"Remember this and remember it well. In the ninja world... to pee is to die."
Torroja's 4th Big Boss

Raruto is a finished Fan-Made Comic Book/Web Comic made by Jesulink which parodies the series Naruto, telling the story of an awkward kid under the name Raruto. The series and main character name are a pun from mixing "Raro" (Spanish for "weird") and "Naruto". The art-style that combines elements from South Park, Crayon Shin Chan and Naruto.

Among interesting stuff, there is an animated version of Raruto (with lower quality than the comics), and parodies of many Naruto's anime openings with gag subs which have to be seen. There are also Mugen version of Raruto characters, but we will talk about them later.

The series has also spawned a Naruto Shippuden parody, called ""Raruto Sisepuede" (lit: "Raruto If I may").

Raruto has gained some sort of Hatedom from the Mugen comunnity, but that's because some questionable-quality characters were coded into that game. Few people in the Mugen community seem to know/care that the original material has little to do with their Mugen counterpart.

The comic can be bought, but a free online upload has been made. The Spanish version can found here [1], while an English translation can be downloaded here [2].

The intro's parodies (with ) can be seen:

Alternative Title(s):

Raruto Sisepuede