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[[caption-width-right:300:[[http://www.elfwood.com/~mandab/When-The-World-Ends.3008033.html When the World Ends]]]]

->'''Boy:''' We've got to get out of here, babe. There's a psychopath on the loose!\\
'''Girl:''' Don't you want to bone one last time before you die?\\
'''Boy:''' Definitely!\\
[''Both scream as psycho attacks wielding [[NoKillLikeOverkill four flame-sprouting chainsaws]]'']
-->-- ''Series/{{Danger 5}}'', "Johnny Hitler"

Knowing that they are about to face the final battle or some other potentially deadly or at least terrifying experience, two people finally consummate their affair. More loosely, it can be any character or characters having sex before some climactic moment in the story.

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If at least one of the characters in question is a virgin, then the subtrope MustNotDieAVirgin applies, as an additional [[YouNeedToGetLaid sense of urgency]] is present.

If one of them is then killed during the final battle, there's a good chance the heroine will be left with SomeoneToRememberHimBy.

In RealLife, sex before a strenuous or stressful activity is usually not encouraged because of the energy that sex supposedly uses up (this is especially true in the world of sports, where athletes often believe that having sex the night before a game will negatively affect their performance). There is no scientific evidence for this. Even so, sometimes TruthInTelevision: natural selection in the tribal days may have encouraged an instinct for such conduct, because those who have sex before battle are more likely to reproduce and leave descendants than those who don't.

The reverse case, where the sex comes as a celebration of the fact that both characters survived whatever it was, is GladToBeAliveSex.

Has nothing to do with EndingFatigue.


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* ''Anime/{{Megazone 23}}'' part 1. Shogo has sex with Yui before going off to probably die (though he ends up surviving for the sequel).
* Though not right before the climax of the story, ''Ragnarok the Animation'' gives us a suggestive scene between Iruga and Judia while she's tending to his poisoned wounds. Fast-forward to the epilogue, where she's holding a [[SomeoneToRememberHimBy grey-haired baby]].
* In ''Manga/FutureDiary'', Yukiteru and Yuno "become one" in the middle of the world starting to end around them. Right after they have sex, Yukki says something to Yuno that triggers the final battle.
* Panty and [[spoiler:Brief]] in the last episode of ''Anime/PantyAndStockingWithGarterbelt''.
-->'''Stocking:''' Nice. [[LampshadeHanging We're facing demons and she's getting laid.]]
* In ''Manga/OtakuNoMusumesan'', [[spoiler:Haruka]] gets some alone-time with Kouta right before [[spoiler:he goes to confront Nozomi who has just kidnapped Kanau away from his custody. Though Haruka didn't do this because they knew a climatic confrontation was coming, but to snap Kouta out of his HeroicBSOD over that whole sequence of events]]. Exactly how far [[spoiler:Haruka]] went was left ambiguous until the DistantFinale when [[spoiler:she's shown a couple years later with a toddler son with Kouta's distinctive huge eyebrows]].
* ''VisualNovel/PrincessLover'': In the [[{{hentai}} H-OVA]], Sylvia makes plans to return home to help defend her kingdom, after learning they were at war with the neighboring Principality. Since she knew she'd be risking her life, she allows her fiance, Teppei, [[CoitusEnsues to have his way with her the entire night.]] She departs early the following morning, entrusting Teppei's maid, [[ShyBluehairedGirl Yuu]], [[SleepingWithTheBoss to satisfy his urges]] until her return.
* In ''Manga/ShamanKing'', it's implied that Yoh and Anna had sex the night before Yoh leaves for the Shaman Tournament. Presumably, Anna did this so Yoh would [[SomeoneToRememberHimBy leave a child behind should he perish]] during the tournament.
* In ''LightNovel/Overlord2012'' Crusch and Zaryusu have sex before the battle against Cocytus, since Crusch wants to have Zaryusu's child and knows he will probably die. [[CrowningMomentOfFunny Ainz accidently spies on them with a magic mirror during the act]] and the trope is lampshaded.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* In ''ComicBook/CaptainAtom'' issue 50, Cap and Plastique finally make love for the first time on the eve of the final battle with the Faceless One and his henchmen.
* Before a climactic battle in ''ComicBook/ElfQuest'' the Go-Backs, Wolfriders, Rayek and Leetah partake in a mass orgy. This is a tradition among the Go-Backs before major battles. Elves have very slow reproductive rates, so the orgy increases the odds of more children being born to replace the fallen.
* This trope is defied in ''[[ComicBook/XMen Uncanny X-Men]]'' by Colossus and ComicBook/KittyPryde. Kitty had been infatuated with Colossus for a long time, so when they hear the news that both are infected with an alien parasite and will soon die if they don't find a cure, Kitty offers herself completely to Colossus but he rejects her, not because he didn't want to do it but because Kitty was still an underage teenager at the time and the act wouldn't have been correct no matter if they were going to die or not. However, the trope is played straight years later in ComicBook/AstonishingXMen when Kitty, an adult woman now, offers herself to Colossus again, one day before going into battle to save the alien planet Breakworld, and this time he accepts.
* Iron Man and Black Widow apparently bump uglies just before the big climactic fight at the end of the first [[ComicBook/UltimateMarvel Ultimates]] series.
* In Issue #5 of the Creator/KieronGillen[=/=]Ryan Kelly comic, ''ComicBook/{{Three}}'' (a sort-of SpiritualAntithesis to ''Film/ThreeHundred''), the titular escaped Helot slaves are trapped in a cave in a dead-end canyon. Terpander (in the armor of a stray Spartan killed in the previous) holds off the pursuing Spartans in the mouth of the cave, giving Klaros and Damar a last moment together. [[spoiler: Klaros and Terpander are both eventually killed by the Spartans. Damar escapes to Messene and [[SomeoneToRememberHimBy gives birth to twins]] she names [[DeadGuyJunior Klaros and Terpander]].]]

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* ''Fanfic/ACrownOfStars'': [[BattleCouple Asuka and Shinji]] partied and slept together before the FinalBattle in order to not have any regrets.
* ''Fanfic/AdviceAndTrust'': In chapter 3 Shinji and Asuka made love for first since Asuka did not wanted to have any regrets in the next battle.
-->'''[[BrokenAce Asuka]]''': "I don't care about protection, not right now. I could have died in there, more alone than anyone has ever been. You're already closer to me than anyone else has ever been. I want every bond between us we can have. You gave me strength in there. I want you, Shinji. All of you. Tonight." She brought her hand up to stroke his face. "We're alive, together, and... in love. I love you, Shinji. I want to be yours."
* In the beginning of the final arc of ''ComicBook/{{Supergirl}}'' fanfic ''Fanfic/HellsisterTrilogy'', Kara and Dev have pre-mission sex just in case.
-->She stood up. "Iíll give you my answer in bed."\\
He got to his feet. "Probably be the best answer Iíll get all week."\\
"Maybe not, if youíre lucky." She took his hand again and they headed for the downlift. "But it might be our last chance for a while."\\
And if weíre not lucky this time, she thought, it might be the last chance in our lives.
* ''Fanfic/TheSecondTry'': Shinji and Asuka spent together in NERV's locker room the night before their final battle against the JSSDF and SEELE's [[HumongousMecha MP-Evas]].
* In ''FanFic/StarsAbove'', [[spoiler:[[Manga/LuckyStar Kagami]] and [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica Homura]] spend the night together before the final battle.]]
* Björn and Natascha in ''FanFic/SamowarInAtlantis'' that's set at the end and the athermath of [[Literature/ChaosTimeline quite interesting times]].
* ''Fanfic/TheWrongReflection'': Eleya and Gaarra have a quickie in the command deck locker room before the big fleet battle in chapter three, partly to work off some pre-combat jitters on Eleya's end.
* ''FanFic/BreakMyHeartBreakYourHeart'', an [[VideoGame/{{Overwatch}} Overwatch]] fic, has Amélie and Tracer spend a night together before the team's final effort [[spoiler:to kill Reaper for good.]] [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin The chapter is called "Sex".]]

[[folder:Film -- Live-Action]]
* ''Film/{{Attenberg}}'' is about a young woman coping with the impending death of her father from cancer. Towards the end of the movie, she gets her ReallyGetsAround friend to sleep with him.
* Subverted in ''Film/CabinFever''. Marcy and Paul end up in bed together because Marcy was convinced that they were bound to get the deadly disease that was going around. Just as she feared, she died shortly afterwards, however she was killed by a freak attack by a mad dog, not the disease.
* In ''Film/CloselyWatchedTrains'', a film set in a train station during the Nazi UsefulNotes/WorldWarII occupation of Czechoslovakia, an attractive female from LaResistance brings a bomb to the train station. The idea is to destroy the ammunition train scheduled to pass through the station the next day. Before she leaves, she deflowers the anxious young man who works at the train station.
* In ''Film/{{Dogma}}'', Bethany promises Jay that she'd have sex with him if "the world was going to end and there were only five minutes left to live." [[spoiler: This is mentioned again towards the end of the film as Loki and Bartleby attempt to execute their plan; Jay tells a shocked Bethany, "I'd say we've got about five minutes left to live; the whole world's going to end. You said you'd fuck me."]]
* More or less a staple of the ''Film/JamesBond'' series.
* ''Film/TheQuickAndTheDead''. [[NoNameGiven Lady]] returns to the town of Redemption to take on the BigBad, a superior gunfighter. So her first act is to barge into the brothel where [[BadassPreacher Cort]] is held prisoner, drag him away from his guards at gunpoint into another room where she proceeds to rip off his clothes and [[WallBangHer Wall Bang Him]].
-->'''Cort:''' Why are you doing this to me?\\
'''Lady:''' Because we both could be dead tomorrow.
* ''Film/{{Salt}}''. Salt uses an implied version of this trope in an attempt to get Nikolai Tarkovsky to let her inside the room where he's about to launch nuclear Armageddon. It almost works.
* Reese and Sarah Connor did this in ''Film/TheTerminator'', and [[TheChosenOne their son]] was created because of it.
* ''Film/TheTransporter 3'' involves Frank Martin and Valentina forced to deliver a package or their ExplosiveLeash will explode. Valentina figures they're both going to get killed, so why not one last bang of their own? Despite having [[GladToBeAliveSex just survived a dangerous]] CarChase Frank is definitely not in the mood.
* ''The Soldier'' (1982). The Soldier (the leader of a HeroesRUS group) has a plan that will either avert war in the Middle East or, if it goes wrong, start WW3. The night before they carry out the operation a female Mossad agent tells him ThereIsOnlyOneBed. The Soldier starts to say he'll take the couch when she tells him to stop being a fool as the world could end tomorrow.

* In ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles'' novel ''Death Masks'', Harry and Susan have sex prior to Harry setting off to confront both of the novel's villains. The timing is problematic, however, because Susan, being a partially-turned vampire, is losing control of her bloodlust, and she and Harry are locked in his house (long story; demons, entropy curses, thousand-year-old holy artifacts, and one hell of an active magical defense system were involved). So, Harry has to substitute one lust for another. And this one encounter has pretty long-reaching consequences [[spoiler:This is what causes [[SomeoneToRememberHimBy the events]] of ''{{Literature/Changes}}''.]]
* In ''[[Literature/TheEdge On the Edge]]'', Rose tries to argue with Declan that she should be the one to risk her life, not him. Declan's fascination with her lips is not related to what she's saying. Finally they compromise that both of them will go together, and he carries her into the bedroom for a pre-death-defying-last-stand romp.
* Also averted, in flashback, in ''Literature/TheGreatGatsby''. Daisy tried to go to New York to see Gatsby before he shipped out, but [[UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom her parents stopped her]].
* In ''Creator/StephenKing'''s short story ''Literature/TheRaft'', two of the characters have sex on the titular raft shortly before [[spoiler:[[CruelandUnusualDeath the girl is killed by the creature in the lake in a spectacularly nasty fashion.]]]]
* In ''Literature/ShadowKiss'', [[spoiler:Dimitri and Rose]] get it on before the final battle with the Strigoi.
* ''Franchise/StarWarsLegends'':
** ''ComicBook/XWingSeries'':
*** Spoofed in ''Rogue Squadron'', Mirax and Corran, after growing closer together, have a last exchange before he goes on a dangerous mission, and he says he might not come back. Mirax archly tells him that if he's looking to use a Tomorrow We May Die line to get her to bed him, it's a little late for that, and he should have used it last night.
*** A variation in ''The Bacta War'', when Mirax and Corran decide to get married right before the Battle of Thyferra.
** Also spoofed in ''Literature/DeathStar''. A pilot named Villain Dance uses the "I might die tomorrow" line as an ironic pickup line, knowing the woman he's talking to can see right through it.
* Averted in ''Stark'', the comedy by Ben Elton. Despite the impending end of the world from [[GreenAesop Total Toxic Overload]], CD is [[RunningGag completely unable]] to convince the beautiful Rachel to sleep with him.
* Narrowly averted in ''Literature/ATreeGrowsInBrooklyn'' -- Francie has a brief romance with a soldier who tries to get her into bed with a "could be my last night in America and I've never been with someone I love" story, but she reluctantly turns him down, and he goes home to see his mother and fiancée instead. Later it seems he wasn't quite in the emotional crisis he professed to be, but Francie still wishes she'd slept with him because she knows she'll never feel that way about anyone again.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* In the mini-series ''1915'', the two couples consummate their relationships before the boys ship off to UsefulNotes/WorldWarI. One of the girls becomes pregnant.
* A PG version was used in the Civil War-era miniseries ''Series/TheBlueAndTheGray''. The brother of the main character, a member of the Virginia militia, talks privately with the girl he's courting about what may happen in the war and that his last thought would be their kiss. After she replies that she's never kissed him, he convinces her to do so. Minutes later, his younger brother (who had been eavesdropping) tries the same with another girl at the family's Christmas party. She replies that if she wanted her to kiss him, he should have just said so.
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'':
** In the third season finale, Oz and Willow make love for the first time on the eve of the final battle with the Mayor.
** And Xander and Anya before the final battle with Glory, though not for the first time.
** [[Creator/JossWhedon Joss]] loves this one; this trope was actually the whole basis of the episode "Touched" near the end of the series, with even a bit of {{Deconstruction}} by the incorporeal [[BigBad First]]. Though it was still a few episodes from the final battle, the stress of a half-season-long war resulted in Willow and Kennedy having sex for the first time, [[PairTheSpares Robin and Faith]] hooking up, and Anya and Xander having sex despite being technically broken up, all at the same time (and [[RightThroughTheWall rather noisily]], too). As for Spike and Buffy, they [[spoiler:just held each other through the night]]. Aw.
* Parodied in the ''Series/{{Community}}'' episode "Modern Warfare", in which Jeff & Britta hook up before the final climactic paint-gun battle.
* Also used by Joss in ''Series/{{Dollhouse}}'', when Paul says that the only times Echo has "let him in" are when she's pretty sure they're going to die.
* ''Series/DoctorWho'': Invoked by the Doctor at the end of [[Recap/DoctorWhoS36E6Extremis "Extremis"]], when he phones [[TomboyishName Bill]] and tells her she should hook up with her crush Penny [[spoiler:because there's going to be an alien invasion]].
* Lampshaded in the ''Fallen Angels'' episode "Tomorrow I Die" (based on a story by Creator/MickeySpillane). Some people in a rural town are taken hostage by bank robbers, who send the protagonist and the FarmersDaughter to pick up their loot, saying the other hostages will be killed if they're not back by sundown. Knowing full-well the robbers intend to kill everyone regardless, they have sex before returning.
-->'''Carol:''' Have you ever read stories about people in falling airplanes? People who know their time's up so they do things... reckless things that they've always wanted to do? Well I've wanted to do this since I was a tomboy in pigtails.
* In the ''Series/{{Farscape}}'' episode "A Human Reaction", John and Aeryn are indicated to have sex for the first time when they are trapped on Earth, being hunted by malevolent anti-alien authorities, and not expecting to survive for very long. [[spoiler:It turns out that the whole episode was a VirtualRealityInterrogation, and although both of them were "real", it's hinted that Aeryn may have been in on the trick.]] This may explain why the incident is rarely mentioned afterwards, and they don't end up dating properly for a long time.
* ''Series/GameOfThrones''. Tyrion Lannister tells CampFollower Shae to fuck him like it's his last day on Earth, because his father Lord Tywin has [[UriahGambit placed him in the vanguard]] for tomorrow's battle. On hearing this news, his bodyguard Bronn rushes off to find a woman as well.
* ''Series/LostGirl'', "Its Better To Burn Out Than Fae Away". Aware that it might be the last time they see each other, Bo and Lauren share a passionate night. In this case there's no battle coming, but Lauren is being taken back by her asshole of a boss/owner.
* ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'' has Dr. Bashir and Ezri Dax finally hooking up before the final battle in the last episode, "What You Leave Behind". This seems to be a thing for Ezri; a few episodes earlier she'd reacted to being marooned by hooking up with Worf.
* ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'':
** Done in "Heaven and Hell", except a girl (actually, an [[OurAngelsAreDifferent angel]] who has lost her "grace") suggests that to Dean, who is a little put off by the fact that it's usually ''him'' who tries to do the same. It doesn't stop him, though.
** Subverted in "Abandon All Hope..", where Dean tries to do it with Jo, only for Jo to say that if this is really her last night on this Earth, she'll spend it with dignity.
** PlayedForLaughs in "Free To Be You And Me". Another angel, Castiel, wants to spend his last night on Earth with dignity, but Dean hauls him off to a brothel on discovering he's still a virgin. HilarityEnsues.
* ''Series/TerminatorTheSarahConnorChronicles'' has a...variant of this in the final episode of the second season. John and [[RobotGirl Cameron]], who have had enough UnresolvedSexualTension throughout the last two seasons that one needs a chainsaw to cut through it, are talking in his room. Cameron confesses her personal fears regarding her instability ([[EmotionlessGirl in her usual blunt way]]), both physically due to internal damage and mentally due to damage to her processors, and then asks John to physically "check" her reactor core by using a knife to cut open Cameron's skin layer and check the reactor with his hand. The subsequent scene plays out like a nervous, virginal sexual encounter, with the intimacy, nudity (Cameron has to remove her shirt so John can cut her skin open) and dialogue making it clear that while there's no ''real'' sex going on, the scene has comparable weight and significance for both of them.

* UFC fighter, RondaRousey encourages this before a fight believing that it raises her testosterone level, thus increasing her toughness in a fight.
* [[UsefulNotes/AmericanFootball American Football League]] running back Cookie Gilchrist insisted that part of his prowess came from having sex right before a big game. Hall-of-Famer Ron Mix recalls asking Gilchrist about this at an AFL All-Star game. When Gilchrist confirmed, Mix followed up with [[ComicallyMissingThePoint "Was anyone else there?"]]

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* In the zombie-themed board game ''TabletopGame/LastNightOnEarth,'' one of the cards that the Zombie controller can play on the heroes is "(This could be our) Last Night On Earth." When played, a male and female character standing on the same square "lose a turn." The only character immune is the town priest.

* ''Franchise/MassEffect'':
** In ''VideoGame/MassEffect1'' where, before the narrative climax, Shepard can (assuming the player has completed all previous relationship subplot tasks) have sex with Ashley, Kaidan or Liara (depending on which character they romanced during the game).
** ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'' has the respective new love interest before the final showdown, unless the protagonist chose to stay faithful to their ''VideoGame/MassEffect1'' love interest, in which case [[spoiler: he/she "only" gets to stare longingly at the absent love interest's picture before the final battle...]]
** ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'' continues the tradition. Just before the final assault on the Cerberus headquarters, which begins the endgame, Shepard can have an intimate scene with his/her partner. However, it is implied throughout dialogue elsewhere in the game that this isn't the only time during the course of the game that Shepard and his/her partner are having sex, just the only one that we see.
* Lucas and Carla do just this near the end of ''VideoGame/{{Fahrenheit}}'', both of them under the belief that the next day may very well be the last of their lives. This becomes particularly [[{{Squick}} squicky]] when you realize that Carla and Lucas have shown absolutely no romantic attraction towards one-another in the past, and that [[spoiler:Lucas is essentially a reanimated corpse.]] This also becomes a plot-point in the end, when the end-game narration mentions that [[spoiler:Lucas managed to actually inseminate Carla, and their child has been exposed to the Chroma source in the womb, so their child may very well be the next savior of mankind.]]
* ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'': In the "Fate" route, Shirou and Saber (who has finally come to accept his feelings for her) have sex after they survive their encounter with Gilgamesh, knowing they likely won't survive if they go fight him the following day.
** Happens in the Unlimited Blade Works route as well between Shirou and Rin.
* A darker variety occurs in ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins'', when [[spoiler:Morrigan asks the Warden (or the other Grey Warden if the Warden is female) to conceive a child with her so she can use a dark ritual to save their life.]]
** Though true to Creator/BioWare's long tradition the Warden will have an intimate scene with his/her love interest regardless of whether that happens.
* In ''VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes2DesperateStruggle'', [[spoiler:Sylvia, despite [[KarmaHoudini avoiding comeuppance for]] [[ManipulativeBastard scamming Travis in the first game]], ''does'' make good on her promise to hookup with Travis, but instead of waiting for him to get to Rank 1, she visits him right before his fight with [[BigBad Pizza Batt, Jr.]]. [[SexyDiscretionShot Obviously, we don't see anything]], but their lovemaking is implied to be [[GoodPeopleHaveGoodSex hot]]. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZO6nTaDDnFU See for yourself.]]]] In addition, this causes [[spoiler:a RelationshipUpgrade from a [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold brash and uncouth, but surprisingly gentle guy]] and a possessive and berating, yet sweet lady, with ''tons'' of UnresolvedSexualTension to the OfficialCouple. You can tell they're not just FriendsWithBenefits when Sylvia refers to Travis as "''my'' [[TitleDrop No More Hero]]". There's no word if Jeane (Sylvia's daughter [[WhatHappenedToTheMouse who only appeared in an epilogue from the first game]]) is their child though.]]
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII'': If Cloud's RelationshipValues with Tifa is high enough, it's implied that they have sex the night before the group enters [[TheVeryDefinitelyFinalDungeon the Northern Crater]], to face [[BigBad Sephiroth.]]
* ''VideoGame/NeverwinterNights2'' has either Casavir or Elanee, depending on your character's gender, approach you and make a love confession the night after the battle at Highcliff, and the night ''before'' the King of Shadows attacks your castle. The two of you end up in bed if you decide to return their affections.
* ''VideoGame/DemonGaze'' has the main character and Fran sleeping together before he goes for the Demon Slayer needed to save the world. It's further confirmed in the ending [[spoiler: who saw Fran and the MC's daughter.]]

* In ''Webcomic/RedString'', Kazuo and Miharu consummate their relationship after he's been ordered to dump her by his father, a very tense build-up to previous events. Although he tries to defy his father, he does dump her (without telling her why), and it completely changes the dynamic of the story.
* In ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'' this happens with Elan and Haley [[http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0417.html before the Azure City battle]].

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* In one episode of ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'', when it looks like the world is ending and solar flares are preventing them from getting off the planet, Fry and Leela decide to spend the remaining time they have doing this. Before they could, however, Amy burst in on the scene saying she figured out a way to survive.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'': [[InvokedTrope Invoked]] by Homer Simpson trying to help Apu & Manjula conceive by role playing as the sort of scenario that would invoke the LawOfInverseFertility:
-->'''Apu:''' ''[reading from a script]'' Gee, Betsy, it's such a nice night. Why don't we go all the way?\\
'''Manjula:''' ''[also reading]'' But Greg, my Dad will kill me! And, you have that scholarship to Ivy League State.\\
'''Apu:''' Loosen up, baby. Tomorrow, I'm shipping off to Vietnam. ''[looks up]'' I, I thought I was going to Ivy League State.\\
'''Homer:''' My mistake, stay in the moment.\\
'''Manjula:''' Just don't forget me on your dinosaur bone-digging-up trip. ''[they kiss]''