Project G is a FightingGame created with Enterbrain's Fighting Game engine.

The titular Project G was a project intended to save the world from pollution. However, Regear, who was created to fulfill the task, decides to take over the world instead. What he does after that? Well, he travels ''10000 years'' back in time so he... can take over the world back then, or something?

And guess what, Zero from the VideoGame/MegaManX series is playable for some reason.

A review and more info can be found [[ here.]]
And [[ this]] is the game's homepage.
!!This game contains examples of:
* AmazingTechnicolorBattlefield: One of the arenas.
* BigBad: Regear
* BonusBoss: [[spoiler:True Regear, if you beat Regear without losing a round.]]
* {{Combos}}
* LawyerFriendlyCameo: [[VideoGame/MegaManX Zero]], who is called "0" in menus and wields a "Omega Buster". Doraemon is also involved in the story, but his face is censored.
* SNKBoss: [[spoiler:True Regear.]]
* TimeTravel