Pop Revival

Pop Revival is a fairly new genre, but it's very quickly becoming the sound of The New '10s.

Its a subgenre of Indie Rock that rose out of mid-2000s New Wave revival, Power Pop, Indie Pop and the twee bands of the late 80's/early 90's (namely Beat Happening, Belle and Sebastian and the Sarah Records bands). Pop Revival incorporates elements of Rockabilly, Soul, Surf Rock, Punk Rock, Shoegaze and Lo-Fi. The result is something that sounds old, but isn't easily comparable to earlier music. The popularity of Pop Revival coincides with a sudden pervasive and unexplained interest in 1960s clothing, music and design. The genre is based mainly in Los Angeles, especially Sunset Boulevard and the East Side.

Though many of the genre's pioneers were male, Girl Groups dominate, as well as many one-off side projects. Several older bands such as Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys and MGMT have also begun dabbling in the style.

Early Adopters:

Later Artists: