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He is RolloT and he is ready to party!

He is the host of Transmission Awesome on That Guy with the Glasses.

He is a contributor to Blistered Thumbs.

He is a wearer of oversized blue fuzzy hats and loves to tell Chris Benoit jokes.

He is RolloT, a.k.a. Chris Larios, and he has finally got himself a Tropes page.

RolloT's podcasts (and other projects) include:

  • Transmission Awesome, the official That Guy with the Glasses podcast, who he currently cohosts with Y: Ruler of Time, Pushing Up Roses and Paw Dugan. Has unfortunately succumbed to a severe case of Schedule Slip, though recently a revival has been attempted with That Chick With The Goggles and Liam ArcLight.
  • Weekly Manga Recap, a podcast cohosted with Y: Ruler of Time reviewing the most recently released chapters of various manga (the Big Three appear regularly, along with Toriko, Fairy Tail and Hajime No Ippo, among others.) The two also take requests for manga series to read and review, and discuss various anime and manga tropes.
  • Bromance, a sort of informal variety show cohosted by Liam Arc Light and SonikGav. Has also succumbed to Schedule Slip.
  • Botched Snap, an NFL podcast cohosted with Y: Ruler of Time.
  • Former cohost of Turducken Is Tasty, another football podcast hosted by Lord Kat.
  • Two Worlds, a D&D campaign hosted by Zulu_Tango on

RolloT provides examples of:

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