Shota Shimizu is a japanese R&B singer-songwriter from Yao, Osaka. He's known for his appearance at the 2008 New York Japan Day Festival and his work with MiliyahKato.

!! His Albums:

* Umbrella
* Journey
* Colors

!! His Singles:

* Home
* Aishitieru
* My Treasure
* Utsukushii Hibi yo / Sayonara wa Itsumo Sobani
* Oyasumi no Kisu Wo~Good Night my love~ ([[LetsDuet With Double]])
* Kimi Ga Suki
* Goodbye
* Kimi ga Kurasu Machi
* You & I
* love
* Fuyu Ga Owaru Mae Ni
* Kimi Sae Ireba ([[LetsDuet With Kazumaza Oda]])

!! With MiliyahKato

* Love Forever
* Forever Love

They also performed a duet of CelineDion's ''I'm Your Angel'' for the Celine Dion Tribute Album.

!! Tropes associated with him and his music:

* AuthorAppeal: Songs named/peppered with English, his R&B sound, the oversized sweaters he wears in his music videos.
* AwardBaitSong: ''When You Cry''
* AnimeHair: His... unique hairstyle.
* CoverVersion: Suiyaki by Kyu Sakamoto.
* LetsDuet: With MiliyahKato, Double and various other artists.
* RummageSaleReject: The sweaters/jumpers/hoodies he's always wearing in his videos and promotional photos.
* SurprisinglyGoodEnglish: All the time.