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Roll To Dodge Princess Celestia
— Princess Celestia's propaganda poster.

"The Pony-citizens of Equestria were living in a glorious era under Goddess Princess Celestia. Cultures were brought together, plagues and monsters were vanquished, and farming met industrialization with harmony. All was well...

Until, something happened to the Princess. Whatever was the cause; whether a curse took hold of her mind, or a latent illness took effect, the Princess turned from a Benevolent Ruler to a Fascist Despot. Genocide, slavery, racism, famine and despair swept over the land, turning the skies from blue to gray and the grass turning blood red.

That is where you come in. You can fight Princess Celestia as a former Pony-subject, a human, or another form of being willing to take up arms. Will it be a hopeless bloodbath or a revolution? The fate is in you and your comrades hands. Good luck."

A game on the Bay12 RTD Forums, run by TCM, this game is about a crazy war between The Party and Princess Celestia and her forces of evil.

Game can be found here.

This game provides examples of:

  • Anticlimax Boss: Every other boss besides Princess Celestia. They have no relationship besides being evil.

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