Proper Tights with a Skirt

aka: Proper Tights With Skirt
Comfortable, flattering and won't run even after a long day of fighting monsters.

So, you have a female character, and you want her to appear prim and proper, while still being feminine and fitting in with all of your other female characters. It would usually (with few exceptions) be improper for her to wear pants, but it would be difficult to have her fit in full dresses when all of your other female characters are wearing short, suggestive skirts.

The solution is simple - have her wear thick, opaque tights with a skirt. The skirt allows her to fit in with her fellow girls, but the tights ensure that she remains proper and well-covered. It retains that feminine quality, yet prevents the lady from in any way seeming risque.

This style of dress is particularly common in Anime with The Ojou and Yamato Nadeshiko. Compare with Skirt over Slacks, which occurs when pants of some description are added to an already modest skirt in order to convey shyness or tomboyishness, and with Modesty Shorts, which ensures modesty for the Action Girl who wears a microskirt. Contrasts with Zettai Ryouiki, which are usually employed to instead enhance the fanservice of the outfit, highlighting innocent, budding sexuality; and with Tights Under Shorts, which incorporates something more boyish than a skirt but is nevertheless used more frequently on girls than on boys.

Note that when it comes to children, and especially school uniforms (except where School Uniforms Are the New Black), this is so standard that no examples need to be given.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Belarus from Axis Powers Hetalia wears this whether she's in an Elegant Gothic Lolita outfit, in uniform garb or cosplaying as Alice in Hetaween 2011.
  • Shouko Kirishima, from Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts. Hideyoshi Kinoshita also does this sometimes, including with a pink maid dress.
  • Sen Yarizui in Ben-To sports this fashion, likely to preserve her modesty as she kicks the snot out of her opponents during the battles for half-priced bento.
  • Black Lagoon:
    • Revy wears this in the Japan arc in Black Lagoon; perfectly understandable, since her normal Stripperiffic clothes wouldn't work well in a Japanese winter.
    • Balalaika wears black tights under a long business skirt.
  • In Card Captor Sakura, Tomoyo Daidouji has been known to wear this at times, and she also incorporates this style into some of her friend Sakura's CardCaptor costumes.
  • The female pilots wear the leotard variation with their combat attire in Dangaioh.
  • Date A Live:
    • Kurumi has tights with her school uniform, but the properness she presents is only a façade.
    • Miku Izayoi's Astral Dress incorporates this.
  • Namie Yagiri (The Ojou) wears a miniskirt with tights in the anime version of Durarara!!. However, this trope is averted in the original Light Novel, where she wears type A Zettai Ryouiki, as well as in the manga where she's totally bare-legged.
  • Mikuru Asahina wears this during the winter months in Haruhi Suzumiya (as seen in Disappearance with her school uniform), as does Yuki Nagato in the spinoff series The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan.
  • Hanayamata: Hana stands out for being outgoing, and she's shorter than her friends. Of the five girls, only she wears tights with school uniform and with her dancing kimono.
  • Rei Miyamoto from Highschool of the Dead appears to be wearing this briefly in episode 3, no thanks to a minor visual Continuity Snarl. She actually wears Zettai Ryouiki.
  • Yui from K-On! wears this with her skirt. She is sometimes seen with Zettai Ryouiki in the early manga and has worn regular socks in summer.
  • Maken-ki!: Subverted in Haruko's case. While she wears brown nylons with her school uniform, they're semi-transparent, so you can still see what kind of panties she's wearing underneath. And, in this series, you'll be seeing them a lot.
  • Worn by Miyuki in Lucky Star, particularly with her school uniform.
  • Lyrical Nanoha
  • Umi from Magic Knight Rayearth as she's The Ojou and comes from a high-class school.
  • Mariya Shidou from Maria†Holic wears black tights with his (yes, his) uniform and portrays himself publicly as one of the nicer girls. However, when he and Kanako are alone together, his sadistic side rears its ugly head.
  • Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!! has Kondou and it become Shuusuke's primary fetish.
  • In Pokémon and the video games from which it's adapted, Serena sometimes wears this.
  • Pretty Cure:
    • Miki Aono (with her school uniform) and Setsuna Higashi (with her casual clothes) from Fresh Pretty Cure!.
    • Minami Kaido from Go! Princess Pretty Cure, at least with her school uniform. Also briefly worn by Kirara Amanogawa in one shot in episode 8 due to a brief visual continuity snarl.
  • Homura Akemi wears this with her outfits, including her Magical Girl uniform (which, to top it off, adds high-heeled boots incorporated into the tights), in Puella Magi Madoka Magica, except in her flashbacks in episode 10. Mami Tomoe also wears this in her normal attire.
  • In episode 9 of Rin Ne, Rinne Rokudo wears this when he's dressed as a Meido.
  • Worn by Naru Osaka with her casual clothes in Sailor Moon. Also part of Hotaru Tomoe's wardrobe.
  • Sarah Adiemus from School Rumble is the only girl in the series who wears tights with her school skirt.
  • Subverted in a sense by Strike Witches, since none of the girls wears a skirt...or pants, for that matter, but prim and proper Gallian noblewoman Perrine and Orussian moe Sanya wears tights.
  • Sakuya's winter uniform in Tenchi in Tokyo includes black tights.
  • G3 from Upotte wears black tights under her school uniform's skirt. Most of her younger sisters (eg. Anyone based on a a G3-derivative) follow suit.
  • Sayumi Takanashi from When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace wears tights with her school uniform, was a perfectionist in middle school, and comes from a well-off family.
  • Utaha Kasumigaoka of Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata wears tights with most of her outfits, is the top student of her class, and doesn't get into trouble.

    Fan Fiction 
  • Mitsuuru Takahashi from Pretty Cure Heavy Metal is a rare male example at times. Sakura Cobain also wears white tights under her school uniform during the colder months (of course, since this is Isuten Junior High we're talking about, the same outfit also includes a black leather jacket, possibly the only way to make tights look any cooler—other than using shorts instead, of course).
  • Another male example is Haru Nagato, the male maiden from the upcoming Pretty Cure Strange Happenings. Yumi's thigh-high red stockings go so high they barely rise above the lower edge of her uniform's crinoline skirt, leading some to mistake what she's wearing for tights. Also, every Cure that doesn't wear Tights Under Shorts wears this in Cure form, and Cure Necro herself sports Tights Under Modesty Shorts.
  • Super Cure Romance from Pretty Cure Hollywood Stars would be another male example, but in Cure and Super Cure form is actually biologically female.
  • Both Meran and Korii in Shining Pretty Cure. The former is a rare male example, and both do this with tunics.
  • While Ichiban High School enforces this in Futari Wa Pretty Cure Dragon, one of its students, Ryan Lee, is notable as a male example; another student, Susan Chan, also wears this as Cure Fortune. Yet another student averts and defies this trope, instead going for Modesty Shorts.

    Films - Animated 

  • Samantha (the Victorian Era...oops, The Edwardian Era girl) from the American Girl franchise wears this. She expresses dislike for it, especially as her grandmother insists on her wearing long underwear underneath them from September to June (in an attempt to prevent tuberculosis).
  • In the first book of The Princess Diaries, Mia's grandmother tries to get her to wear these as part of her princess makeover. It ultimately fails because Mia doesn't like wearing tights and doesn't choose the "right" style.

    Live Action TV 
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Willow, particularly in Season 3. Still cute and geeky, but a step up stylewise from earlier years.
  • Kat and Tanya from Power Rangers Zeo. A nice contrast compared to the other Action Girls in the franchise.
  • One of Joan Watson's wardrobe staples in Elementary. Joan is, at the very least, much more proper than her Sherlock, as well as having too much sense to run bare-legged around New York City in cold weather.
  • Annie Edison from Community , especially in Season 2.


    Video Games 
  • The soldier-like Weiß wears this outfit in Arcana Heart 3.
    • Saki, the deuteragonist, wears this with her main outfit.
  • Ingrid from Capcom Fighting Evolution and the PSP version of Street Fighter Alpha 3 is outfitted in a similar getup to Yurika, albeit with brown pantyhose instead.
  • Princess Alena in Dragon Quest IV. (Although it's less a skirt and more of a tunic.)
  • All of the pegasus-riding units in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn have tights under the traditional boots, and Tanith did so in Path of Radiance as well. Syrene from Sacred Stones also wears these in her official artwork.
  • In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, Karis wears a minidress with tights, and for a rare male example (!) Rief wears what are either leggings or tights with his tunic (which didn't help the gender confusion any).
  • Athena Asamiya wears this in her outfit for The King of Fighters 97.
  • Yukiko Amagi from Persona 4 (pictured above) is the poster child for this.
  • Also worn by Fuuka in Persona 3.
  • Yurika Kirishima, the resident Ojou of Project Justice, wears white pantyhose with her dress.
    • The Pacific High School female uniform, which Tiffany Lords wears as her alternate costume in Rival Schools: United By Fate, has dark hose with a miniskirt.
    • Justice High School Nurse, Kyoko Minazuki, also sports this look. She is also somewhat an Ojou, albeit an older one.
  • Street Fighter's own Chun-Li wears them with her trademark Qipao.
  • Tales of the Abyss: Princess Natalia Luzu-Kimalsca Lanvaldear wears white tights under her short aquamarine dress when you first meet her.
  • Jin Kisaragi from BlazBlue is one particular male example. Although what he wears isn't a skirt, he still counts as an example.
  • Elhaym "Elly" Van Houten from Xenogears wears them as part of her Gebler uniform.
  • Hitomi Tono from Soul Hackers.
  • Fina, the Mysterious Waif from Skies of Arcadia, wears white tights as part of her outfit.
  • Maria Traydor from Star Ocean Till The End Of Time wears black tights as part of her outfit.
  • In Phantasy Star Online 2, pairing an outfit with a skirt with a set of tights achieves this look (although the tights layer under the panties for some reason.) In a rare male example of this trope, male characters can sport this look by wearing the Wonder Seeker outfit.

    Visual Novels 

    Web Comics 

    Western Animation 

    Real Life 
  • Truth in Television; it's pretty much standard clothing for girls and is especially common among schoolgirls (especially those who wear uniforms) and some classes of athletes in Real Life. Although in recent years (with the exception of uniforms) leggings have become more popular, although usually with the same effect.

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