Sci-Fi Kitchen Sink
aka: Science Fiction Kitchen Sink

Some shows love playing genre conventions, a Fantasy Kitchen Sink will have everything in the mythological handbook and then some, Trope Overdosed works will keep adding tropes so long as they run, and then there are even shows that make new tropes.

These are not those shows. (Or can they be?)

A Sci-Fi Kitchen Sink is for all intents and purposes the playground of Science Fiction Tropes and everything associated with them. Have an Artificial Intelligence construct able to run the Cool Starship? It makes you coffee in the morning. Humongous Mecha? You walked by several on the way to work. Faster-Than-Light Travel? Totally mastered to the point where even Joe Penniless can get a ride to the stars. Laser and particle beams as weapons? Everybody and their dog has one. The list of possible areas seems to be endless.

A good way to tell if a work is a Sci-Fi Kitchen Sink, is ask three questions. Is it in the Sci-Fi genre? Is it softer than reality by a wide margin according to the scale? Does it use all or much of the stuff in the genre of Sci-Fi and not Hang A Lampshade on it? Answer yes to all three and you likely are dealing with a Sci-Fi Kitchen Sink.

Popular in Space Opera. Also popular in Mega Crossover fanfic. Naturally compare Fantasy Kitchen Sink; when both sinks are combined, it becomes Science Fantasy. See also Standard Sci Fi Setting, a particularly popular instance of Sci-Fi Kitchen Sink.


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    Live-Action TV 
  • Doctor Who, by virtue of it having run from 1963 to 1989 and subsequently from 2005 onwards and ranges through the entirety of time and space. After 30+ years on-air, that's a lot of sci-fi ideas.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Warhammer 40,000 - sometimes it is like each army is there to be a representative of a different sort of science fiction. Your Space Marines are your, unsurprisingly, post-Heinleinian Space Marines, the Imperium fields big BattleTech-style mechs, the Imperial Guard are essentially Star Wars' stormtroopers (which are even referenced by name!) with several different flavors, ranging from WW1 trench warfare (the Death Korps of Krieg) to Vietnam-style survivalists (Catachans), Tyranids are books are about Bug War, Tau are animesque mecha and firepower and The Federation, Eldar are Clark's Third Law Sufficiently Advanced Aliens that lean heavily towards ninja-style weapons (everything they fire are shurikens), rely on psychic powers, and take the traditional Japanese leaning, spaceship battles feel like they come out of the Honor Harrington universe, Necrons are Terminator and so on. If anybody want to write about or parody a certain type of science fiction, then they can.
  • Trinity was launched as one of these as well. You want cyberpunk? America's corporate-owned and full of technopaths. You want wasteland? Paris and a huge chunk of the surrounding land got nuked. You want Space Opera? Mankind's made first contact and is currently involved in political dealings with at least three different species. You want Psychic Powers? What flavor do you want them in?


  • Axe Cop uses a wide variety of sci-fi tropes in creative (and frequently ridiculous) ways.

    Western Animation 
  • Futurama: Everything that exists in the Sci Fi Writer's Handbook exists here plus a heaping helping of Rule of Funny and It Runs on Nonsensoleum. Word of God says in the DVD Commentary that they realized just how far down this rabbit hole they'd gone when they agonized over whether it was okay to feature a wizard alongside everything else, they did, and nobody in the audience blinked.

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