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Playful Kiss
Playful Kiss or Mischievous Kiss is a Korean Series based on the Japanese manga, Itazura Na Kiss. It started in 2010 and ran for 16 episodes before ending in October of the same year. An example of Pragmatic Adaptation, the characters' names are changed and the order of events and outcomes are tweaked, but it doesn't differ too greatly from its source. It's the only Korean adaptation, and the newest, but there was a Japanese series and Taiwan televised its own series and a sequel.

Despite being in the bottom of her class, Oh Ha Ni has had a crush on the popular school genius Baek Seung Jo ever since she first saw him. Her senior year she finally gets up the nerve to write him a love letter, but Baek Seung Jo not only rejects her, but also degrades her by saying he would never like a stupid girl. To add to her misery, Ha Ni's family's new house gets destroyed in a minor earthquake. While another house is being built, they go to live with her father's childhood friend, who also happens to be Baek Seung Jo's father and thus begins Oh Ha Ni's quest to win Seung Jo's affection.


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