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->"''As a story grows shorter and shorter, all the fancy embroidery that length makes possible must go. In the short story, there can be no subplots; there is no time for philosophy; what description and character delineation there is must be accomplished with concision.''"
-->-- '''Creator/IsaacAsimov''' in the introduction to ''100 Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories''

A common type of ProseFiction and a good way for new authors to start out. Short stories are any stories that run up to 7,500 words in length, though some definitions place them as long as 20,000. Due to the discrepancy, short stories can overlap with the {{Novella}} and the {{Novelette}} but are usually categorized separately. Some people feel a story is only "short" if it can be read in one sitting, but "one sitting" is a very subjective definition due to differences in attention span - even among heavy readers.

Short stories are usually published in magazines and, more rarely, collections. There is a large PulpMagazine industry that is much easier to break into than the book industry, which makes it a good place for a new writer to build up a resume. And a good place to stage OldShame.

A lot of FanFic takes the form of Short Story.

Compare: {{Novel}}, {{Novella}}, {{Novelette}}.

''[[Podcast/{{Pseudopod}} Pseudopod.org]]'' makes a job of publishing audio version of short stories.

* Most of what Creator/HPLovecraft wrote was in the form of a short story. These include:
** "Literature/TheCallOfCthulhu"
** "Pickman's Model"
** "The Horror At Red Hook"
** "Literature/TheCatsOfUlthar"
** "Literature/TheDunwichHorror"
** "Literature/TheColourOutOfSpace"
** "Literature/TheTemple"
** "Literature/TheThingOnTheDoorstep"
* ''Literature/{{Coulrophobia}}''.
* Creator/OscarWilde's "Literature/TheHappyPrince".
* Creator/RobertEHoward also made his career on short fiction, with every ''Franchise/ConanTheBarbarian'' story save ''Literature/TheHourOfTheDragon'' being a short story.
* "Literature/IHaveNoMouthAndIMustScream" was both short, and a story.
* ''Literature/IRobot'' was a series of short stories by Creator/IsaacAsimov.
* "Literature/TheMostDangerousGame" by Richard Connell
* "Literature/ArcanaMagiZero" is a WebOriginal ShortStory trilogy written by H-M Brown.
* "Literature/TheLottery" by Shirley Jackson
* "Literature/ThereWillComeSoftRains", a Creator/RayBradbury classic.
* "Film/BrokebackMountain" was originally a short story by Annie Proulx.
* "Literature/TheCuriousCaseOfBenjaminButton" was originally a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
* "Literature/LustCaution" was originally a short story by Eileen Chang.
* "Literature/TheDandelionGirl" by Robert F. Young.
* "Literature/MagicForBeginners" by Kelly Link.
* "Literature/RomanceWithADoubleBass" by Creator/AntonChekhov.
* "Literature/ARoseForEmily" by Creator/WilliamFaulkner.
* "Literature/TlonUqbarOrbisTertius" by Creator/JorgeLuisBorges
* "Literature/TheLibraryOfBabel" by the same author
* Most of the ''Franchise/TransformersTimelines'' fiction consists of short stories, and issues of ''ComicBook/TheTransformers'' and ''ComicBook/TheTransformersLastStandOfTheWreckers'' had short stories published in them occasionally.
* ''Literature/TheKingInYellow'' by Creator/RobertWChambers is a short story collection.
* Quite a few short stories vie for "shortest story ever":
** Marget Atwood:
-->"Longed for him. Got him. Shit".
** Hemingway's bet-winning short story, though it's undetermined if Hemingway actually wrote this story.
-->"For sale: baby shoes, never worn."
** "Science Fiction for Telepaths" by E. Michael Blake:
-->"Aw, you know what I mean."
** "Sign at the End of the Universe" by Duane Ackerson:
-->"˙dn puǝ sıɥʇ"
** Spanish Literature has Augusto Monterroso with his short story "El dinosaurio:" [[note]]"The dinousaur"[[/note]]
-->"Cuando despertó, el dinosaurio todavía estaba allí".[[note]]''"When he awoke, the dinosaur was still there"''[[/note]].
* Creator/RobertWestall wrote a great deal of what some consider his best work in short fiction form; notably "Literature/BreakOfDark" and the best of anthologies ''Demons and Shadows'' and ''Shades of Darkness''.
* "Literature/TheOnesWhoWalkAwayFromOmelas" by Ursula K. Le Guin.
* ''LightNovel/GJBu'' is a strange case; it is marketed as a LightNovel but is more accurately a collection of short stories, all exactly 4 pages long.
* "Literature/HarrisonBergeron" by Creator/KurtVonnegut.
* Creator/StephenKing has several collections of short stories in his bibliography, and many films have been based on these stories. The early stories were usually published in men's magazines, and King has pointed out that the income often took care of necessities the family couldn't afford otherwise. Many fans express a preference for King's shorter work over his novels.
* Nobel prize winner Creator/AliceMunro works exclusively in the short story format.
* Short Stories were all that [[Literature/TheNightWire H.F Arnold]] ever wrote, one is a classic horror story, the other 2 are impossible to find.
* "Literature/CruelSisters" by Creator/PatriciaCWrede.
* "Literature/{{Shabti}}"
* "Literature/TheSonsVeto" by Creator/ThomasHardy.
* Literature/BooksOfBlood by Creator/CliveBarker.
* "Literature/DespoilersOfTheGoldenEmpire" by Randall Garrett.
* "Literature/TheExtinctionParade" by Max Brooks, which was later adapted into a comic book.
* "Literature/TheClone" by Theodore L. Thomas, which he later [[AdaptationExpansion expanded]] into a full-length novel with co-author Kate Wilhelm.
* Creator/IsaacAsimov edited the 1978 collection of ''100 Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories''. Yes, that's two "shorts" - not a single story is over five pages - most are two and a half. Sadly it's been out of print for a long time, but can still be found in used book distributors and stores.
* "Literature/TheThoughtMonster" by Amelia Reynolds Long, which was adapted into the classic sci-fi/horror film ''Film/FiendWithoutAFace''.
* "There Shall Be No Darkness" by James Blish, also adapted into a movie, this time Amucis' ''Film/TheBeastMustDie''.
* "Literature/WhereAreYouGoingWhereHaveYouBeen", by Joyce Carol Oates.
* Most of the Literature/SherlockHolmes oeuvre consists of short stories.
* "Literature/AnOccurrenceAtOwlCreekBridge"
* "Literature/TheTamariskHunter"
* "Litrature/PareidoliaAndTheGildedScar" is a collection of short stories connected by a common theme of expressing different mental health states though surealism (8 so far with the goal being to have one for each letter of the alphabet).
* "Literature/HoleyMatrimony" by Creator/KevinStrange.
* "Literature/GrandpaGray" by Creator/CassHollander.
* "Literature/FlyingWithSanta"
* ''Literature/TheThirteenProblems'', a short story collection by Creator/AgathaChristie featuring Literature/MissMarple
* ''Literature/TheDemigodFiles'', possess several stories.
* ''Literature/TheDemigodDiaries'', possess several stories much like its predecessor.
* ''Literature/BigBlonde'' by Creator/DorothyParker