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School Study Media

Those works of fiction that people tend to study at school, often called the "canon". You can tell these by how many fanfics at Fanfiction.Net have the writer telling you they wrote it for a school assignment and how many people on Facebook have them listed as their "favorite book" even though they never mention reading anything else. Often where we are taught how to plant Epileptic Trees and first learn that Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory and that Freud Was Right.

Almost none of them were written with the intent of being studied and analyzed in a classroom, and most of them were definitely not written for kids. However, there are two things that most of them share: historical and/or philosophical context, and a deeper meaning in every scene. In fact, these media often not being for kids can be used to help develop the maturity of students as they come to understand darker truths and realities about life.

See also Small Reference Pools.

Compare Lit. Class Tropes, which is about tropes you'd most likely study at school.
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