Rabbit Hood

Rabbit Hood is a 1949 Merrie Melodies short directed by Chuck Jones that makes fun of the Robin Hood legend. Bugs Bunny attempts to steal carrots from the king's garden, but the Sheriff of Nottingham keeps trying to foil him. Bugs, annoyed, spends the entire picture trying to get even.

Tropes Present in Rabbit Hood include:

  • Bavarian Fire Drill: Bugs manages to fool the Sheriff of Nottingham into buying the king's private garden this way. Once he realizes what he's done, the Sheriff is not amused.
  • Bowdlerise: Some television airings of this short leave out parts of the knighting scene and a scene where the Sheriff hits his head with a hammer while yelling "I hate myself!" after getting fooled by Bugs.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: At one points, Bugs yells at Little John "You've been yelling that through the whole picture! Well, where is he?!"
  • Brick Joke: Little John's catch phrase. At the end, when Bugs asks Honest John just where Robin Hood is, John points behind him and footage of Errol Flynn from The Adventures of Robin Hood is shown. Bugs refuses to believe it's him.
  • The Cameo: See Brick Joke.
  • Catch Phrase: Little John keeps showing up to say "Don't you worry, never fear. Robin Hood will soon be here." Turns out he's right.
  • Circling Birdies: Happens to the Sheriff of Nottingham except with kings instead of birds.
  • Crying Wolf: A variant. Bugs hits the Sheriff of Nottingham with a club after fooling him into believing that the king is behind him. Later on, Bugs tries to pull this again, but he isn't fooled at first. Bugs eventually fools him.
  • Fat Idiot: "Little" John.
  • Hurricane of Puns: The knighting scene. "Arise, Sir Loin of Beef!"
  • Impersonating an Officer: Bugs does this when he pretends to be the King of England.
  • Knighting: At one point, Bugs pretends to be the king and "knights" the Sheriff of Nottingham by hitting him repeatedly on the head while he makes up random titles.
  • Medium Shift Gag: See Brick Joke.
  • Nonindicative Name: Little John isn't so little.
  • Non Sequitur Thud: After getting "knighted" so many times (see above), the Sheriff starts to sing "London Bridge is Falling Down'' before he collapses.
  • Pun-Based Title: You don't say.