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Say It Again
When Character A is offended with an insult, he tempted Character B to repeat it again.
Video Games
  • Persona 4 would has this case when Yosuke is dealing with his Shadow.
    Yosuke: You can't be me, you son of a bitch!
    Shadow Yosuke: (Cue Evil Laugh) That's right! Say it again!
    Yosuke: You're not me! You're nothing like me!
    Shadow Yosuke: Yeah, that's right. I am me now. I'm not you anymore, see?

Western Animation
  • Beetlejuice: In "Stage Fright," Lydia accidentally sends B.J. back to the Neitherworld while her school it setting up for a play of "Romeo and Juliet." Claire Brewster hears Lydia say "Sorry, Beetlejuice," leading to this:
    Claire: (repulsed) Beetlejuice?!
    B.J.: (from the Neitherworld) Whoa! That's my name! Go ahead, kid...wear it out! Wear it out!
    Claire: Like, what kind of name is "Beetlejuice??"
    B.J.: Now say it one more time, you stuck-up little brat!
    Claire: Like, I've never heard of a name as grody as "Beetlejuice!"
    B.J.: (slowly emerging) Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's showtime!
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