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Sir Eldric IV
Sir Eldric IV uploads videos on Youtube. He is best known as a Let's Player specializing in Flash games, such as those that can be found on, but is also known for playing select retro titles, as well. He also uploads non-gaming videos on occasion.

Eldric, as he is best known, is a Pharmacist in training. His braininess comes out in his ability to excel at otherwise difficult puzzle games, as well as straight up trivia games like Jeopardy! His playthroughs of the Genius Test series of Flash games encouraged Genius Test creator Michael Gilbert to make a special version specifically designed to (perhaps) mess Eldric up. Ultimately, Eldric succeeded in that one, as well.

Eldric has also played some co-op games with Youtuber Adkit2. Their works include Resident Evil 5, Portal 2, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Eldric's channel is mostly viewer friendly, with sparing use of foul language.

Like some LPers, Eldric has not revealed his face or real name, much to the dismay of his subscribers. His torso has been seen in some travel vlogs, and he has described himself as tall and of Polish decent. He has also stated that he is Catholic.
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