Race Of Aleria

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Meet the bad guys
The Race of Aleria is an Original Character Tournament currently starting its second round on the site deviantART. As its name kindly announces, the premise is that competitors are to race eachother to reach a teleporter to take them to the next phase of the race, all in the world of Aleria.

The point of this is to select one being who'll have the honor to slay the dictator dragons that had once ruled over their civilization (whom had been thought to be dead but turned out not to be) in turn for money, fame and keeping the dragons' hides - which are also worth a lot of money in themselves.

This OCT provides examples of:

    General tropes 

    Contestant Character tropes 


Arezo Civec
  • Clear My Name: She's blamed for a crime she didn't commit at her home planet.


Chi Darkfire

Chigi Taj

  • Adorkable: Because no matter who you are or what you believe in, her silly ways make you go "d'aww"
  • Breakout Character: ight be too early to tell, however...

Echo & Ymp
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: The first person not to have their heart molten by the cuteness of Ymp is a person with no heart.


Hernando Gˇmez
  • Chivalrous Pervert: A textbook example, despite the trouble this causes him.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Not usually, but with situations where a simple 'damn it!' would suffice, he has a persistent habit of becoming... creative with his word choice.
  • Wouldn't Hit a Girl: Played very straight.


Jason Mirolett/Jester

Kael (Kaelikr'deruien)

Kirk & Talkbot




Niobe Kavaar

Noel Alexander

Pants & Roach

Paper Cat
  • For the Lulz: He's a comedian. A bad one at that. But he does everything for his audience.
  • Size Shifter
  • Starfish Aliens: His species is alien to where of Aleria it is that he comes from.
  • Verbal Tic: Who has a verbal tic-ku? Are you talking about me-ku?






  • Aliens Speaking English: Averted. Symphony speaks "Fairy Cat", and while she has taken lessons to understand Alerian, she cannot speak it, and many Fairy Cats find it difficult to make the sounds required for it.
  • Call a Smeerp a "Rabbit": Symphony's species has been dubbed "Fairy Cats" by the rest of the universe, yet they are neither fairies nor cats, and they do not really resemble either.

Syradeus Shalan
  • Applied Phlebotinum: His e.ghost forms are an example of advanced technology.
  • Gentle Giant: A book example. He's tall, intimidating and strong; but also soft-spoken, well-mannered, and nature-loving.

Tasman & Hitch

Timber & Grey


Viktor & Kin

Xandra & Zeo
    Non Player Character tropes 

  • The Stoic: Her expression never changes. Her tone never changes. She is like a piece of stone governing Aleria.



  • Jerkass Fašade - Riley may seem caustic, but really she just doesn't want to get too close to the contestants when any of them could die at any time.
    Round 1 
For the sake of space and consistency, only the winner's canon will be taken into consideration here

01. Chigi vs Quentin;
Winner: Chigi.

02. Symphony vs Hernando;
Winner: Hernando.

03. Kael vs Bouje;
Winner: Kael.

04. Noel vs Syradeus;
Winner: Syradeus.

05. Jason/Jester vs Alexandra & Zeo;
Winner: Alexandra & Zeo.

06. Paper Cat vs Chi Darkfire;
Winner: Chi Darkfire.
  • Gone Horribly Right: Early in the match, Chi sets a lake of neoketazol on fire, knowing that it would trigger an underground explosion large enough to make the dirt beneath her and her opponent to collapse. Later on, the same fire causes another, BIGGER underground explosion that nearly gets herself (and her opponent) killed.

07. Hawthorn vs Tasman & Hitch;
Winner: Hawthorn.

08. Iris vs Niobe;
Winner: Iris.

09. Pants & Roach vs Timber & Grey;
Winner: Pants & Roach.

10. Simon vs Mar-lynn;
Winner: Mar-lynn.

11. Arak vs Tyger;
Winner: Tyger

12. Arezo vs Kysar;
Winner: Kysar.
  • Eyepatch of Power: Kysar got her eye injured during the battle, and wound up going to surgery.

13. Leah vs Rehn;
Winner: Leah.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: The teleportation specifically makes Leah forget who her opponent is, presumably as a form of Revision on the writer's part to get rid of a mistake he'd previously made regarding the OCT's rules.

14. Viktor & Kin vs Code;
Winner: Viktor & Kin.

15. Echo vs Scimitar;
Winner: Echo.

16. Sophia vs Kirk;
Winner: Kirk

    Round 2 
01. Mar-lynn vs Alexandra & Zeo;
Winner: Alexandra & Zeo

02. Chigi vs Kirk;
Winner: Chigi

03. Kael vs Tyger;
Winner: Tyger

04. Viktor & Kin vs Echo;
Winner: Echo

05. Hawthorn vs Pants & Roach;
Winner: Hawthorn

06. Chi vs Hernando;
Winner: Chi

07. Syra vs Kysar;
Winner: Syra

08. Iris vs Leah;
Winner: Leah
  • Fate Worse Than Death: Being absorbed by a dying nature guardian—losing your body, soul, mind and eventually self-sentientness as a result.

    Round 3 
01. Echo vs Alexandra & Zeo;
Winner: Echo

02. Chi vs Leah;
Winner: Chi

03. Hawthorn vs Chigi;
Winner: Hawthorn

04. Syra vs Tyger;
Winner: Syra

    Round 4 
01. Syra vs Chi

02. Echo vs Hawthorn

    Round 5