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Serial Dater
"So many men, so little time," goes the quote.

In works of fiction, a serial dater is somebody who dates a ridiculous number of men or women in a short period of time. Generally, such a person is either hopelessly clueless about what he/she wants in a partner or has no intention of a long-term relationship and, instead, just wants a few nights of sex before moving on to somebody else. And neither gender is innocent in this matter.


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    Live Action TV 
  • Most modern day sitcoms use this trope and make it a crucial source for humor.
  • Both Jerry and Elaine from Seinfeld.
  • Joey, Phoebe, Rachel and (during the later seasons) Ross from Friends. Monica and Chandler not so much.
  • Laura from Family Matters to some extent.

  • She swears up and down she isn't one, but it's probably easier to count how many songs don't have an ex-boyfriend as the Butt Monkey of Taylor Swift's lyrics.

    Real Life 
  • Many high school kids fall under this trope.

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