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Project Sprite Moon Z

Yeah, I'm forbidden from Copy&Paste now...
Project Sprite Moon Z is mostly... no, almost exclusively just me dicking around with sprites from that Sailor Moon RPG for the SNES... Every once in a while I'll actually make something worth a gag, and I'll upload it somewhere. Now, if hotlinking wasn't verboten, I'd just hotlink to the most recently uploaded one. Right now, we're in "Chapter A: Practice Work"

Shinoyama The Cameraman
A Cameraman, having just been fired from his job at Weekly Ocus for chasing a bad story about a magic user, decides to jump off a bridge and end his life. Only, when he is halfway between where he jumped from and a broken neck, a rip in space appears.

When Shinoyama comes through on the other side, he finds himself in what appears to be the rim of a Sugar Bowl. As he wanders his way to the top of the mountain that he's found himself on, he's greeted by someone that looks like an angel, who gives him a mace that shoots out copyright-infringing blasts of light. As Shinoyama fights his way through hordes of enemies, he realizes that all is not well in this sugar bowl, and that this land is but one of many that has been infected by He Who Hatches From Planets, Dr'achicar.

  • Possible Endings:
    • Basic Ending - All bosses defeated - Shinoyama beats Dr'achicar into submission, and then leaves Odysseus in search of a new home. One hundred years later, Dr'achicar hatches, destroying Odysseus. All the people present at the hatching, with one exception, perish due to a mysterious disease shortly thereafter.
    • Better Ending - All bosses defeated, all Illusion Cores destroyed - Shinoyama beats Soul Dr'achicar into submission, and then leaves the soulless Odysseus in search of a new home. With the help of Serenity I, all the souls are able to escape the devastation of Odysseus when Dr'achicar hatches 100 years later.
    • Even Better Ending - All bosses defeated, all Illusion Cores destroyed, all Lamps of Hope lit - Shinoyama forces Dr'achicar to hatch just as Serenity I sends the last of the souls to be reincarnated. Darting between the asteroids created by the destruction of Odysseus, Shinoyama manages to beat Dr'achicar into submission. With a swing of the Mace, Shinoyama hurls Dr'achicar into the Great Shield, where Metallia forces it into the Beyond. The Royal Line of Astra continues uninterrupted, the Council of the Zodiac never rebels, and Shinoyama falls into another hole in time, where he lands in a place that he will soon call home.

Starlight Fantasy

But wait, there's MOAR!
  • Vestilia
    • Status: Member of the Alliance, Stable
    • Ruler: Chiba Usagi II
    • Guardians: Pink Sugar Senshi
      • Vestilia is the new home planet of the Sailor Senshi, and has been since a great cataclysm forced them to come to this planet. It is very much a kind planet, full of plantlife, and has a very nice amount of water.
  • Ocenia
    • Status: Neutral, Unstable
    • Rulers: Lord Triton, Lord Eric
    • Guardians: Triton, Ariel, Eric
      • Ocenia is a planet of two peoples - the above ground empire of Lord Eric, and the undersea kingdom of Lord Triton. It would be desirable for the purposes of the alliance to prevent a war, but with Guardian Ariel missing, war is very likely to occur.
  • Bomaria
    • Status: Revolution
    • Rulers: Pharaoh Mobius
    • Guardians: Cheshire, Stinger Ace, Hatsheput
      • Bomaria is in the midst of revolution. The guardians have been at odds with the ruler for quite some time, in part since a convenient exile of Hatsheput allowed Mobius to become leader. The guardians are sympathetic to the alliance, but may not succeed if no aid is given.
  • Melzine
    • Status: Allied, Unstable
    • Ruler: Eric von Stromgard
    • Guardians: Lords of Harmondale
      • Melzine is an odd world, created entirely by a magical accident involving archers, foreign lords, and a botched teleportation spell. Originally part of Ergoth, Melzine is formed of three regions: White Cap, Harmondale, and the "Thicket of Star Stones". White Cap and Harmondale are habitable regions, while the Thicket is more a loose collection of stones held together by magic. This planet is literally unstable.
  • Mobius
    • Status: Revolution
    • Ruler: Princess Sally Acorn
    • Guardians: The rest of the Knothole group
      • Mobius, famed home planet of the Chaos Emeralds. As per usual, there is an uprising that threatens to depose Sally Acorn and her Knothole group. As she is in favor of the alliance and has provided services in the past, it is in the best interest of the alliance to aid her in any way possible.
  • Tidaus
    • Status: Unstable
    • Ruler: Currently none
    • Guardians: Currently none
      • Tidaus is in an uproar due to the loss of their ruler, King Neptune, as well as the loss of their guardians, the Kracken and the Roc. It is likely that, in order to tip the scales in our favor, we will need to find the true heir to the throne and create guardians that are sympathetic to the alliance.
  • Tilmun
    • Status: Unstable
    • Ruler: The Priests of the Orbs
    • Guardians: El, Kishe, Uranus
      • Tilmun is also in a precarious situation. The magic that sustains life on the otherwise dead planet is being suppressed by the previous set of guardians. As Tilmun is the strongest member of the alliance, it would be a bad thing if they all died because of whatever made the older guardians go nuts.
  • Odysseus
    • Status: Stable, Allied, Pissed Off
    • Ruler: Queen Astra
    • Guardians: The Zodiac, The White Knight
      • The Wandering Planet, Odysseus, is traditionally the first line of defense among the people of the alliance. The Zodiac have traditionally been against the alliance, but have done nothing to oppose their queen. There is no pressing reason to send forces to Odysseus at this time; however, it is necessary to replace the diplomat, as he has managed to offend everyone on the planet.
  • Nemes
    • Status: Stable
    • Ruler: Emperor Julai
    • Guardians: The Ten Orasuni
      • Nemes is an oddball planet. Never once has it been a member of the alliance outright, it has only ever supplied us with information about the enemy. Emperor Julai and the Orasuni have, in the past, been difficult to work with, and more than one member of the alliance is suspicious of their intentions...
  • Earth
    • Status: Unknown
    • Ruler: Unknown
    • Guardians: Unknown
      • Much like the Isle d'Muerta from Pirates of the Caribbean, the Earth can only be visited by those who have already been there. As a result, we here at the library of Vestilia have no records or proof that this legendary planet even exists.

Sword Names!
  • Verbal Sword
  • Gospel Sword
  • The Windcutter
  • Royal Sword of Water
  • Lost Sword
  • Found Sword
  • Fifth Sword
  • Sword of Shards
  • Rebroken Sword of Shards
  • Linksword
  • Rechtsword
  • Alexander's Blade

And now for some fun with titles to works that may or may not exist

  • Vomage: Genesis (In Production, see the Darth Wiki page as well as the more accurate above section)
  • Season Shaman
  • Necromancer Wars
  • Necromancer Wars II: Road to the Light of Dawn
  • Necromancer Wars II Another Story: A Maiden's War
  • Necromancer Wars III: When Mirrors Cry
  • Necromancer Wars III Another Story: Shattered Loyalties
  • The Journey to a New World 1: The Lone Psion (No he's not!)
  • The Journey to a New World 2: Death of a Tyrant (Artifact title: the journey was already made)
  • The Journey to a New World 3: Phoenix Rising (Artifact title: this is actually the escape of the last of humanity)
  • Starlight Fantasy
  • Taghexe
  • Tale of the Triangle Trio (Fun fact: this is now Necromancer Wars III Another Story: Shattered Loyalties)
  • Colora: Path of Color (Fun fact: this is now Necromancer Wars II Another Story: A Maiden's War)