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[[caption-width-right:330:Zombie Night at Gotham Aquarium]]

->''"Once the chickens became zombies, the war was lost."''
-->-- ''Webcomic/SaturdayMorningBreakfastCereal''

Sometimes the ZombieApocalypse, not unlike the bird flu, can carry to other species.

Yes, occasionally even dead animals can be revived into shambling monstrosities after human flesh. This can reach such levels of ridiculousness as (as suggested by the title) [[FoodEatsYou meat animating itself and moving around]].

In video games, these animals are often also an example of NightOfTheLivingMooks, but not always.

In works where zombie humans have ZombieGait, for some reason animals almost never move slower. If anything, they might even get a speed or strength ''bonus''. Can in some cases be justified when zombification reduces brain function, as it takes more dexterity for a biped to run without falling over. Can also be justified in that the zombie plague causes the higher brain functions to cease, while the animal part of the brain keeps functioning. If the subject's ALREADY an animal, then there's no hindrance. Likewise, the fact that zombies don't get tired may work in a reanimated animal's favor, as many living carnivores are sprinters, unable to sustain high speeds for long.

See also NonHumanUndead for non-humans other than normal animals.



[[folder: Anime and Manga]]
* A puppy that Yuki brings home in ''Manga/SchoolLive'' turns into a zombie. In the anime, due to AdaptationExpansion, the dog Taroumaru is still alive and the TeamPet instead of the OneShotCharacter he was in the manga. [[spoiler:In the tenth episode we find out he's become a zombie]]. It's noted that only mammals seem to turn into zombies.
* Junji Ito's manga ''Manga/{{Gyo}}'' is about Japan being invaded by undead fish on mechanical legs. This may or may not be caused by an old biological weapon created by the Japanese army during World War 2. The fish themselves are already dead, the legs seem to be powered by the gas generated by a contagious bacteria thats animating the corpses. Maybe. Its a pretty bizarre story.
* In ''Anime/PrincessMononoke'', Moro's severed head is briefly reanimated upon contact with the Forest Spirit's black goo... whereupon it proceeds to lunge at Lady Eboshi and [[AnArmAndALeg bite off her arm]].
* An early chapter of ''Manga/PokemonAdventures'' had Red having to battle against undead Pokemon.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Undead animals show in a number of stories from ''ComicBook/BeastsOfBurden''. "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" features a band of zombie dogs, and "The View from the Hill" features ghostly sheep.
* In ''ComicBook/CreatureTech'', the blood of Christ in the ShroudOfTurin can heal wounds and raise the dead. When the shroud accidentally comes into contact with some meat in a butcher shop, the various cuts assemble themselves into a sentient Meat Man.
%%* Happened in Creator/GrantMorrison's ''ComicBook/SevenSoldiers''.
* One of the stories in ''ComicBook/TheHaloGraphicNovel'' involves a Flood infestation on a Covenant supply ship. They completely wipe out and assimilate the onboard wildlife reservation.
* ''ComicBook/{{Hitman}}'': Tommy and friends experience "Zombie Night At Gotham Aquarium," which is ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin. [[note]]''Hitman'' #13-14[[/note]]
* In the ''[[Creator/ECComics Tales From the Crypt]]'' story "Squash... Anyone?", there is a zombie elephant, rendered in wonderfully revolting detail by Graham Ingels.
* In the New 52's reboot of ''Comicbook/SwampThing'', the BigBad is Death itself (technically, the Rot) personified. As such, Alec must face such undead abominations as zombie ''pigs'' and a reanimated woolly mammoth fossil.
* In ''ComicBook/HackSlash'', slashers often have powers of some kind, usually having something to do with their MO from when they were alive. Bobby Brunswick, who worked at an animal clinic euthanizing animals before he died, has the power to raise dead animals and command them to do his bidding.
* ''Comicbook/AfterlifeWithArchie'' begins when Jughead's pet dog Hot Dog is accidentally hit by Reggie's car. Jughead has ComicBook/SabrinaTheTeenageWitch revive him but Hot Dog comes back as a zombie and bites Jughead. This causes a ZombieApocalypse.
* One story in Creator/{{Wildstorm}}'s ''Franchise/ResidentEvil'' anthology comic has a security guard fighting his way through infected animals of a zoo, which includes tigers, snakes, gorillas and prairie dogs. When the character returns in the sequel comic ''Fire and Ice'', he is jumped by a zombie lion ("Not ''this'' again! Why is it always ''animals?''").
* In ''All-New Comicbook/CaptainAmerica'', the vampire Baron Blood takes out Redwing the falcon, only for Redwing to return as a vampire falcon, still loyal to Sam Wilson.
* Previously, Marvel had a vampire animal in the form of Bessie the Hellcow. No, really. Vampirised by Dracula himself, apparently by accident when he ''really'' needed some blood, she stalked the night for 300 years and her milk bestows vampric regeneration. (She was a ''Comicbook/HowardTheDuck'' character who later appeared in ''Comicbook/{{Deadpool}} Team-Up'', so "making sense" wasn't a ''huge'' priority.)
* In ''ComicBook/ZombiesChristmasCarol'', zombified, ghostly horses are seen on the stairs to Scrooge's bedroom, and as a young man Scrooge contracted the Hungry Death from an infected horse.

* In ''Film/TheReturnOfTheLivingDead'', zombifying gas spreads throughout a medical supply warehouse, reanimating half a dog and a butterfly collection. (On the other hand, when the gas spreads over the town, the only zombies we see are human.) A giant rat gets brought back in ''Film/ReturnOfTheLivingDeadNecropolis'', while several lab mice (including the so-called [[UglyCute "Mr. Stinky"]]) become infected in ''Film/ReturnOfTheLivingDeadRaveToTheGrave''.
* An Asian butcher shop is subjected to reanimating energies in ''Film/DeadHeat'', causing hook-suspended ducks to quack, headless chickens to blunder about blindly, and an entire dressed beef carcass to lurch out of the freezer and grapple a hero ''inside its body cavity''.
* ''Film/ResidentEvilExtinction'' has zombie crows, and all three films have zombie dogs.
* One of the ickier feats of ghostly telekinesis in ''Film/{{Poltergeist}}'' was a raw steak that slithered along a kitchen counter.
* In ''Film/TwentyEightDaysLater'' the [[strike:[[NotUsingTheZWord zombie]]]] Rage virus was originally tested on and spread by chimpanzees.
* In the ''Film/ReAnimator'' movies, Herbert West, like many a real-world medical scientist, tests his methods on animals first. This includes a cat in the first movie and a rat [[Film/BeyondReAnimator the third]] (a rat that, apparently, ''learnt kung fu'' by becoming a zombie).
* In ''The Mad'', one of the characters is attacked by a zombie hamburger patty.
* ''Film/TheGamersDorknessRising''- After defeating [[TheDragon Mort Kemnon]] and realising he was not the BigBad, sorceress Luster hands a note to the DM: "Raise Dead on the turkey". That they were roasting over their campfire. It [[RunningGag kills the bard]] before getting eaten (and still zombie'd).
* In ''Film/{{Daybreakers}}'', there's mention of ''vampire'' animals. Apparently, they keep igniting in the sun, leading to forest fires. Also, the main character, a vampire scientist trying to find a viable blood substitute, has a laboratory full of vampirised test animals.
* ''Film/BladeTrinity'' movie featured three 'reaper' dogs.
* Dracula's Dog, aka ''Film/ZoltanHoundOfDracula''.
* In an entry that requires a NotMakingThisUpDisclaimer, ''Dead Sushi'' features, [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin you guessed it]], zombie sushi.
* There's a pair of zombie ''tigers'' in the film ''Zombie Apocalypse''. Unlike human zombies, they drag prey into hiding to eat.
* In ''Film/IAmLegend'', dogs are naturally immune to airborne infection by the vampiric KV virus but not to infection by bite. Two vampire dogs appear midway during the movie as threats [[spoiler:and they end up infecting Neville's pet dog Sam, who he fails to cure and ends up having to MercyKill.]]
* The 2016 film ''Film/{{Zoombies}}'' is about a ZombieApocalypse in a safari park. Yes, it's by Creator/TheAsylum.
* ''Film/ScoutsGuideToTheZombieApocalypse'' features a zombie deer in one scene, and a lot of zombie cats in another.
* ''Film/BlackSheep2007'' involves zombie sheep who turn humans into weresheep.
* ''Film/DawnOfTheDead1978'' contains a brief shot of a zombie alligator in the opening sequence.
* In the Korean film ''Film/TrainToBusan'', the beginning has a deer being hit and killed by a car, only for said deer to start moving in a jerky, unnatural way and get up on its feet again. Cue ScareChord-shot of its white, dead eyes.

[[folder: Folklore]]
* According to local legend, Pond Lane, Charing Cross, London, where Sir Francis Bacon experimented with packing a chicken with snow to see if it would act as a preservative, only to catch a chill and die, is haunted, not by the ghost of Sir Francis, but that of the half-plucked chicken.
* Ghost pets are an extremely common report across many parts of the world.
* Japanese fishermen tell tales of ''Bakekujira'', which is the animated skeleton of a dead whale that brings misfortune and plague wherever it goes.

* ''Literature/CanYouSurviveTheZombieApocalypse'' has [[spoiler:zombie ''lions''.]]

* Used in ''{{Literature/Everworld}}''. A fight began during some diplomatic feast. Merlin reanimated the animals they were eating. He also reanimated people that died during the fight so that they could keep fighting.
* In Creator/SimonRGreen's ''The Gods of Haven'', [[spoiler: thousands of enraged animal ghosts are called up from a slaughterhouse, materialize as zombies, and embark on a RoaringRampageOfRevenge against humanity]].
** Not clear if they're technically undead or not, but Green's ''[[Literature/GhostFinders Ghost of a Smile]]'' has a room full of animated black-market ''transplant organs'' attack the heroes and try to [[OrificeInvasion get inside them]].
* In Creator/StephenKing's ''Literature/PetSematary'', there's a special burial ground and anyone buried there will come back to life. Several people have buried dead pets there, and they were brought back to life, but something always seem [[CameBackWrong "off"]] about them. Regardless, aside from some odd behavior, reanimated animals are mostly harmless. However, burying ''humans'' there is disastrous. Any humans brought back this way are the very definition of CameBackWrong, and its all but stated that they're really possessed by whatever supernatural force inhabits that land. Presumably, animals are too but their brains arent advanced enough to allow for true possession.
* OlderThanFeudalism: In ''Literature/TheOdyssey'', [[BlindSeer Tiresias]] ''and'' Circe told Odysseus that his men must not eat the sun god's cattle while on his island. Naturally, they do, since the island didn't have much more than herbs. However, the meat doesn't stay dead, and starts to moo on the spit as it roasts. And [[FromBadToWorse once they]] [[GiantWallOfWateryDoom leave the]] [[BoltOfDivineRetribution island]]... though the intention was not a ZombieApocalypse, but an omen that the sun god was pissed off and about to get revenge.
* One of the [[MagicAIsMagicA rules]] of necromancy in ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles'' is that it's often not worth it to raise a zombie animal, as animals leave shallower "psychic footprints" than humans and thus don't have as much power when raised (consider that a human zombie, in deference to tradition, is typically as strong as the Terminator). Harry, however, being CrazyAwesome, latches onto two of the other rules -- first, that it is ''technically'' not illegal to raise animals, and second, that the older something is, the deeper its "footprint" becomes -- and applies these rules to [[spoiler: [[TyrannosaurusRex Sue, the 65 million year old T. rex skeleton at the Natural History Museum]]]]. [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome Awesomeness ensued.]] ([[spoiler:Consider that a fossil isn't even an actual skeleton, but an ''imprint'' filled with ''minerals''. So basically, he's reanimated a dinosaur partially made of rock.]])
* The Kellis-Amberlee virus of the {{Literature/Newsflesh}} Trilogy affects any mammal over forty pounds. This includes large dogs, horses, cows...and ''whales''. This is actually weaponized in the first book, when a zombie outbreak is deliberately triggered on a horse ranch.
* Not actually seen, but in ''Literature/OnStrangerTides'', when a sorcerer animates a sunken British ship's crew to serve him, and accidentally raises up the Spanish vessel that sank it as well, one character remarks that there are probably fishes swimming about beneath them that'd been skeletons an hour ago.
* In ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'', anything killed by the Others will rise as a wight. This includes horses (often described as riding around with [[{{Squick}} frosted entrails clinging to their bellies]]) and {{bears|AreBadNews}}.
* Creator/BrianKeene:
** ''Dead Sea'' has examples of zombie seagulls, zombie fish and zombie rats.
** ''The Rising'' series -- ''The Rising'', ''City of the Dead'', and ''The Rising: Selected Scenes from the End of the World'' -- has a whole selection of zombie animals spanning from birds to dogs. [[spoiler:Zombie insects and zombified plants are also explored in ''The Rising: Selected Scenes from the End of the World'' and with zombified plants being hinted towards at the end of ''City of the Dead''.]]
* A pack of zombie hyenas appears in ''Iron Dawn'', as products of the demonist's corrupted magic.
* In the humorous MagiTek fantasy novel ''Literature/TheCaseOfTheToxicSpellDump'', a seamstress removes a fresh bloodstain from a piece of cloth by having her pet vampster lick it clean. Yes, that's a vampire ''hamster''.
* In the third book of ''Literature/TheImmortals'' series by Creator/TamoraPierce, Daine raises dead dinosaurs and takes them on a RoaringRampageOfRevenge because she thinks Numair has been executed by the Emperor.
* A vampire version of this appears in Creator/ChristopherMoore's [[Literature/BloodsuckingFiends trilogy about vampires]] in San Francisco, ''Love Bites'', ''You Suck'' and ''Bite Me''. Under the series' [[OurVampiresAreDifferent rules of how vampirism works]], anything that has a vampire's blood in its system, and then dies, comes back as a vampire. Since many animals instinctively fight by biting their attacker, animals get vampirized very easily. At one point in the story there are ''clouds'' of mist made of vampire cats flying around.
** [[spoiler: Fortunately, UndeathAlwaysEnds. The further removed vampires in that setting are from the original vampire, the quicker they die naturally or self-destruct psychologically somehow, which is seem with formerly human vampires. Protagonists manage to kill the first vampire cat, and it might never be explicitly stated but we can assume that all animals of a lower "generation" than him fall apart on their own somehow. At one point a flock of vampire parrots bursts into flame in the morning sun simply because they don't know they need to stay away from sunlight.]]
* Creator/DavidDrake's ''Literature/TheLordOfTheIsles'' features a lot of necromancers who, in their bid to take over the kingdom, love to raise the dead. Their armies include undead infantry, undead cavalry on undead horses, and even undead shock troops in the form of undead ''woolly mammoths''. Undead cyclopses have also been known to appear.
* In Garth Nix's ''Literature/OldKingdom'' trilogy Hedge, an evil necromancer, at one point kills a horse so he can raise it as one of the Dead to be his mount, since if it was alive it'd never let him on its back.
* In ''Literature/DeadSpaceMartyr'', there is mention of fish becoming [[OurZombiesAreDifferent Necromorphs]] and attacking, then infecting other fish around the [[{{MacGuffin}} Black Marker]].
* In Creator/LarryNiven's short story "Night on Mispec Moor" the zombifying organism originally evolved to dwell in corpses of native dog-like animals. Then it found human corpses make a good host too.
* In the ''Literature/EighthDoctorAdventures'' novel ''Vampire Science'', the scientifically-minded leader of the vampires has performed experiments which show the "V-factor" can be added to any animal. Rather worryingly, she's not sure where the cats are, but she had a snail for a while (until one of the other vampires stood on it, and they decided the kindest thing to do would be to stake it with a toothpick) and undead ameobas that consume red blood cells.
* ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'' has several examples:
** Scraps in ''Discworld/CarpeJugulum'' is TheIgor's pet dog. He's what you might call a [[MixAndMatchMan mixed-breed]], and [[MultipleTailedBeast as happy as a dog with two tails]]. The ''We R Igors Diary 2015'' includes a picture of him, and also Patches the cat.
** In ''Discworld/ReaperMan'' when [[DeathTakesAHoliday Death stops working]] (when his performance is being evaluated) it also affects animals.
** Death tried to make use of a skeletal mount once, but found it impractical; he had to keep wiring bits back on. He much prefers his living horse, Binky. The gardens of Death's Domain are still home to skeletal birds, and there are skeletal fish in the pond.[[note]]It's been speculated that these are actually living creatures with invisible flesh, but nobody really knows (except, presumably, Death himself).[[/note]]
** ''Discworld/WyrdSisters'' has the ghostly King Verence, who in life was a keen hunter and fond of his meat, absolutely horrified when he visits the castle kitchens and sees all the unquiet spirits of cow, pig and stag.
** The spirits of rats appear in ''Discworld/{{Hogfather}}'', ''Discworld/SmallGods'' and ''Discworld/{{Maskerade}}'', being escorted to wherever rats think they go by the Grim Squeaker. ''Small Gods'' also has the ghosts of dolphins accompanying the ghostly ship.
* It is perfectly possible to resurrect animals as Lifeless in ''{{Literature/Warbreaker}}''. Doing this is fairly rare, as creating a Lifeless is moderately expensive (since you can't reclaim the Breath used to animate it, plus you need special chemicals for best effect) and humans are far more useful in most circumstances.
* In the picture books and subsequent animated series ''Funnybones'', the two [[DemBones living skeletons]] have a living skeletal dog.
* [[Literature/MonsterHunterInternational Monster Hunter Vendetta]] features a necromancer who needs an army and has time to plan. So he's "been collecting corpses like some people collect stamps." His enemies, all experienced monster hunters, react with disbelief:
** “Armored zombie bear,” “A helmet! Who puts buckets on zombies’ heads? That’s not fair!”
** “Where the hell do you get dead elephants anyway?”
** “Okay, walking dead, that’s fine. Running dead, I can handle. But the flying dead? Hell with this. I quit.”
* Chloe from ''Literature/DarkestPowers'' is a {{necromancer}} however only [[PubertySuperpower recenty]] discovered her powers. She accidentally revives decomposed bats while trying to summon [[spoiler:Liz's]] ghost.
* The zombie virus in ''Literature/MyVampireOlderSisterAndZombieLittleSister'' is fully capable of infecting animals other than humans. At one point, the inhabitants of a zoo fall victim to the virus, resulting in a zombie elephant, a zombie rhino, and a zombie anaconda (among others). It can even infect ''plants'', somehow endowing them with the ability to move.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* ''Series/PushingDaisies'': When you can raise the dead by touching them, be careful not to touch bearskin rugs.
* In the "[[Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS3E2DeadMansParty Dead Man's Party]]" episode of ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'', the first zombie raised by the mask that houses the demon Ovu Mobani is a cat. It was the corpse closest to the mask though, and most of the corpses it raises are human. The demon require a zombie to put on the mask so it can incarnate, and presumably the body needs to be human).
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'':
** The White Walkers use reanimated horses as mounts.
** In season 7, Jon Snow and his team come across a [[BearsAreBadNews zombified bear]] north of the Wall.
** In the same season, [[spoiler:Viserion, one of Daenerys' beloved dragons, is also turned into a wight, and used by the Night's King to punch a huge hole into the wall, allowing passage for the ZombieApocalypse.]]
* One episode of ''Series/ForeverKnight'' features ''two'' vampire dogs. One is a blind woman's seeing eye dog. The incident reminds Nick of the time his dog was turned into a vampire. [[spoiler:Nick was forced to stake his dog. The seeing eye dog ends up turning its master (and curing her blindness.)]]
* In a parody of ''Pet Semetary'', the ZombieApocalypse episode of ''Series/{{Misfits}}'' begins with an ill-advised attempt to resurrect a dead cat.

* Campfire song "Johnny Verbeck's Sausage Making Machine" has this verse:
--> One day a little Dutch boy came walking in the store,
--> He bought a pound of sausages and laid them on the floor.
--> And then he started whistling, he whistled up a tune,
--> And all the little sausages went dancing 'round the room!
* The song "Zombie Jamboree" makes a brief mention of a "King Kong zombie on the Empire State (Building)".

[[folder:Music Videos]]
* The video for {{Music/Metallica}}'s "All Nightmare Long" has the Russian scientists injecting zombie spores into steaks, and watching them slither around.
** Parodied in ''WebAnimation/HomestarRunner''. In the [=SBEmail=] [[http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail141.html death metal]], Strong Bad watches a music video for [[FakeBand Taranchula's]] "The Decoupage", featuring what he describes as "Creeping... rusty... meat."

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* There are skeleton and zombie versions of just about anything (but most notably hounds) in ''TabltopGame/DungeonsAndDragons''. A well played necromancer will not reanimate {{Demi Human}}s, but monsters, as they retain qualities they had in life, leading to nice goodies like zombie pyrohydras[[note]]like the inability to have their heads destroyed by non-acid damage, complete immunity to fire and cold damage, and ability to attack once per head in a round.[[/note]]
** Indeed, older editions of the game included ''Animate Dead Animals'' as a low-level magic spell, useable by novice necromancers who weren't yet powerful enough to affect humanoid corpses.
** D&D also gives us "Skin Kites," patches of undead skin which fly around and can create more of themselves from the skin of their victims. Then there's the Skulking cyst, a crawling undead tumor. Still other undead include clouds of blood, severed appendages, constructs of bone and an entire graveyard able to come alive like a humanoid golem.
** Generally averted with ghosts, as animals lack souls, but then the "Ghost Brute" template was created, which can be applied to animals[[note]]In 3.5 the Ghost template ''can'' be applied to animals (or plants, for that matter). The issue is that it requires the base creature having a Charisma score of at least 6, which several animals do not have. Ghost Brute instead requires having a Charisma score ''below'' 8. Note that there is still one group of animals that can never become ghosts -- insects and the like, as they are classified as Vermin instead of Animal, and neither Ghost nor Ghost Brute can be applied to Vermin.[[/note]].
* No shortage of examples from the ''{{TabletopGame/Ravenloft}}'' setting. Forlorn in particular is known for its undead wolf packs, an undead StockNessMonster lurks in one of the Core's lakes, and Meredoth the necromancer has been known to raise up undead skeletons of anything from mice to bears to kangaroos.
* ''TabletopGame/{{Munchkin}}'' has an Undead Horse, undead ears, and Zom[[BeeAfraid bees]], which are [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin just what you'd think they'd be.]]
* ''TabletopGame/WarhammerFantasy'' has the Vampire Counts, who regularly employ Undead Wolves, Horses and Dragons in their service. Nurgle likewise sometimes employ decaying dragons and gigantic Toads, but whether they're revived creatures or Daemons resembling certain fauna is up for debate.
** See also the Fleet Battle game ''Dreadfleet'', which features a giant deep-sea flatfish that swallowed a Skaven submarine. Both monster and crew died when the ratmen tried to ''eat their way free''. Later, the monster's corpse was raised by a Vampire pirate, which also raised the Skaven crew as well. The Skaven simply incorporated the monster into their still-swallowed vessel.
* ''TabletopGame/AllFleshMustBeEaten'' provides stats for numerous breeds of undead animal, and they show up in multiple Dead Worlds.
* An article in ''Pyramid'' vol 3 #7 called "Little Bits of Magic", for UrbanFantasy ''TabletopGame/{{GURPS}}'', included Tina Newman, the Littlest Necromancer, a nine-year-old girl who has reanimated a couple of dozen dead pets, mostly rodents.
* ''TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering'' is no stranger to undead animals, with nearly every set having at least quite a few (in fact, nearly all Black-aligned animals are undead). Storywise, the plane of [[AncientEgypt Amonkhet]] has every living thing in it become a zombie upon death, which includes everything from snakes to kitties. Liliana Vess exploits this to sick a pack of crocodiles on Razaketh.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Practically omnipresent throughout the ''Franchise/ResidentEvil'' games. Zombie dogs have appeared in most every game to date, and you have also encountered infected crows (very annoying ''and'' dangerous), an [[SewerGator alligator (in a sewer!)]], a giant [[SnakesAreSinister zombie snake]], a giant Zombie ManEatingPlant, and even zombie ''[[ThreateningShark sharks]]''. Mentioned in the backstory, with Wesker suspicious of why Spencer had a mansion in the middle of a forest, despite knowing that the virus could infect ''anything'' and from such a location, could end up infecting ''everything''.
** ''VideoGame/ResidentEvilOutbreak File #2'' had the protagonists forced to go through the Raccoon City zoo: You get attacked by zombie hyenas, zombie alligators, zombie elephants, and zombie lions.
** This got to the point that when normal, if aggressive, crocodiles were featured many were speculating on whether or not they were actually infected with anything.
* In ''VideoGame/DeadRising'' a zombie poodle is shown during one of the opening {{Cutscene}}s. You don't run in to any other zombie animals in the 360 version. The Wii version features them during the normal game.
** It's debatable if the poodle was even a zombie in the 360 version, it could be the zombies favor human meat exclusively to animals.
** Zombie penguins are mentioned as being an attraction in Fortune City in the tie-in C.U.R.E. website. None are seen in-game, though.
** ''VideoGame/DeadRisingChopTillYouDrop'' also has zombie parrots. They have an annoying tendency [[StuffBlowingUp to drop grenades on your head]].
* ''Animales de la Muerte'', a game currently in development by High Voltage Software, developers of ''VideoGame/TheConduit'', involves zombie zoo animals from a Mexican zoo hit with a ZombieApocalypse.
* The Meat Circus in ''VideoGame/{{Psychonauts}}'' features zombie rabbits that attack Lil' Oly during the EscortMission.
* ''VideoGame/PlantsVsZombies'' has zombie dolphins attack the household. The sequel introduces zombie ''chickens, seagulls, parrots, weasels and dragonflies''.
* In the haunted house level of ''VideoGame/TimeSplittersFuturePerfect'', racks of zombified beef attack you in a kitchen. In another room, a huge mass of flesh bursts out of a wall attached to a stuffed moose head. And we won't even BEGIN to discuss "Princess"...
* Zombie Carp in ''VideoGame/DwarfFortress''. Normal carp are notorious for dragging unlucky dwarves into the water to their doom, but they're generally easy to avoid as long as you stay away from the water. ''Zombie'' carp are a whole new magnitude of "scary," being capable of leaving the water and pursuing the hapless dwarves to their very beds. And this isn't even taking into account the possibility of zombie ''whales''...
** Dead things and dead ''parts'' of thing in an evil region can be spontaneously raised as undead, including untanned animal hides and the shells of mussels.
* ''VideoGame/GuildWars'' has undead dogs (or wolves), undead horses, and undead dragons (several. The BigBad of ''VideoGame/GuildWars2'' is itself an entirely different sort of undead dragon)
** Not technically undead, but a similar idea, are the afflicted cows in the second mission of Factions.
** The Undeath present in ''VideoGame/GuildWars2'' is all-encompassing, if you thought zombie cows were bad, just try deal with a zombie chicken with a mean streak a mile wide. The only thing ''on the planet'' that can't become a Risen are Sylvari, who are naturally resistant to Zhaitan's influence [[spoiler: because they're servants of one of the other dragons.]]
* ''VideoGame/{{Earthbound}}'' and ''VideoGame/{{Mother 3}}'' both feature Zombie Dogs.
* ''[[VideoGame/ThunderForce Thunder Force V]]'' has the boss "[[ShoutOut Iron Maiden]]", a reanimated... animal thingy.
--> "It was dead, but alive at the same time."
* In ''VideoGame/DawnOfHeroes'', the first Epic Monster you have a chance of fighting is a zombie-cow. It gets 'milked' for any number of [[HurricaneOfPuns bad puns]]. And then it [[CurbStompBattle stomps you flat]]. (Its basic attack does 264 damage. Twice. At the time when you can first face it, your strongest unit MAY have 150 HP.)
* In ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft,'' the undead player's racial mounts are undead, skeletal horses. There are also models for deer, bears, and wolves that look undead and are confirmed to be infected or diseased with something, but not actually undead. Although in Razorfen Downs, the undead Quilboar are happy to send a pack of undead boars to attack you. There are also undead crabs and Murlocs in the Ghostlands, but this is informed, since they look and act exactly like normal crabs and murlocs.
** In most bodies of water there are swimming schools of fish that serve as decoration. In undead territories, they're fish skeletons.
* ''VideoGame/RedDeadRedemptionUndeadNightmare'': The undead plague has spread to the animals, resulting in undead horses, undead wolves, undead cougars, and [[BearsAreBadNews undead bears]].
* The popular ''VideoGame/HalfLife'' mod, "They Hunger", has zombie dogs, bulls, and chickens.
* In ''Franchise/DeadSpace'' some fish have been infected by Necromorphs and attack each other.
** The Stalkers are implied to be made of both human and animal corpses, namely household pets like dogs and cats.
** In [[VideoGame/DeadSpace3 the third game]], Lurkers are not longer made from [[UndeadChild infants]] as in previous games, but the mummified corpses of small dogs.
* ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaMajorasMask'' introduced undead fish for the water levels.
* In ''VideoGame/ColdFear'' is stated that Excell were experimented on animals, including dogs and apes. There's also a dead orca whale which hosted several Infectors, which proceed to attack you.
* ''VideoGame/BuffyTheVampireSlayerChaosBleeds'' features a zoo level with zombified gorillas and penguins. Unfortunately, the latter don't appear outside cutscenes.
* In ''VideoGame/ParasiteEve'', Aya's adventure in the American Natural History Museum sees her getting attacked by several insect specimens that were brought back to life, as well as reanimated and mutated velociraptors, a triceratops and even a T-rex.
* In ''VideoGame/ShadowsOfTheServants'', the evil stems from a cursed monkey's restless spirit. An undead monkey pops up in a brief CatScare scene.
* The very first enemies you face in the WebGame ''Dude and Zombies'' are zombie ''[[KillerRabbit rabbits]]''. They're pretty annoying even if weak, because they're small, fast, and jump while moving. Later on, you fight [[AirborneMook zombie birds]].
* ''VideoGame/KingdomOfLoathing'' has a few examples:
** The conservatory of [[HauntedHouse Spookyraven Manor]] is infested with the skeletons of Stephen Spookyraven's [[ChronicPetKiller many unfortunate pets]].
** Some of the rampaging giant ducks you can fight on [=McMillicancuddy's=] Farm include zombie ducks and vampire ducks.
** During a Zombie Slayer run, you come back as a zombie and can turn other creatures into zombies to add to your horde, including beast-type monsters.
* In the Director's Cut of ''VideoGame/OrganTrail'', the player character will occasionally have a "boss encounter" with undead animals. They may encounter [[BearsAreBadNews a zombie bear]] (which can't be killed) or zombie dogs (which are much faster than normal zombies) while scavenging, and they may have to dodge zombie deer while out on the road.
* Maggie the witch in ''Videogame/RuneScape'' owns a pair of skeletal oxen, Babe and Norman.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Discworld II}}'' (partially based on ''Literarure/ReaperMan'' above) when DeathTakesAHoliday (literally) and then becomes a clickie (i.e. movie) star humans and animals stop dying. Except rats, because Death-of-Rats is a separate entity who formed as a result of ''Reaper Man'' events. (Yes, continuity is... problematic.) Among other things we get to see a sheep skeleton working in clickies as Death's stunt double.
* ''VideoGame/{{Cataclysm}}: Dark Days Ahead'' features a number of undead animals such as [[BearsAreBadNews Zombears]], Antlered Horrors (undead moose), and various types of zombie dogs.
* ''VideoGame/SevenDaysToDie''
** Zombie dogs are a constant problem. They're faster than you can run, their bites and claws have a higher chance to cause bleeding and [[TheVirus infection]], and despite them only spawning naturally in cities and towns, nowhere is truly safe from them because every fifth day of a week, a horde made up ''exclusively'' of them will swarm your position. Thankfully, they're [[FragileSpeedster very weak]], their attacks have low base damage and can't stun, and when dead, they can be skinned with a knife for animal hide, an essential item for making bellows for forges and anything that takes tanned leather.
** BearsAreBadNews. Zombified bears are even worse. They're like normal bears in that they're [[LightningBruiser damn resilient, startlingly fast and can really dish out the hurt]], except with the aggravants that you can't [[SetAMookToKillAMook set them up to take out zombies for you]], they don't give edible meat when skinned, and [[SuperPersistentPredator once angered, they'll never stop hunting down a player until either party is dead]].
* ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'': One of the in-game horse variants is the skeleton horse, which cannot be bred or made by breeding -- each must be individually tamed. They only spawn when lightning strikes a normal horse, which will transform into a skeletal horse ridden by a skeleton with an enchanted helmet and bow. A couple of clones of these will spawn nearby. In the morning, the skeletons will burn but the skeleton horses won't, at which point you can tame them. Lightning will also turn pigs into zombie pigmen.
** In the third-party mod ''VideoGame/MoCreatures'', an Essence of Undead will turn horses, ostriches, scorpions and mother wyverns into undead versions of themselves. Undead horses will eventually rot into skeleton horses unless an essence of light is used to restore their flesh. If a tamed horse or big cat dies, there is also a chance for it to respawn as a ghost.
* In ''Franchise/TheElderScrolls'' series' lore, the Sload, "slugmen" native to the archipelago of Thras to the southwest of Tamriel, have a natural affinity toward {{necromancy}}. The Sload are said to use this skill, in part, to "slaughter and revive" various forms of sea creature as pets, such as crabs and turtles.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* In a more logical instance of this trope, {{WebComic/Erfworld}} combines the powers of different mages to revive a dead volcano.
* The CharacterBlog of [[GentlemanAdventurer Othar Tryggvassen]], '''''[[InsistentTerminology Gentleman Adventurer]]!''''' from ''Webcomic/GirlGenius'' once had our lovable LargeHam trying to fight past a horde of undead stoats.
* In ''Webcomic/HereThereBeMonsters'' Bert explains that he became a MonsterHunter after his dog returned as a zombie and trashed his living room while he hid terrified in the bathroom.
* In the backstory graphic novel for ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'', Xykon first discovered his powers as a sorcerer when he reanimated his dead dog.
* [[AvertedTrope Averted]] and [[DiscussedTrope Discussed]] in ''WebComic/TheZombieHunters.'' Animals are explicitly TheImmune, which piques the interest of scientists trying to FindTheCure, and prompts jokes amongst the [[DisasterScavengers Zombie Hunters]]: "I have ''always'' considered it a blessing that animals don't turn. Can you imagine? [[SuperPersistentPredator Hunter Zombie]] ''Squirrels?''"
* Zombie horses, mules, and even [[http://www.zombieranchcomic.com/episode/88-ridin-out/ prairie dogs]] have been shown as part of the world of ''Webcomic/ZombieRanch''. Although carnivorous, their behavior seems mostly unchanged compared to human zombies, and their bite isn't infectious to people. Zombie horses are even considered a preferred mode of transportation, but zombie cattle were put down as useless. Regardless of your former species, zombification apparently makes you taste terrible.
* ''WebComic/DeadOfSummer'' has zombie animals in Book 2, the scariest being a giant grizzly bear.
* ''Webcomic/SkinHorse'' has Bitey, the zombie foxfur hat. Also, Emperor Norton's dogs, Lazarus and Bummer, were apparently zombified along with him.
* The Rash virus from ''WebComic/StandStillStaySilent'' infects both humans and mammals, but strangely spares cats. Ninety years after the initial outbreak, the infected animals are called "beasts", while "trolls" is used for former humans.
* ''WebComic/DinosaurComics'' has a variant: the [[http://www.qwantz.com/index.php?comic=3207 creepy yet touching tale]] of Dogcula, a ''vampire'' dog. OurVampiresAreDifferent (and furry).

[[folder:Web Original]]
* The Gamers: Dorkness Rising has a resurrected chicken.
* The basic premise of the Fear.net series, ''WebVideo/ZombieRoadkill.''
* ''WebOriginal/DeadEnds'', most notably the farm chapter.
* The ''WebAnimation/HomestarRunner'' Halloween cartoon "Most in the Graveyard" features a Carnivorous Undead Sheep attacking Homestar and Pom Pom.
* ''WebAnimation/{{Xombie}}'' gives us zombified versions of a dog, a dinosaur, a tiger, and even some glimpses of zombie sharks and octopus.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* On ''WesternAnimation/TheGrimAdventuresOfBillyAndMandy'', a two-part zombie episode includes reanimated dogs, frog's legs, a chicken and serpentine sausage links.
* In one episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddParents'', Timmy's long-dead pet gerbil comes back as a zombie, with {{squick}}-y [[http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20101101163802/fairlyoddparents/en/images/thumb/8/8d/UndeadEddie.png/401px-UndeadEddie.png results]]. At the end of the episode, it is implied that [[HereWeGoAgain all of his other dead pets have also become zombies]].
* ''Film/{{Vincent}}'', who fantasized he was Creator/VincentPrice:
-->''He likes to experiment on his dog Abercrombie - in the hopes of creating a horrible zombie.\\
So he and his horrible zombie dog can go searching for victims in the London fog.''
* ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'' episode ''Northwest Mansion Mystery'' included a vengeful poltergeist animating the Northwest family's extensive texidermy collection. The poltergeist himself was introduced with an [[WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids entire wall of mounted heads chanting ominously while bleeding from their mouths and eyes.]]
* In the ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb'' episode ''Night of the Living Pharmacist'', Doofenshmitz's -inator turns people into mindless clones of himself, who can turn other people into more Doof clones just by touching them. At some point in the episode, Perry is told that OWCA has fallen, and then Phineas, Ferb, Buford, and Bajeet run into the Doofenized agents, who have become grotesque hybrids of Doof and whatever animal they were in the first place.
* One episode of ''WesternAnimation/UncleGrandpa'' had the gang get attacked by zombified pets, including a living pet rock.