Puppy-Dog Eyes

It's not just for puppies.

Hobbes: I still don't think giving your mom "Bambi eyes" is going to get you a flamethrower.
Calvin: Maybe I should sniffle a little too, huh?

Be they cute little girls, or perverted old men, if they want to play on your sympathy, they'll turn eyes huge and shining with unshed tears upon you.

Generally, the younger the character doing it is, the more effective.

Often a forerunner to Ocular Gushers. Tareme Eyes enhances the effect. Surprisingly, plays very well with a Cat Smile. Occasionally, the "victim" will respond with something along the lines of "Don't try that trick on me, I invented that trick".

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    Comic Books 
  • Empowered, in a meta-panel, begs the reader NOT to look at her bare butt in the next story.
    • But it's the only time in six volumes we get to see it!
  • It's said that the reason why Peter Parker/Spider-Man attracts so many women is because he has big brown puppy dog eyes.
  • The art style in the "Childhood's End" arc of New X-Men tends to give all of the kids these, but X-23 particularly stands out. Especially when she comes to join them in the "Danger Cave" while the others are blowing off steam cosplaying old X-Men missions, as seen here.

  • In an old commercial for Kellogg's Corn Pops a teen has to resort to this because there's nothing else he can use against grandma to get the last bowl of cereal.

  • A curiously literal version is performed by Kalix in Lonely Werewolf Girl when she transforms fully into her wolf form to look cute for Moonglow at one point.
  • In The Last Olympian Annabeth does "her big pleading gray eyes thing" on Hermes to get him to give her her mother's message.
  • In Maximum Ride, Fang lets Angel keep Total when she gives him "the bambi eyes."
  • Jacky Faber, heroine of the Bloody Jack series calls this technique "the big eyes" and employs it to subvert the Double Standard in her favor.
  • In Elis List Eli gives this look to Iria to persuade her to take her up Mt. Corcovado.

  • The Pillows released a song titled "Tokyo Bambi" that seems to imply this trope. Roughly translated, a line from the second verse is "Whatcha smiling about with those Bambi eyes?"

    Newspaper Comics 

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Puppy Eyes, Puppy Dog Pout