tier) sniper rifle. Specifically, the Paladin has the same clip size, fire rate and accuracy, actually does MORE damage per shot and has less spare ammo. Players joke that it [[NonindicativeName is a sniper rifle, just in the wrong category]]
*** Also, the Executioner Pistol. It only has one shot per clip, but if you use a High Caliber Barrel/Cranial Trauma Barrel, and a scope, you'll be dropping bad guys very quickly.
*** The Talon's obscenely effective at sniping, considering it's a pistol-sized SHOTGUN.

[[folder:Stealth Based Game]]
* ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid4GunsOfThePatriots'' handles this pretty well: a scoped Desert Eagle[[note]]this combination sounds very odd, but the gun was originally meant to fire magnum rounds in sports shooting, and doesn't necessarily require a mounting bracket like other pistols - there have been Desert Eagles made with Picatinny rails directly above the barrel, in fact[[/note]]. Also, in multiplayer, your pistols are surprisingly accurate and pretty useful - provided you can squeeze a shot off before you get killed by your FN SCAR-H-wielding opponent.
** A common strategy in ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid3SnakeEater'' prior to getting the Sniper Rifle is to use the binoculars, zoom, then switch to the weapon-of-choice (usually one of the pistols) and fire. Always hits if done correctly, unless the target moves. That said, the 1911's sights made sniping pretty easy anyway.
** In the second game, the SOCOM pistol you get at the beginning of Raiden's mission is your most accurate weapon. Headshots are guaranteed one-hit kills, but unlike the sniper rifles it has no sway, and the sights are very, very easy to use.
* The pistol in ''VideoGame/HitmanBloodMoney'' can be upgraded with a scope. And, weirdly enough, you can wield two of them. They're pretty accurate with the right upgrades. Though the actual sniper rifle is still the preferred long range weapon.

[[folder:Survival Horror]]
* In ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil4'' (at least in the Wii version), it is possible to go through the game using the Pistol instead of the sniper rifle when required. Since almost all guns are aimed via the crosshair on the screen in the Wii version, their corresponding idle swaying has been removed entirely - your accuracy now depends entirely on how steady you hold the controller.
* ''VideoGame/{{Metro 2033}}'' features a literal sniper pistol. One of the first weapons you come across is a revolver. Then you find one with a silencer. Then one with an extended barrel. Then one with a ''rifle stock attached''. Then one with a stock and silencer. Then one with a [[SerialEscalation stock, optics, and extended barrel or a stock, optics, silencer, and laser sight]], allowing you to make highly accurate and silenced shots at long range. These later variants are available [[DiscOneNuke relatively early in the game]].
* One of the weapons in ''Videogame/TheLastOfUs'' is a single-shot scoped revolver known as "El Diablo".

[[folder:Third Person Shooter]]
* For a particularly silly example, see the Air Taser in ''VideoGame/SyphonFilter'', whose range is practically infinite despite being a ''taser''. It's a favorite amongst fans, not the least because of its VideoGameCrueltyPotential. Eventually replaced with a taser that has a more realistic range, but the original could still be unlocked as an InfinityPlusOneSword. The series' actual pistols are also deadly accurate, and headshots with any weapon are a OneHitKill to most enemies. Bonus for the silenced ones.
** Taken to its literal conclusion in ''The Omega Strain'', with the Desert Sniper scoped magnum.
* In ''VideoGame/StarWarsBattlefront II'', getting about 6 kills with a pistol upgrades it to the Precision Pistol, which does about as much damage as a regular sniper rifle (two shots or one headshot to down pretty much anyone who isn't a [[MadeOfIron Wookie]] or [[DeflectorShields Destroyer Droid]]), keeps the targeting reticule when [[NoScope unscoped]], and has sixteen-shot semi-automatic mags, allowing you to basically mow through any group of enemies you see. Considering the sniper rifle's upgrade [[PoisonMushroom actually makes it worse at sniping]], the Precision Pistol is very good.
* ''VideoGame/EatLeadTheReturnOfMattHazard'' has an interesting bug where sometimes the first shot you make out of cover is completely accurate, even while using ''blind fire'', allowing you to get headshot after headshot without even looking!
* All pistols in the ''VideoGame/GearsOfWar'' series are able to zoom slightly. More useful in the sequel, where people ''might'' do something else besides [[ComplacentGamingSyndrome shotgun rush all the time]].
* ''VideoGame/{{Uncharted}} 3'' introduces the Tau-Sniper, a scoped pistol that kills most enemies in a single shot and can even kill armored enemies in a single headshot, whereas with most guns you have to shoot off the helmet first.
* Lara's handgun in ''VideoGame/{{Tomb Raider|2013}}'' is highly accurate and can one-shot kill most enemies with a clean headshot. You can also upgrade it with a HollywoodSilencer, and taking the Pistol Expert ability has a headshot reticle light up when you're on target. These upgrades make it an even ''better'' sniper weapon weapon than the bow, especially since the pistol's higher rate of fire can allow you to pick off multiple enemies in close succession.
* The Lex and the upgraded Lex Prime in ''Videogame/{{Warframe}}'' follow this trope exactly, with very high damage and accuracy, but a very slow rate of fire combined with heavy recoil makes these pistols unsuitable for beginners.
** The Marelok and its Syndicate version, the Vaykor Marelok, may also qualify.
** ''Warframe'' also has the Seer, a ''literal'' Sniper Pistol thanks to Vor adding in a custom zoom function. That said, the Seer's bullets aren't HitScan.
* ''VideoGame/GhostRecon: Future Soldier'' has the SRR, which is listed in the sniper rifle category but looks for all the world like a typical revolver with a stock and sniper optics bolted on. If you remove all the accessories and use the pistol grip instead of the standard stock, that's essentially what you get. An [[{{UsefulNotes/Silencers}} eyebrow-raising silenced barrel]] is also built-in.
** The humble 45T pistol can score a headshot at nearly the same distance as the 7.62mm 417 rifle despite being listed with a range shorter than a shotgun.

[[folder:Turn Based Tactics]]
* Almost all weapons in the ''[[{{VideoGame/XCOM}} XCOM]]'' games have no maximum limit to their range, so a pistol can easily shoot across the map, assuming there's nothing in the way. Soldiers ''do'' have a limited range of vision, but this is easily overcome with the use of spotters. Plus, the chances of actually hitting an enemy at such long range are miniscule in a game where your soldiers are the leftovers too inaccurate to be stormtroopers.
** Mostly averted in ''VideoGame/XCOMEnemyUnknown'', as the pistol does little damage and is pitifully inaccurate at range (though less so than the shotgun, making it a reasonable backup for Assault soldiers), making it more designed to be used by a sniper up close, [[EmergencyWeapon if you run out of ammo in a pinch]], or just weaken the target for capture. "Mostly" because probably due to a coder oversight, a pistol-wielding sniper on Overwatch with the Squad Sight perk still gets a reaction shot against enemies outside of his/her pistol's effective aiming range (something that is usually reserved for sniper rifles only). That being said, Snipers are also the only class with a perk that increase the base damage of the pistol: combined with the Foundry upgrades that increase pistol damage and effectiveness, they'll be able to reach the same kind of overall damage values as other soldiers wielding heavier weaponry of the same type.
** ''VideoGame/XCOM2'' plays this trope straight to an incredible degree, with the Sharpshooter Class (XCOM 2's equivalent to the sniper) not only being the only class with a pistol, but having one of the 2 skill paths being devoted to pistol marksmanship.
*** The Alien Hunters DLC added the Shadowkeeper, a pistol with a permanent Aim bonus and no range penalties: Anything within non-Squadsight range can be hit with a reasonable chance. And that's before the once-a-mission auto-hit shot comes in...
** Averted in the ''VideoGame/UFOAfterBlank'' spiritual successor trilogy. All weapons have two range stats for each of their fire modes - "effective range", beyond which the user will suffer increasing accuracy penalties, and "maximum range", beyond which the weapon cannot be fired at all (the accuracy penalties drop your accuracy to zero at this point, and soldiers will either refuse the order to fire or move closer before shooting depending which game in the trilogy is being played). Pistols have very short effective ranges and short max ranges, especially on full-auto (for those pistols where it's an option), and can't hope to match the range, accuracy and single-shot damage of equivalent tech sniper weapons. As an example, in ''UFO Aftermath'' the entry level sniper rifle (Remington 800) has triple the effective and maximum range of the standard handguns, and equals or exceeds the per-shot damage of all equivalent (and almost all higher-tech) pistols. Generally, pistols conform to their real-life role of small, lightweight backup weapons.
* Guns in the hands of Gunners in ''VideoGame/TacticsOgre'' have a range of "So long as there's nothing between me and my target," regardless of whether you're using a pistol or a rifle - using one doesn't even highlight the target range, as is done with all other attacks. In the hands of non-gunners, [[ShortRangeLongRangeWeapon they're mere bludgeons]].
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTactics'': Guns (all of which are magic pistols) have a range of 8 squares (bows have 5) and can do elemental damage. Although they are only usable by a few classes, they basically make you a sniper wizard.
* In ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTacticsAdvance'' and ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTacticsA2'', guns have huge range compared to any other weapon (save [[DeathDealer magical cards]]). Much like in [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyTactics FFT]], there are abilities that allow you to deal elemental damage and cause some [[StandardStatusEffects effects]] like Stop and Charm... and some abilities use the range of the weapon, allowing you to combine the range of guns with - say - ''Ultima Charge'' to turn your humble gun into a [[NinjaPirateZombieRobot sniper magic bazooka gun]].

[[folder:Sandbox Game]]
* ''VideoGame/MafiaTheCityOfLostHeaven'': While featuring a sniper rifle, it's only found in one level and is basically only used to assassinate the target. The Colt 1911 and Smith & Wesson 27 make for great high-accuracy weapons though. However most of the game is set in fairly close environments.
** Likewise, the first round fired from the Tommy gun is 100% accurate, despite its historical notoriety for [[MoreDakka imprecision]]. As long as the player is careful to only fire one shot at a time, it is possible to snipe enemies from across the map.
* ''WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation'' said of the pistols in ''VideoGame/SaintsRow2'' "your handgun can shoot accurately enough to pierce someone's nipple from across town". It was only a slight exaggeration.

!!Non VideoGames examples:

[[folder: Anime and Manga]]
* One chapter of ''Manga/GunsmithCats'' has Rally selling a customized revolver to a rather creepy customer who uses it for this trope.
* {{Justified}} in ''Manga/CityHunter'': the only guy who does it is Ryo Saeba, who is noted to be an [[ImprobableAimingSkills exceptionally accurate shooter]] and only does it with either a Colt Python (a rather accurate gun) customized for superior accuracy or, if the shoot is particularly tricky, a [[RareGun S&W Model 58]] that, due a quirk of fabrication, is unbelievably accurate.

[[folder: Film]]
* ''Film/JamesBond'':
** Francisco Scaramanga of ''Film/TheManWithTheGoldenGun'' uses his golden pistol to shoot a man on a sidewalk while hiding on a rooftop across the street.
** In ''Film/{{Spectre}}'', Bond uses a Glock 17 in a pistol-to-carbine conversion kit when he attempts to kill Marco Sciarra in the opening scene in Mexico City.
* The Waco Kid in ''Film/BlazingSaddles'' sets off dynamite from a few hundred yards away with a single shot of his revolver.
* In ''Film/{{Sharknado}}'' one character is able to save people in a helicopter by shooting a shark out of the sky with a pistol.
* ''Film/{{XXX}}'' In the opening, ''ColdSniper'' Kirill kills a secret agent with one of these. Justified in that the pistol is a custom job with specialized rail attachments.

[[folder: Literature]]
* Lampshaded in an early scene in ''[[Literature/TheChroniclesOfAmber 9 Princes in Amber]]'' by Creator/RogerZelazny. Random, the weakest brother when it comes to any magic or combat, is shooting [[HellHound stormhounds]] from a moving car (on an uneven road) with a crappy pistol and each bullet kills a dog. Probably he did get occasional training, and with him being centuries old that did amount to something.

* The tricked-out gun that UNCLE agents use in ''Series/TheManFromUncle'', whose accessories include a scope, a stock, and an extendable barrel.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* Possible with [[TabletopGame/D20Modern D20 Future]] weapon gadgets. By taking a sniper rifle, and applying the Compact and Miniaturized gadgets, you can reduce its size by three ranks. A Large (rifle size) sniper rifle becomes a Tiny (Sites M9 size) weapon, treated by the rules as a pistol. Its range and damage are unaffected. Such a gun requires VERY expensive ammunition though (since it has to be miniaturized too), that must be custom made and as such takes at least 10 hours to buy a batch of 20 cartridges.
* ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'': [[NoCelebritiesWereHarmed Sly Marbo]] of the [[BadassNormal Imperial Guard]] has a special "Ripper Pistol" with sniper rifle equivalent stats.
* Rather pointedly averted in ''TabletopGame/{{GURPS}}'', where pistols not only have shorter ranges than rifles, but are also inherently less accurate to begin with -- getting something like a +1 or +2 to hit from taking a second to aim as opposed to most rifles' +4 or +5 from the exact same maneuver (on a 3d6 roll-under bell curve), going just by the tables in the 4th edition Basic Set.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* [[http://www.fab-defense.com/en/category-pistol-to-carbine-conversion-kit.html Pistol-to-carbine conversion kits]].
* Elmer Keith, the inventor of the .44 Magnum cartridge, was a skilled long range handgunner. When the .44 Magnum came out, Keith made the first animal hunt with it: taking down a [[http://elmerkeithwasdeadright.blogspot.com/ goshawk at 100 yards and dropping a rifle-wounded deer at an astonishing 600 yards]].
* World champion Jerry Miculek [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJ3XwizTqDw popped a balloon]] from 1000 yards (roughly 910 meters) away with a revolver at standing position. To put it into perspective, the 13th longest sniper shot is 1.2 km, and the maximum effective range of a pistol in the hands of an average soldier is 50 m.
* In general, many larger handguns can frequently be considerred effective to 200m plus in moderately skilled hands.
* From [[MotherRussiaMakesYouStrong Mother Russia]] hails the [=RSh=]-12.7, a gigantic {{revolver|sAreJustBetter}} that actually fires a [[HandCannon sniper rifle round]] - the 12.7x55 mm for the [[HollywoodSilencer VKS Vykhlop]]. Its [[GunAccessories accessories]] can make it a good approximation of the page image - it can be fitted with a stock, a silencer, and has Picatinny rails for everything else. It is not, however, actually a sniper pistol it was explicitly designed as a HandCannon for [[DynamicEntry forced entry situations]], for the off case when the entrenched bad guys have something more than the simple body armor, or somehow managed to find an armored car or such.
* The primary, and ultimately insurmountable, reason for pistol inaccuracy is the simple fact that a pistol, by definition, has a relatively short barrel, which reduces the amount of rifling (grooves) in the barrel that can apply spin to the bullet. Make the barrel longer, and you either have a rifle with no stock, or a pistol that is ''really'' inconvenient -- imagine trying to draw a pistol with even a 1-foot barrel out of a hip holster when you're in a hurry, much less in a shoulder holster or when carrying concealed.
* The Remington [=XP100=] is a notable example, being a bolt-action pistol based on the Remington 700 rifle line. Chambered in the proprietary .221 Fireball cartridge, it ''was'' very accurate at long ranges.