Secondary Stylistic Influences:

Before there was Punk Rock there was Proto Punk or Proto-punk. The genre blossomed between 1963 and 1976 and is pretty much a after the event term to describe a very raw, energetic and frenetic type of Rock where Three Chords and the Truth was the ammo and shares some similarities with Garage Rock. Because of their minimalist and less polished sound many protopunk bands didn't get much mainstream appraisal. Critics called it "amateurish" or "sloppy" and the hippie crowd didn't like this more brutal and sleazier sound. When Punk Rock broke to the mainstream in 1977 some of the rock bands before them were seen in a new light as the missing link between Rock and punk, thus the name protopunk.

Proto-punk is difficult to define and was never a movement like Punk Rock was. However these are some tropes that apply to it:

Examples of protopunk musicians