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This stamp has been applied by an authorised member of the Society to Prevent Overly Original Names (SPOON) to denote that it is this member's opinion that the above Trope name suggestion is Overly Original, in as much as it is unintuitive, unwieldy or overly cryptic to such a degree as to outweigh any redeeming characteristics of being amusing or clever.

As such, this name suggestion is deemed to be unsuitable for selection by the terms of our charter, and therefore should be given no further consideration. Although SPOON does not possess any legal authority to enforce this opinion, we reserve the right to consider those who ignore such recommendations to be quite silly.

The "SPOON Stamp of Approval" may be applied by SPOON members to name suggestions which demonstrate a high degree of descriptiveness, particularly those names which retain the qualities of being both accurate and explanatory while also being clever or amusing. All trope names should aspire to this grand honour.
Spider BuddhaJust for FunStatler and Waldorf

alternative title(s): Fo RK Badge
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