[[caption-width-right:350:Clockwise from top left: ''Series/CharlesInCharge'', ''Series/{{ALF}}'', ''Series/GimmeABreak'', ''Series/SmallWonder'', ''227'', ''Series/PunkyBrewster'', ''Series/{{Just the Ten of Us}}''. Center: ''Series/{{Webster}}'']]

->''"I know this is a sitcom, but ''no-one'' can be this stupid."''
-->--'''Brendon''', ''WesternAnimation/HomeMovies'' (an [[HypocriticalHumor animated sitcom]])

The term [=Sitcom=] is a portmanteau of "Situation Comedy". Originally, sitcoms were broadcast on the radio. Before long, they progressed to television; the Ur-[=Sitcom=] on TV is ''Series/ILoveLucy'', which pioneered many of the technical and comedic techniques used to this day, including ThreeCameras, but the first television sitcom is generally agreed to have been 1946's ''Pinwright's Progress'' on Creator/TheBBC (all footage is lost, however). The Honeymooners did much to standardize many of these tropes as well.

* AwfulWeddedLife
* BlackSitcom
* BritCom
* DomCom
* FantasticComedy
* KidCom
* OddCouple
* RoommateCom
* SitComic
* WorkCom

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