In a Ramping Shot, the camera moves in rapidly on its subject -- both a physical move and a closeup zoom -- for a dramatic reaction from the actor. Final editing usually speeds up the take and adds a "whoosh" sound for additional emphasis.

[[folder: Film]]
* An UrExample can be found in ''Film/NorthByNorthwest''.
* Used [[RefugeInAudacity to the point of ridiculousness]] in ''Film/{{Shaun of the Dead}}'' and ''Film/{{Hot Fuzz}}''.
* Sam Raimi loves to do this, for example in the ''Franchise/{{Evil Dead}}'' films.
* This is an iconic filming technique used in [[MartialArtsMovie 1960s and 1970s kung fu movies, like the ones from the Shaw Brothers.]] Sometimes this is done in reverse, you see the character emote, then the camera zooms out to reveal the rest of the scene. ''Film/KillBill'' used this in homage to these movies.
* Every ''Franchise/MadMax'' movie.
[[folder: Live-Action Television]]
* Used frequently on the American version of ''Series/QueerAsFolk''.