Red Nightmare

Have you ever wondered what Eagleland would be like if those Dirty Communists were in charge? Find out in this propaganda film from The Fifties! (Okay, technically 1962.) See it here.

  • All Just a Dream: As indicated by the title.
  • Commie Land: Oddly, some of the worst aspects of this trope are actually averted. For example, communist rule doesn't stop Jerry and his neighbors from being comfortably middle-class.
  • Cultural Posturing: An in-universe example is hilariously a double example on a meta level. When Jerry sees an exhibit claiming the telephone was invented by the Russians, he yells, "That was made by Alexander Graham Bell! AND HE WAS AN AMERICAN!" Alexander Graham Bell was Scottish.
  • Eagleland: Very much the first flavor, of course.
  • Kangaroo Court: Jerry Donavan is given a trial where the court must be reminded to present its evidence. After being found guilty, the court adds to the indignity by denying him a firing squad.
  • Moral Dissonance: When Jerry is put on trial, we're meant to view him as totally innocent of anything other than being a dissident. No one on either side of the case brings up the fact that he committed a legitimate crime by vandalizing a museum. Of course, that hardly deserves a death sentence, but it's still awfully self-righteous of him to stand there and act like he has no idea why he was arrested. Obviously, vandalizing a museum is okay when it's a commie museum!
  • Overprotective Dad: Jerry, mildly, at the start.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Jerry is repeatedly told not to speak out against the Party, but continues to do so. And he acts shocked each and every time it gets him in trouble.