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Pokémon Snakewood
Pokémon has been the focus of many a Game Mod and ROM Hack. There's the Moe Anthropomorphism of Moemon, the Touhoumon series that replaces the familiar Mons with the cast of Touhou, the world expansion of Pokémon Brown and Prism, and more unusual fare such as Pokémon Quartz.

Pokemon Snakewood is, in essence, Pokemon Ruby IN A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

Your hero (or heroine) wakes up in the ruins of Littleroot Town with a bad case of amnesia. After retrieving a Poke Ball from the wreckage of the lab, you find Professor Birch being attacked by a strange creature that doesn't seem like an ordinary Pokemon... The grateful professor promptly fills you in, and sends you off after your older brother, who's looking for a way to stop the apocalypse.

While obviously Darker and Edgier, Snakewood keeps a very dark sense of humor throughout the story, never quite taking itself too seriously. Its cliches are constantly Lampshaded to the point where it's clearly Better than a Bare Bulb.

This Pokémon Game Mod contains examples of:

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