->''"Don't the doors in this bloody place lock!?"''
-->-- '''Daphne Moon''', ''Series/{{Frasier}}''

This is a device to get somebody out of a room or bring somebody into a room.

!!Specific variants:
* AndHereHeComesNow: That absent person they're talking about is just about to enter.
* DeusExScuseMe: A plot device calls a character out of a scene.
* GetARoom: Stock phrase for telling a couple to find somewhere else to flirt.
* GetOut: Telling someone to leave the room.
* GoLookAtTheDistraction: Making up something (usually a fool's errand) for an unwanted third party to do somewhere else.
* GoingToTheStore: Going to the local convenience store is a stock excuse for going out after hours.
* HideAndNoSeek: Using a game as an excuse to get someone (usually kids) to leave.
* IHaveToWashMyHair: A nonsensical excuse is used to gently reject an AbhorrentAdmirer asking for a date.
* INeedToGoIronMyDog: A character excuses himself for some random reason.
* InadvertentEntranceCue: Circumstances conspire to describe an absent character, who then fortuitously appears.
* LeaveTheTwoLovebirdsAlone: Characters leave a couple alone so they can have their romantic moment.
* NeverGiveTheCaptainAStraightAnswer: Giving the captain a reason to leave the bridge, but not enough info to spoil the surprise waiting for him.
* NoTimeToExplain: Two or more characters need to leave immediately without explaining why.
* NotEvenBotheringWithAnExcuse: A character forgoes making up an excuse altogether and just leaves.
* SteppingOutForAQuickCupOfCoffee: A character makes an excuse to leave in order to distance himself from another character's actions.
* TakeFive: A character needs to speak to another privately, but instead asks the others to leave.
* TalkAboutThatThing: A character needs to speak to another privately, so she makes up a reason why they both need to leave.