[[caption-width-right:276:UsefulNotes/{{Cleopatra|VII}}, helping make this trope OlderThanFeudalism]]

A StockPose across many forms of media. The best way to show that the ruler of a country is powerful, decadent, hedonistic, and/or comfortable within their power is to show them reclining on their throne or another lavish piece of furniture.

For kings, sultans, emperors and other rulers, they're often portrayed as being surrounded by servants while [[GrapesOfLuxury being fed grapes]] or cooled by giant fans, all the while with a very troubled/bored expression. For women, this tends to get taken UpToEleven, usually with the female reclining on something like a sofa, futon, or bed [[{{Fanservice}} while wearing next to nothing]].

Some rulers will even [[TooImportantToWalk travel on a litter]] so that they can continue this look when on the move.

Although not exclusive to villains, they are the most common form of the trope, since EvilIsCool and EvilIsSexy.

Often used as a {{Modeling Pose|s}} if the product modeled is meant to make the customer feel regal.

SisterTrope to SlouchOfVillainy and SuperTrope of GrapesOfLuxury.

Compare IdleRich. Not to be confused with ReluctantRuler. Some ladies may even wear DiamondsInTheBuff while taking this pose.


[[AC:{{Anime}} & {{Manga}}]]
* Don Achino in the ''Manga/OnePiece'' anime. He's quite chubby and is content to just lie on his sofa thing. He is very competent in battle though.

* ''ComicBook/TheMightyThor'': [[http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/1/15776/1521859-hela1.jpg Hela]] has spent thousands of years making this trope into an art form. She does this on numerous occasions.
* ComicBook/{{Asterix}}: Most noble Roman patricians are drawn in a reclined position at some point in this comic books series. Most prominent characters of them and actual rulers are Caesar and Cleopatra.
* [[MsFanservice Dejah Thoris]] in ''ComicBook/WarlordOfMars'' is frequently drawn in this position.

* Brainy relaxes on a royal chaise lounge as he reprises his role as King Smurf in an Imaginarium fantasy setting in the ''Fanfic/EmpathTheLuckiestSmurf'' story "Virtual Smurfality".

* ''Film/TheWindAndTheLion''. When the U.S. Marines break into the Bashaw's palace, they find him lying down on a couch smoking a hookah.
* Most [[UsefulNotes/JuliusCaesar Caesars]] are depicted this way. Creator/DomDeLuise in ''Film/HistoryOfTheWorldPartI'' does it.
* UsefulNotes/{{Cleopatra|VII}} is quite often depicted in this manner.
* Jabba The Hutt from ''Franchise/StarWars''. Then again, as a slug-person, reclining is pretty much all his species does.

[[AC:Film - Animation]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheThiefAndTheCobbler'' when Zigzag the evil vizier meets the [[BigBad Mighty One-Eye]], he's seen reclining on a throne with a bored look on his face. Oh, a [[UpToEleven throne composed by his own harem of buxom, scantily-clad One Eye girls]].
* In ''Disney/{{Aladdin}}'', Jafar does this, in a definite overlap with SlouchOfVillainy.
* ''Disney/TheEmperorsNewGroove'': Yzma get's to do this after taking over as the reigning empress, just before finding out that Kuzco is still alive.

* ''Literature/IClaudius'': Romans ate their meals on reclining couches.
* ''Literature/QuoVadis'': There are quite a few lavish banquets at Nero's palace and in Petronius's house, and guests are eating and drinking half-sitting, half-lying.
* ''Literature/ThePeshawarLancers'': Queen-Empress Victoria II is described as having been this, in complete antithesis to her namesake.

[[AC:Live Action TV]]
* PlayedForLaughs in promo material for ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'', featuring Marshall and Lily's honeymoon in Scotland. Because of Marshall's obsession with Nessie the Loch Nech Monster, they miss a performance of ''Theatre/AMidsummerNightsDream''. Lily forces Marshall to do a dramatic reading of the play just for her, while she lies luxuriously in reclined position like Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons. Lily is eating the obligatory grapes.

* Though she's not a queen, Creator/{{Bally}}'s ''Pinball/MataHari'' pinball depicts the spy in such a pose on the backglass.

[[AC:Tabletop Games]]
* TabletopGame/{{Warhammer}}'s Greasus Goldtooth, Overtyrant of the Ogre Kingdoms, travels to battle and even fights like this, on a moving carpet of Gnoblar bearers. The model for Greasus (who is morbidly obese, even by Ogre standards, and possibly even can't walk under his own power) depicts him lying back at ease, giant haunch of meat in one hand, fabulous jewel-encrusted sceptre in the other. To further enhance his aura of disgustingly opulent excess (Ogres charge a very hefty fee to let merchants use the equivalent to the Silk Road), he has more gnoblars spread a carpet of gold coins in front of him wherever he goes. Subtlety is not a quality valued (or, indeed, understood) by ogres, so when they go in for a look, they don't do it by halves.
* Similarly, Dominar Rasheth of the [[TabletopGame/IronKingdoms Skorne Empire]] is a morbidly obese warlord carried into battle on an agonizer-borne palanquin.
* ''TabletopGame/RocketAge'''s Princess Stephanika, ruler of the Martian city-state Melikia, is a notorious FemmeFatale and is depicted in this fashion. The fact that she is the only character shown this way is telling.

[[AC:Video Games]]
* ''VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim'': Most of the Jarls recline when sitting on their thrones, excluding [[TheHighQueen Jarl Elisif the Fair]]. The in-universe reason is that Elisif is brand new to the position, all the other Jarls have been at it for some time and have grown somewhat jaded. Elisif took over the job after the very recent death of her husband, so she hasn't gotten used to ruling yet. This is in fact determined by the throne, not the character: eight thrones have a slouchy animation programmed into them. So you can sit on one and slouch heroically.
* Gwynevere in ''Videogame/DarkSouls'' is depicted reclining on a sofa when you meet her in person.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Civilization}} V'', Empress Theodora of the Byzantines is show reclining at all times on the diplomacy screen.

* In ''Webcomic/{{Drowtales}}'', [[http://www.drowtales.com/mainarchive.php?id=1563 Ash'waren]].

* ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'': Hedonism Bot takes this to its logical conclusion: he's ''built into a sofa''.

* TruthInTelevision: Romans during certain historical periods ate their meals/banquets on reclining couches, as depicted in many works set during the Roman Empire.
* Cats are absolute masters of this Trope, particularly long-haired breeds like the Persian.